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The Pivotal Point of the Great Interior of
f) (Bmi&ti
The Ontario Argus
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merit, and Circula
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1 .
Representative Newspaper of Ontario and Malheur County.
NO. 43
Home Destroyed
By Fire
Mrs. Orval Decker Fright
fully Burned Last Sat
urday Morning Succmbs
to Injuries.
Mm. Orval Decker died Sunday
venlng m a remit of burne received
Nut unlay when ber home wn destroy
d by fire.
Tbe Deckers wero living on the old
John Dorn plaoe. weat of tbe Malheur
river bridge, which was aold a atinrt
time ago to Mr Katort aod leased a
fear weeka ago to Mr. Decker.
The Deokera were out lu the Held
when the flie waa discovered aud
ruihed to the bouae. wheie the baby
waa aaleep. Mra. Decker got into toe
house flrat and fell down, probably
fainted. Mr. Deaker weot In and got
her out and than went buck and rea
oned tbe baby from anotbei part of
tbe room where tbe Are had not reach
.I Mra. Decker'a clothing waa
burned off and abe only lived until
NiiihIhv evening. Mr. Decker waa
everaly burned around the fno aud
hands, but not seriously.
A aubacrlptioo was taken up to en
able tbe husband to take the body of
bia wife to Oolorado for burial.
It is Presumed Unfortunate
Man Fell Between Cars
Unknown Here
The body of a muu named (Sallagber
waa found on the railroad tracks uear
Nyasa Weiluesdey mornliig
It Is supposed that he fell between
tbe cars some way aud went under tbe
wheels aa he was badly inaugled.
The body waa cold when found m. I
it Is supposed several Mains passed
over him. Little is known of the
limn except that he lisd leeu working
at odd j. .lis iu the ueighburhnud lor
several months.
Mexico City. At the close of the
M . un election Indications were that
not sufficient votes had been cast to
constitute a legal choice for the presi
dency to aucceed General Vtcloriejio
It was eatlmated. Judging from the
results In the capital, where It waa
expected the vote would be up to tbe
average, that fewer than 10,000 or the
80,000 eligible voters In tbe federal
district went to the polls. There are
about 3,000,000 eligible voters lu the
entire republic. It would be no sur
prise if congress, tbe members of
which also were voted for, declared
the election void when the body la or
ganized and revises tbe returna.
The leadera of the Catholic party
claimed a long lead for their candi
dates. Frrdenco Gum boa and General
Kacou. If this claim is correct, it
is generally thought that General
Felix liiaz and Seuor lieuuena ran
There waa no disorder In Mexico !
City. The polling places opened at 9
The election officials appeared to be
a representative class of It liens So
far aa could be ascertained, no gov
ernment employes served In that ca
pacity. Diaz Save a Last Tis With Huerta.
Vera Cru:. The last shred binding
General Felix Dlaa and General Vic
torlano Huerta waa severed when Gen
eral Dlaa telegraphed to the depart
men t of war his resignation aa brlga
dier general of the army. v.
General Dlaa applied to the Ameri
can conaulate Monday alght for pro
tection and was taken on board the
United State gunboat WtxMllng.
New York. The general conven
tion of 1913 of the Protestant Epleco
pnl church panned Into history In hope
less deadlock on two Important resolu
tlons, with the most far-reaching topic
of leglalatlon before It unconsidered by
one house because of an error In the
other, and with a positive refusal to
oontlder a request of the Women'a
Christian Temperance union that un
fermented grape Juice be substituted
for wine In tbe communion service.
On the proposal to establish a sepa
rate bishopric for negroes In the south
and on the proposed elimination of the
worda "Jews, Turka, Infldela and her
tlca," the house of ln-l .; -. and the
house of deputies were deadlocked.
On the proposal to require a two
thlrda vote to change the name of tba
church, adopted by the deputies, the
blahopa refused to act because the
resolution waa sent to them only the
day before adjournment, while It waa
adopted by the lower houae more than
two weeks ago The original draft of
the reaolutlon was mislaid.
