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Churchill Proposes Cessation
of Building Battleships.
8uggeti That Germany and England
Build No Vaaaala For Ona Yaar Be
liavaa That Smallar Nationa Would
Follow Example of Greater Powora.
Situation In Europe la Now Clearing.
London. Wlnaton Churchill, the first
lord of the admiralty. In behalf of the
English government haa made a spe
clflc offer to Germany of a year'a "na
v:il holiday," wherein both nationa
would agree to halt the construction
of battleships.
Widespread interest was aroused by
the proposal, and much significance Is
attached to the offer, which was made
while he waa discussing the naval ex
penditures of $375,000,000 a year and
warning the nation of the Inevitably
heavy increase In armuuienta If the
rivalry continued.
The pith of his sieeoh was contained
In this paragraph: ,
"Now, we say lu all friendship and
alncerlty to our great neighbor, Ger
many: If you will put off beginning to
build your two ships for twelvemonths
we will put off In absoluto good faith
the building of our four shlpa for ex
actly the same period."
If Great Hrltalu and Germany took
the lead, Mr. Churchill added, there
waa a good prospect of auecess In get
ting other powers to agree to a naval
holliliiy. thus rellexltitf the taxpayers
of a burden of millions of dollars.
Mr. Chun-hill first mlvis uted a naval
holiday on March 'Jil when he waa
api-nklng In the house of commons on
the naval estimates, hut Germany did
not accept his offer.
"The proposal I put forward In the
name "f the HrltMi government for a
naval holiday Is quite almple." be Mid.
WIXSTON 111 u. lilt I-
"Next year, apart from the Canadian
ships, or their equivalent and auirt
from anything that may be required
by auy development lu the Mediter
ranean, we shall lay down four great
ships to Germany's two. Now, we
aay to Germany. 'If you will put off
beginning to build your two ships for
twelve mouths we will put off lu ab
solute go si faith the building of our
four ships for exactly the aume jsarlod."
Mr. Churchill then expressed the
opinion that if Great Hrltalu and Ger
muuy took the lead all the other great
countries would follow ault, and they
would all be Just aa great aud as sound
aa If they had built the ahlpa at pres
ent projected. If Austria aud Italy did
not build, the obligation, he said,
would be removed from France and
Great Britain, aud tba fact that the
triple alliance (Germany. Auetrta
llungary aud Italyi waa building uo
ahlpa would make the proposal pos
sible without the sltgbtest danger or
risk. The first lord then added:
-Ian't It likely that so great and
memorable an evetit would produce an
effect on the naval construction of the
I 'nlted States aud Japan! Scores of
millions would be rescued for the prog
rajas of mankind."
Mr. Churchill added. "That Is the
proposal 1 make for the year 1114 or.
If that year la thought to be too near.
for 1915"
The first lord warned that apart
from aucb an agreement "the naval ex
penditure of next year will be sub- I
stautlally greater than that of this
year. Whatever may be necessary, for
the safety of our country and the main
tenance of "iir influence all over the
world will l ive to tie dons."
Mr Churchill thought the fact that
ths altuutlou in Kurupe was much
clearer uow than It had been for some (
time, the strong evidences of a desire
for peace snd ths greatly tmproved
relations between Great Britain and
Geriiumv rendered the moment fsvor
able for the resumption of the con-
elderuti. u of the suggestion of a naval
holldav to which frlendh reference
waa in;ole In a speech by the Germau
Imperial chancellor."
a' -,lssW
Girl Rafuaaa to Mail Thorn Why?
Married In June.
West OfMtlKV, S I. When Mr. and
Mrs. Silas A Mills received from the
t'ligruvers a box of invitations to he
sent out for the uiMrrlage of their
daiiKhter. Miss Melon Mills, to William
r-'orsytli of Orange, the daughter began
to blush When her mother told her
to address the envelopes the daughter
blushed some more and said:
"I don't think we will mall the Inf
lations, mother."
"1 hope you don't think we will de
liver them personally," retorted the
"Hut there Is no use In fooling the
folka," the young woman said. "W
Ml save the money for the stomps, V
cause Hill and I were married on
lune 18."
The mother bore up bravely under
the shock, but more than aM friends
and relotlves will have to forego the
pleasure of seeing Helen Mills and
"Hilly" Forsyth married on Thanks
giving are.
