The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, October 23, 1913, Image 6

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Mica Axle Grease
forms a thin film of ground Mica on the axle,
thereby furnishing a perfect bearing surface.
If renewed occasionally, you have an easy
pulling load always. Dealers everywhere.
Standard Oil Company
A. McWILUAMS, Proprietor.
1 1 11
6000 FOK 101) VOTES
"w' " iiibii ssm i iai i m-
Bermelc Drug Co., Ontario Furni
ture Co., Ontario Hardware Co.,
Newton Shoe Sttire, Ontario Argus
I'.cst Equipped Livery in
t he city. Headquarters for
Horses lioiifiht and Sold.
if you hi- mi null) OODling full
peed from our forage, tt'i on.
Iv our emergen! y car going I"
the riMiir ii' Miini' i ainli d
Mb to W hit always ri'iiily to
ruipOtl'l to mil- ol 11 1 1 kind- in
Mum repair u k. And we have
every facility end plenty ol
ability to 'In i be woi I. pi omptly,
Ontario Auto Company
J udgTea
K0BKK1 "li:i I.
P P! WV 4 )P w lS,rM jf IP-. 5 ifm BrT.v R P DP" W H FT ST
11115 AUIUIVIUmLt hKtt
X ' .:fl 19SSSS 'ngggelaktm'--uiiiiitjM ' ee)
M ? . iWKWmt
hi 'i
rggaaaflgaaaagfl)rvV ggaalegBB eVavHp r,Wj f' "B fiVr
I M B tr V,dgWSL OBI Olll ii WISIM Ii. .MMMi . I tT .- i . vW BJiir
cjiA f U " .., -r- WJ rw, VwH VxfeT, ill
&gm 'J
1' -
Molllntjowortli had views ns to in
dustrial qeaarjoaa, Beeadal Batten
i Mini principles of Kovernment. Ho
reaii tee eewapipan legeJarly and
I was inii'li Interested in strikes mid
, mttboda oaad as auxiliaries. Ba lived
1 cm a street at tka etid of wlil'li was
n larga mill property Bad when one
i day a slilUe was declared did a (treat
deal of talUaf as to Hie merits of the
case At llrst he took sides with tho
strikers, lait when they MUM settle-
what militant he cham:ed nlmiit and
I favored the mill owners. Nothing
j pleased him Ho Well II to (fo Ollt Into
! the si reel where knots nf people wero
Qm liaaleg the atteettoe and make it
j nil clear to those who were disposed to
listen to him.
One day while lie was thus BbOWlBg
! a party "f strikers Just where they
I were wrotnr and how easy It would BO
to set themselves rl(.'llt Ills wife, who
was nt the window. DOttcad what ho
was Ignorant of that he was nibbing
Ids llsteniis the wroim way. Instead
of lieii"tltin' by his diplomatic advice
their acowla Indicated that they were
conslileilntr him an enemy. Ills wlfo
beckoned him to eome Into the house.
Be obey is I and received a scolding for
his rashness.
Two or three days after this, when
Mr. KolllBga worth came home from
tin Incss In the eveiilnir. as soon us he
opened I ha door he was greeted. iy a
plaintive wall.
"Oh. I'red:"
"I'or heaven's snlte. what In It. dnr
hy did you talk ho to those Itnl
Inns?" "What have they done?"
"Left a liotnli at the buck door."
"You iloni mean It?"
"Oli. I'm so itlad you've (rot home
i'v iioen afraid it weeld go eft borora
V Ml i-llllle "
"Why didn't von telephone tile DO
"l didn't know arhal rode, Tho boa I
was hit about half an hour ago. Nil
sau came upstairs ami told me thai
she had found It at Ihe hack door Jus',
Inside ttie i bod.'
"What did she say llle foUllll?"
"A haskel. Mow she knew It was n
homii area that she board a grating
sound like nety machinery She
didn't wilt to hear liny more, hut OB DM
rl bl npatolra to me ami told bm
i ai t it "
Price $1050
Second l'i
"I'll hnve n look nt It."
"Oh. don't gO nenr It! Please don't!"
Notwithstanding- thin appeal. Mr.
BolUegawurlfc went tbreugb the kitcti-
en to the hack door. Ills wife ratiKht
him bg the conttall nnd held him to
prevent Ida examining It. Making a
virtue of m sslty. he stopped and lis
tened. There was a succession of small
Mounds which Mr. Ilolllngsworth at
tributed to the moving of some mech
anism. "Iio come away!" cried Ills Wife, ttlg
glng at his i iiattall.
"There's something going Inside, hut
I rim't make out Whet It Is." said the
The top of the hasket was covered
with a thin woolen cloth, nnd nt that
moment the latter was raised as If
something were passing under It.
'By .love." exclaimed Ilolllngsworth.
"It looks us If the mechanical con
trlvance underneath were ruhlilng
njpilnst the cover- a concentric wheel,
fllli v lie '
worth. "Its a Imby!"
