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Buy a Good Tool Cabinet Now
You'll find lot! of repairing and odd jo!i to be done about the
place during the coming winter. Jiuy n Keen KuttorTool Cabinet
now and be prepared for all kinds of work.
Km KUffiR
finality it famoui. It applies to all tools and cutlery
evcrv article which bears the Kwn Kutter trade mark.
Men should know how superior the Keen Kutter Safety
Rarors arc to all others. They have the natural "hang"
that makes shaving a simple and eay matter.
Always remember that the Keen Kutter trade mark
fiiarantees money back from your dealer if you are not
absolutely satisfied.
Ontario Hardware Co.
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There Is No Better Light
, ror ine nome
than the soft mellow glow of a good
oil lamp. Scientists indorse it; com
mon sense recommends it. The
gives the ideal lijjht for sewing and
reading. Scientifically constructed.
No glare. No flicker. Can be
lighted without removing chimney
or shade. Kasy to care for.
A$h Your Dealer To Show Yon
Standard Oil Company
( Calif oraia)
A Complete Line of
llffrirtttuj tattonrnj
At the Argus Office
Must Be Printed
We are printing more wrappers than any other two
offices in this section. There is a reason. We have
the machinery, type and workmen necessary and we
take the same care with Butter wrappers that we do
with wedding invitations.
rMr.l.agfTPV1 Argus Office
Portland pnstofticc H celpts for 1!U3
were $l,lS3.r. :..78, cr a gain of $75,
HIM mcr 1912.
"liclle Steiirccht," a bright pink
rose of n li inly variety, may be chostn
on the "Albany ros( ."
Kalian National hank at Dalian bna
filed application to become member
of the new banking system.
Congressional action looking toward
election of United States senators In
Oregon will be unnecessary, states
8enntor Chamberlain, who says the
Oregon law on the case Is legal.
The Coos County Good Roads asso
ciation will renew its campaign for a
county bond Issue for building per
manent, hard-surface ronds in the
near future.
Unemployed men who come to Port
land to seek work and free food at j
the hands of thr city may lie sent to
the rockplle, If the plans of the mayor
are carried out. No importers will be
During the year 1913 the supreme
court handed down 3f4 written opln
Ions on motions and four dissenting
opinions. S!' 09 the court was increas
ed to seven !gi s the court has aver
gCt nearly dnlons a month.
In attempting to rearrange the star
routes in Oregon the postofflce do
partment has met with many protests
from localities which are threatened
Willi curtailment of the service to
which they have been accustomed.
Senator Chamberlain predicts that
the country Is on the eve of a great
business awakening, lie says that the
tariff problems amr the currency QVM
tlon, being out of the way, makes the
future clear for commercial progress.
The Increase or deposits for the
Portland postal savings bank for lie
comber over November was $11.7t;,
or an average of $400 a day. The
total deposits December 31 were $!lllti,
Colonel Charles II. Martin. U. 8. A..
retired, commander of the Third In
fanlry, Oregon National Guard, held
a New Year's reepellon to the officers
under his command and the regiment,
at the aiynot-y In Portland.
Events Occurring Throughout
the State During the Past
Deep Snow Fatal to Deer.
Iiood River The deep snow In the
mountains of Hood river has resulted
In the killing of a number of deer
that nre helpless nfter a short chase
by the hunter. Instanci have oc
curred where the hunters have run
down the deer on snow shoes, nnd
then cut their throats with pocket
knives. As many as 14 deer hnve
been butchered by a single hunter In
one day by this method.
Organization Formed to Urge Educa
tional Features.
Salem. County school superintend
ents, school supi r isers anil sccie
t. tries of fnirs from many parts of the
state at an enthusiastic meeting in
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Churchill's office, organized the coiiii
ty fair conference. The object la to
make the educational feature an Im
portant one at county fnirs. Mr. Chur
chill was elected president and Frank
Meredith, secretary of the state fair
board, was made secretary.
A resolution asking all the county
courts to give financial aid to the
children's Industrial fairs, and another
providing for the appointment of com
mittees to solicit Juvenile exhibits for
the county fairs were adopted.
Money Trust Mill Feared and
Fight Against Interlocking
Directories to Continue.
8llver Gray Fox Good Day's Work.
John Day. Cobb brothers, the trap
pers who secured a silver gray fox
In Logan valley last week, sold the
fur fo $450 In the local market Kast
ern prices on these hides range from
$200 to $1500. The fox was In prime
condlt'on and of medium size. ' The
trappers report good suc ss In Lo
gan valley. Mink are plentiful and
there are signs of more silver fox.
Homeless to Get Care.
Mnrshflehl The Men's Fellowship
club, an organization of business men
which has for Its aspiration the bet
torment of the masses, is planning to
establish a home and lodging place
for the floating population this coun
try Is now concerned about.
Rate increase Denied.
Salem. n application of the O V.
