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Entered in tlie postofllfll Ht Ontario
OfMgjOB fur triiii-iiiinsioB tlirntiKh the
diiiIa ns ntoiiI-i'Ih'i mattr.
I'iiMi-Iii r
The Argni li receiving tntoy
Itlttn from poroooi who on
anxious tO know something
about laud. We have nn rial
estate inc:u advertising with m
and would mi'i-i to the owners
of land who desire to sell to
cither advertise in the paper or
tell us ahout what you have and
the iriee and conditions of Hale.
This week we received a llttor
from a prominent dairyman of
Kansas, who asks for a mpy of
the AfgUI showing hind for side.
Duriog llie past four years tin
Argtll has sent out thousands of
free OOpitl of the paper to pcr
001 who wished to learn MOM
Ihiog of conditions here.
A new man in the I. yell black
smith ibop.
A new landlord at the Hotel
A new man in the ji wdry
store with new lixlures ami 10
enlarged store room ami stock
neatly arranged.
A comparatively new man in
the City meat market, with a
Hulesroom completely renovated,
painted .'in. I cleaned up as you
expect to liiul only in the cities
ami a new Moiling plan.
A large force of men working
on the I'U' trunk sewer and
Hundreds of men, women,
boys ami girli gotbtriog i big
crop of thO lines.1 apple- roitod
anywhere in tlie world.
Farmers in all directions
gotboriog in Ions and tons of
cm n and DOtOtOOl
( 'urloads of bogl being shipped
to market.
HoriM and rattle goim to
inai ket in cur lots.
With the alios e lodioOtiODI Ol
prOgfOM and prosperity is it any
wonder the people feel good?
Brief News of the Week
Will of late .1. V. Morpfnn, proband
In London, shows estate there valued
at $r,oo,ooo. . M i
Tin; HanitMirK-Amerlcnn line dlrec
tora afp planning to increase the cap
ital stock of the company 17,600,000,
In view of new trado expected from
the orient with opening of Panama
Mason of California have dedicated
their $1.(100,0110 temple at Van Noss
avenue and market afreet, Han Kran
clsco. The building la five atorlcs
hitch and the design In Italian gothlc.
Vigorous defenae of the pending
currency bill, the new tariff law nnd
the Income tax wan made by Secre
tary of Htate llryan at the Iowa state
dairy ahow.
Legislation prohibiting Inter county
liquor Hhlimenta In Tenneaiee and
prolilblting InterHtate shipments In
qiiniitiilea of more thnn n gallon for
peraonal use became effeetlve with
the signing of the two bills by Gover
nor Hooper.
Of world wide Intereat and Impor
UUMM will be Hie eighth International
Mr Fanning Congress and Imposition,
which assembled Veilnenday In TiiIhii,
Ukla. Thirty five miintrie-, Iiuludlng
Canada iiml the United States, will
be represented at llie WpMltlOS,
Austria Nat an ultimatum to Hervln
demanding the Immediate and com
plete evaluation of the points In Al
bania mi ii 1 1 1 l I'v Servian troops nfter
the recent OOBfllOtl betwieti idem and
llie Albanians.
Lebanon Safe Is Cracked.
Lebanon 'llie department store of
the Reeves Clark company was bur
Klnrli'il, llie safe being blown open
o ii 1 1 about "-in' In money ami checks
taken. hcHidea one or two suits of
clothes, nn overcoat and some other
More Water Is Wanted.
Ashland -This city Is considering
tentative plans for the extension of
Its water system and supply. Now
that the municipal light plant Is on n
firm footing, prompt attention will be
given to the water depart menl.
People in the News
Mrs Mi till I McCiirinlck, of Chicago,
will make a tour of II counties In cell
Irul Illinois, Hpciiklng in Mippurl of
the c.oiillilacy of James Arthur II.
Hliuv for Justice nl the Mlpli-mc colli!
on the I'rogrcmlve ilt-ket.
The Hutch gov ii inneiil helcctid
Chevalier W. K I. C Vim Kappanl.
formerly Dutch minister to Morocco,
to succeed Jonkheer .1 Liiiutoii as
Hillcli nilulsler nl iihIiIiic.IoII
Colonel Theodore Itntipcv rll at rived
Ml Hio tie Janeiro Tucsda) ami the
following ilellveied a lecturi' In
the Hrazlllun cupllal on "American
tiovernor Trsmuiell, of Florida, re
fusen to call a special MfSttM "r ""'
legli'l.iiure to pit an autl alien law to Callforula'H. on the ground
that tin- law would be In conflict with
the iitalc constitution
ILilpli Hose, the giant athlete who
holds seven world's records lot shot
pulling dletl at San Francisco of ly
jditiiil fever after an IIIiihbs Ustlng
iilintit two weeks
loivernor 'est and tiovernor Lister
of Washington are planning to make
a Joint visit of (lie xt.ttc Institutions
of Wushluglon and Oregon for the
lui pose of comparing Ideas If It ran
tie arranged the visits will be made
in ti mouth, but If not il the) will
tie made stain after the first of the
ouuinern Kacltlc Wins Contention.
