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Ofte (Mwct0
The Ontario Argus
leads in Prestige,
merit, and Circula
tion. Watch us grow
The Pivotal Point of the Great Interior of "
The Produce from
15,000,000 acres is
marketed from On
tario each year
Representative Newspaper af Ontario and Malheur County.
NO. 6
Atlantic Steamer Goes to Bot
tom in Ten Minutes After
Struck by Nantucket.
Norfolk, Va. The story of how 43
parsons went down to death In the
chill waters of the Atlantic when the
liner Nantucket rammed and Bank the
steamer Monroe, wan brought to port
by the 99 survivors of the sunken
ship, who were rescued and brought
to shore by the Nantucket
It wns :i story of awful nnd sudden
death, sweeping out of the dark and
fog and taking unawares the doomed
half hundred with the heaviness of
leep still on them. It told how the
stricken Monroe, with Iwr side "ored
deep by the knife like steel prow of
the Nantucket, Oiled rapidly, rolled
over on her s. It, and In I few min
utes turned over and plunged to the
bottom, carrying with her the pas
sengers and member of the crew
who had failed to get clear of the
When the crash c:iiiie those aboard
the Monroe were In bed and asleep.
Only OSBtaiS Johnson and the crew
on deck wire up. Hut the shriveling
of the strl'Ueu s :i ixl her listing
motion, hh the water poured through
the gash In her side, awakened the
sleeping passengers and sent ihem
clambering toward the deck. Warned
by the officers, they hurriedly adjust
ed life preservers and nmde for the
tilted deck. The time wns too brlnX.
Those rescued agreed that from the
time the Monroe was struck until she
settled beneath the waves not more
thHti 10 minutes elapsed.
National Club By Resolution Rsads
Tammany Boas Out.
New York Disorder ended a i i
Ing of the national democratic club
after a resolution demanding that
Charles K. Murphy be retired from Hu
ll '! rshlp of Tammany Hall hail been
declared adopted on an aye and nay
When the chairman announced the
n -nil ot the vote, Murphy partisans
and those favoring his retirement
started a demonstration Fasti were
shaken freely, threats were made and
hard names used It was In minute.
before a semblance of order was re
al ored.
Friends of Murphy assert the reso
lution had been carried by an illegal
vote, and they will lay the matter in
the form of a protest before the board
of governors of the orgunixallon.
Pekln. A bill prescribing the wor
ship of heaven and of Confucius by
the president of the Chinese republic
was passed by the administrative
council, which took the place of tUe
Chinese parliament, recently dissolved
by President Yuan Shi Kal. The
measure was submitted to the council
by Yuan 8hl Kal himself.
It Is understood that the president's
Idea is to set an example to tbe Chi
nese nation, which he thinks needs
tbe moral Influence of religion.
The question of the Introduction of
a state religion has created consider
able controversy In China, tbe chris
tian missionaries of all sects opposing
Miib a step. The constitution adopted
by the Chinese parliament made no
provision for any state religion. ..
School Tsachsrs of England Strike.
London A strike of school teach
ers, tbe first of its kind in tbe British
Isles, Is in full swing in Herefordshire.
Eighty out of tbe 120 elementary
schools were closed. The teachers
aay they will remain out until they
gain their demands, which are for a
minimum salary of $5ou per annum,
an lncreaae of $50.
West Will Rtlsase Liquor.
Salem, Or -Oou-rnor West notified
the saloonkeepers or Copperfield, who
were put out ot business when he de
clared martial law In tbe town, that
he would give them until next Satur
day night to take from the warehouse
in Baker the wlu.-ky and other lutoxi
cawug beverages which were seised by
Colonel Law son and his men.
The dog poisoner was around town
Monday afternoou and as a result
there am number of dead and dying
dogs around. A person who will
spread poison around a town where
children aie as apt to get it as dogs or
1 cats must either be a fool or a mur
1 derer at heart and that there has been
no child dead from tin- wholesale
distribution of poison Is no limit of
those who spread it
, Whoever did the job thoroughly
understood the pnlsou and anatumy of
the dog. The poison was wrapped
up In slices of meat and held together
with rubber tianda.
It is pi uliiil'le t lint civil action will
be started when it Is detet mined who
dlil the work as theie were some
valuable animals killed.
There is uo question about the city
being over run with worthless curs
that disturb the people day and night
with their barking and MMtplBaT.
but there are other mi ana of doing
nay with the curs, where I here is mi
danger to the children and valuable
f fiiimin of Maine Memorial
Celebration February 16, 1914.
