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Wm $uUti
The Ontario Argus
leads in Prestige,
merit, and Circula
tion. Watch us grow
The Produce from
15,000,000 acres is
marketed from On
tario each year
Representative Newspaper of Ontario and Malheur County.
NO. 7
The Pivotal Point of the Great Interior of W
Fifty or More Passengers and
Crew Believed to Have
Perished in Tunnel.
Cumbre, Mexico Nothing but char
red bone and buttons were found by
the rescuing party which, by the aid
of oxygen helmets and pulmoters, sue
ceeded In penetrating- the Cumbre tun
nel from the south portal ns far na llM
locomotive and first two cars of the
passenger train. They were probably
killed when the engine of the passen
ger train crashed Into the burning
freight train, which had been pushed
Into the tunnel by Castillo's bandits
several hours before.
It Is now believed that every one of
the 60 or more passengers and the
crew aboard tho train when It dashed
Into the tunnel are dead.
Hallroad men are furloua at Castll
lo's act. Last week 22 of his men wen
captured and executed by the rebels
and the next day. apparently In re
vengn. he captured the freight train,
ran It Into the aouth end of the tunnel
about 300 feet and there aet fire to It.
Castillo's failure to aend back warn
tng of hla act la regarded as the most
cruel and murderous act of his career
of outlawry and there la a disposition
here to criticise General Francisco
Villa for not having crushed him long
Big Bint Removes Last Obstruction
to Flew of Water.
The Dalles. Or. About 80 per cm
of the work or. The Dalles Celllo cannl
wu completed when 10,600 pounds ol
powder were exploded by the preaalng
of an electric button. The last ob
atructlon to water flowing from end
to end was blown out.
The completion of this Impertuui
Improvement will give a large portion
of the Inland Empire the benefit ol
water transportation. !( will open Ic nuvigutlon the Coluuihln
river from Priest Itaplds to the sea, u
distance of about 400 miles, and dur
Ing the greater portion of the year th
Snake river from l.ewlston to the aea
a distance of about 466 miles.
May Sue Rockefeller for Taxes
Cleveland, Ohio County Attorney
I.orher received Instructions from At
torney General llogan to sue John I)
Hockefeller for his personal taxes
The Cuyahogu count) authorities hai
estimated approximately f U'.OOO.oOf
was due them.
Washington. Notable Improvement
In the relations between the United
States and Japan Is believed to havi
resulted from the events In the hous
of representatives last week connect
ed with tin' passage of the Hurnett im
migration bill id-pint from Tokic
are to the effect that a profound im
presslou was caused In the Japaues
capital, not only by the refusal of tin
house to Include In the bill the pro
posed prohibition against the entry ol
.laii.inet.i- into the United States, but
eveu more by the non partlsun appeal
of Representative Mann.
The Japunese statesmen are declar
ed to have lit rn much pleased, by tin
house's reception i (lie appeal for fait
treatment of aliens ami for abstention
from legislative Interference with tin
executive department in Its efforts t
urflve at a settlement of the open Is
sue between the' two countries.
Rabiss Reported in Baksr County.
Baker Keports of rabies Infected
dogs have been received in Uuker and
county health officials are taking
steps to advise the populace on how
best to escape infection, and on what
to do if Infected. It is believed that
the disease is spread by coyote! oc
the range.
Gold Strike Made.
Canyon City The gold strike re
ported on Canyon mountain several
days ago has beeu followed up by
three other discoveries. Miners here
say that it now has the appearance of
ledge mailer The ground is the same
that Dan O Shea took a :'5u0 pocket
from last summer
.1. mies B. Godfrey, Internal revenue
agent for the Income tax, was here
this week oheoking tip tn eee who are
going to pay an income tax. All
those who have had an income in ex
ceeds of 12500 from March to Decem
ber will have to report. This virtual
ly means for n man and his wife a
there is hut one exemption for family
anil is iiriiinililv arranged to hpitd off
the men who might want to place
, iiinm of their property in the name
of their wife.
Mr. Godfrey states that there are
a number of men In this county who
will bave to pay end the law it suoh
that it Is advisable for all who are
ml. j. it to this tax to report as the
penalties are quite heavy end the gov
errnment has accese to ell hoiks when
tracing the incomes of Individuals.
It does not make aoy difference
where your property la located and
there are do exemptions for living ex
pense. Mr. Godfrey located about twenty
persons here who are subject to this
tax and If they do not report the
penalty will be Imposed.
linker. Or. Suit for an aggregate of
18000 1 1 mm been brought against Gov
ernor West, Colonel 11. K. Lawson and
Sergeant Waltou, mllltla offlcera, by
the saloonkeepers of Copperfleld on a
complaint charging wrongful, mall
clous and unlawful conflacatlon of
property, consisting of wines aud II
Governor West Is made a Joint de
fendant with the two offlcera In the
action and, If Judgment Is obtained,
each, all or any one of the defendants
will be liable to the amount of the
The complaints set forth that the
plaintiffs were engaged in the saloon
business mi Copperfleld under licenses
duly Is iii-d by the town of Copper
field and by the United States and
that they were In lawful possession ol
the business and the property at the
time It was forcibly taken from them,
by force of arms and sent all out ol
the town of Copperfleld.