Sail Francisco 'llie first arbltra
tlon held between a wcittern railroad
and Its employes under the N'ewlamlh
arbitration act was accompllsheil
when the arbllerii filed their flnillngii
ami award III the dispute between the
Southern I'aclflc compnuv and the or
gnulxallon of engineers, comlu. imi
anil trainmen Tin HMjoftt) opinion
hi Mm rbitai iph II mtsai lo is
of the Southern I'aclUc on the tllslluc
tlon between el reel car service and
siiluii ban electric . i I. S
No Petitions Filed: Blank Ballots.
S.ilein -The vol. is ot S.ilein will be
presented with ii blank ballot at the
city prliuarli-H Novemhei iccordlng
to a tllscover) made b) I'll) Kicoi.l. r
Flgiu He found a law pasM-tl bv the
last legislation providing that In cliv
primaries nominating petitions iiiiim
be filed .'In iIiivh before the day of
taction This time has pasned and
not a Klngle petition hat In en filed.
although number are In circulation
Will Minimum Wags Law.
Slllelll MIollliV I l.iwtord
has been rt ill sled to ilcftMlii tin III I It
tin ttlii wage committsioii In the Injiinc
tlon suit broughi to rest ruin the com
mission from enforcing iih tirder regit
biting llie wages of women cmplovcd
In fin tollch He expei'tH lo go lo I'ort
laud to confer with Hie commission
about the case, which will text the
constitution. tin v of (he law creating
tin- l -illllllllshltill.
Bill Prohibiting Campaign
Fund from Going to Other
States Passes Senate
The first direct results of the con
gressional Investigation of campaign
expenditures came when the senate
passed Senator Clapp's bill prohibiting
the sending of campaign funds from
one state to another.
If the house approves the measure
It will put rigid limitations, not only
on the activities of general political
Interests, hut also on the work of such
organizations as the National Associa
tion of Manufacturers, the American
Federation of Labor and the National
Association of Woman's Suffrage.
The bill prohibits the carrying or
sending of funds from one state to
another to be used In the eelctlon of
president, vice-president, presidential
electors or members of congress.
The propopcii new law would not
prohibit the present work of national
political committees, so long as they
make public reports of all contribu
tions received nuil cxpoditures.
Lane to Insist on $100,000,000 Loan.
Secretary Lane, head of the Interior
department. Intends to make n deter
mined fight betort congress the com
Ing session to secure the loan or bond
Ii in he advocates, which will make
available $100,000,000 for government
irrigation and drainage work In the
west To that end he Is endeavoring
to tenter the attention of the entire
country on the Irrigated sections of
the west.
Once the general public realizes
what Irrigation has done and can do
for the desert regions, he believes
there will be little objection to a loan
to the reclamation fund, even If It be
for the sum named. It Is to the Irrl
i .to .1 l.uulh that Ho- country must look
for Its Increased production of food
products, In the opinion of the secrc
tnry. nnd If MM, I In addition to
amounts now avalalble can be expend
id lor Irrigation and drainage during
llie next di i ol' Sei i clary Lane be
ItcvcH the problem of high cost of llv
lug will be at least partially solved.
National Capital Brevities.
Secretary McAdoo states that he has
no Intention of resigning from the
Secretary of the Navy Daniels de-
i In.- that mcrlcan tOJMM should
palled io c... i ihe r ballot! on
Local News
Frank DropOf is here from
Seattle for a visit with friends.
R. J. Orall and Arthur Thiel
were husi DOM visitors in Ontario
the first of the week.
Thanksgiving night the Wom
an's cluh will give their or. nun!
library hall in the Wilson hall.
Dr. I'ogtie, (irand Patriarch
I. 0. O. F. visited the grund
lodge at Weiser Monday.
Dr. Bartt, dentist, formerly of
Lewiston, Idaho, has opened an
office in the room formerly oc
cupied by Dr. Prinzing, in the
Lackey Bldg. See announce
incut later.
Mrs. Frank Zellar is visit
ing friends in Nanipn this week.
