The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, February 05, 1914, Image 7

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Must Be Printed
We are printing more wrappers than any other two
offices in this section. There is a reason. We have
the machinery, type and workmen necessary and we
take the same care with Butter wrappers that we do
with wedding invitations. ,
Take your next order of A .,, fffism
Butter Wrappers to the iiXgllS VIIlCe
Gives the Real Facts In Regard to
Her Case and Tells How She
200 Acres for Sale
Fifty acres has been seeded to alfalfa.
Some buildings. All under fence.
Railroad line through tract. On Snake
river. Well drained bench land. Klec
tric pumping plant can be installed for
$12 er acre. Will cut up to suit buyer.
ddress Box 128, Ontario, Oregon
Joneaboro, Ark. "I suffered a com
plete break down In health, some time
ago," write Mrs. A. McQIll, from this
place. "I was very weak and could
not do any work. I tried different
remedies, but they did me no good.
One day, I got a bottle of Cardul. It
did me so much good, I was surprised,
and took some more.
Before I took Cardul, I had headache
and backache, and sometimes I would
cry for hours. Now I at., over all that,
and can do all kinds of housework. I
think It Is the greatest medicine on
In the past fifty years, thousands of
Indies have written, like Mrs. McOIll,
to tell of the benefit received from
Such testimony, from earnest women,
surely Indlcntes the great value of this
tonic remedy, for dlscnses pecullnr to
women. Are you a sufferer? Yes?
Cardul Is the medicine you need.
We u r: you to try It.
Nil M'rlfti: I Jlr' A Jvlwv trt . CMtt
n"kM MpJi. ine ' n., CtMttanonf i, Ic-rc, for NpfCtflJ
tii-tntrtimn, n-i 1 M p.iitr hmk. "Hnmr Trrjtmtnf
(or Women," km In plain wrapper, on rcquctU
A Complete Line of
Urtftittg $tattmtmt
At the Argus Office
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon for the County of Malheur.
V. C Teusen, Plnltitilf,
Albert Nciihuya, Defendant.
To Albert Neuliuyi, the above mimed
In the name (if the State of Oregon :
on are hereby required to appear
ami answer the complaint Mlcil against
ynu in the above entitled action on or
before the ."th liar ! February, l'.'li.
the tame being the hut day of th
time prescribed by the order of the
court directing service of mi in in u ns
In this cause to be made upon you by
publication, and If you fall so to
answer for wsnt tiieieof f - - plaiotiff
will take judgment sguinst ynu for
the "inn of 10i!i.0( with Interest
thereon at l lie rate nf six per cent per
Mini ii in from the UUth day of Nnvem
ber, 1910, and for the costs and dis
bursements of said act inn and fur an
iirder for the sale of jour real estate
attached by tbe plaintiff In said action.
Ynu are further untitled that title
MoiniiMiiiH la served upon you by pub
lication under and by virtue of an
order of tbe llou. Daltnu liiggs, judge
uf the above entitled Circuit Court,
which said order was nisde und entered
on the J.lrii nay of December, 1U13,
and directed that this sunmiiuis be
published ouch each week tor six
succeesive weeks In the Ontario Aigus
commencing with the leue of Decem
ber -J.'.. 1018,
The Ihi-i publication of this sum
iiioiih Is on Dec. 2u, IHI.'I, and the
last i'ii in hi i"n Is ou KeLruury 5.
McCullocti. Wood Kekhardt.
Attorneys for I'lulntllf.
ire Lumber Company, Limited
)oors, Lumber, Lime, Cement, Plaster and Coal
talthoid Roofings and all P & B Products
omplete Line of Building Material. It' you cannot find it anywhere 'lsi
conic to ib. We have it.
. orinek,s Stock and Poultry Rem-
ire worth your while to try as every
e is guaranteed to give satisfaction
money back.
Guaranteed by
. C. Korinek, Medford, Oregon
Sold by
rhart Drug Company
Ontario, Oregon
Topsy Turvy Aviator Believes
Feat Can Be Accomplished.
Frenchman Who Mat Amaied World
by Hit Daring I Modoet Young F.I
low "8om Day You Will Dia," Hit
Retort to Suggestion of Peril Want
to Ba Firat to Fly Aeroea Ocaan.
Furls. Adolpbe Pcgoud, tho topsy
turvy aviator, Intends. If lip mating
to i .i'ii alive, to give exhibitions of
upside down flying In New York at the
conclusion of his present tour.
llefore going to Vienna M. Pegntid
gave an Interview In which he int
only stateil his purpose Ol going to
America, but ill1" expressed his will
bigness to atteiiipt u flight across the
Atlnntlc. pro Idcd a proper naval
patrol was guaranteed.
M. PegoUd is small ami ilapper, with
brlllliint eyes, m intilhittng good liuuinr.
lie cultivates a dark nmstache. a la
kaiser, lie Is a great Joker, even on
the subject of his own thrilling per
forniances While he cannot be called
a man without nerves, he undoubtedly
dues not know the meaning of danger.
