The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, December 11, 1913, Image 2

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Last Special Prize is Gold
Bracelet Final Count At
Ontario Hardware Co.
The content which will close
at 11 p in., Decern her 24th, will
tand an the moot liberal offer
marie to the people of this sec
tion. The largest prize for the
least work.
We have been trying to im
press this on the people for the
past live months, but they were
skeptical and would not believe
lis. Now that the clone of the
contest is at hanri they realize
how easy it would have been
for them if they had only gotten
to work when the contest started.
It is still time to get in and
win and it will not bo known
who the winners of the three
prizes are until the count is
over, severol being close.
The offerings this week hold
until the close of the contest,
when this big auto will be turn
'I over to the fortunate one.
The last special prize will bt
the gold locket bracelet offered
tins week.
You have just thirteen days
more in which to work mid win
this two thousanri dollar auto
Maude Kidd 788105
Ethel McNulty 104230
H. M. Metz 2,940
R. G. McAnnick 2,110
V. W. Marsden 1,076496
Elden Madden 81100
Mrs Winnie Minster 1,031,909
Maggie Moody 78,772
I) T Mansker l,284,.rfil
Mrs. Florence O'Connor 911,372
Mabel Hlanton .'0,510
rred Buttler 4,660
Ella Broanfto 441,460
Wilmoth Curry 53,900
C. C Dodge 1,786
Frank Dorman 45770
Thurzie Ericksou 5J7.510
0. A. Field 7420
Mrs. L. It. Fry 2,375
V. V. HiekoK 7,740
H. W. Hoopes 2720
Crotehen Hailey 166,401
Mrs J A Hogan 17, MM
Jennit llorigkins 7 100
John Hunt 8000
O. A. RoalmMi 76,460
I. K. ICotulf 0106
II KmUi 2,900
Nettie Peterson
Mrs. W. H. Raver
Mrs A Stutzner
Mrs. Joe Staples
Betsy Taylor
Ruth Test
Mrs. Winnie Wisdom
F. Winston
Mrs. H. C. Whitworth
Mrs. John Weaver
Dottie Ward
Maude Walters
Mrs Harry Williams
Mrs. A. Zimmerman
Frank Van Petten
(ieorgia Dennis
UdVtrude Pounds
KrniH Deal
Velva (trimes
Stella Harris
Emma Johnson
A. C. Maneman
Of! Nott
Marion Robinson
Mrs L Dell
Mm. J. P. Houston
Mihs Anna Kobertson
Mu hi (iregory
May Myer
T. R. Neilsou
Uee Roberts
Ksther Russell
Mae Simon
M Alice Williams
John It Fisher
Daijy Mason
Mrs. Frazier
Local News.
The Idaho State Poultry show
will be held at Boise from Dec.
20 to January 31. For particu
lar write Leslie I- Eong, the
n'laiv Valuable prizes and
about fifty loving cups will be
jK.-i VilfU -vrjV-v VW4 v v E !jfB
3J,T. tiiy lV J"aa -Jrl f':mk
Means Not Only lime But Money.
Do yuti ever consider how lonir it takes to travel the distance
from your house to tin- Doctor and Mnvliant and what time
you s;ie by telephoning? It your time is worth anything, you
cannot atfttrd to be without I Telephone.
Malheur Home Telephone Co.
Do you want a ootid paying position? You can
have it if you will prepare.
We Placed Six (6) Stenographers inQood Positions
in One Office the first of this week. W have had
(12 Calls for Trained Office Help during the past
two weeks.
There are no "dull timet" for first -el ass steno
graphers. Our graduate are always in demand
HI 1 MilHi MUM Started I In. Wk. New Students Enter Eery
Week. The School that is doing the buaineiw i- the school for ou
toatifiid. (all. i ill-hi it I. iiliniii ii'i ( olU'gi- Jnui nal Enroll now.
A. T. Link. lien. Mm.
Hois,-, Idaho
F. R. King, of Salt Lake, who
was with the construction crews
on the Homedale and Juntura
branches of the Short Line, was
calling on Ontario friends last
J. R. Blackaby returned a few
days ago from an extended trip
to Portland where he made ar
rangements for the furniture for
the new bank room. He says
business is rather quiet there,
but still there is a great deal of
Sewing -nachine needles and
oil at McBratney's furniture
J. M. McDada, of Andrews,
has been here several days this
week for supplies and will take
his auto home with him.