Mexico City Jose Requena, one of
the wealthiest Mexicans and former
chairman of the Felix Diax party, was
arrested at his mansion here and sent
to prison charged with beiiiK in a plot
to remove Ueneral Huerta
The dictator is now discovering
dally alleged plots to overthrow his
government and assassinate him aud
arrests are common. On pretext that
they are plotting against Huerta, many
rich and powerful Mexicans have been
thrown into Jail.
I'julro Del Vlllar, another rich man.
wairarrested soon after Kequena was
taken Into custody. Hotting was
charged against him. It was not H
plained whether Del Vlllar was con
necieU with Kequeua or working in
On the demand of Secretary of State
iiryau, the Huerta government releas
ed from prison Samuel Cantu, an
American, who had been sentenced to
be shot aa a spy
Oregon Tnss Out Soccer.
Eugene. Soo-r football, the lateat
port Introduced at the university ot
Oregon, ia increasing in favor witb
the students, and this spring the uni
verslty will put out its first team.
Adams Hsld Guilty.
St. Helens. Uuilty of manslaughtei
was the verdict of the Jury in the
case of Green Adams, charged with
first degree murder for shooting an
killing Robert Mcl'herson at Ver .cm;
last summer
bt Jbbbkb'BB0'Js , vfhBm
fcf jti ' ' ' V 'VC'
st-4. I BWr vCW ' i ,: w (fcw
Meeting Next Saturday
Night Prof. Jones to
Talk Tuesday Night
Heed corn will be tbe ti .'0 of dia
oussiou at Hie next regulA- meeting
of tbe grange to be hold at the grange
hall ou the Boulevard Saturday eveu
ing. February 7. Aa the grange has
scoured an expert on the ei'bjeot the
meeting will be thrown upeu to the
public aud all are ui st cordially In
vited to attend.
On the same evening and whllo the
lecture ou corn is lu prcgress a special
meeting for the ladles will tie held
in ttie bsjHQUe( hall where a well
known auttiuiity ou domeatlu science
will deliver a lecture on sujbrcts
e-i -c ally pertaining to bouse mana
gemeiit and cooking Sen ntltlu tests
applied to considerable seed coru lu
this vicinity hare shown I 'rat much of
It Is of uiteiioi ipiallty and ot pour
geriiitnatluu. With befer methods
and more sclent ill.- main gemwul it Is
believed that this can lit i ade one ol
the best corn BSCtions in thrt nl hi aud
the grsngu Is taking up the matter
with the object of bringing the most
enlightened views on tbe subject to
I lie aid of tanners
F.very tanner is asked to bring a
-ample of bis seed corn to the incut
ing that the lecturer may have a
sutlloleiit variety of samples to illus
irate his discourse. Ho much de
pends upon the seed coru in com
culture that great ei part of the
Ucture will le oonllued to that one
uepaitmeut. but If tbe time permits
titer will be further discussion on
methods of cultUiO paittcularly as
applied to irrigated corn.
On Tuesday evening, February 10,
Prof. Jonas, on of tbe foreuiott
authorities ou the adrt,..ct uf corn
culture it) Him United Mates. Will
deliver a lecture ou corn at the
liouii v .ii l grange hall. For a mini
ber of years Professor Joues aasoci
ute. I Willi Prof. Iloldeu, ot toe
lout titatc Agiicilltuial depai tuient.
iccoguicii as the greatest corn expert
in the world.
In recent years Professor Joues has
been a resident ot Idaho. A praotl
cal taruier bltiinclf aud the owucr
ot a uutuher of latins lu westeru Idaho,
be was BBS of Hie llrst to recognize
the possibility of converting tins part
of the couuty luto oue of the greatest
corn sections in the lulled Htntea.
Fitted with a fund of theoretical aud
practical kuow ledge on this subject,
acquired In the Middle West. Prof,.,
sor Jones proceeded ' adapt tbls
knowledge to the conditions existing
In this section nnd the results of bis
experiments have beeu startling.
During a course of lectures lu tbe
state of Idaho he baa beld his audi
en. as spellbound, in some cases the
people keepiug him uutil the small
boura of tbe moiuiug.
Tbe grange, wishing to share its
good fortune, invites everyone to
attend tbe Loture giveu by tbis
famous expert, following aa it does the
disousslou --f seed corn, to be beid
Saturday oven ing, gives the farmers
of tbls section a particularly compre
hensive aeries on the subject.
David T. Klgaby, one of tbe plo
neers of western Oregon died at the
borne of bis daughter, Mrs. Amy .-in
olair in Nyasa. January 24. He was
born in i,l irg.iw, Missouri, April 7,
1834 and moved to Colorado wbeu a
young man. There be received a
medical education He en Hated iu
the war aud row to tbe rank of brevet
oaptaiu, i -log promoted on tbe Held
for brarery. II - came to Oregon in
1 si 1 aud i eiiian d here until his death.
lie leaves tour children, M. A.