Ills attitude concerning Ills tipslde
down feats Is not st.igey. nor that of
an acrobat seeking adulation He said
nt tho beginning of the Interview:
"I am very proud to be the first man
to accomplish this feat but other men
can do It as easily as I. After 1 got
the Idea I worked out the possibilities
on paper and studied the entire prob
lem thoroughly I Kept at Itlerlot to
allow me to attempt It merely to prove
tho possibility of the safety of his
tnake of aeroplane
"You nsk whether I would attempt a
transatlantic flight. I have ivt studied
the question sutllciently to uuiKe a com
plete answer concerning the possibility
of success, lint I think that such a
dm I
(j lun, liy American 1'ieea Aeulutlun.
flight will lie iiccciupllhed In the near
future. Certainly It will in- the great
oat feat In aviation. I I -1 - to b
uuiong the first to attempt It, even
though I do not succeed.
"Persons talk about the foolhnrill
uesH of my upside down flights. If I
thought them foolhtirdy I would not do
them. That Is why I say I would at
tempt a transatlantic flight llow only
with a guarantee of proper naval pa
trol, boi'uuse I a in siiue enough to dc
sire to try It again If I fail the first
"Prom a superficial study of the sit
nation I believe that the flight might
now be attempted mruM the shortest
route, from the west coast of Ireland
to .Newfoundland
"A waterplnno of suthVlcnt size, an
extraordinarily powerful motor and
win-less equipment could today nego
Hah' a large pint of the trip without
desi 'ending for gasoline (liven fair
weather the craft ' ould rest on the
waves until help arrived With the
wireless it could keep lis vv hereabouts
L now n It would bo uucessiirv to fly
much faster the fastest petrol
"As transatlantic liners would prnb
ably be expensive and Impracticable I
believe that torpedo boats and lie
strojers would lie the best i-ratt ob
tainable If any government wished
to test the possibility sulli'leiitly to
have a convoy uf siii Ii trait, starting
a couple of day before the (light and
spreading themselves across the ocean
I think It would not Im.- long before the
greatest prize of the air would be wou
Hunter Thought New Yorker'e Car Hit
Animal Whan It Yelped.
Mouth Norwalk. C.inti I. eon Hitch
cock of New York city was shot In the
hand by Lew llarrett s hunter of i an
lions, near here, who believed Hitch
cock's auto had klllisl his hunting dog
When flit) Ii Ic's machine vv hlskcd
by and the dog velpeit from the still.
of a the Icmier tired point blglll
.'Hal the i It'll ! - ' U-k llll'dc ... !. in tic
i. idly im ei utlng Ii I'.'i rretl
Supreme Court Decision Knocking Out
Referendum Enda Long Fight.
Whether tile Ihpior Interests of Ar
kansas can or will deem it profitable
to go further than they have In re
sisting the operation of Arkansas'
stringent nntl liquor law, which will
become effective Jan. 1, remains to be
determined by their attorneys and lead
ers, according to advices from Little
Hock. Ark. The recent decision of the
supreme court of the stnte has proved
a severe blow to the liquor men. and
It uow looks ns though about all the
saloons In the remaining "wet" coun
ties of the state must go out of busl
uess at midnight Hoc. .11.
The Inst legislature enncted a bill
which makes It necessary for a person
to present to the county court a peti
tion signed by n majority of the white
voters In his county asking t lint he be
issued a Ihpior license. P.vcu should
the negroes have been made eligible by
thg legislature to have signed the petl
lions the effect would have been vir
tually prohibition; but. the negro vote
ellllllnatisl, the liquor people realized
that they could not meet the require
ments The liquor Interests at once, after the
iniMirt of the bill was realized, follow
ing Its passage on Feb. I" last, begun
to circulate petitions under the Arkan
sas constitutional iiliiet fltueut No. 10.
providing for the Initiative and refer
end, im. and secured 12.180 luinies, 4.IHK)
In excess of the legal requirements, to
have the law voted on by the people.
Since the legislature, anticipating such
a move, had attached the "emergency
clause" to the act. which under the
amendment precludes the referendum
In cases where the legislature may
deem an emergency exists. Secretary
or State Karl Hodges refused to call
in election when the referendum pe
tltlon was presented to him
It was the mandamus proceedings
brought to attempt to force him to call
such tin election that the supreme
com t passed on. sustaining the views
of the lower court, the legislature, the
attorney genera' and the secretary of
state at the same time.
Events Occurring Throughout
the State During the Past
Sell Stocks to Qirl Workers.
Salem. Corporation Commissioner
Wntson warns agulnst alleged Invest
ment companies of Vancouver, B. C,
who are soliciting business by mall.
He says he has letters showing that
the Aetna Investment & trust com
pany and the Associated Land & Tim
ber company of that city are sending;
letters endeavoring to sell stocks to
working girls and others In this state,
without complying with the laws of
the state or submitting any statement
showing their stocks are of any value.
