The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, December 18, 1913, Image 6

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    Uriel News of the Week
Tbe radicals ruled the New York
rwpubllcan iitate conference and forced
the approval of a direct or atate-wldp
primary law.
There la a well-authenticated report
that ProBldent Huertu linn been as
sured a loan of $760,000 pesoa by an
American" corporation with Mexican
Heciwue they had ridden Mr. John
Richardson on a rail followlnR the
linking of her name with that of her
brother In-law, five gray haired wo
men of Wniikegnii, III., were convicted
and each may be fined $200 and sent
enced to six montha In Jalk
It Ir announced that nearly all the
hotel ownera of Han Krnnclaco, repre
xentlnK more than ISM hoatelrlea
have agreed with the Panama Pacific
enrpoaltlon offlrlala that prlcea for
rooms will not be Increased over thoHO
of the pp'Hent, on account of the 1!MB
Telephone MOWttlM were Riven a
Jolt In the stock market when Wall
treet heard the report that Samuel
Hill, head of the Home Telephone
company of Cortland, Or . waH actively
engaged In tii-i rim: the Independent
telephone companies of the United
States with tho PoHtal Telegraph
Declaring that Intimately personal
SUhJecta should he taught to children
at home by their parents, the I'arentfl
Rights League of America, organized
In Han Francisco to combat the Intro
dilution of "sex hygiene" Instruction
and medical Inspection In the public
schools, will i in a call to all mothers.
Ex -President 'laft explninca ine
reason he did not go back to Cincin
nati to live was that he didn't want to
practice law before Judges he himself
appointed, when president.
Andrew CarneKle's secretary flgurne
that the Iron master has given away
$.186,1 26,000 out of a fortune originally
of $380,126,000.
The release of ex -President Zelayn,
Who was arrested In New York, clitirg
ml with murder In his own land, was
authorised by order of the depart
im nt, on condition that he sail on the
first host for Spain
Indictments dunging graft In con
nection with building highways In
New York have been returned by the
pedal grand Jury agulust Arthur Mi
Lean, treasurer of the democrnllr
state central committee.
Jloys and girls are advised to stick
to the farm by Champ Clark, speaker
of the house, addressing a meeting of
corn growers. Hcnator I'omerene
ays, If he were a girl, he would rather
base a good loaf of bread than dunce
the liwo.
In a
wJKQEty aaW
Confining our business strictly to L EG I T I MATE
banking, and with ample ratourati for the needs of
0U1' CUStomera. we invite the banking business of
rancnen, fruitgrowers, stockmen and individuals,
Risourcts Over II, ill Million Dollars
A. L. COCKRUM, Pfeatdawti H. B COCK RUM, CggbJt
T. 'I IKNIU'I.'.. Vice Credent C W.I'I.ATT AsiTt. Cashier
I.. H. t (HKIMM
III,. -Mill
Three cows and a
will make more money than
four cow with gravity setting
Thousands upon thous ds of cow ownera have already proved
this statement; any expo. .need dairyman will verify it for you.
With such big saw..,; It is hard to understand why any cow
owner should try to net along without a De Laval Cream Separator.
If you are selling cream or making butter, and have no
separator, or else an Inferior machine, we know if we could put
a be Laval on your place we would be doing you a peraonal favor.
If you haven't a separator don't make the mistake of starting
with a "cheap" or Inferior machine. When you do buy a acparator
aa aooner or later you surely will be aure to get the beat
De Laval. Remember, you can't make money by trying to i..
money In the purchase price of a cream separator. A Ue Laval
costs only a little more than the cheapest and will aave you twice)
aa much aud laal five to ten times aa long as other separator.
Hold on Kaay
McBratiu y-McNulty Company
Ontario, Oregon
Hand Bags
make good gifts. Sen
sible gifts too for there
is hardly a woman,
but needs a new bag.
Kid Gloves
make splendid gifts.
We have them for ev
ery member of the
family in all shades,
sizes and prices.
Auto & Driving Veils
make good gifts.
Fancy Little Aprons
These dainty aprons
make most acceptable
Ready Made Gowns
Everyone likes a nice
75 of our season's pattern
I .adit's' Hats
This is a sal' all Ontario
should know about.