President Wilson Occuplaa the His
torlc Chair Uaed by John Hancock.
Philadelphia. Congress hall. In his
toric Independence square, where the
aenate and houae of repreaentatlvea
eat from 1790 to 1800, was rededl
cated with patriotic exerclaea, the oc
casion marking the completion of the
restoration of the hall to altnoat Ita
original appearance.
President Wilson waa the Central
figure In the ceremonies and deliv
ered a JO-mlnute addreaa.
The prealdent waa the laat speaker.
He sat In the high-backed chair which
waa uaed by John Hancock when he
prealded over the continental con
Katharine Clklna Wada Young Hltt.
Klklns. W. Va. Katherlne Klklns,
daughter of the late Senator Stephen
H Klklns, was married here to Wll
Ham F It II i Miss Klklna name
was prominently before the public re
cently lu connect Ion with a re port that
he waa to wed the Duke of Abrutxl.
Tbe bride is a granddaughter of ex
United States Senator Oassaway Da
vis, and Mr. Hltt la a son of a former
reple .. ,l.,ll e ll, cull K I Sjaj I I pill lilt
Ptii.ii' i Antaiioau traas A- cUtluu
Charles F. Marvin, who waa recent
ly appointed chief of the United
States weather bureau.
Arruugemeuts are lieiug made to
have Prof. II.. Men. tbe alfalfa expert.
deliver several lecures lit this county
about tbe 10th of Nuvenibei. Prof
Holden believes alfalfa sb-.uld be
raised on most of the land in this
section, with or without irrlgiitionjaod
bia talk will i .doubtedly be of in
ternet to every
Ider of laud iu this
Oregon Wins Trophy.
Tula. Okla. The atate of Oregon
waa presented with a silver loving cup
given by the Chicago Aaaoclation of
Commerce for having the best atate
or district exhibit of farm products at
the International Soil I'roducts expo
eiUou which Is being held here in
oonnertlou with the Interuatlonai Dry
Fnnulug congreee.
House Warming in
Located in City Hall Building
is Enjoyable Affair.
The house wnrmlng party at the
Commercial clnh rooms on Wadoes
day nluht was attended by over sixty
couple ii ml proved a aucoeaaful affair.
There were nearly eighty tickets
acid and the committee having lo
charge tbe purchasing of the furniture
feel sore they will bava a nlca fund
when tbe returns are in from tba
Halloween party to be given Friday
The Dreamland announces tbe
Nashville Students for Sunday and
Monday ereninus l'hey me at the
Auditorium theatre in HolselM week
unci the- maMgsjf has ttaxl that they
are filling lb house every nluht.
They have I een beie before aud
gave good satisfaction. They have
an excellent baud with them and will
tflve M Col.cert lu limit uf the IllCUtlt-
oii .Sunday eveulng and a parade ami
concert M.. ii. lay. Popular prioee. 25
aud I1& cents. If you enjoy music
and comedy tbia will be a treat.
Pullman Collage Team Defeated.
Portland Three thousand football
enthublasts saw the Multnomah club
defeat Washington state college on
Winged M" field, 7 to 0.
Oregon Wins, 27-0, Ovsr Idaho.
Kugene Hy a acore of 27 to 0, Ore
gon eliminated Idaho from the race for
the conference fooi hall championship
on Kim-aid field.
Hard Gravel Makes Slow
Work in Ditrir inif With i
Under Drainage Alkali
Will Soon Disappear.
The big draiuag ditch la usariug
the center of tbe city aod ita effect
,,n the water boles lu the northern
uirt is apparent.
In liigking tbe ditch it is found
tbat a layer of concrete gravel aud bard '
pan underlie the old channel and holds
all the water fr ro drulning through. ,
In this way the alkali cannot be
waabad tbrou-h tbe aoil aud naturally i
cornea to tba s irtaoe. With the under I
diainage it "ill te but a few years
nbs tbe while alkali will disappear.