Indian Left Valuable Property.
Florence -Indian Ike. one of th
well known Indians of this section.
I l-il at his home on the North Fork.
Indian Ike was born In ions county
58 years ago and for the past 10 or II
years had lived on the Slushiw. It la
estimated that he leaves property to
the value of ftttJMB. He leaves a.
daughter. Ills wife died two months
ago. Moth were victims of tuberculosis.
Polk County Hops Still Held.
Pallas The bops raised In Folk
county In Itll have not all been sold.
Several thousand bales still remain
in the hands of the growers Almost
all growers, however, seem III a mood
to sell, provided Hie price reaches 2.1
cents. Several large growers assert
that they will hold until the pile.
reaches what lhe deem n fair figure,
that being somewhere around 10 cents.
New Form of Cattle Stealing Developed
In the Northwest.
Alleged stock rustlers to the number
of thirty two were arrestisl In Mmi
tana during the quarter ended Sept
:it. according to reports of stock In
specters made to I) W Itaymoud. sec
relirv of the state board of atOPS,
commissioners I luring the quarter
ten stock rustlers were convicted, tltld
at the end of the quarter there were
seventeen cases pending
"There has Is-en less stealing this
year than In any previous year since
I have been connected with the office,"
said Mr. Kiiyumnd "There Is prtictl
cally no tampering with brands any
more This method of rustling Isdong
is to the days of the open range. Now
we have to contend with the slaughter
of cuttle for I f There Is more of
'his going on than was the case ten
vears ago. but the aggregate thefts
art considerably reduced
"With the coining of the dry farm
ers to Montana and the bigger demand
in the state for beef there has Is'cli a
great deal more killing of cattle on
tbe ranges Oftentimes the hides lire
burned and the meat taken to town
il in I sold The owner of the slaiigll
tered animal simply knows bis animal
lias disappeared and sometimes he
finds the dead ashes of a fire on the
range where that animal grazed Hut
this Is not evidence."
Two Weeks' Journey Will Cover Wide
Corvullls. The big Southern Faclf
Ic Oregon agricultural olio gg Fort
laud, Kugciic A Kaslcrn hog and dairy
special ilcmonstr.itioii train Sunday
night began Its two weeks' Journey
through western Oregon The demon
ht ii I ton train is cairvlng a practical
course of Instruction bv college men
and practical farmers, the combina
tion being designed to answer as tar
as possible the Iteineiiilouslv large
number ol inquiries thill are coming
to O. A. C. tor dlicci ions and lulonna
tlon concerning hog raising and the
dairy Indusirv
Tin' demonstration train consists of
HVM cars as follows One carload
of cows of various types, one carload
jot hogs In various stages ol I ling
dcM hipuient. one carload of feeds, otio
l. il load of i llalr.V eipllplllent.
one at load ol leilnreii. and two flat
i n on which to ileinonstrale
School Ban to Cheatnuts.
Children In the schools of (ireat Mar
rtngton. Mass.. have been w at lied
against eating chestnuts, as the nuts
appear to have been poisoned this year
by ibestuut hll-.dit Several children
have been made III lately, and every
ease bis been traced to eating cheat
Cv. wxyxv9
( VV. flint I'l.'Ki.inm of All Kind J
I Quit kl and f ttlsfai tot II v
Auto Tax is Held Valid.
Meillonl Molding that the stale
has the right to regulate travel upon
its hlghwavs. and collect tees t nun
Vehicles, the saute as lor leglslerlllg
dc.-il . Judge I' M t'lllklllH. ol lite ell
cull coitil. ib-i hired valid lite stale
nut hlli lax cnnlohlcd liv the Jack
son I'Olint) XUtiituohllc Protective As
so. i. it ion through Henry K. Ikiyden
Woman Soaks County Job.
Oregon Cllj Miss Iva I l.u i ingtoii.
chief deputy In the ofrice of Will I..
Mtilvev. has announced herself u can
illdale for count) clerk She Is the
first woman in the state to seek an
Office above that of u inunn lpali:y
She lias held various countv positions.
Calabration to Ba Joint.
Hood Kiver Tin- anniv ersurv cele
In .ii '.in or Lincoln ami Washington
will be celebrated joiiillv here this
c,n hv the members ol I'anli) Fusl
(iraml i in ol the itepulilli . ami tlo
U one ii Hi I la-1 I 'ol ps
H BlL A' aW El'.'w
K SJK ". 'eMMrJpaBg)g)MaTaTaaJC t
lM'.aajrr'"'-- WsV. s "-w-l' L.
bviimjr at -i " Ta i j?"f ,jmm
CTrTsr ?t -' . . tm JIM
nimf ' 'i ."'"' ' ' .-5!,',ra. -VtiWlJr'- isBP
SgggfeggiaCCi -' jettLfJtZF - k
Copyright, I9n. liv tha Fonaina i- Internationa i -, lion Co
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