A. K. Nichols returned from
Ironside Tuesday and will spend
the winter in Ontario with his
The Frank Pith company will
play a return engagement here
Sunday and Monday evening
with an entire change of pro
gram. S. D. Dorman has just 000l
pleted a new house on his or
chard tract west of the city.
A modern Atlas it carries the
world on its back! The strong,
powerful Ford has been brought
within the reach of a new world
of possible purchasers by a new
and marked reduction in price
made possible by an unprece
dented production.
$675 is the new price of the Ford Runabout;
the Touring- car is $62"', Town Car, $825 -f.
o. b. Ontario, with all equipment. Get cat
alogue and all particulars from
Ford Garage
Ontario, Ore.
I'ert v 1. Frank, of Camas
I'raric, Idaho, returned Tuesday
t look after husiness matters
nnd visit with relntiv -.
Mowrta II- F. Bobinoon ami
F. F. Hunter went to lloniedale
Tuesday where Mr. Hunter will
bttild a house on his ranch.
C. M. Williams has sold a car
load of nursery stork which will
he shipped to the Klamath Falls
count) v the lat ol the tiiuliili.
i .ILtPU ..f ulttlii i
I'oK.inas.crlJeneral llurleson Mf I M r. 000 DOff Hlld fall) llv, who
(. il. will) a del. -gallon of Miieilraii hllVC hecil visiting With Mlirvill
railway pr.-nien. king bettci p.,v fl.nnncr, i.iovc.l lo their new
lor ii iii pi-i nog man.
A Good Bank
In a Good Country
Confining our business strictly to LEGITIMATE
banking, and with ample resources for the needs of
our customers, we invite the banking business of
ranchers, fruitgrowers, stockmen and individuals,
Resources Over Half Million Dollars
A. LCOCKRUM, President; H. II. ('DIKUI'M, Cashier
T. TIKNIH I.'., Vice I'rcaident C. W.l'I.ATT Ass't. Cashier
aocialistic Program For Churchman
New York Practical endorsement
of Soclalum wrttM prov Uted for In a re
olutiou ititio tin ti b) Katlilioiie (iuiit
ner. a ilelttgttle from t'rtiv Idence
ill (lie I. oniM or depullek al the Kpu
copal cliuiili coiuenllon
'lie ii olullon ilecl.ntil for "a new
oolal order lu wbuh saall ba a more
eiullable l i t rll'iiHon of wealth. lth
ellliinwititiii ot llie tfMMl HMI till
man w i im- ol po er( v
Il tei, i it,t lo a couiinitieo Willi
out dlsctli
Huntsman Qivs Big Psasl. Stale oltiiialK. exiert rifle
sIioIm. a uiajoril) of I lie leading sportH
no n of Souilii in Oregon ami farmers
UiioiikIioiiI (lie vallev lutrt iclpatcd lu
llie I lrt annual barbecue given l (lie
l(nl. lie Rlh Sui'poitlng Hod and (Iiin
Club llucks mif riMtiilcd wlitda and
salllioti were bin Incited The public
cliiHilh itdjouriied al noon that (lie
scholars might enjov (be fpllviti.
Siskiyou Gold Is Pound.
M. Itoid Willie working mi the
new mii vcv tor Ihe permanent high
wav over llie Sl-klvoiis Ihe gang .if
men uiiilci Sl.itc
eer Klttrldge tttruck it three te.i
gold iciinc. wbicb oausad SO much e
citemciit work vv.i taapMsOai 10
i llir iaj H .tilers, a tlleni
In i ' I'-. nil in . I to Mcdtoi .1
with a bakki I tU ere wli.cli local lulu
lag an ii .1. i high grada, .
Prison Farm is Indorstd.
Illvmpla. V.ill llie Mala le.itil g
etuuiol hat .iiiuouiii ed l Indern
itie.ii of a pi in propontl b Warden
Drum for proeurtag a u.oooacre pn
en I. nu to be opt rated In uiuiiii
lion witti lli. Wall. i Walla pciitlen
Oar) I I ;e farm is lo b worked bv
,i a (ha suu duriug
0 ') pel led
J. J. Hill Badly Sluken in Wrick.
Winoiit inii Jamas J Hill, laa
ol mi. I bad!) nh.ik.ii
up but uol hurt nun h al Ki 01 goal
!..i, when ii Buriiagtoa aorta bouad
. v,u. UM'n wuli Hill s private ggfl
attached, oollldad with a souibboun.!
i in Klllull of
the soiitlibv iiu.l train was UMtaatl)
killed .tud MVOral vKher peivin wci.
