The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, January 15, 1914, Image 5

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    Ontario Pharmacy
Eastman Kodaks
Rexall Remedies
Pkl AclvertiiCfncnU
Miss Evft Vanderhoof was a
passenger to Vale Wednesday,
to visit friends there.
We have two automatic Win
chester shotguns, brand new,
that we will sell for $25.50 each.
This is a bargain. McBratney
McNulty Co.
Charles Riley made a trip to
Vale Wednesday to return a
bulldog to Bert High. Mr.
Riley says the dog is altogether
too frisky, it takes several men
and a few boye to keep him out
of mischief.
Ooddard serves oyster cock
tails and Tom and Jerry at all
times Let him show you.
There will be no books circu
lated from the library this week.
The ollicers are busy catuloging
the books and getting things in
shape to open the new building.
No date baa been set for the
Cleaning and pressing, ladies
fine goods handled. Club rates
on gents suits if desired. Cope
A Duunuck.
J. K. Blarkaby was a passen
ger to Vale Wednesday morning,
having been lucky enough to
got on the jury list.
We use nothing but pun
Neatsfoot oil in oiling your har
ness. 1.50 per Ht't. Kroessin
Harness company.
Duncan Me Rao has mottd
into his homo hero for the win
ter months. Duncan says the
people of ihe interior of the
county are well pleased with the
way the fair election went.
Ladies tailors heachjuai tcr.-,
reasonable prices. Cope A Dun
nuck. An open meeting of the S. iV
C. club will be held at the home
of Mrs. Secoy Thursday evening,
January IS. A conveyance will
bo provided for those who wish
to go out from town, meeting
plaea at the Praabytarian church
at 7 -JO p. in.
Handlers and teamsters wish
ing to have harness oiled should
have it done now. Our charge
la Only $1.60 pal Mi Kroessin
Harness conpnny.
Mitf Mamie Stillwell, of Tort
land, i.s here visiting her sister,
Mrs. Dell Tuggart.
The Ladies Aid society of the
If, K. ohnreh will hold silver
tea at the home of Mrs. B.
Oronin Thuraday, January 22,
at :80 p. in. Mrs. Oronlo will
be assisted by Mra. Duy. All
are cordially invited.
We have a good separator, a
No. H Domo which we will sell
for $45 cash. This is a new
machine. See McBratney-McNulty
V. V. Hickox is home from a
trip to Portland and other points
in the Willamette valley. He
says they are having lots of rain
Born Sunday, January 11,
to Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Weaver, a
son. All doing well.
The new 1914 Indian has ar
rived in town aud the riders
are pleased with the many im
provements. Let Olsen show
you why it is the machine for
this section.
Miss Agnes ('alter, of Long
Valley, is visiting her sister,
Mrs. Urove.
William Bontrop came over
from Walla Walla this week to
finish up on his naturalization
papers. He was a native of
We can save you money on
furniture. See us before buying.
Dr. Bartlett and H. B. Mc
Cuno, of Vale, were in Ontario
Friday. Mr. McCune is con
nected with the Oregon and
Kastern railroad. Dr. Bartlett
has many- relatives and friends
Ladies cloth by the yard at
Cope fe Dunnuck.
Mrs. Esther C. Garrett, the
nurse, is now located at the
Farley rooming house.
B. Q, Fuller closed his jewelry
Btore here this week, selling his
fixtures to Mr. Letson.
Beers, either Boise, Baker
Rainier or other brews can be
found at LI (ioddard's and he
keeps them just right.
Mr. and Mrs Kckhardt made
a trip to Portland this week.
We have a set of buggy har
ness for sale at a bargain. Me-Bratney-McNulty
L. B. Rawls, who drives the
wagon for McCoy Bros., was
thrown from tho rig a few dayi
ago ami received a badly sprain
ed ankle ami some bruises, lie
will he laid up for several days
Dr. I'rining accompanied
Mrs. Bourke lo Portland Friday.
Charles Kciiyon started east
with about 1700 fat wothors on
For Sale young Jersey heifer.
Will he fresh about January 10.
Impure at this ollicc. tf.
The l'omotio grange will meet
at Nyssa on tho 10th. The
nieinhers of the grange are ar
ranging for un expert agricul
turalist for the county ami the
organisation of torn clubs.
Ed Tromiiin has purchased u
burlier shop in New Plymouth
ami will move his family there
E. I!. OrOOtt was up from
Waiaai Sunday visiting with
relatives and friends.
If it is u lantern you need u
will sell you a No. 'J large lantern
for 7"c as long as they list. We
are overstocked. McBratnev
MeNulty Co.
Nyssa has just received two
hose carts for the tire depart
ment. i. F. LuFrenz is going to in
stall a feed mill at Nyssa. It
will he located in the Owyhee
Mercantile company's ware
house. Some of the prophets predict
a $500,000 pork crop in Canyon
county this year.
Mr. ami Mrs. Berr Wood have
returued from Portland und
other Willamette valley points,
where they spent the holidays
McBratney-McNulty Co. sell
the DeLavel, the best cream
separator on the market today.
