The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, February 12, 1914, Image 4

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Entered in the poatnffice at Ontario
Oregon, for traripminflina t lirongh the
bhiIhihh ml c-Ihw matter.
M. K. MAIN. Publisher.
Affording to the I'ttyette
papers the live ineichnnts of
Unit place are OfliDg tho news
papers to such good effect that
they are drawing trade from
Nyesa There is no limit to the
trade drawing power of a well
written and printed advertise
ment in a newspaper which in
used by the people who buy.
The report from the Boise
post oflice for January shows a
decline from the ynr previous,
and it is credited to the change
in the postal laws. The Ontario
post OnOt shows a substantial
increase in receipts from stamp
sales and hox rents for January
over the previous year, in spite
of the postal changes. It is gen
erally conceded that the postal
receipts are a good indication ol
the business condition of a city.
Brief News of the Week
Th ('miiiilliin house of HUM
win i ' a bill to abolltth titled.
Kor the flritt time alnce the civil
war tin' cnllHtmcnt complement of the
United HtiitoH navy U full.
The Jim Crow Inw of Oklahoma wan
Uphold by the lulled HlateH dUlrlcl
court of appealH, at St. Limn.
WarnliiKH iiKitlimt operation of
awlndlcra by promotion of worth.
atockH In no called radium mines In
Colorado, are Hent out by Culled
HlateH poMtal Inspector.
Twelve hundred sheep died liiHtnni
ly on the trail Irom Ithyollto to Haw
hide, Nevada, an rcHtilt i'IrlnkliiK BJ
aulde solution irom a luillpoiid of a
minim coin i;i n.
WltllcHKen for defense In the (illl'in
ineiit'M Mill to dissolve the Culled
Stales Steel rorporatloll, III New Yolk.
leatlfled Unit there wax no price agree
inent They . nl compel It Ion fixed
The Nlxth National Corn cxpotdtton
wiih opt III it III Illlll.lS. Tl A II I "
day. Nearl) all the Matin of the union
have illapliivH at the expoHltloll
Krelieh people base subscribed $1,
200,0011 for line In MipplvliiK the
Kreueh army with 210 iieropliiueH, do
Iray expeuac ol lent hlliK '( pilot! how
to operate them
The llrillHh parllaiueiil assembled
the fu- I of the week f a what prom
met to be all unusiialls notable scs
inn The Irlah home rule. I he v . I I
disestablishment bill and oilier great
rontroverHlal uicaaureit will come up
for Mellon
The house of delegatca of Virginia
PMMi 'he bill reiiilrluK the Koveruot
lo make formal reipieat of J I' Mor
Kan. of New York, to return to the
reeordH of Fairfax omuls, the will ol
Mi' Martha Waahlnglou, atoleu from
I-'. mi. is i .units court hoiiKe durlua I he
eh II war Tim documeiil now la at
the Morgan private museum
Thnis niie ilnniHiind f.irmera und
peasants matched at Sim kholm and
encamped near (he palace King (ins
liise addressed the gathering ss hen
(lies demanded a larger navy nud
pledged themselves to make the nee
s Mrrtflcee to raise the none)
The fanners lllld peasants ,ire eel
clued user the pe-sthility ol a clunh
wiiu Ruula,
Manager Keeney, of the
Drexal, at Vale, was a visitor
here Wednesday evening. Mr.
Keeney is said to be very fond
of bright colors.
C. II Jennings, the oil man,
who has charge of the new well
north of Vale, was here Wednesday.
.1. I). 1'atterson, of Vale, who
is interested in oil, was a visitor
here Wednesday.
Mrs, Win. Sander is visiting
in Hoise this week.
Misses Odell 'and Dearmond,
who are teaching at Valley
View, spent Sunday with Onta
rio relatives and friends.
The registration books will he
opened at the city hall Monthly
morning and kept open daily
until '' p. in
Jake Ullman, of the Alexan
der company, was here the first
of the week to assist in stock
taking. He stated that the On
tario store had made the best
showing of any of the Alexan
der stores.
0. W. Mallott is in Portland
this week uttending the irriga
tion congress.
The rod sweaters brought I
large delegation of Vale busi
ness men down with lilting
all the local hotels.
People in the News
Monday III ssldcls observed an tin
centennial anniversary of the blrlh ol
Samuel J Tllden. the eminent Males
in. in and dciuociatic candidate foi
president In Is.n
Mi i ause the blank furnished hei
names "it " and "him." Mr Anna Hovs
aril Shaw president of the
Woman s Snlli.ige .isms ml Inn relllses
lo pi. it a valuation on her
III an nihliess before the Connecticut association ex President Tail de
fended the Judiciary, declaring that
denasoguM were rasBOMtMi for the
alt. n Us on the present as stem
Mayor Itolph of San Krancisco and
other cltv officials, publicly burned
opium, morphine, and smoker' lay
outs, valued al nunc than M.9M I'll''
goods had lieeti accumulating alnce
May. 1
It Si nit genital inamiger of the
Southern Pacific road, has been nam., I
as lUCCeeaoi of I' l Calvin, vice pr. s
Idem in charge of uiaiuleiiance, QM r.i
turn and construction
Supci iiitendeiil Keed of the Si
Cloud. Minn, reformatory. Is said lo
h.i v s- lei n sciei ted .m aucceeaor to
W.ilil. n Ui'lfct ol Ihc Minnesota si He
I ei in v ICi . ! ss ,.s lei : I
Oi the W .iShlllgU'l si. He pellllell'.l.i'
i Walla Wall. i
The chicken supper given by
the Catholic ladles for the lienclit
of the hospital, under the charge
Of Mrs. Vogel, attracted uinl
pleas d several hundred people.