The dear little thing!" rrlod the
wife as she ran toward a child n few
weeks old lying on Its hack, its chubby
Bata crammed In Its mouth and making
all sorts of noises, from the turning Of
u rusty eogwhaal I" the crowing of a
young roosti r The explosion they had
heard was nil Infantile snooze.
"I.ii'l.v we didn't -end for tile po
ll' e." said the husliatid. "till we found
out what II was. They would have
latlgbod at us. What in the world are
We gBlBg to do with It?"
I'm going t" keep It," said the wife.
"Going to keep It!"
The i 'outdo, hulng baOB married four
rotirn wlilioiit children, had hognn to
thing Hi it lliev would never have any
loin to (bom. and after a good deal of
lis IIMUOU It vvas decided t" take the
li.tlo atrangOT In ami give It I home.
Being a nil. IBOy called her Itomlia.
hi h Is the Spanish for a bomb.
Mr Ilolllngsworth Is still Interested
in the labor probleaa. bet is more eee
Mil Ilolllngsworth shrieked mid
draggad her buaband hack into the
hall Tli leastOB of her action was
u tiny putT as If a few gruius of gun
flomler exploihsl.
" This is all iionseiise," said the head
if i ho hooaa, "I'm going In make an
examination "
At this Mrs. Ilolllngsworth slainmod
the kit. hen door and locked It For
one lime no threats or pleadltl
w I Inilii' e her o open It. hut finally
i . w ay. anil Ihe door was open
ed. 'I'lie nivi'V ol the lii l,et hid heen
pushed olT. ami a pair of balky laBl w BVB
luiliulid in . 1. 1 ii-. mi, the cover lieiug
w nipped around the logo, which west
kl king In a lively imiiiuor.
"Ilv tliiniih t!" exclaimed llolllugs-
dt Factory
Third Prize
tlotts In tne expression of tils opinions
to the laborer. True, his experience
with i bOB b did not turn out as dread
ful as he expected, hut It taught hlra
.i lesson as to the might have heen.
Mttle Itomlia has heen adopted hy the
Rolling wott ba and. strange to say. Is
beginning to take great Interest In la
nor qaeatloPB,
St. Louis hotels BOW employ only
nogro waltai a
Itcnts In BoBWhOflg have advanced ".3
per cent since tlie Chinese revolution.
New Orleans refuses to employ mar
rled women as public school .'eachors.
I mini h has put Into service a combi
nation automobile patrol and e r
gancy ambebuwe
Chicago health hoard offers free ty
phoid fever serum Inoculation to 1,00)1
citizens to popularize the Idea
"Treatv tree." tweti'y feet III fir-
cumrer near Tarrytown. N. Y., fa- j
Dions In history, has Just died.
Draining tba Euldor Bee of Holland
Will ba unilei lai.on in pails. The llrst
dam will racial m 000,000 acres.
According to the 1'anadlan Forestry
association. BO per cent of iiinada Is
Capabta ef growing nothing hut tlmher
The old enthodral of Ht. Louis,
New Orleans, has bOOB closed as un
nfo, owing to the sinking of the east
wall It wns befit In ITSL
Known as the kloptograph. a hurglnr
ii In rui Invouttsl by an Italian Ignites
a flashlight and photographs the In
(ruder who Invades the room In which
It Is set
Hogwood, the principal source ol
shuttles for use In cotton mills, U
groiv in,' scarcer ear ly year, and vari
ous substitutes are holng tried, hut
with no gloat su ss.
one of the tiornian nnvy's dlrlgll'h'
imiioons is betag nttod with n I'l.iHii
c lie Miwer searchlight, capable of
Illuminating the surface of the aefl
fi a height of 5,000 feet.
M -lug Ills mistress when she enms
out. a Itoston dog waited forty eight
hours at a church door for tier ap
pearance and could only he IlldUCOd
to leave when she came after him.
For testing the germinating qualities
of seeds quickly all Iowa man has
patOBtad a cabinet something like an
tor. vv.itui moisture MatBg
through the walls and dropping on the
-. ed trays.
An ultra modern tiermau Institution.
the puipose of w li. h Is to count, -no t
tl vll of haste In the modern t HI-1
aaaa world. Is the "slumber saloon." ,
where slty bunks for noonday nap'
ire Oi'oV libsl
Special Prize
To candidate making largest gain
of week nding Wednesday, Oct. 29
Ladle and Sugar Tongs
Wm Rogers Make
For Sale A tine lot of young
pigs at tho Will Kee9e place.
Fo Sm.i: Cheap, a house
am) two lots it) west Ontario,
best residence section of city.
Bet ("laud BiDgbam, Ontario.
For dele Two four spring
hark-, reeeoneblt. ('nh or on
linn to proper parties. Chani
hers' Hlacksinith shop.
You'll Have No
Kick Coming
If yoti pay for an admission
there. Our picturei ere the lates
and-most exettilll to bi had.
If You Visit this Moving
Picture Show
with the v. hoi.- family, you'll be
more than delighted, and will
eerteinly oome again
Moving Pictures Here Tells
What's Going On
Dreamland Theatre