The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, December 18, 1913, Image 4

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Enfprrd in thp poHtofflop Ht Ontario
OrriM'ii tot li:iiiMiiif iiM through thP
mails an M.Ti.nii i-ltiHP matter.
Editor Highy showed cournge
in supporting the continuing of
the fair, when nil his neighbors
opposed it.
The Jiintuni people nre to he
congratulated on having such a
brond minded and aggressive
management in charge of their
newspnper, the Times. Such a
policy always benefits a com
munity hy making friends.
The Jordan Valley Express
supported the county fair men
ure, thereby endorsing the poli
cy that what benefits the farm
ers benefits all classes.
The (Irani county court last
week appropriated TfiO for the
purpose of securing the services
of an expert in agriculture to
assist the fanners of the county
in reaching better methods and
results and it is expected Maker
will put up l'J.'iti, the two to
work together jointly and secure
$'2,000 more from the state to
provide a man who will attend
to the farmers in hoth counties
Her Health and Strength Back
Aain by The Use of Cardui.
Tnmpn, Fin. In a letter from this
city, Mrs. K. C. Coram writes: "I was
all weakened and worn out with wo
manly troubles. My husband brought
me aome ardul as a tonic, and, from
the first day, It seemed to help.
I had almost lost my reason, but,
thanks to Cardui, I did not. Boon, I
felt and looked like a new woman. I
think the remedy Is wonderful. I
recommend It to my friends, for I have
received great benefit from It."
Cardui acts specifically on the weak
ened womanly organs, strengthening
the muscles and nerves, and building
them up to health.
It helpH to refresh the worn-out ner
vous system and relieves the effects of
overwork, both mentnl and physical.
Fifty yenrs' successful use fully
prove the merit of this purely vege
table, tonic remedy for women.
In every community, there live some
who have been benefited by Cardui.
The beneficial effects of this time
tested woman's remedy, soon show
themselves In many different ways.
Try It
N. B. HtNrJM tMM'Adv!vfvDpt.. Orntl..
ftnoci M.Jk in. Co.. fitneot. Tnn., tor .vircnu
Initntrtinnn, and 6-png. Nmk. "Home Trrainwat
lor Wuawn." Mnt In i- m wra-npr on inihL
C. W. DeBoer, who has 80
acres under the Hhocstring
ditch, drew $'207.00 for the milk
he sold to the Nyssa cheese fac
tory during November. For
December his check will be lur-
Ser. lie has 2." Uolsleiu cows.
le ia feeding second cutting al
falfa and says this ia a natural
dair country.
Charles Watson, of the Ontario
Pharmacy, was in Ht. Anthony,
Idaho, this week looking after
business matters there.
The undersigned has this day
bewn appointed receiver of the
property of tlio Jdaho-Oregon
Light A Power company and
until further notice will operate
the same under the direction of
the United States District Court.
The patrons of the company
are I of good service and
the plant mill be operated to its
highest degro of efficiency.
The continue I patronage and
confidence of the public ia cor
dially solicited.
Dated December 10, lOl.'t.
W. J. Ferris, Receiver.
"lci" lavatory
rVaMpiiMii-'Sivw you annoyance.
ftmliabilttv good plumbing is a sick
nesa preventative.
Durability HlHUron full value for
your money.
Service ia all of the above and
you make certain of vetting service
when you have us place ?UmJaeiT
guaranteed liiturea in your home.
.' n....r. .i rhkJ 4
u rurnllurr to. VMIlttllU, IWV.
Sadd's Candy
For fresh Home Made
Candies. Fancy Boxes fill
ed with our own make of
candies. We tfive a re
duction for holiday trade.
We keep Fresh Fruit and
a nice assortment of
Comic and Holiday
Post Cards
3 li.ii. i- North of the Carter Mourn?
Mrs. Minster is Less than
100,000 in the Lead with
D. T. Mansker in Second
Place Maude Kidd Made
Largest Gain This Week.
There are hut a few davs more
in which tho several candidates
for the automobile can work for
vntfs and it is safe to say they
will all work full time up to the
count on the evening of the 24.
Ah the end of the contest
drBws closer, the interest grows
greater and the leaders all real
ire it is possible for any one of
them to be in the lead at the
The count will ho held in the
Ontario Hardware company's
store at 11 o'clock on Christmas
Remember that all the stores
interested are giving 1000 otes
on tho dollar on all money re
ceived. IliiW TIIKY STAND
Mabel Blanton 30) 10
Kll.i Brosnan I U. UK)
Wilmoth Curry 112,800
Frank Dorman 4f770
Thurzie Erickaon 27,510
(iretchen Ilailey 200,491
Mrs J A I lnpm 20,890
0, A. Koshnick 85,400
Maude Kidd 1005005
Mt In I McNulty 104510
V. W. Marsden 1,221,048
KM. 'ii Madden 31100
Mrs Winnie Minster 1,003,059
Maggie Moody 78,772
DT Mansker 1,571,121
Mrs. Florence O'Connor 911,872
Nettie Peterson 180,86
Mrs. W. H. Haver 441,473
Mrs A Stutzner 48,000
Betsy Taylor 180,205
Ruth Teat 85.0.S0
Mrs. Winnie Wisdom 127,;fK
Mrs. EL 0. Whitworth 87S.46I
Dottir Ward 4H4830
Maude Walters 120,543
Mrs Harry Willfams 34.400
Mrs. A. Zimmerman 30,255
Kritnk Van Petten 23H07
Oeorgia Dennis 74,4!'0
Gertrude Pounds 12,500
Krma Deal 23,570
Velva Orimea 157,406
A. C. M. in. in. in .!).l,ii5
Ora Nott SH0,tf
Local News.