The tables were kept tilled from
r::0 to K :.'!, securing :i nice
sum for a deserving work.
A few weeks ago the Argus
called attention to the way a
number of people were trying
to kill the tiarccl pott law on
star tomes by shipping trOlghl
ns mail. There is a warning
note now sent from Washington action will he taken to stop
the abuse of the law by reduc
ing service.
For sate Man's saddle in
good condition. I'lione ()()" K-'J.
The regular meeting of the
Ontario W ('. T. I', will be held
in the Congregational chinch
Friday, February 'JO, at .'! p. m.
"The Woman's Franchise" pro
gram will be given. All mem
bers of the loOtl union here un
invited to an alt dav session at
Fayette Tuesday, February 17.
This will enable the neighbor
ing unions to get aciuaintcl
and thus do more ctlcctive work.
ROT. Philip KoOOIg, Ol Onta
rio, who owns twenty acres .it
tine improved laud on the slope
cast of town, which lit-ha -el to
peaches and otherwise improv cd,
ritilod Fnunett the first of the
week to look over his holdings
and expresses himself as being
highly pleased with the Ftnmctt
country and says there is noth
ing that can hold it back from
being one of (tie finest sections
for fruit raising in the north
west. Kmniett Ext miner.
The Oominicaii sisters wish
to express their most heartfelt
thanks to all those who in any
manner contributed to or patron
ized the ilinner last Saturday for
the lienetit of the hospital. The
unanimous manifestation of good
will that was shown they con
Miloi the best reward of their
laliors in Ontario.
Iv K. Single, who is now lo
cated at l.ewiston, was hero sev
eral days this week visiting with
his sister. Mis. Win. Mcliiatncv.
lie ioyi Lowittou If going rigbl
along and expects to (JO better
when the water tran.-piu tation
is opened up.
At the Mother's meeting Fri
day afternoon Miss If, Roberts,
state libarian, gave a good talk.
Refreshments were served by
the first and second grades.
Born February 2, to Mr. and
Mrs. Chris Peterson, a son.
Mr. Whealdon Hold his big
bay team last week for H00.
Ren Orover shipped two cars
of hogs from Ontario last week.
Don't forget the Methodist
Ladies Aid ba.uar the 'JOth of
February at Epworth hall.
Mr. and Mrs. Iver Cregar
moved to Payette last week,
where Mr. Cregar has purchased
the Scott livery barn. They
have many friends here who
wish them success in their new
R. It. Fitch and F. 0. Howard
left Tuesday for their home in
Long Valley.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Rowers
have moved into the II . E.
Rowers house and II. II. Martin
and family have moved into the
house vacated by Mr. Rowers.
O. K. Wilcox has traded for
an auto.
The "big program by little
people" given Friday afternoon
by the first ami Becond grades
was well attended and very en
tertaining. The proceeds are
to buy books for the two grades.
Mrs. Myrtle Hart is here visit
log her pnretit-, Mr. and Mrs.
The W. C. T, P. will meet at
tho home of Mrs. (5. R. Wilson
Tuesday afternoon with Mra. C.
K Deal as lea er.
J. O. Sen till field went to Roise
ami Caldwell Thursday on busi
ness. John Rowers is buying pota
toes for Turner cV Co., Oklahoma
Citv. He bought twenty-one
cars for them last week.
Rev. Ferguson will preach at
the Methodist church Sundav
morning. He has been in Japan
twenty years.
C. F. business meeting will be
held at Smith Pro's, home Sat
urday evening. All members
are urged to be present.
Mr. I'uchert was a business
visitor to Roise Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Dalell and son,
Paul are nicely settled in their
DOW home on Penn. avenue
Mrs. Smith, of Dillon, Mon
tana, who has been spending
the winter heie, will leave Thurs
day of this week for her home.
Her daughter, Mrs. S. .
Thomas, will accompany her.
Henry Manser will leave
Thursday for Denver to visit
Vale 01)71, HmmMMI,
Depai tiueut of the Interior, I'. K
Laud tilth eat Vale, Oregon, February
MO, 10U,
Notice I hereby given that Joseph
Little, Jr. of Outario. Oreiioti, who
OU My Hlfe, 1000, Iliad' II.. inertia. I
Application No. UD71. for Nh'i NK.
Sec U, NW.NWlSee. 13, 8"V hVV..