I'riHlilent Wilson will go lo l'lula
delphla 'it unlay to speak at the re
dedication of Coiigrehs ball. The same
night he will leave for Mobile, Ala,
where lie In to deliver an aitdresM be
fore the Southern Commercial ron-
"llie wliole wi'Ht has fell bitter lo
ward the Interior department," said
.i.iur) Utne, on his return to
M a liingtou, "and 1 have devoted
much (bought and Mud) to akcerttln
(he reason I have concluded (bat (bis
bideruess Is due partially to the bu
n tiic r.illc ailinluiMlralloii of the de
piirtment, Im. the main complaint Is
lut-aiiM' there Is too much red tape."
Active preparations by Argentina to
lake Immediate advantage of the free
beet t Inline of the new tariff law ami
semi lo the United States large ship
ineatf of beef were reported by I)r
A Ii Melviu chief of the bureau of
animal Industry . who has Just ri
mmed from South America
Former President Taft spoke at the
dedication of Ihe tirovsr Cleveland
memorial tower at l'rlacetoa uutver
alty ou Wednesday.
Washington With President Wil
son willing to accept substantial
amendments to the administration
currency bill la the hope of obtaining
speed) act ion ou the measure lu the
senate coimuKtee, supporters of the
s.liiiiuiBtration grew optimistic over
Ihe chance for tba passage of the
measure before (be end of Hie euru
session of congress
The president himself, lu a letter to
Majorat Leader I uderwooU, aunouue
etl bis wllllngnekS to consider a pro
posal for a recess of the house, be
cause, be said, conferences with mem
bers of the .-enate committee led him
to believV (he bill would bo reported
(,. die senate (ba fust week In Novem
ber and pained n( (be present session.
Kcpuhltciui members ot the commit
M and Senator Hitchcock, of Ne
bmska. were inclined to look upon
this plan as too opniulhtlc, but other
niembers of (he committee said the)
1 .tipe.l to le ihle to live up to the
' lit .s . KUCtatlOM
A reduction in (he number of re
serve bank.- ticd by the ajuituii.ti.i
tiou lull M II, and the removal of the
:erei.ii) tt tricul(ure and (he cou
(roller ot lli. . .irreiu v from the f
i v c bo., iii, which wtmid coat rot
the new euiieuc) s.vtem. were the
..i.uiidiiieiii.- which (he praaidul lei il
be known be would uol opposa.
Inline nu the lilaho-l it pui slope
(i lo it rhenner and family
starteil Montlav for Iowa to
Hieinl tlie winter.
Hert Adams left Saturday for
In- home in Vancouver, B. 0.(
alter Mientliiii tetial tiays in
this vallev visiting with relative
and friends.
Dr. Skiien, of Sweet, Idaho,
was a business visitor in this
MOtioO Tin Miay.
11. l. FrOBt dlli; Jus OOMtOM
this week. The yield was BOO
OOk from ahout two acres.
He sold them in Ontario for 7fc
per hundred ami finished de
livering tin-in this week.
J. IV 11 mistook and family
left Wcdiienday for t'umhridge,
where they will make their
home. Their neighbors rOgfOfl
losing them from this coin
uiunity but wish them every
success in their new home.
lev Kvles, former pastor of
the Baptist church here, was h
visitor from Notus lust week.
Win Stephens of Acnu ,
Wahiuiton arrived Friday for
a visit with his brother ('hits.
Stephens ami family
The Misses ROWOM HobiosOO
and loll WlOOOOs, tt.nlui.- ii
the high BObool here, vlffilod
Satunlav ami Sunday in v'a'.d
wcll ..t Mi.-- WattOOtt'l ho-nc.
The Methothst tin ; Kn-
dotVOI -iH-itty will nivc a Hut-
terlly social alurday . veiling!
in the EpVOlih Hall.
Buy your Meat at
and get
the best the market affords
For Good Rigs and Prompt Service
The Eagle Livery
G. L. SMITI , Proprietor
Horses Boarded By the Day or Week
Must Be Printed
We are printing more wrappers than any other two
offices in this section. There is a reason. We have
the machinery, type and workmen necessary and we
take the same care with Butter wrappers that we do
with wedding invitatipns.
Take your next order of A - t(ll.
Butter Wrappers to the irg; US UlTlCe
For Root 1-0 at n Ian n near
Ontario to rOBDOOfiblo POrtji '-'"
It ii - in alfalfa. Write to Mr.
v.'. (.". fvnnli, Caldwell, Idaho.
A Complete Line of
Ulritiiug latimtmi
At the Argus Office