Machine always in stock.
Eighty dollars iii currency
was dropped on the streets here
a few evenings ago and the
tinder will receive a liberal re
ward and be assured of the
money reaching the rightful
owner if they return it to Mar-
nal odell.
Ira King has been here sever
al days this week visiting with
his father, Judge G. L. King.
Ira has been away for six years
and notes many changes in this
section during his absence. He
is located in British Columbia
where he is supervisor of con
struction for the Telephone
E. A. Eraser was confined to
his home a couple of days this
week with a severe cold.
20 per cent discount from now
on to the end of January on all
heating stoves and Favorite
ranges. We are over stocked.
McBratney-McNulty Co.
R. B. Ayers, mayor of Weiser,
has been here several days thi
week looking after business
Mrs. J. B. Jones was in Vale
this week visiting with relatives.
E. L. Phelps, who has the
contract for the lateral sewer
will be ready to start work in a
few days. He is assembling his
plants and finishing up the de
tail work necessary before start
ing. E. C. Eggleston, formerly of
tho Burns section, is now located
here as the agent of the Oregon
Life company. He will move
his family hero soon as he can
secure a house.
Mrs. James Lackey and Miss
Locoy are visiting Weiser rela
tives. Will R. King stopped hero a
few hours last week on his way
iroaf from Washington and re
gistered in Portland from On
tario. T. W. Clagett, who recently
moved to Boise, has been here
this week closing up some busi
ness. Miss 1'cail Wynu, who was
lormerlv in the millinery bttti
ness here for some time, has
been isiting ii icinb here this
weel .
I) W. Wright, Of Wenat.her,
Wash., is here for a month's
visit with his son, A. A right
Mr. Wright is a v iv enthusias
tic booatar for tbt appla pro
dtioiog section he ll lot at. d in,
but admits we have many ad
vantages here in the way of
itOOk raising.
There was (juite a delegation
of hotel men in Vali Wadnaaday
mi the Ihoughii trial. II. 0.
Whitworth and Mrs. Fisher, of
tin Carter house, E. D. Potter,
of the Saratoga, at Caldwell and
There will ' an open meet
ing of the United Artisans Tues
day evening. Supreme Haita'ff
Artisan Hudson will be present.
Clover seed for sale K. C
Harter, Villa Park, Ontario.
Bishop Paddock will hold
Episcopal services in tho Con
gregational church next Sunday
at 4 p. m.
That the Ontario Auto com
pans has an exceptional plant
Of machinery is recognized by
the people of this section who
need work done. This week the
men are busy with rolls from a
mill at Cambridge which could
be repaired ut no other plant in
this .inter-mountain section, it
is certainly it credit to the 'its
to haft a plant that draws trade
from such a distance.
Money to loan Improved irr
KMI...I inniiM. W. H. Doollttle Co.
For Sale April and October
pigs, thoroughbred O. I. C. stock,
pedigree with each animal, at
reasonable prices. Inquire of
or write E. K. Ingle or J. B.
Atherton, Ontario.
Wanted horses to winter at
$'? per head, per month at the
Conklin ranch.
Estray A yearling Jersey
heifer at the Conklin ranch.
Owner please call, pay charges
and take her away.
Lots for Sale 8 in Riversido
addition, near sub station. In
quire at Argus.
For Sale White Leghorn
pullets. A. B. Cair, 2 miles
west of Ontario.
A watch was picked up on
the streets here during the fair
of 1012. Owner can have same
by pas mi' for this .notice and
proving property.
Lost, Strayed or Stolen Bay
horse, black mane and tail,
roaebad mane. Weight about
llOO.poonda, half circle S on
left hip. Suitable reward offered
on return to ('.!. Ileslup, li. F.
I. No. ::, I'iiyette, blah.,.
Horses Pictured.
hi lirst class al'-dfa hay, fresh
spring svaterat $.'i..i0 per month.
Boat of attention guaranteed.
Scientific I oultry A Live Stock
Station, New Plymouth, Idaho.
I'liono 0-3.
tflrKV gk
A Good Bank
In a Good Country
Confining our business strictly to LEGITIMATE
banking, and with ample resoues for the needs of
our customers, we invite the banking business of
ranchers, fruitgrowers, stockmen ana individuals,
Resources Over Half Million Dollars
A. L COCKRUM, President; tl. H ( OCKKl'M, Canhier
T. TTRNHUI.L, Vire President C. W.PLATT :Wt. Caiihier
Special to Men
Mid Season
Cope & Dunnuck
Will give with every Over
coat or Suit from material in
stock A Five Dollar Bill to
clear out balance of woolens
White Sale
Prices from 10 to 40 Per
Cent. Off
Starting Monday, Jan. 4, 1914
Everything in the white line.
Don't overlook this opportuni
ty for bargains. $ $ $
We also have a few Blankets and Quilts
left at very Reduced Priees.
Malheur Mercantile Company