Officer Who Rote From Ranks Pralaea
Hie Treatment.
Washlngton.-Lleutenant I. I.yona of
'he navy, who reached his present
commissioned grade from the ranks,
has written a letter to the secretary
if the navy denying charges whh-h
have been made of snobbery In the
navy and that graduates of t'ie Naval
academy were disposed to I "-U down on
notmradiiotcs and discriminate against
Lieutenant T.yons has hod twenty
sewn years' experience as an enlisted
man, warrant and commissioned officer,
and he says that such charges ore un
just ond untrue. lie dee (area that
other men who have come from the
ranks, with whom he has discussed the
subject, feel the same way.
Bridegroom Ovarooma on Hearing
"Marching Through Georgia."
Kolomor.oo, Mich. DBltag tba mar
Huge ceremony which milled John
Peon, seventy years old and a veteran
of the civil war. and Mrs Nancy R.
Marks, a native of Alabama, a band
passed by the courthouse, where the
ceremony was being performed, play
ing "Marching Through Georgia."
As soon as the old man recognlr.tsl
the air a thousand memories seeming
ly flashed through his memory, and he
was so overcome with emotion that It
was necessary to stop the ceremony.
After the band hod passed licyoud
hearing the reading of the marriage
vows was concluded by Judge Tailing.
Seek Information ot Wealthy
Jy.'ie, Wife and Heirs.
Kingston. Mo. After twenty years of
gossip, theorizing and discussion re
garding the disappearance of tin- fain
tly of James McMillan, one time pro
bate Judge of Caldwell county, the of
ficials of the county are to take steps
to trace their present whereabouts In
the hope of disposing of farm and
town property owned by them and
upon which taxes have been left tin
paid since tiny disappeared. The prop
erty Is now deserted and haa been long
regarded as haunted
The dropping out of sight of Judge
M.MIIlau aud the subsequent disap
pearance of tils family at various times
pro lded a mystery that has never boeu
solved Leaving the county courthouse
one evening, the Judge, at that time
sorting his third term In the probate
court and reputed one of the wealthiest
men lu the county, atopped to talk with
his moat Intimate friend, Thomaa I.alil
"I think that I will go back to Scot
land aome day, Tom," be said. "1 am
fifty five years old and have been away
a long time, but I have honestly growu
homesick." He and Ijildlaw parted a
few moments later, aud Judge McMil
lau waa never seen again by hla fam
ily or any one In the county. He did
not leave by the nearest railroad spur.
It was found, nor had be hired any ve
hicle to take him rrom Kingston.
For a time Mrs. McMillan lived quiet
ly She received no word from her bus
band, and Inquiries In Scotland proved
that be bad not been seen there aud
that no word from him had ever beeu
received by his relatives there
About three years after Judge Mo
Mlllau's disapearance James snd
QejMPt hla two sons, spent a day
ai'out their usual haunts snd at night
disappeared. They bad no baggage of
any kind and were dressed lu their
working clothes. No word has ever
been received from tbem since.
Two yeara pas- -d after the boys hsd
disappeared wb N handbills were cir
culated stating that Mrs. McMlllsn
would sell sll of her belongings for
cssb. The sales were held at the dlf
fereut homes owned by her. and then
ahe and her three daughters dlsap-Is-ared
aa had the father and sons.
The real estate twlonglng to the fam
lly bad uot bts-u disposed of. snd no
provision wss ever made for Its sale
Crepe on Girl's Deer.
Garfield. S J Jilted, a man here
nailed craH- on the girl's front door
and was arrested.
Topsy Turvy Aviator Believes
Feat Can Be Accomplished.
Frenchman Who Haa Amazed World
by Hia Daring la Modeat Young Fal
low "Some Day You Will Die," Hia
Retort to Suggestion of Peril Wanta
to Be Firat to Fly Acroaa Ocean.
Paris. Adolphe Pegoud. the topsy
turvy aviator, intends. If he manages
to keep alive, to give exhibitions of
upside down flying In New York at the
conclusion of his present tour.
Hefore going to Vienna M. Pegoud
gave au Interview in which ho uot
only stated his purpose of going to
America, but nlso expressed his will
Ingnesa to attempt a flight across the
Atlantic, piovldcd a proper naval
patrol wos iruiirnnteed.