Sinclair and Mrs. Hubert Harris, of
Nyssa aud t'l.erles and auotbei sou at
Tbe Dalles. For a long time be was
the nly doctor io tbia vicinity. He
was a mem tier of tbe Metbodiat cburch
and went icgularly to services uutil he
became very feeble. The burial waa
in tbe Owyhee cemetery.
May Be Possible to Get Aid
From National Govern
ment For Irrigation
Will K Xing, chief counsel and
one of the commissioners of the Kecla
niatioii s n ice. was here last week and
met with tbe officers of tbe Commer
clal club.
He stated that he thought It would
he possible to get sora money for
Hiis section if Hie loan of one hundred
million dollars is made to the recla
inatiou department, hut it must lie a
clean cut deal that will pass Inspect
tion. There are a number of propo
flltinus to he presented to tl oinmls
i. in i - mill they will select the most
desirable one. if themuuey is appro
Judge King is at rrcsent in a post
Hon to help this county nnd stale and
the people should cooperate and settle
on some dcllnitc plan of action. A
project should not be extended to
cover lauds which can he reached
oiilv li.v long and expensive ditches
throogh sections that are at present
watered bv other means, but cut down
to wln re they are thoroughly pracll
al, keeping the cost down anil have
mill le water.
All propositions ccmiug (rum this
section will be compared with those
coming from all others and ouly the
best selected.
Judge King left for bis borne Hat
A benefit supper in behalf of Holy
l: -my hospital will be given on
February 7th, lu the huildUig tormei
lv occupied by W. T, Uimpklu and
kludly let for Hie pui pose without
cost. The ladies in charge will pro
ide a l and substaut lal repast that
is sure to please the most fastidious
at lift cents per plate. The institution
is alwavs doing a large amount ol
charitable work and even were all the
l.itieiits Io pay the low hospital i lies
it would still have to depend ou out
side assist. nice to meet its hravy
general expenses. Tin- supper will
he under the auspices ot a committee
of ladies aud it is hoped that tin
numerous friends of the institution
will give tbelr support to the under
takiug, aa the work iu which the
sisters are eugaged strongly ippoals
to i he good will aud sympathy of all
wb can give assistance.
During October, November aud
December, 1911) the bouuty paid out
iu Malbeur county for cupluriug pre
dstory auimala amounted to 4TJ20.
Tbe mil. oil paid in October was
MsBwMi i" November r 11" and io
December 1 lo'.i. .ill. Tbe aiuouul
paid out duiiug Jauuary will total
more by aeveral hundred dollars than
any precediug months. It is usual
that February la the heaviest mouth
iu tbe year for bouutiea.
One buyer so far tbis wiuter baa
bundled 200U coyote pells, .fun wiltl
cats, .ou badgers. Iu0 wet.sels or
ermine aud 40 ooons.
Tbe nation. ii government has made
an appropriation so that each state
will have tan thousand dollars for
extension work among tbe furssers.
1 be state antioipated tbis and made
a like appropriation so there ia now
twenty thuoeand available fur tbis
stale. The nalioual government will
increase the apprnpriatioueacb year.
It appeals that the farmer is liually
goiug to get aome assistance and it is
about time, since be baa to compete
witb the world witb bis crops sod
pay protection prices for wbat be
iii j.
William Hayward.wbo haa been in
charge of the athletics at the state
university for many years, was here
several dnya this week trying to get
the boys and girls interested In athle
tics. He made a talk to the school on
Tuesday afternoon and again lu the
evening at the Dreamland, where he
gBve an illustrated talk, showing what
training and clean living had done for
many young men.
Aa was stated in the Argus January
22 there is great need for a place
where the linjs and girls can spend
their evenings In healthful exercises
and amusements and these talks are
along tin- same Hue, trying to iui
press ou the children anil parents the
great importance ot systematic excr
else for the development of the bodies
of the chlldten in order that they may
get the benefit of the mental develop
Mr. Hay-ward will return later and
give other talks, at which time he will
have moving pictures to Illustrate his
Famous American Aviator
Vho Has Perfected Stsbiliisr.
