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    'ONI ARIO ARGUS I Brief lltW.if Week
r iiaid 11 AAA t .LIU
Ent'r'l in th tnetiflirp at Ontario
On-tjoti. for tmtiHiniHRioB through the
matin an H:onl-c1aHfl matter.
M. f BAIN. Puhllaher.
There is every reason for tin
merchants of Ontario to look
forward to a larger bVttDOFS
during I'M I tlian they had in
1913. There are many more
families to be catered to and
much more money was received
for tho crops than the previous
year As Ontario expands and
develops the circle of trade ex
pands. The recent election
showed a good, substantial
growth during the past year and
the pinspects are bright for
many more families to move in
this season and reclaim the lands
from sage brush. On the tracts
West of here many had the work
started and will move their
families here this season and
the same is true in all directions
from the city. Team work in
what ciHints. When all are
palling together for the develop
ment of the city and country re
sults arc bound to follow.
If it takes a lady as long to
got ready to register as it some
times does for her to get ready
to go down town she had better
hurry as the registration books
Will olOM on May I ami the lime
is already getting short.
People in the News
Mr nml Mi'. Btjrrt Ii.ivi1 nrrlviil li.
Purls on ihi'lr wadding lour Mrs
H.n 1 1 i dau i.i- i ol I'm Idi hi w ii on
I'oIiiIiiInhIiiiii'I -lii in nil ol lliiiiiut.i
tloli I ' inilii. 11 1 Is mil lo mii ! ii ili..
Inli' .Inliii II M n ili!.-. aj in. 111I11. r of
tin' Inli rliili' i'iiimiiiiti i. -oiiiiiiIhkIiiii.
l(iiri';il hi. Ilri nimr of New
York Is h.ilil lo lin liiiinovliiK us ri nil
of tri'iiliniMit of OtaOOf hy nullum
ItH'llnnI hulllil ft' III. 1., I i . i mil . i .
twenn imlloiiM, hiiIiI Sii ri'l.iry of Bjtatt
Wlllliini .1. Itr tin. iiililri-HxIiiK an :nnll
mi' ul Lincoln, Nil. Hi uri'd in. n
to live, nnl In illi' fur llirlr riiunlrv
HiiiMii i,ii. in lin. i v, York iissi'iii
bl.V Mm kril iitlilliplt- ul AhM'lulil) In, ill
mill . liuMiiiiif Suii r for an laqolr)
lulu Mtl of limn in litni nl of h i in i n
Tin' rumor Is afloat I'ronlilini
Wii.nii ih eonaldarlni tat pits ol si
liniiii lin- i I'n i.linl Tall i lii.r jus
iii iii tho i mii ii Bialaa aupramt
oourt in sucei'i ii Chief Juatlos Wblu
on tii- i. in. i I. tlrmnant
hr John Qranl L) man, the Panama
I.MI'I nli I. I.iili, i , lillilllllll
Hitiiiiii. of mmiiii- iii Hi.- United
HI. ili i. .li ii h I i mill ;il I. ns nr.i lei
for In lin- ii . il ih. iii.. 1 1 iii .I. ii. iii. I
Taa s.i.ii.iiui.i tribunal, tba hlga
linn ul iin Kmii.iii Curia, ivii'i t il
lin. appeal oi I ha Inn in ss ii,. Talle)
r.nnl (for I) nii.i (...ill, I nl , Bj
Vmi, i iii. iii iin- Miiin i nt tim Rota
tribunal annulling bai mai i lai lo Iht
fii i (iii band, Cooal Boat do I
In ii
S.iy Trouble Merely Squabble Br
Iwffn Mayor and Council,
'rim 1 1. ill. i li inn i rum V
divl.u.ii inn thai h0 will linl cum.' tO
The Pallet baoauai tho Iroublo boro,
he un. Ik laeivl) it Hiiiubbli hetWtOS
M.nui inderaoo and tho council, baa
(.in. id I'Xclli'iiiiiit OVOf llu' in, iller lo
die mil. nml Ml oltilOOJ ON Mtftl)
tatorootod tad nmob roUavod
Koiiiiu inn tho m nun of tho council
men In icIiihIuk tO cunflriu any of lite
taayor't alaa oppolBtooo for tho otftca
Of chief of police, AJtStfOOB -.tiil lu
would briai 'a ' outoldo help," noan
liiK thO "I. He lliilllla,
African Colonies Under Martial Law
I'rcluii.i Sixty llimiB.uiil iiilhu.i
Were c.illei! mil bOOaOOO of thO iilarin
iiik apoaad of iie rallwai Mrtkt mid
tiic Traaovaal tad Ovbbs River Oot
on) waro tlaood aadof twriiaJ law
Glrla Starve But Won't Be 8ervanta
LaSi iikcIcs MiIkiukIi IhO) sa
t ft i arc ttarVlM and a .ml VOtfe,
nearly all of the (Ml mid women i ck
talered at llie inuitit-lpitl employment
bureau lura down irr) Otttf 'i tO
aioaUo lorvlca
Bij Steel Plant Heooent
wiueiiiiK. w t The RlToraldo
plant Of ''' t'lUteil Stales St. .1 t'nr
Dotation lia lesmiied opiiat loilB III
full alter an iilli in ,ss ui fmir months
Approximate!) .."no nan arc tffacttd
or about 11,000 Texas children ex
amlned during 1913. 46.3 per cent had
hookworm, according to the annual
Btiito hookworm report.