R. & N. for an increase of rntos on Its
branch lines was denied by the state
railroad commission. The commis
sion about a year ago reduced the
rates of the company on distance,
class and commodity service on tho
main and branch lines.
Toledo to Get Creamery.
Toledo Directors of the Toledo
Creamery as'oclation hnve signed n
L"Var lease with the Toledo Port
commission. The association, purely
$25nn worth of stock and Intends to1 Diversified Farming Now Plea,
a farmers' organization, has taken Ashland As an Iticenlhc to more
li.ue the creamery In operation by diversified agriculture among south
April 1. ern Oregon f.trmnr. an application
CougreN'tnan W. C. Ilawley Is try-
lug to Induce congress to follow out
the suggestion of the Portland chain
her of commerce to have an adequate
Alaskan exhibit at the San Francisco
Paul Ord, deaf and blind, deliberate
ly smashed a big plate glass window
In (lie Meier & Frank store, Portland,
because of disgust with the world In
general. He broke the glass with a
hammer and waited for the police to
arrest him.
One of the largest Inheritance taxes
collected In Oregon will lie that from
the hairs of the late Asahel Hush,
pioneer banker and Journalist of Sa
lent. The estate has been vhlued at
$2,000,000, and the Inheritance tax
Will be about $1!0,000.
On the Initiative of the county
court, Jackson county Is overhauling
Its Insurance policies. It has employ
d an expert who will Investigate val
ues on county property and seek to
equalize the Indemnity carried thereon
on a more equitable basis.
At the request of Representative
ilawley, tin chief of engineers has
Instructed Major Morrow, engineer
officer at Portland, to hasten his re
port on the further Improvement of
the mouth of the Siualaw river, and
telegraphic advices have been receiv
ed saying that the supplementary re
port is on its way to Washington.
Senator Lane says that the new de
natured alcohol legislation embodied
in the Underwood tariff law Is work
ing satisfactorily. It annuls restric
tions of tho former law prohibiting
farmers from manufacturing denatur
ed alcohol from farm products with
out restriction.
City Kngineer 1. (J. IIIcVs, of Rose
burg, has been Instructed by R. K.
Clanton, state game and fish warden,
to remodel the flshway In the South
i 'mpqua river. The work will entail
quite an expenditure, but will be the
means of saving thousands of salmon
which perish under the present con
W. H. Lytle, secretary of the Ore
gon state livestock sanitary board, has
notified Governor West that the board,
alter a conference with Dr. Calvin 8. '
White, secretary of the state board
ot health, hud voted to request the
governor to issue a proclamation that
rams and range bucks from other
states be dipped twice after beiug
brought into this state.
The total number of motor vehicle
licenses issued in this state In 1913,
according to the annual report of Sec
retary of State Olcott, was 13,957, and
the number of chauffeurs receiving
licenses was 147J The fees aggre
gated $50,873. In 1912. 10,165 motor
vehicle licenses were issued, the fees
totaling $42,994
By a vote of two to one the state
printing board decided not to try to
have abrogated the contract made by
State Print r Harris with the allied
printing trades, providing that only
union men should be employed In the
stau printing department and that
the union lube! be used upon state
prlulsd mailer.
Auto Law to Be Tested.
Rosoburg. -A inoo ba - bflM Inau
guru ted here by autoinoplle owners to,
employ counsel and contest the col-1
lei Hon ot license fees by the state
from persons owning motet chicles.
iitomobll owners say the law li:is
been declared Invalid In ' hlo snd oth
er states where It has been conn led
has been made to the Jackson county
nun for an appropriation of $1500 to
further the mm . ini-nt.
Hewett Federal Commissioner.
Kllgclle I I' llewell. for two rafs
United States commissioner at Red-
Wave Strips Man of Coat.
Newport. An unusually high tide
oeeiiiied here. An unidentified man
was caught in the surf near Jumpoff
Joe, bis overcoat was pulled off and
with It he was washed high on the
bank, escaping uninjured.
Baker Has 110,000 Fire.
Baker.- -The big storehouse of the
mond, Crook county, has received an Sumpter Valley railroad was destroyed
appointment t nun Portland making
him the United States commissioner
for this place, to fill the vacancy caus
ed several months ago by the resigna
tion of W. W. Calkins.
Rosd Work is Planned.
Oregon City. During the ensuing
year, Clackamas county will spend
$318,560 on roads. Of this amount,
$244,170 Is raised by the eight mill
general levy, and $74,390 from the spe
cial levies that have been made by
the 28 districts out or the total 59 In
the county.
by fire. The flames started from un
known causes. The loss Is $10,000,
covered by Insurance).
A Qreat-great-grandmother.
Mrs. Sarah A Dike of Plttsford, Vt.,
who was 100 years old last May, has
i -i . en nl w mil from ;i grenl grand
dangbter In Arizona announcing the
birth of a daughter Mrs. Dike Is now
a great great graudmnthqr.
Want Michigan Strike Investigattd.