The Jbai -i gravel eoeoontered laat
week held them down to about 700
feet. This aeek tbej ars out of tbe
old river channel aod expect to make
better time. '
BMBMMMaMBasBaaxwasssssswaMsslsCSJsBBlrS?ffg'. ' ' . ." :!1
-- "-;
New Club Rooms
Tbe rooms hail been decorated ami
presented a very Invitlug appearanoc
and the oluh members received many
compliments un tba handaomeuartere
they bava.
Tba music by Mra R. . Payne and
Mr. Brown waa all that could be ae-
elreri by the dannera.
The young people ara counting on
n big time Friday evening and there
i will be a large attandanoe.
The bricklayers ou tba new library
iitnl Unit made good headway last
week and tbe carpenters have the
joist in plana for the celling of the
main floor. I' will be tint a few days
more when the bricklayers will llnisli
theii woik ami tbe root II I be iu
Tba work baa been delayed son e
on socoiint uf tbe large amount of
concrete uaed.
Welfare Commissioners Deny Reports
entile. Mrs. Theresa S Mc.Mahon
and Mrs. Florence II Swansoii, mem
i In i of the state Industrial welfare
commission, issued slgued statements
complaining that they had been mis
quoted by the newapapers in their
expressions at Everett concerning
morals of working girls Seural
churches and women's organizations
of Everett have requested Governor
Lister to remove Mrs Mc.Mahon and
Mr. i Swanson from the commission.
Trainload of Cattle and
Sheep Sent From Juntura
Vale Ships Cattle
Horses Same Day
bix oarloada of cattle ware ahipped
from here Tueaday by Frank (Jrlce
to the Fortlaud market. They were
part of the shipment tbat were brought
iu here a year aa from Mexico.
Tbay were well bred rattle of a fair
sizs for tbat country aud tilled out so
that they avsraged about 1001) pounds.
A shipment of five cars of cattle
was made from here ou Friday.
A train load of cattle aud sheep
csuie out from Juntura last Friday
aod tbey also shipped come bursenaud
cattle from Vale tbe same date.
Two carloads f aowa and oalves
were eblpped Wdoeeday t Fortlaud
aud will tie fed In traaaif ,.i I..
0r,od lb, . ttmutA by j B
Jobueon and J. K. Comatock.
s. seeks no ad-
Mobile, Ala While avoiding any
mention specifically of Mexico or any
European influence connected with
the Mexican situation, President Wil
son delivered a speech here before the
Southern Commercial congress which
appeared to be freighted with signifi
cance and which served to point with
further directness the policy of the
United States not only toward Mexico,
but toward all Central and South
American republics.
A acore of South American diplo
mats sat Just behind the president
while he spoke and many of his re
marks were nddreaaed In conversa
tional tones to them. The president
spoke only In general terms, but many
of his aentences were pointed with a
meaning so clear ns to leave little
doubt of their Intent.
The president's speech waa uttered
with a confidence which bespoke the
dominant part the United Statea ex
pects to play In the future of the
American republics. Not through any
Idea of "material Interest," he care
fully explained, but through a love of
the people of constitutional liberty.
"The United States never again will
seek to obtain one additional foot of
territory by conquest," he declared,
amid applauae.
Mrs. Effls Creaswsll, Inmate of State
Training School, Is Arrested.
Salem, Or. Mrs. Kffle Cresawell, an
Inmate of the atate girls' training
achool, waa arrested on a charge of
having attempted to poison the other
14 Inmatea of the Inatltutlon.
According to Mrs. M K. Hopkins,
acting superintendent of the school,
the woman put atrychuliie In the cof
fee and tea which, waa served to tbe
Inmates at supper. Several of the
girls, upon tasting the beverages, an
nounced that they had a peculiar flav
or and Mrs. Hopkins made an Invest!