The United States forest service Is
experimenting with ammonia bombs
for extinguishing forest flrea.
Tho Iowa Blate conference of the
Progressive party, after a two days'
ecsslon, declared itsolf opposed to
amalgamation with any other party.
Tho I'nlted Slates stands second
among the powers In the mAtter of
naval expenditures for last year.
QfSBfl Ilritaln leads. Seven great
countries expended 1797,948,000.
Sixty six state institutions of Cali
fornia will use the parcel poat exclus
Ivefy for transporting freight which
amounts to $40,000 to 150,000 annual
Board of education of Chicago dla
contlnned practice of teaching aez hy
giene In the schools until the people
have had a chance to vote on tho ques
tion. .
In the two yeara since the Wiscon
sin workmen's compensation law went
Into effect, employers of the state
have paid tH,M4JI as Indemnity to
Injured workmen and their depend
ants. llrlck red hair, green coats and cork
screw skirls are to be the new vogue
for women, according to a New York
man milliner who has been atyle hunt
ing In I'arls.
Stato Game Warden Klnley aiding,
In an advisory capacity, Max Muller,
of Portland, will purchase a number
of song birds abroad for use In propa
gating tho wild apecles In the Oregon
linker was the scene of a unique
Christmas celebration when fi00 school
children sloinl In nine inches of snow
In Hie open streets and participated
In Yuletlde ceremonies before a greut
Christmas tree
A course of lectures on Infant sci
ence dealing with problems of chil
dren up to the age of alx will be given
at the I'areiils Kducatlon Htireau,
Portland, beginning Friday. January
2, and continuing each week thereaf
tor, until June 7.
lielng desirous of seelni: Alaska
properly represented, Senator Cham
bcilaln will IntrodnOO a bill providing
for IhO liiiiiiiilallon of IMi to
enable aultablo exhlblta nt i i,
produota to bo taado at tho las Ptaa
Cisco and San IHego exposlllona.
Just four hours niter she appeared
in tor sketch at the Majestic Tin ili i
at lioseburg. Mrs Al Overton gave
til rt li to it sou. Mr Otcrlou Is of In
ili. in blood mid tajM the new arrival
'tiled i'i a (SO tOfO tract of land
III the ROOOB I i.iliini
Tin- prulilcin ul llu- iiik uiploved in
Ot o i'n Oregon, which Is acute at
present, will be relieved b) the com
tin in .ineiii ui actual cotisti'iiciiou
worli on the first In. nun acre unit of
tin- wc--t t'inaiilla extension irrigation
I'm- leailtng live hiingrv ami iiik in
pi .ed men into a Portland rootaartal
Wllcle thev ohl.illliil fOOd Wltltollt ptj
r Millie. Municipal Jli;;e Stev
eiisoti tontenood Wayno it Jones to
five da) I mi tho rot kplle.
J Tliuilntiii Rooo, pi'- ill. nl of the
Title en. t .mill ami Tin i company,
which failed iii I'util.iiiil iii I'm;, who
wai convicted ot nlaapproprlatlai
st.tie fundi and aontonpod Pa tho pen
Hi nl Lit . has been ciM-ii a full panlun
bv Qovernor Veol iiu-s aoYOf ton
'd a ll.IV ul Illi. M-lllellie
Uoohlai tho norvoua wrech thai ho
h i i.. rn . be m sb found guilt)
ui polygamy, i i l on Kbria up
p.. in. i in circuit oourt a' Portland
and rcci u i il a BOUtl nee ol mil
iin nt Hutu mii tu li nt vim. in llie the tovorott penaltj pro
The Kugi He charier oommlooton has
led tho whole rooorl of tho ft
M ii. ii oommlaalon, which recom
ondod thai the proaeat obarter bo
ontlrel) superaeded b a nea doeu
incut, and thai lite new charter be
bated upon the managerial system of
guv ci ntneiit
Appeal in Iht Saleiii brewery case,
wherein Judge Calluwav of the Mar
lon i mints iin nit court held that the
piohil.luou chiirlcr aiiiciiiluivlil voted
at the city elect lull Heccinlicr 1 wai.