M. Pegoud l mnll and dapper, with
brilliant eyes, scintillating good humor.
He cultivates n dark mustache, a la
kolser. He Is a great Joker, even on
ths subject of tils own thrilling Per
formances While he cannot lie called
a man without nerves. Iip undoubtedly
docs not know the meaning of dangor.
Ills attitude concerning hla upside
down feats is not stagey, nor that of
an acrobat seeking ndulatlon. He said
at the bcKltinlin: of the Interview:
"I ntn very proud to lie the first man
to accomplish this foot, but other men
con do It us easily os I. After I got
the Idea I worked out the iwwslbllitlos
on paper and studied the entire prol
letn thoroughly. I kept at Hlerlot to
allow me to attempt It merely to prove
the Missb1llty of the safety of his
make of aeroplane
"Yon aslc whether I would attempt a
transatlantic tlk'ht I hove not studied
the question sufficiently to make a com
plete answer concerning the possibility
of success, but I think that such a
(a) 1143. by Anu-rli nil Trees Association.
filght will be accomplished in the near
fill inc. Certainly it will be the great
est feat In aviation I hope to tie
among the first to attempt It, even
though I do not succeed.
Persons talk about the foolhardl
ness of my upside down flights. If I
thought tlieui foolhardy 1 would not do
them That la why I say 1 would at
tempt a transatlantic flight now sajfj
with a guarantee of pH.poi- naval pa
trol, because I am sane enough to do
sire to try It again If 1 fall the first
"From a superficial study of the sit
ustlou I believe that the flight might
now be attempted across the shortest
route, from the west oast of Ireland
to Newfoundland.
"A waterplane of sufficient size, au
extraordinarily powerful motor aud
wireless equipment could todsy nego
tiate a large part of the trip without
descending for gasoline. Given fair
weather the craft could rest on the
waves until help arrived With the
wireless It could keep Its whereabouts
kuowu. It would be necessary to fly
much faster than the fastest petrol
"As transatlantic liners would prob
ably be expeusive and Impracticable. I
believe that torpedo boats and de
stroyers would be the best craft i
t Ina Me If any government wished
to test the possibility aunVicntly to
have a convoy of such crsft, starting
a couple of dsys before the flight and
spreading themselves across the ocean.
I think It would uot be long In-fore tile
greatest prise of the sir would be wou."
Hunter Thought New Yorker's Csr Hit
Ammsl When It Yelped.
South Norw .. Conn loon Hitch
cock of New ork city waa shot In the
hand by Lew 'tarred, a hunter of Can
nous, near I. ere. who believed Hitch
cock's nuto luid killed bis banting dog
.-n n'chcock's machine whisked
by and the dog yelped from the sting
of a Ism the hunter fired point blank
.in,) the ' ' irge atruck Hitchcock In the
li-ind. ba lly lacerating It Barrett was
jfl H LV
Vk ZmZpS swasWl
The value of
is recognized
by everyone
It's the greatest roofing material
on the market.
Otherwise we wouldn't carry it
We know that our customer!
demand the best and we demand the
best for them.
That ''hest" is Malthoid the
roofing that is water- and weather
proof more than merely in name.
Let us talk to you about it.
Empire Lumber Co.
Ontario, Oregon
loo acrea of fine sage brush land,
deep rich sandy soil, first class water
right. ' miles from Ontario. Prico
$o0. per acre. Terma given with
low rate of Interest or would trade
for stock or other pronerty. Must
be disposed of soon, aa I am engaged
in other buaineaa.
l'oslollicp Box 94
Ontario, Oregon
Leave Bundles at Any
Hotel or Barber Shop
Prompt Attention Given
Sll Orders.
Farm Loans
On Improved Property
At current ratea. Any amount.
For straight term or with In
stallment privilege.
Thomas W. Clagett
Ontario - - Oregon
iiiiilnati- ni Missouri Auction
School, l'hotie or write for
I'hone 201-n4 Ontario, Ore.
Oregon Agricultural College
December 8 to 13, 1913.
Tbia will be a notable sti ml in the
eduoatioual blatory of Oregon.
larintir' Co operatloo ww 111 be the
leadiug topic of a stimulating series
of tenures. Tbe week will be crowded
with discussions and dsniouetiatlous
in mi tiling thst makes for tbe wel
fare of tbe iai met and borne maker.