She says she learned that the Cress
well woman, who waa committed from
Salem several days ago on a charge
of delinquency had smuggled tbe poi
son Into the institution and had Indue
ed Slella MorKim, committed from Al
ban) , I. ula Stullli, committed from
Corvallls, ami l.ydla Hill, committed
from Columbia count . in put It Into
the coffee and ti a
IS) mm. by Amsrliaii ft AssuclaUon
Thomas A. Edison, ths great invsn
tor, who has recovsrsd from a Severn
Klubard Adam, tbe i.iiib year old
on of Mr. and Mrs. I.. Adam, gol
lulxed Up in a football game Saturday
and received a fiactored gg lu the
a i iiniusge. Tbe youuu man bus
l.een euduilng a lot uf pali. like a
little hern, but is pm-i the gofgl of
it i.'.w. Football Is a fggafftj game
and Wbeu Imlolgk-d In by hoy or man
broken legs, arms and heads must tie
Agglee Unable to teere at Seattle
Seattle The University of Wash
lugtou football team defeated Otagon
Agricultural college by a score' of 4.
to 0 on Denny field here.
- m .affHsv Cm
And Five Persons
Are Injured
Construction Trains West
of Vale, on New Line, in
Rear End Collision While
Rounding Curve.
Five men wero injured In a rear
end collision near Juntura Wednesday
ifernoon. between two construction
trains. One train waa baoklng op.
going weat and struck a gravel train
at a abarp curve, the two oabooae
belog wreaked.
Conductor 11. II. Hyrd wns riding
n top of the caboose, watching the
track and received a cut on the back
of ins head and one lea. but was feel
ing good this morning and Ik la
thought he will soon recover.
Fred Uuokley, a bmaeman. waa
riding In the oupnla of tbe caboose
mi the lookout and bia condition la
considered serious He haa a nadljr
crushed knee and leg and has not re
covered from the shock. He will
lose bis lag anyway.
Albert Hughea ase'atant traok sup
erintendent, 'ha. head, chest ami leg
Injuries, mostly bums from the atuva
upsettluu. His condition was uood
this morning and a rapid recovery la
looked for.
Wast ley llinkaon, tbo dump man
of the gravel train died just before lie
reached tbe hospital.
Due otbsr man was injured and he
was left at Vale, and the otbara were
brought to tbe hospital here on
special train, accompanied by Or.
liartlett, of Vale, wbo called lu Dr.
I'nyue to aaalat In oreaalng the wounds.
Arc Shipped in Hy Payette
Men and Will he Fed
Here Until Spring.
Five (isi loads of cattle arrived hero
I'll. lay from hi Fa.... Texas Tlu-sn
. mi . weie of all ages, si.ea aud con
ditions. M having been loaded iu
live cars It is said they are tba
tails of '-ipin bead and It Is easily be
lieved w hen one taken the time In luug
them oer carelully, as they aic cer
tainly tbe iiintleat looking l unci, that
were ever In the yards here
There are mauy that show the uld
Spanish bioorl and others tbat are
evidently a cross with some foreign
antine!. showing u large hump at the
sbouders. Tbete are two year olds
lu tbe biiuch uot auy larger than n
Jersey calf aud four year olds that
aie no larger than a yearling
The hunch show what can lie ex
peeled by inbreeding fin .enluiie. aa
the peoua uf Mevioo have been dolug.
Ill" little lull, shotting that they
pay absolutely no attention to breed
ing. The aulmala are very poor,
man) juxt uhle to walk and their ap
pearancH Indicates they were inland
where ti-i .1 water and were scarce and
far I.
The Doited Htatea has little to fear
frosj tin- Importntli n nl tins gnsAV '
f.n inn hef and It .wll onh . m. i In
foi tfie oheuper cuts, it I einw Imnos
ihla In get auy Hteak liuin ll.. ai
Ihls Is 11- - first. .f a large number
of nhi mri.i . thai are heluu brongbt
'. i. by i'avt-tte man, whofltforeou
Willie ima- them iu the Vail.,' all I
taking them to the rgnwffg kfl His
p log
The .It tin I to plaua for reupaieling
the Carter bouae are here aud ems
as tbe contract can be 1st tbe work
will be started. Tbe addition, will
be built ou first so that the work will
uot lulerfsra with the hotel busiuaas.