The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, December 18, 1913, Image 5

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that each of the many hundred ar
ticles shown in our window are in
dividual, so that when you purchase
one of them there will be no dupli
cate sold to some one else.
We are selling 51b. boxes of as
sorted Creams at $1.25 each
These are delicious chocolates and
you are buying them for less than
often quoted at wholesale.
of every gift Owe sell is the best
that the market affords for the
price and we invite your careful
Yours for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
The Corner Drug Store
One Block from the 0. S. L. Depot
Miss Bertha bhrives was n
passenger to Vale Monday.
We are making a specialty of
Xmas randies. Ontario bakery.
Mrs. Rachael Westerly, who
has been visiting friends in
Ontario, returned to her hoiie
in Juntura Monday.
Ooddard serves oyster cock
tails and Tom and Jerry at all
imet Let him show you.
J. R. Hlackahy returned Mon
day from a business trip to Cald
well. :. i. ' ,
en gents suits if desired. Cope
.v Dunnugk.
Mrs. E. Dillon, who has been
visiting in Ontario, returned to
her home in Vule Monday.
Music lessons given on the
different instruments ty E. M.
Brown, conservatory graduate.
Call or phone Moore hotel.
The man who says that his
town doesn't amount to anything
is the same man wln does his
utmost to keep it from being
Letson has just received a
shipment of Libby cut glass
which he will be pleased to show
A. II Keller has returned
from the east where he placed
the bonds of the Crane Creek
irrigation project and secured
enough mouey to finish the
work, which was stopped by the
failure of the Kuhnt.
The Burrell Studio is pre
pared to make tlaslilight photo
of Home Xmas decorations, par
ties, family reunions etc. during
the holidays. phone 1311 W.
Nine carloads of clover seed
waH raised around Parma and is
worth 4f,000.
Ladies tailors headquarters,
reasonable prices. Cope A Dun
nuck. In order to make n in for a
large and complete line of spring
millinery, all cut glass and hand
painted china is being sold at a
discount of 2"i per cent at Let-son's.
On January first there will be
a radical change made in the
parcel post law, the weight limit
will be raised and the rate
lowered. The people seem to
prefer it to the express com
panies. A. E. Wade raided 18,000
pounds of Im'miis on his King
man Kolony ranch this year.
The Burrell studio is prepared
to make flashlight photos of
home Xmas decorations, parties,
family reunions, etc. during the
holidays. Phone IM W.
It is understood that train No
IS will be made a strictly limit
ed train about the first, carrying
only Pullman cars, mail and ex
press. Music lessons given on the
different instruments by E. M.
Brown, conservatory graduate.
Call or phone Moore hotel.
Mrs. A. W. Trow was out
Monday for the first time siuce
her illness.
See those 17-jewel watches in
20-year guaranteed case for
$12.50 in the Letson window.
Simply a snap.
Mr. and Mr .1. Hartlett, from
Ulenville, Muni., are guests i
Mayor Trow' home. Mrs Trow
and Mrs. Bartlett are sisteis.
You may select the article
you wish for the holidays ut
Letson's and he will set them
away for you.
They have signed up for 37 IM
cows for the proposed condeti
sary at New Plymouth.
Thomas (.'lagett, wife and
daughter, are in Boise this week
wtiere Mr. Clagett is looking af
ter the interests of the Balfour,
Cuthrie people.
Letson will keep open even
ings from now until the holi
days. There was an inch of snow in
the lower Snake Kiver valley
this morning, but most of it had
disappeared by noon.
Christmas donations of any
kind that might be useful for
Holy Kosury hospital will be
gratefully received by the Do
minican Sifters.
Pukl Ailvnrtlomrnt
Furnished room
Cope, the toilor.
for rent.
For Sole Lots 11, 12, 13, 14,
15, block 270 $1500 .lots 1 and
2. block 27J $500. Lots are
in the center of the city, 1 block
west of the two public schools.
Address W. J. Cad by, Bandon,
For Sai.k Cheap, a house
and two lots in west Ontario,
best residence section of city.
See Claud Bingham, Ontario.
Money to
tftl farms.
l"itn Improvnd in
W. II. DoohttU Oo.
There is no substitute
f of Royal Baking Pow
det for making the
best cake, biscuit and
pastry. Royal is Ab
solutely Pure and the
only baking powder
made from Royal
grape cream of tartar
For Sale April and October
pigs, thoroughbred O. I. C. stock,
pedigree with each animal, at
reasonable prices. Inquire of
or write E. K. Ingle or J. B.
Atherton, Ontario.
Wanted horses to winter at
$;t per head, per month at the
Couklin ranch.
Estray A yearling Jersey
heifer at the Conklin rauch.
Owner please call, puy charges
and take her away.
For Sale 2 registered Hob
stein bulls, April und September
calves: 22 Ouroc pigs, -' and 3
mouths old. Cheap, if taken at
once. Terms reasonable. Win
ter A Trousdale ranch. Phone
Horse Lost Black gelding, 2
years old punt, white star in
forehead branded j on right
shoulder. Return to C. H.
Trousdale and receive reward.
Phone 203-. 4.
For Sale Well drilling outfit
complete li-horse power gusoline
engine, doing a first class busi
ness. Will sell cheap, ('all ut
this orlice.
For Sale White Leghorn
pullets. A. B. CaiD, 2 miles
west of Ontario.
Ladies cloth by the yard at
Cope A Duuuuck.
Word comes from Los Angeles
that Dr. (ioldsberry is there in
a sanitarium, having contracted
a bad cold on the trip down
from Portland. His many
friends here hope for an early
Charles Oarviu, the well
known first class cook, hat
opened a chili parlor in O'Con
nor's confectionury store and is
prepared to serve you with good
hot lunches in u comfortable
room. If you ever get hungry
go and see him.
William Crirtirh, one of the
prominent residents of the Wat
son section, was in Ontario and
other valley points several days
last week. Mr. Griffith says his
section is quite prosperous as
they always have a good crop of
fruit and are not troubled with
the insects there as in the more
thickly settled sections.
Malheur Mercantile Go
General Merchandise
New Shipment of Dry Goods this
Week. Look us over.
Our Grocery Department is Full
and Complete
We have what you want
and need your trade.
M. M. C 0.
Everhart Drug Company
4th Door S. P. O.
The store of the real Christmas spirit. Here
you will find worth-while remembrances anyone
will he tflad to receive as a gift.