Ghristmds Holiday Rates.
Viu Oregon Short Line. Tic
kets on sale between local' point
mil to points in Oregon tuul
Washington, Iecemher 19, 2,
-'I, 22, a, "24, 25 and 31, 1913,
I Miliary I, 1914 j limit, Jatmury
"tli, ISM I. See agents for rates
iiml further particular.
Good Bank
Good Country
'im'l fawyi
wV Boyer's. Ontario's Biggest Xmas ,oier,ff?M
Wt x t Tfc Jifhm-M lyrrrrv.. jmsr
Ladies' Winter Suits
make good gifts, anl we
are making a special 20
per cent discount until
Officers Under Arrest.
Boise. - .Several uf the new offlclats
of Minidoka county may ! ousted
from office while disbarment proceed
ings probably will be instituted
against three attomeye as the remit
of i-iitr.ini luto thn rounty jail at
Rupert anil tiikltiK oat a large quantity
of liquor which hart been confiscated
by the court from bootlegger. Charles
NcImom. hhi-rlfr, la under nireet, chant-
il with bootlegging, and wamnta
were served on Attorney K. R. Dam
pier, fit) Attorney W. R. Hyutt. Iro
bale in. i iv.-i.i. County Clerk But
ler ami J. W. Voorheea, who were
charged with burKlary. Hyatt, Dnin
pier and riittler later were dismissed.
It la alleged that theHe men raided
the jail after pIckliiK the lock and
procured the liquor. Minidoka conn
ty la 'dry" under the local option Ihw
Governor Pay for Bridge.
Lew 1st on (ioM'inor Maine ol Ida
ho and (Sovcruor Lister of Washington
met nt one of the local hunks with tha
county commissioners of Asotin coun
ty and the inijiir of Lcwtstou and
formally exchuiiKed the conveyances
and paid the purchase price for the
l.ewiMnu Clarkstou bridge.
Department of the luterlor U. 8.
Land mice at Vale, Oretiun, Decern
bar lit, 1013.
Notice it hereby uiveti that i ii-nl. -('
(iinHctt, of Ontario, Oregon, who
Jill lib, If 10, made ll.imc.t. a.l A(
plloatl m So, 01 1 hi. for Um fT sKi
ml SCi RW, i'ction 1, towuslnp l'.'S.
Kantie lt!K . Willrtini l li. Mil ha
llleil n illcc of intention to make liual
three year proof, to catalillili claim
to the laud above described, bt-fore
the Keuuter and Receiver. I'. S. Land
Ottliv, at Vale, Orenou. on the litb
d.i of .'aniiarv, l'.'l I.
Claimant uaiuen a wituesses:
A. K. Trnt, Ira Dale. Albert Hut
ler. Jr.. Albeit Uutler, St., all of
Out il In. Ol'ClfOD.
Bruce R Heater. Keuister.
Sealed propoaale will be received
by the City Kccorder of the City of
Ontario, t)reou, up to tbe hour of
eight o'olook p. in. on tbe bth day of
Jauuary, 1914, for the construction of
about 1944 feet of sewer in euld city
accoidiiik' to the plana ami speuiOca-
tions tberefor on tile with i ul City
Recorder. All proposals must be I
ssuled. marked "Hropoeele tor Sewer
Countructton" aud addressed to Harry
II (liauel. City Keoorder. Ontario.
Oregon. Tbe bids will be opened by
i he Couucil at the above uttmed hour
and the contract awarded.
The Couucil, however, reservee tte
riKht to reject auy an. I all bide or
proposals. t.acti bid must le ac
coiupauied by a . i titled check for five
per ni of ..!. bid.
Hy order of the City Council.
Harry H. tirauel.
City Keoorder.
True Christmas Store
Boy's Suits and Overcoats
make good gifts, and we
have some special attrac-
tions in this line for you.
Id the Ckrouit Court of tbe State of
Oregon, for the County of Mai
hear, es.
Motile L. Sk. rtiiiKton. l'lalntlff,
Nelaoo J. HkefUngtna, Defendant.