A new portrait of General Pancho
Villa, leader of the rebel army In
Northern Mexico.
Round Up Buckaroo Killed.
John Day In a drunken row Vel
son Pope, 18 years old, son of a well
known pioneer, shot and killed Jim
Green, a half breed Indian The shoot
lug occurred at (lie Pope rauch, a few
miles out of John Day.
Green was employed at the Pop to break vvilil horses, and on hit
return from a trip to John Day he took
a (uantity of intoxicating liquor with
Green was noted for his prowess at
a buckaroo, and was a star performet
at the Pendleton Round Up last year
He Is survived by a wife and a child
about one year old
M . m
m Bf$ - j l
BBMaW '''' '' if
lit 1
bsbbstJ f - &j
Commercial Club
Annual Meeting
Officers Are Elected and Many Other Important Mat
ters Are Handled In Judicial Manner
The annual meeting of the Commer
cial club was held Wednesday veu
iug nod a new set of officers elerteii
The minutes ol the previous meet
tng held about n year ago were read
and approved.
The president, Mr. Doolittle, theo
called on Mayor Phillips of Nyssa,
who addressed the club and naked
the endorsement of the Owyhee irriga
tion proposition by the olab and on
motion this wu done and com
mittee named to draft resolutions and
forward them to the Irrigation board
and the senators and congreesmen
from Oregon. The officers were also
instructed to notify the delegates to
the Irrigation oongreaa at Portland to
have the matter brought up there ami
endorsed. A telegram waa read from
K. A. Krascr, who Is in Boise, Hinting
that the Boise club would endorse
the proposition It Ontario did ami the
.tl. cere were Instructed to notify
Secretary Ohilde of the Boise club of
the action of the Ootario club
Mr. Blodgett, of Owyhee, was called
on and asked for the eudorssment ot
Mr. W ade. of bis section for the posi
tiuii of county farm expert. Mr.
Kingman was culled on but had little
to say us Wade Is bis son in law Oo
motion Mr. Wade was endorsed uud
the secretary ordered to notify the
county court sod Mr. French of the
Agricultural college
The secretary was cnllsd on for
his report, which wm read show
Ing the club bed paid out about
8000 an. I was out ot dsbt.
The newly elected officers are
Jamea Lackey, president; K C. Van
Petteo. vice president; II. B. Grauel.
secretary treasurer. For directors. H.
C Move.. J. K. Blackaby, W. U.
Hattderaon, M. K. Newton, W. li.
Doolittle. H. P. Taylor .and A L.
The matter of a ladies' auxiliary
was discussed and the president iu
I r in teil to lake net lull Oil the mat
A vote of thanks was glveu Preal
I. ot Doolittle for the able manner in
which he baa mauageil the affairs ot
tbe club during the pest year.
Mr. Ulodgett thanked tbe club for
tbe endorsement of Mr. Wade.
Mr Kliumau tbauksd the cluh on
beiialf of the Pomona grange for tbe
Woman Keeps Long Vigil By Body.
I.oh Angeles Without having made
connected statement of any kind, Miss
Nanette Warren, who was found In
her apartment alter keeping a lone
vigil of L't) days over the body of her
sister, Miss Mary Warren, was placed
in the Insane ward of the county hos
pitul It was learned that she was
the daughter of a t. inner pioneer bus!
uess man and munufucturer of Toledo,
ti and that she was heiress to a for
tune of $500,000
Two Marysville Defendants Convlctsd
Marysville, Cal . Hichurd ("Black
le' i Ford anil II I) Suhr were found
guilty of murder in the second degree,
for the killing nl District Attorney F,
T M.inwell g' Wheatland in the hop
field not Insi vugiist William Hers
and Harry Hug. in, ihe utber two do
fenduiits, van hi quitted.
Wages Higher on Canal.
Punaiiiii i clone! Goethals, on re
ceipi of notification that I'rt siileti.
Wilson had signed un executive gfsji i
fixing the eonaiiioiis of employ bbsjbI
In the permanent canal organization,
began arranging the wage scale, wlm I
will be :'.". per cent higher than in tin
United States for similar work.
Banker's Shortage Is Now Million.
Memphis, Tenn. With the dlscov
ery that of $5.7.S67 listed aa actual
cast, on hand lien the bank .