Chicago. -An appeal to congress to
Investigate conditions In the coppei
country of Michigan was made by the
Chicago Federation of Labor in reso
hit Ions which directly charged owners
of the mines and their agents with be
lug responsible for the tragedy of
Christmas eve, when 72 children atid
adults lost their lives.
Grave of Asahel Bush Guarded.
HaJem. Fearing that ghouls would
attempt to steal the body of the lata
Asahel Hush, a millionaire banker,
no. I hold It for ransom, relatives hare)
caused a watch by day and nlgbt to
be plated at the vault.
7 A & Am it J ' -1
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ul li Mf? wln J r
U iH KsSnaUF Am mmmmjjK I
Copyright 1111. by the lan4i Pacific International Exposition Co.
illE above photograph represents "Enterprise," a detail of the
seulptursl group, the "Nations of the West," which will crown
the Arch of the Setting Hun at the Panama Pacific International
Exposition, Han FraucUco. 1113. This srch will be on the onoo-
elte sale of the Court of the Sun and Stars to the Arch of the Rising
Sun, crowned by the composition "Nations of the East." The group
"Nations of the West" la designed by Measre. A. Stirling Calder, Leo
I.eiitfill and Frederick 0. R Koih.
Washington. Official Washington
Mimed to approve the action of J. V.
Morgan & Co., in resigning from num
erous corporation directorates, but It
was not believed that it would prevent
an attempt In congress at the present
session to enact legislation to prohibit
Interlocking directorates
There was a general impression'
while the action was a step In the)
right direction, It did not signalize the
breakup of the so called money trust.
Lawyers who followed the money
trust Investigation by the house com
mittee pointed out that while Morgan
& Co. had given up directorships la
several large banks and trust com
panies the connections severed for the
most part were with railroads. So fnr
as these officials could see from the
information at hand, the relations be
tween some of the big financial Insti
tutions In New York hnve not been
broken, although this might follow.
Representative Lindbergh, of Min
nesota, author of a hill to prohibit
Interlocking directorates, said:
"I doubt If the action of Morgan ft
Co. will have any effect on legislation
It Is In line with the evident purpose
of big business to try to meet the div
mauds of the people and Is in antici
pation or legislation."
Education Test Pending.
The house of representatives soon
will take up and probably pass the
educational test Immigration hill. The.
hill that Is now on (lie house calendar
Is similar to Hie measure which pass
ed both houses a year ago and wan
vetoed by President Taft.
In effect, tbe pending measure, bare
from the I'niied States all aliens over
1(1 years old who are unable to read
their own language, eiition being
made In the case of those who may
MM to the I'nlted States seeking
refuge from religious persecution at
home aud la the case of certain Immi
grants, tacmhers of whose families
have already been admitted to the
United States
Higher Naval Rank Essential.
Congress will be asked to create
four vice admirals In the United
States navy immediately after the
holiday recess. Secretary Danlela
said he had determined this course to
avoid the possibility of embarrass
merit to tho American navy In foreign
Frequently. Mr. Daniels explained.
In a field which rightly should he ilmn
Inated by American Influence, a for
eign officer might take first rank be
cause of the failure of the United
States to provide a grade above that
of rear admiral. This subject bus
been much discussed in connection
with the situation in the gulf of Mex
ico, where an Kngllsh naval officer,
Rear Admiral Sir Christopher Crad
dock, outranks Rear Admiral Fletcher,
iiiniiiaiidlug the American squadron
Msy Further Restrict Orientals.
Kecoincmudatlona will be made by
the bureau of Immigration for the fur
ther restrictions of certain kinds of
oriental Immigration
A. ' '.i mi in 1 1 1. commissioner-general
of Immigration, who recently returned
to Washington from an extended of
filial (rip to immigration stations on
the Pacific coast, will submit some
important recommendations, particu
larly with regard to the tide of orien
tal Immigration that Is tending iu the
direction of the United States.
"It is not ray purpose," he said, "to
direct my recommendations to any
particular people, but It Is manifest
that many Orientals now are gelling
Into iln. country unlawfully. This Is
particularly true of the so called stu
dents, who ostensibly come in this
country to obtain an education, ox.
National Capital Brevities.
Out of an enlisted strength of 80,000
officers ami men the United States
army passed through the yeur with
but two cases of typhoid fever.
December .11 there were 2760 na
tional hunks in the United States, ac
cording to a statement of the control
ler of the currency
Shipment by parcel post of the bod
of any wild unlmal killed In violation
of (lie stute or government game luws
will be prohibited by Postmaster Gen
era) Bttrlsnoa,
Aircraft will hereafter form a largu
part In the war program of the United
States, according to Secretary of Uia
Navy Daniels.
Dr George Otis Smith, director of
the federal geological survey, indorse
the withdrawal of all lands having
radium deposits. In the Interests of
the general public, as made by Secre
tary of the Interior Lane.
Forty-five states, representing 767
banks of the country, having a com
bined capital exclusive of surplus of
about $300,000,000, have notified the
authorities at Washington of their In
(entlou of eutering the new currency