To Neleon J. Ukefllngton, Defend
lo tbe name of tbe state of Oregon:
Vou are hereby required to appear
and answer tbe roiiiiliunt Hied auallist
you In the above entitled suit by
Saturday tin .'trd day of January. A D.
1011. or tor Hiit thereof plaintiff
will apply to the court for tbe relief
demand d lu the complaint, on tile
herein, I a fur a d-oree turever dlssolv
IiiK tbe bonda of natriinooy In retotore
ami nnw exUtlnw tetween pln.niilt
and defendant und for the custod)
of Winnie R. Kkctttuutou. the Issue
of tbe union between plalntltf and
defendant, aud f r a decree tarrlnu all
int'-re.t of the defeodaut in lots 1. 'J,
a, 4. aud 5. lu block No. 174. lu tbe
city of Ontario, Oieuou. Ihu sum
mons is served upon jnti by puhliaa
ttoo thereof in the Outarlu Arus. a
tveeklr newspaper, publi-hed at Ontn
no, Oregon, for six couttoutlve weeks,
by order of Hon tieo W. McKnltfht,
County Jtidue of iMalheur County.
Dated November 20th. 10LI.
Date ot first publication Nnvember
'iOth. l!i:i; iUte of lait publication.
January 1st, l'.U4.
C McOonagill.
Attorney for plaint iff
Oregon Agricultural College
December 8 to 13, 1913.
Thia will be a notable eveut in tbe
educational history of Oregoa.
Fanners' Co operation will be the
leudiutf topic of a stliiiulatiug aeries
of Icemen. The week will becowJed
it li discussioua aud demoastiatiooa
in errr.vthiuK that makes fur the wel
fare of the lariuer and home maker.
January 5 to 30, 1914.
The college baa spared no effort to
make this the most complete sbort
oourse in Its history. A very wide
range ot coureee will be offered In
Cieueral Agriculture, Horticulture,
Auimal Huuabandry. Dairying. Foul- i
try Keeping, Mechanic Arte, Domestic
Science and Art, Commerce. Kureatry '
and Muslo. Numerous lectures and I
disoueelona on Kmuun' Co operation I
at home aod abroad, will be a leading
feature. Make this a pleaaaut and ,
profitable winter outing No tuitou,
Aocommodatious reasonable. Re
duced rates ou all railroads. For
further information address.
II M. TKNNANT. Registrar,
Corvallis, Oregon.
Farmers' Uusiuees Courses by Cor
reapoudeuce without tuition.
Special lot of Christmas
Candy, Nuts and Oranges
' Do not overlook us for
your fresh candies from a
fresh stock just placed on
Means Not Only Time But Money.
Do you ever consider how long it takes to travel the distance
from your house to the Doctor and Merchant and what time
you save hy telephoning? If your time is worth anything, you
cannot afford to be without a Telephone.
Malheur Home Telephone Co.
Gifts Delivered for
ANYTHING you select from our big and varied
stock of really appreciated Christmas gifts will
be held for you and delivered for Christmas.
No need to lock doors and screen windows to in
sure a surprise. We will play Santa Claus.
If you select a Hoosier Cabinet fur the housekeeper
of the family wife, mother or sistei a Morris
chair, lamp or good table for father or brother, gome
tiling" attractive and convenient fur the rooms of the
younger members of the family, you will delight
each recipient.
l'ay us a visit. It
will be profitable
to you. Prices rea
sonable quality
avv " vi'tll li,- hi, ,fii utile I T1 i I aisaa'BV waM I
I loyou' Prices rea- I diTTvrnikW ' I
Ontario Furniture Company
Warm Winter
makes a good gift,
and we have a won
derful line of the best
Sweater Coats
Every woman, man
and child has use for
a warm sweater coat
from 50c to $6.00
Warm Hosiery
Every person has use
for good warm hosiery
as well as fancy hos
iery for dress and par
ty occasions.
Warm Slippers
make good gifts.
Fancy Pillow Cases
and Table Scarfs
New lot of Party and Af
ternoon Dresses just ie
reived." ,, jj
Special Notice "
This afcowuxivtali' fttfrin
open W 22, '2"2M' dhM '
I .It nl'-ilt II Mill afll'"
f -,i .AvaawHi I