Its doors, $41' i mi was represented hv
personal ekeckl ol IBS pit i-nlcnt. C
Hunter Uaii.-, now imprisoned. Basra,
ed ..i'Ii embezzlement, the amount 01
the pparent discrepancy In the ac
counts of '.he Mercantile Hank advauc
ei! t' liloi - than $1,000,. Jho The i-iari
amount ill not be known until the
audit Is completed
financing of the corn contest to be
held this full.
Mr. Grelg suggested to Mr. King
men that tbe granges urge their mem
l.ers to start In now und arrange for
exhibits for the fair to be held this
fall. This Is tbe time of year to start
tbe work.
Mm mot Inn I l.e oHlnurs sum ill
atruoted to ask the county court to
appoint a man as registrar who would
beve an office In the tatty ball, where
tbe books would be kept and be avail
ble at nil times.
Prof. Bailey and 0. W. Piatt were
appoloted to audit the books of the
secretary treasurer.
The furniture oommlttee appointed
some time ago to secure furniture for
the rooms, was called oo, but none
of tbe members were present. It is
generally understood that tbe ftirol
tore has been ordered and will be in
stalled some time this year.
Finds a Feasible Route to
Boise and Idaho People
' The location of a route for the
Washington highway from Ontario to
Boise Is proving more suciiessful than
drat anticipated and Mr. Thatcher
has secured a route nearer than It
was supposed could be found. This
Is extremely euoouragtng for Ontario
in .1 Brogau ami will inspire tbe entire
citizenship to boost with greatest eu
Tbs Idaho campaign has opened In
a most eiiooiirsglng manner. Many
of the best oltizsus are ouly too glad
to join hands with Ontario Iu seour
lug the great Washington hlghuy.
Mr. Thatcher spent Huuday at the
home of tbe speaker of the bouse of
We will have Hon. O. B. trench, the
speaker of the Idsbo legislature with
us iu i int. ii lo (Saturday, Kebiuiay 14.
to express bis views on this greut
public utility enterprise.
A gieat highway aoroes tbe coutl
nent that meuus millions for tbls
section to i constructed by the gov
eminent. Is without doubt, a pearl of
tare price. We have beeu ioug pray
ing for the hour of deliverance from
the mud aud bumpy roads reigu and
now is our chauce for freedom.
Kveryoue Is oomiug to Ontario
"u Saturday, Feb. 14 to celebrate.
Come neighbor and bring your family
aud show your appreciation by boost
ing for tbe Wasliiotgoii highway.
Come ami foil the auti gloom army
workiug for progress aud the enricu
mei t of tbe Knake river fruit belt.
be a good spurt aud come out Cab
iiiary 14 and help celebrate you will
leel happier aud more self respecting
sii.l tbis la at least worth sometbiug
Ml men like to be called great ami
it certainly is a heroir feat lo get
out of tho old rut. A great fuu
feast will be served nloug with
wisdom feaat ami youth restorative.
Come early so that we oau place
your name In the pot l.sdits are
enthusiastic for tbls govurumeut cou
strooted roadway. It surely is high
i line that the men were getting abour.l
tiie baud wagon. We need yuu to
cheerfor the paradise that good roads
and the Washluguu highway Mil
Yours for Success.
Chas W. Thatchei
To Prison For Fourth Tims.
1'enill' ion Four times a convict is
the record held by Bert Plxier, found
guilty In the circuit court of the theft
of four cattle The crime for which
he has just been found guilty was com
muted within in days after he return
ed from tbe state prison He was sen
t .. . 'I to s.-rv e In ears
Sheriff Kiohardson, of Harney
county, and Robert Odell, marshal of
Ontario, returned Friday morning
from a two week's trip to Arizona,
whore they arrested Kruest Ksniond
aud Put Mussel I. Kussell Is wanted
at Drewsey for passing bad checks
seven years ago and also in Nevada
and Culifornln for stealing horses
anil saddles. Osmond is wanted in
llnrnney county for stealing seven
horses and a mule from tbe P. L. H.
Co., seven years ago ami for crimea
In ..Hi. i states.
I.'if-Hfll has been shot through the
neck and through oue heel, while ee
csplng from i. Hirers and is known by
different names In different localities,
being known as F. D. Kent at Urowsey.
These men have not committeed
any crime beyond petty larceny while
in Arizonn, but disappeared for sever
al months each year during which
time they are supposed to bnve been
making raids.
When Ksmond stole tbe horses be
was followed Into Nevada by Frank
Mortlt. then deputy shsrlff and two
horses reonvered.
Sheriff Richardson and Marshal
Odell ure tireless when after criminals
and have a knack of always getting
the men they go alter, no mntter how
long tho chase.