Illegal, has been filed In the supreme
court bv tttoraoyt tur the city of 8u
lent ' 'Straw baft was the nmne ghen
to a new voting tfOtbttl created t
the county court of l.tiiti counlv The
preolaet adjoins the ttt) limits afbtb
anon on the bouHi. ctibt mid west Bides
and in dofofOBeo to the ttaaataaajot
of l.elisnmi as a si i aw berry center
(lit nmne wtib iikSiKued
In view of the early completion of
the I'. in. una canal and prupcctlve
gicaicr aclivilv in naval BtattOfl on
the l'Holflc coast. Senator Chamber
lain win latroduoe a bin on the re
llsenltlllllg ot CQBjroat for a .60O,'
tf4 approprltiiton lu buiKI a drydox-k
on the Columbia river
I'i -viple tl I'elulleluli ttrv Ulglllg that
OOBfrOM urease the appropriation for
it. eit public building from 170,044 to
$130,000 1)1 the original auin, 18004
was spent for u sue Thev uys the
bulMlug khould accommodate the I
OOUHb as well u llie poBloifice. v
'I'lie Baptist church is finished
and will he dedicated Sunday,
January 25. A hig dinner will
he served in the hasement.
The Farmer's Institute will
he held the last week in January
at which time the II. L. A. S.
will serve dinner each day.
The annual meeting of the
Farmer's Mutual Telephone Co.
will he held January 19.
At the Farmer's Ditch Co.
meeting held January 3, the fol
lowing directors were elected
for the ensuing year: Hvron
Brown, Mr. Stolzenherg, Floyd
Creasy. Walter Burke, J. H.
Ilannigan, N. S. Felthouse and
0 Hi Sargent.
Milton Bowers of this place
and Miss Kllon Burns of Middle
ton were married at Middleton
New Year's day.
J. M. Philips, the harher, is
enjoying a visit with his hrother
from Nehraska.
Tho patrons on mail route No.
I, presented tlie mail carrier
Howard Snowherger, with a line
fur overcoat to show their ap
preciation of his good service.
Tho Christian Endeavor socie
ty of tho Methodist church held
their husincss mooting at the
home of III EL I'owoll Saturday
evening. After tho meeting a
social hour was spent playing
lvalues. Dainty refreshments
we iv served.
The high school gave a Imx
slipper Friday evening at
Flunk's hall for the lunclit of
the athletic depni Uncut. Thev
took in about $85i
Mr ami Mrs. James Clark loft
iliiirsiiay tor pokano w
thev will make their home.
Mrs. Hansen, In a Letter From
Mobile. Tells How She Gamed IL
Mobile, Ala. "I Buffered for aeren
years, with womanly trouble," writes
Mrs. Sigurd Hannen In a letter from
this city. "I felt weak and always had
a headache and waa always going to
the doctor. At last I was operated on,
and felt better, but soon I had tho
Bame trouble.
My huBband asked me to try Cardut.
I felt better after the first bottle, and
now, I have a good appetite and sleep
well. I feel fine, and the doctor tells
me I am looking better than he ever
aw me."
If you are sick and miserable, and
uffer from any of the pains due to
womanly trouble try Cardul.
Cardui la successful because It is
comnoBMOf Ingredients that have been
found to act curatlvely on the woman
ly constitution.
For more than fifty years, tt has been
used by women of all ages, with great
success. Try It. Your druggist sells It.
N. tt. Writf In: l.idln' AJvlviry Dpl . Chitti
imnfa MfJlrlmCo., C'tiitunnofn. Tnn , fnf Sprrial
Ifvitnirtinni, md 64 parr honk. " Hom IriitmMl
r Women," lint In plain wrapper, on requtait.
For Good Rigs and Prompt Service
The Eagle Livery
G. L. SMITH, Proprietor
Horses Boarded By the Day or Week
Train Service.
West bound.
No. 17 Oregon Wash Ltd lilt a m
N". "') Hunt iiik'tnii I'iihh 0.4O a in
No. 0 Fast Mall 0:15 p m
No 77 Huntington Pass G:i3 p m
No. 5 Oregon Wimh KxpreBB 0 :.i0 p m
I ii -i bound
No. 18 Oregon Wash Ltd 2:51 a m
No. 7(! Ilium" paBaengur 8:50 a m
No. li Fast Mall 1 1 :67 a m
No. 7H Holae pasaenger 3:50 p m
Mr-. SiiiinhowiT I'litertaiinil
tut' l'hilathea class at dinner
Siindav. There were fourteen
of the i;irls present and thoy re
port a fine time.
Mr. Scritelilield it'iiil" ;i Kiim
ui--- 1 1 1' I" I'mi-e 'e,liii-dnv.