January tf to 30, 1914.
Tbe college has spared no effort to
make this tbe most complete short
oourse in Its history. A ?ery wiOe
range of courses will be offered In
(isneral Agriculture. Horticulture.
Ammsl llunsbaiidry. Dairying. Foul
try Keeping. Mechanic Arts, Donisetic
Science and Art. C'omnieroe. Forestry
sod Mualo. Numerous lectures aud
discussions on Farmers' Co operation
at home and abroad, will be a leading
feature. Make this a pleasant aud
profitable winter outing. No tultou,
AoeofDinodetioos reasonable. He
duced ratea on all railroads. For
further information address.
II. M. Tr.NivVS'T. Registrar.
Co rvallis, Oregon
Farmera' business (bourses by
reapoudsnoe without tuition.
The Ontario National bank
United States Depository
State of Oregon Depository
TS Our Bank lour Hank ? If not, we cordially
invite you to inakt our hank your hank. We
have the usual Safeguards of Fire Proof Vault,
Burglar Proof Safe, Bonded employees, "and do
business in a conservative manner. -:- -:- -:- -:-
Capital and Surplus, $80,000
wMBL-r"''" s
I " flrralr.t
avtr achieved. 7 II I' 'twin
.qnipp.d ilh Kltrlna II. ..I I .ile I'tctnc 1ml I lM. I l.itrli s. .'!.
1 no Sill s,,,..,, Il.ii, .,. . .,,.1 I :,hin II...,. II .i II,,,. S,.,,.l...
er. I'o.r V HI S,r , .,..., I.. , ,,,.,r. ,r ,,, .
fifl.tKK) brand new red machines will ((o out"ovcr the Indian
trails during the cnmiiift year the Jtreutcst motorcycle produc
tion in the history of the industry.
They will iIhsIi forth fully armed with M Thirty-Futht Better
ments for l'J14!" Armed wilh powerful nnd heiiuliful Hlcctrical
Pquipmcnt! Armed with a New Standard of Value which must
completely overturn all existing ideus of motorcycle worth.
All standurd Indiun models for II4 come equipped with electric
head light, electric tail lif(ht, two sets high mnpcraitc ntoraj(c lut
terie, electric signal, (Sorbin - Hrown reur-drivc speedometer.
You cannot fully realise the I'M I Indian without a thorough study of the l'M
Indian Ostein. It makn plsin s lioet til aaipslllajg Indian (set thet all motor,
cycla-intsreatrd mrn can consider In their SS) pruht. Smd lor llie 1 1 t Indies
Catuloi the moat interettintf volume ol motorevrle lilernttirs you've svar read.
The 1914 line of Indian Motocyclea consist of :
4 1 1 . 1'. Single Service Model SJIHI.00
7 II. I'. Tvie Two-Twenty-l-ive, KeMulsr Model 22S.1W
7 H.P. Twin Two-Hisly, Standard Model 'mi ini
7 II. V. Twin Light Koadater Model 260.00
7 1 1. 1'. Twin Two Speed, Kegulsr Modi I 27S KI
7 II. P. Twin Two Speed, Tourist Standard Model .100. 00
7 H.P. I imii Mendse Speciel Model (with llcttrio Starter) 325.00
Prictt F.O.B. Factory
U. S. Plumbing & Heating Co.
2 Doom East of Ontario Furniture Co.
For Good Rigs and Prompt Service
The Eagle Livery
G. L. SMITH, Proprietor
Horses Boarded
0. S. L. & U. P.
Union Pacific
u the
Direct Route East
(i neral Passenger Agent,
Salt UlttCity, Utah.
Two.AUtv M.mUI. T
StamUrff M.hUI.
nt. .(..,, i 1. ,!
By the Day or Week
Very low round trip fares
from Oregon Short Line
points to Denver, Kansas
City, St. Louis, Memphis,
Omaha, Chicago, St" I'aul,
San Fransisco, Iam Angeles
and many other points.
Tickets on Sale
November 22, 21 and
December 20, 22, l'JKJ
Long Limits;
Diverse Routes.
See any O. S. L. Agent for
rates and further particulars
or write