Miss Eunice Crawford, of
Caldwell, was the guest of Miss
Sadie Fishback, of the Cash
Variety store.
Sanitary couches and pads nt
Wm. Mcltratney's furniture
Chet Martin was here this
week returning from LaGrande,
where he was called to attend
the funeral of his brother, who
died in Colorado.
There will be a banquet and
ball in Woiser on the 17th,
given by the Masonic lodge and
a number from Ontario are sure
to accept the invitation extended
as they know there will be a
splendid entertainment for those
who attend.
A. Zimmerman was a Boise
visitor the first of the week.
Attorney R. N. Duncan and
wife were in Ontario Tuesday
on their way to Home.
II. II. Tunuey, of the Oregon
Tacking company, was a busi
ness visitor in Boise Tuesday.
Mrs. Arthur Derrick, who has
been visiting her sister, Mrs.
LftfWM BosweM, returned to her
home nt .Jaiuiesou Tuesday.
The appearance of Margaret
illiitgton at Wciser attracted
many of our people this week.
lots for Sale A in Riverside
addition, near sub station. In
quire at Argus.
Verna Chambers and wi6e, of
Portland, who have been visit
ing relatives here the past two
weeks, returned home Wednes
day. Subject for Sunday morning
at the Methodist church will be
"Aehans Sin and Fall." In the
evening Kev. J. D. liillilau, of
BoIm will occupy the pulpit.
riiiiuias Johns, pastor.
This is the season when every
two by lottf official is out with
a circular asking the people to
shop early anil he careful in ad
liiMiig and wrapping their
packages before mailing. It
frequently saves trouble. Did
you ever try it?
The regular meeting of the
directors of the Owyhee Ditch
company was held Suturday.
The water as ordered out of
the ditch and the rider dis
charged for the season. There
was little business of general j
interest brought out.
Cliff Boyer, one of Ontario's
new councilmen, was in Vale
Attorney MctJonagill was in
Vale today between trains.
David Wilson was here a day
this week, having just returned
trtiiii a trip to Washington. lie
says the sentiment in the east is
that busiuess will start up in the
spring when the currency legis
lation is disposed of.
Our New Years' Resolution
Start It Right Now
IN making our New Years' Resolution, we have resolved that we will,
after January 1st, 1914, sell Groceries for cash, and sell them for
less. We know that it takes some nerve to do this, and is a move that
many business men will not make until forced to do so by their credi
tors. We are not forced to this move by any of our creditors, but we
think we can serve you better by selling for cash, which will enable us
to pay cash, therefore buying cheaper. We have been in business in
Ontario for almost four years, and if we must say it ourselves we have,
in a measure, been successful ; but at the same time could we collect
the accounts we have contracted around Ontario, we could make each
of you a very substantial Christmas present and have money left. We
realize that in taking this step we will lose some of our customers, but
at the same time we think we will gain some; and the ones that we will
gain are the ones that are really worth while. After wo inaugurate this
system of doing business, if you force us to tell you that you cannot do
business with us as you have in the past, don't get angry when we tell
you that you cannot, as it will only be our policy of doing business. And
if we cannot do business we can still be friends. In taking this step we
think that we are only doing what other business men will do sooner or
later. We will break the ice then they will follow. We know what you
will expect of us. We know what we will have to do. But we do not
think it wise to tell you all the things that we can, and will do after
January 1st. In the mean time we wish to thank you all for past busi
ness, and wish to merit a continuance of same. With kind regards and
greetings of the season.
Wilson Bros. & Company
P. S. We will, as usual, he the best place to buy your Christmas Candies, Nuts, Oranges,
Etc Plenty of eating samples for Christmas-tree committees. Get our prices before you buy.
Wigwam Flour
Is Satisfaction.
Absolutely Guaranteed
Don't miss seeing the BIG BAG of High Patent Wig
wam Flour now on display in the window next door to
the Light & Power Co. There is a winter's supply in
that bag and it's yours if you beat the other fellow
guessing its wTeight.
A guessing ticket goes with every 48-lb
sack. Fill it out and leave it in the
sealed Wigwam box at your grocers
Be sure and ask your Grocer for "Wigwam" and
Don 't Forget Your " TICKE1 . ' '
REMEMBER! If perfectly satisfactory results are
not obtained after a fair baking test with 'Wigwam "
the full purchase price will be refunded upon return
of the partially used flour.
Caldwell Milling & Elevator Co.
Caldwell, Idaho.