Mr. and Mrt. C. II. S.i gout
have the sympathy of their many
illeinl- ill tle dentil ol their
luihy bO film -il.iv The
I'liniiiil took place at the home
II. .1. I'uil.eit mailc a Iiiim-
m ih trip to KiiiiiHit Thursday.
Levi Slinkcr and Mi- Susan
Scliiiuck of I'i- Moines, low a,
mn1 mail led . h iiniary 8, at the
homo of Mrs 1 A. I'ri'jjar, a
dnngbttf ol M- Blinkor, in th
Dl . rinT ol the relatives of the
. . : II n l. l
coiiiiai line; panic-, ii. r,. noi'iii
ton ottioitting. Mr. and Mr
Sliiikcr hit Wednesday ror
Califomil lO ipOOd the w inter
Mrs. Moody is here from
Wobington visiting si lbs l
I,. Ingtrd home.
No. 10 Oregon Wash KxpreBB I :I0 p m
M.ilin nr Valley Hniuclt
The Vule train leaves Vale daily nt
Ho m. arriving In Ontario at H:40.
Ketiirning will leave, exn pt Sundny,
nt ma m.. arriving at Vale at 10:10.
leiivintr tin- llnu'iiii nt 10:50, arilv
ing there II :.V.i, returning will lotVS
llniuiiti Ht II in. arrive at Vale I llO. I
Leave Vale nt '.! 'I.V arriving at OB
turl'i at 8 'SO, ami return in VhIc
nt i p. ui. On Sunday the train villi
cntne t" OmIhiIii ill the iiiiiiiiing nml
return nl 7 p. in . innUmr tlie mil In
llotni'dale on thai day iimtead ul
The Jiiutura train will leave Outit
rln Monday, Wednesday and SaturtUy
nt 7 a. ni., reiiirnii u t ii p m..
rcHcliiiig .liititiirn ut 11:08 and leav
ing nt 1 p. in.
Mid Winter
Oregon Short Line
Salt Lake Route
January 30, 1914
from Idaho, Oregon
and Wyoming Points.
Limit, April 1, 1914
Round Trip From
Los Angeles
Via Salt Lake City
Tickets on sale on
same date to San
Francisco and Los An
geles, .via Portland
and 0. W. R & N.
via Ogden and the
Southern Pacific at
Proportionately Low
Special Trains
Will he operated out of Salt Lake City via
the Salt Lake Route, leaving Salt Lake
I'liiiui Station 11:00 a. m. on January .'Hst.
arriving at Los Antfeloa the following af
ternoon. Onlv one nijfht en route. These
trains will hi' personally conducted and will
consist of the most up-to-date standard and
tourist sleepers, hulTet ohser ation cars
ami diners.
For further particulars consult any Oregon
Short Line Agent or write
I). K. BUKLKY, (.en. Pass Agent.
Salt ltke City, I'tah
Dr. Korinek's Stock and Poultry Rem
edies are worth your while to try as every
package is guaranteed to give satisfaction
or your money back.
(uaranteed by
Dr. J. C. Korinek, Medford, Oregon
Sold by
Everhart Drug Company
Ontario. Oregon
boats Hull la tiaa him I hia tttroer
SBSSJ Si "' ti rat door unitli of the
liBriu'.n htuiii, oiniomte tlie M M. C".
.(ore. Tho rnnni litta liaii to larked
itinl in. i. Ik uvrr lutu ona of the oolet
aliops iinMniiiai'li . llisre are two
I nth rooma an. I a lavatory aud new
ttxturva are to bt Jiuattt llil. He will
in 1 1 it the O. K. l.irtuT bIioii and
S0S4S 'or a rum nuian. i'f iiatiouaiie
tr.iii iin people who appreciate wood
K.Ltkjh v I ike Notice
You are urged to he piiSOOl
at tin1 next regular meeting of
Beslrlos RoboksJl Lodge No.
1, 1 0, 0. P., .lanuary '21, as
there is busiOOSS Oi isBDOl tun-f
to ti.insaet. Tin re will be B
bonqusi Mrs. Doisy Kutlur
t'ord, N. ti.
Empire Lumber Company, Limited
Sash, Doors, Lumber, Lime, Cement, Plaster and Coal
Malthoid Roofings and all P & B Products
The Most Complete Line of Building Material. If you cannot find it anywhere else
oome to us. We have it.
If ou have a job of buulinu you , (i . K. and 11 N. Uutlu riord I Heury Ciritlin has traded his
... J.. . !.... ... ....... I I .... ...... . . -
waut done, l,re or auall. you oau j u. ,tovllUvU (lf the ltotmfo
alwav .l-i'i'ii I mi John liiitmin
baiiiK ready for you.
Moore Hotel'.
fall turn at the tOCHOn, were Here tins W90U
looking after stoek interest-
i "
desert claim in the Big Bend
section for some choice resi
dence property in Boise.