John Johnson, tbe wool buyer from
Boise, was here Friday looking over
the situation, lie auys be does out
expect to see much change In tbe
prloe ot wool tbla year, probably
about twenty live per cent reduotlou
over what wae paid last year. There
Is no great surplus Iu tba world and
the market cannot go to pieces aa some
predicted. While the wools are clean
ed out of tbe local warehouses there
is still some in tbe storage ware
house. The sheep are wintering well
suil tbe grade of wool should be good.
Cooperstlvs Store Burns.
Redmoud Fire swept the plunt of
the Farmers' Cooperative Warehouse
compuny here, doing damage estlmnt
ml to be In excess of l ." Insur
ance will cover about $H000 of tbla
loss, but valuable contents of tbe
structure were unprotected.
Or. Howard A. Kelley, the Baltimore
physician who is an authority on the
radium trsafment of cancsr.
Attorney General McReynolds Advisss
Governor West Decision Is Final.
Sali in Announcing iliut tin- .1. . .
sloti lo separate the Southern Pacifli
and Central Pacific railway lines war
final, Attorney (ieucial M Hey uold
lelegraplied (joveruor West lliat Un
institution of suits rould not be il
Ihyed tur further hearings The At
tOTM iji i. ial said thai a curelul in
vesligation bad lit en mude and that
I lie consolidation of the system was
clearly in violation of the aim trust
act. This means the business Iu
terests of the slate will not have an
opportunity lo make protest through
beat lugs
1.1 .-' Jk ' 'm jSHsa
Plans For Corn Contest Are
Outlined Prof. Petrie
Gives Good Talk
Corn was the keynote of n meeting
held at the Ornuge hall on the
Boulevard Inst Saturday evening,
with I). C. Petrie, of theOntiuio high
school giving a lecture mi oorn culture
in the main hull, while Mils Juue
(irey. also of tbe Ontario high school,
mnde corn fritters end guve un sddress
on the values of the various foods
products, demonstrating both In
theory and prctice in tbe realm of
domestic science.
Master Conklln, of the grange, out
lined tbe plans of the corn oontsst
to he bcld tbls summer and a number
of the tanners present spoke of their
personal experiences in this region
In raising corn over a considerable
period of yeuia.
For tbe men tbe main attraction of
tba cveniug waa the address glvsn by
Mr. Patrls, who explained In detail
ths methods employed In tbe most
modern agricultural departments ot
testing oorn for gsrminution. By
soleutlBomethods the uvcravte pro
duction of corn has been great I v in
creased without any additional labor
cost, making the service a net gain for
the farmers who have employed these
mstbods. The lecture was much up
prsoiated by the farmers, as it not
only solved many of their problems,
but gave them a clearer Idea of whut
the schools are doing In a practical
way for tbe pupils in directing them
along scientific lines in farming.
In the kitchen Miss Orey gave a
most eatertnluiug and instructive
addreaa ou Ihe cooteuts ami valuss of
tbe vsrlous kinds of food snd si tbe
ssms tlms demonstrate, i the practical
work of the school by preparing a
luoobeon for those present, a tusk of
uo meau proportions when one const
deis that there were about I no iu at
In outlining tbs plans for tbe corn
contest Mr. Conklln auiiouuced Hist
tbs details would soon be rsudy for
tne publlo ..n. I tint ulready there
were a auffloisnt number who had
sign i tl.-. I their mi.. nt un, of entering
the . iiut-st to Insure Its suci
I. I: Slagle, Who Is manager of
ths construction de m tmsnt of the
Pullman Car Co., was here last week
visiting with his sister, Mrs. Mi-Brut-uey
uud his brother, Hubert, who
reuie over from lewistun, making a family leuuiuu. Mr. Slagle
says his oompauy has all the work they
cau do lor the uexl two uud a halt
years, most of it tsslog due to the
orileiu of ii,,. Interstate Commerce
coinintslsou reiuring steel cars. J'hey
are workiug 14,001) men.
Mr. Slagle slated that the geueral
Impression iu his section was that the
Kepiihlicuu party was a thing ot the
past ami that Mr. ICooseveit would be
nominated ami t-lci ted president at
the next elect i..ii Up to the present
the people arc satlslled with the mult
of the Democrats, but uow that the
party planks have beeu worked over
and new measures are to In In ought
up it is expected that aiillloluiit mis
takes will be made to cause a change
in administration. It is thought it
will require most of this year to get
business accustomed to the change iu
tat iff and banking laws.
Following is the annual report of
the N'tvv Plymouth cheese factoi y .
Amount of milk received during year.
,6T36IH pounds, cheese made,
164, Of I pounds, Miles for the year
amount to IS4ttQt.4ft. luvoice of
the cheese on band shows that there
is worth of cheese iu ex
cess of lust year's excess. The total
value of cheese made this year
amounted to 1,140.01.