See. It, Sl-.i SKJ. See. 11. Township
17 S . Kange 40 I . , Willamette Men
diau, bee Hied notice of lute-ii n to
make llnal three year proof to
claim to the laud above deeeritaxl,
l.f.ire the Keglrtei and Keoelvei I'.
S Land Ottlcc. at Vale, Oreuou, ou
the lt I day of March. 1914.
i Uliiiant n. lines aa wituennee
K. VY. M.'tt.'ii Ihu. Kanady. of
Outario, Oregon . i.e ig, Clark. Jobu
Taylor, ol 1'ayette. Idaho.
Hruce I, Kcnter. Kcgi.ter.
Three Iota for vale 'i block
of povtoftlce at a laigain. In.)iilre at
Argu ottK-o.
.ld paper at th Argil otti.-. J
cent per hundred. Just what you
need to Hue your cablUr and 1'l.n-c
under the carpet
Sometimes my OOMCtaON say.
Hiiya he,
"Dnn't yon know me?"
And I, says I. skeered through
and thrmirh
"Of course I do!
You ii Ir a nice ehnp ever' wiry,
I'm here to hhv!
You make tne cry, you mnke me
And nil them good thlnen that
ii -way
That Is. at nli-'ht. AVhere do you
Inirln' the day?"
And then my Conscience snyg
onc't more,
"You know me-sure?"
"f)h, yen," says I, a-trlmblln'
"You're Jew' n anlnt!
Your ways Is nil o holy rluht,
1 love you better ever' nljfht
You come around 'tel plum day-
When you air out o' slitht!"
And then my Conscience sort o'
Ills teeth and sfdts
tin his two hand and ernlm, of
Some old remorse
And lientN me with the hie butt
O' that Miliar 'tel my clontest
'T'd hardly know me. "Now,"
hii.vm lie,
"lie keerful iih you'd orto be
And iiIIuh think o' me!"
-.lames vVhltcomb Itlley In Century.
Hooks are the legacies that a
(treat genius leaves to mtinklnd.
which are delivered down from
generation to generation, as pres
elits to the posterity of those
who are yet unborn. -'Addison.
That Is a good book which Is
opened with eXectatlon and
i losi-d with pndlt Ahott.
Hooks are delightful when
prospeiltv happily smiles When
adveislfy threatens (hey are In
separable i oinforlerv Thev give
stteiigtll to hilinati eouipacts. nor
are crnve opinions brotiu'lit for
w .ml vvllhoiit DOOfeS, Arts nud
si Icii' ev the benefits of which
no It 1 1 I can i ah iilate, depend
upon I I.s Iih bard le Mitrv.
Siitne books are t" he tastisl,
others to he swallowed and some
few to be chewed lllld dlu'esled
It I.
Ill the poorest cut times ate
I I.s is one book, wherein fur
several thousands of vents I he
shll of man has found Hgbl
and nourishment and an Inter
eating ressmse to whatever Is
deepest In blni. Cnrlv le
The violet loves a sunny hank.
The i ovvsllp hives the lea,
The s, nrlet i ree ' r lov es the
Hut I love thee.
The sunshine kisses mount and
The vve-l winds kiss the I lover
li. nun.
Hut I kiss thee
The oriole weds his spotted unite.
The lily's lirlde tf the bee
Horivcn's vvistdiin: ring is round
Shall I wed tlUH-f
It. iv aid Taylor.
What each dav needs Hint shall
thou ask.
Ian ll dav will set lis proper
Ms soul, sit thou a patieut looker-on.
Judge not the play before the
play la done.
Her plot hath many chatiL-es
KVefs das
Speaks a new s. em- Tho last
act crow ns the pl.iv
l'ran. is i.iuailes.
If 1 can stop one heart from
1 shall not Its e in v tin;
If I ' an ease one life the aching.
( ir mil one pain.
Of help one fainting robin unto
hi nest auain.
1 shall not live in I aiu
Emily l'ii klnson
To pus Aiatratt is hut hnui in .
to relieve it is godlike Hei.ue
Some friend is a coinpiiiiii'ii at
the tahic and vs i 1 noi inutinue
in the day of thy aJMctlou
-l.lsli Us
He in ikea uu fi lend ha nev er
llladc .1 foe Terns sell
Must Be Printed
We are printing more wrappers than any other two
offices in this section. There is a reason. We have
the machinery, type and workmen necessary and we
take the same care with Butter wrappers that we do
with wedding invitations.
Take your next order of A r(rc Offlf-a
Butter Wrappers to the Afg Ufc VJ1I1CC
200 Acres for Sale
Fifty acres has been seeded to alfalfa.
Some buildings. All under fence.
Railroad line through tract. On Snake
river. Well drained bench land. Elec
tric pumping plant can be installed for
$12 per acre. Will cut up to suit buyer.
Address Box 128, Ontario, Oregon
A Complete Line of
Wri.Mug Statimtmj
At the Argus Office
We are all thinking these days what
we are going to do with our fields
this spring and summer, and now
and then to get the required result
a new tool has to be purchased.
Should that be your case, do not
John Deere Implements
We have a good stock now on hand
and would be pleased to show you
and quote you prices and terms.
Implement Department