Just received a fine line of Dry Goods Novelties
ladies and Gents' furnishings -Our stock is now at
its bit and the advantages of making selections
wed only be suggested. You can advantageously
buy modest priced' gifts here and your patronage will
be valued regardless of the size of your expenditure.
All this m-eek our stock will be replete with the best
values we have ever shown in unparallelled Xmas
Offerings. We ask that you do not overlook this
store full of serviceable Christmas values.
Our Unloading Shoe Sales
will continue for the week with many bargains for
Men, Women and ( hildren.
In Holiday Edibles
Our (Jrocery Department is complete fresh stuck
arriving daily. For holiday shopping make this
store your headquarters and we will assure you of
The Best Obtainable Serriee
in the City.
How many Bed Cross
have yoil purchaaed?
Men with material on hand,
hring it to the tailor shop and
get it made up. Cope Ihin
iiuck. Joe Kiiwarda 0SSM down from
Middleton, Idaho, the tirst of
the week for a short visit with
relatives and friends here.
Bulie Mil'reary was here from
the Big Bend on Wednesday
ami expressed himself as well
pleased with the results of the
election. He says they should
have made it unanimous and
would have if they had realized
ili.- importance of it.
Miss J.ela Jones was down
from Vale Wednesday visiting
witii her relatives and friends
Robert Van CJilsc, the mayor
of Nysaa, was a passenger to
Vale Wednesday.
Hereafter ladies and gent9
wraps will h checked for MOM
attending dances at Orange hall.
Ben Rose, who mined to
Oanbridgt last spring, h;is heeii
here his week visiting with his
inanv friends. The crops were
good in the Cambridge section
this year and the people
there all feel very prosperous.
They are in the grain ami hog
raising ami making inniey.
The bazaar held hy the
r.piscopai w oman s tiuild last
week was a decided success-, the
receipts for the two days.
amounting to 77.88, The mra
litis wish to thank the ladies of
the town for their kind patron
age, also to thank the gentlemen
wlio so kiudly helped hy adver
tising, loan of building, tshla,
chairs, stoves, etc; also lh
UOUt!f men ami lUSrVUaUaU
whose blp was greatly appreci
ated. I'd. Adv.
Two more car loads of hogs
were shipped from here Tues
day and ahout $3000 paid out
to the growers. It takes but a
few months for hogs to grow
into money and the expense is
very light.
Charles Anderson was in from
the ranch Monday for supplies.
He says they have not brought
their sheep in from the hills yet
as the feed is good and the ani
mals are doing well. They will
lamb ahout 5500 ewes at the
Butterfield ranch and 3500 at
the Crowley. The February
lambs are the money makers as
they reach the market early and
at a small expense to the grower.
Ben Crumett, the real estate
and insurance man, ia nursing
a broken finger.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Stauffer were
here this week on business.
They have extensive cattle
ranches in the' Jordan Valley
A good fight now and then is
relished by most men and is
good or a community as it tends
to cement the different elements,
stirs up the sluggards and
makes therh realize there is
something in life if they will
only do a little hustling.
Ornynne orders taken at Moore
Hotel John Landlnghsm, residents
pbone 424
Three lota for sale 2 blooka wiet
of poetoftVe at a bargain. Inquire at
Argue office.
10" acres of fine sage bruah land,
deep rich sandy soil, first class water
right. I miles from Ontario. Price
160. per acre. Terms given with
low rate of interest or would trade
for atock or other property. Must
be disponed of soon, aa I am engaged
in other buaineaa.
Postoffice Box 94
Ontario, Oregon
1 mm a
Takes All the Shivers
From the Morning i
The bathroom is
warmed in almost no
time and you shave in
comfort if your home
is equipped with a
l ITTaaTI I J. . J -J
The heater is so light it may be easily
carried to the dining room or living
room or wherever needed.
Easy to light and clean. So con
structed that it can't smoke. Doesn't
smell. Will last a life time. Finished in
plain steel or blue enameled drums.
Ask to see it at
For Best Results
Use Pearl Oil
your dealers
Standard Oil Company
Kjjjfl jr
Will go further at our store to buy Xmas Presents.
A Genuine 17 Jeweled
Elgin, Waltham or Hampden
Movement in a 20 year guaranteed
Gold Filled Case.
A Few Suggestions
Watch, Clock, Silverware, Cut Glass, Hand Painted
China, Toilet Set, Manicure Set, Belt Pin or Buckle,
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B. G. F ULLER New Jewlery Store
Open Evenings. Opposite Postoffiee, Ontario, Ore.