1. J. (iallagher, the Junlura editor
aud attorney waa a pleasant calllei
Tuesday. He had some casea In the
circuit oourt and took a run to Onta
rio while waiting. Mr. (lallaghei
is very enthusiastic over the prospects
tor the ulterior section when the rail
road Is extended. He believes the
work will be completed without luter
ruptiou to Iciverslde. They are at
pruseut (luisbiug .up the bridges be
tween the tunnel aud Juntura. trying
to get the work finished before high
water. It will take several months
to build between Juutura aud Itiver
The foliiiwiug appeared in the
Juutuia Times last week
1. (J. MoOoy, tba engineer io
charge of cmistructiou work, tb'nka
that they will be able to get to liner
side by tbe llrst of August if uot
sooner, us tbay will sboo lly the
crossings between here aud that i ml
and afterward put iu peiinauent
bridges, as tbey did between Juutuia
aud tbe tunnels last summer.
K. II Hi vers, one of tbe meu high
Up iu tbe managiiient of tbe I'tah
(Jonstruollou company, was in town
several daya the past week looking
after the company's interests lu this
sectiou. Mi Kiveis was unable to
shed any light ou the lallroad pu-n
tioii beyond the fact that hla company
still have the contract through to Dog
Mountain aud that they would be
ready to start work as soou as the
poweis that be give them permission.
Liquor Dealers of City Pre
sent Resolutions -Usual
Bills Allowed.
The city council met In regular
session Monday evening.
The usual liquor licenses wera
K. b Phelps (lied bonds for his
contract on the lateral sewer.
I In- matter of back tilling trunk
sewer No. 1 waa referred to Hie street
aud sewer committee and work or
dered done by competitive bidding.
S I). Dnrman addressed the council
relative to a sewer system for Villa
Park and the unit tor was deferred to
the special sewer and sidewalk timet
Ing to he held February Hi.
The usual grist of hills were allowed.
The monthly report of the condi
tion of tin- construction ot a lateral
sewer district No. 1 was prrseuted
by the engineers showing ."i0H,:)0
dun Hie contractors.
Tin- reports of the city officers wore
prepared and placed ou (He.
The liipior dealers of tin- city pre-seiili-d
a ic solution signed by nil of
them, except l,te Howard, who was
nl ..en! trom the clt v. to t HVrt that
no Inpiiir would lie sold to Persona de
clared to he common drunka or per
in it them to enter or remain lu their
saloons, also not to sell to nliy person
who Is Intoxicated, that they will not
hire or keep in their employ any per
sou who lu any manner violates any
of the provisions of these resolutlona.
The recorder was ordered to nc
knowledge receipt of the rcsol itlon
and certify intention of council to
stand back of the resolution and also
that the license granted to l.vte How
mil be hehi until he signed there solu
tion. The charter being ileeuisd inadeipi
ate let the requirements of the city
the mayor, attorney mid Councilman
II. were appointed to laka the
mallei under advisement and pieseut
t li-1 1 Mailings.
The hood of the oily recorder was
Hppmvcil ami placed ou Ills.
'1 lie bond of tin- city treasurer waa
appyovi d and p luce. I ou Ills.
Tin- city engineer reporli-l OB the
condition of t In, ill tin illteli for the
i-HSt side nf I lie ilt, which HOW
iiieaiidi-rs lu uncertain lines should
be cut as lollnws. lb ginning at tbe
inter. rctiun ol California ami Owyhee
sire. Is I hence ion Hi to the intersect luu
ot 'w v liee street and Idaho avenue,
I hence west ou Idaho avenue to tbe
inleiseetlon witb Kimball Btreet,
theme IIDO feet north of the northeast
i in in r of I lie old city limits at a cost
of about $:I5U. P.ugiucur ordered to
ask fol bids.
Ordinance No. M comllrining the
assessment roll to cover cost of Lateral
Sewer No. 1 was passed.
Council adjourned to February 16.
Marshall l.ockett, convicted of
steal lug cattle, ou Sal oi -lay abandoned
bis appeal tu tbe supreme court, dis
charged bis Httorney and deul.irod
Mo. sell ready to go at once fl
Salem to begiu seivlug his sentence
of from 1 to 10 y.ars iu the peuiteu
tiary. Marshall l.ockett, with Hick Lock
ett. was convicted of sleaiiug 4'. head
cattle aud driving them across im
Malheur county where he was caugbt
witli the stolen cattle. He ami Hick
Louketl appealed the case and Hick
obtaiued tUMll) ball money, but u.
Maishull Loi'kett was not able to ob
talu. U.ikei Herald
The pauple of Haruey county have
got tired of waiting for tbe railroads
to build into their sectiou aud are
going to build a lias themselves t
conueot with the Western i'auillo aud
thus get a shoit cut to San I'raucisco.
The ptopostd route would open up
tbe Kin n. I'atlow, Puebluaod other
valleys aud eiiable those people tu
market their prudune. That section
Is Hit- farthest from a railroad of any
part of the L'uited Stutes.