The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, October 23, 1913, Image 3

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Means Not Only Time But Money.
Do you ever consider how long it takes to travel the distance
from your house to the Doctor and Merchant and what time
you save by telephoning? If your time is worth anything, you
cannot afford to be without a Telephone.
Malheur Home Telephone Co.
fiP :vwC- E2Sk
1 A MXWMmUmam , VJuP P9
When you remember that gas is fuel, you realize how much is
saved if tin- ".as does not escape, but is held in the stove ami
burned. This hot blast draft is not ? found in other stoves.
We Guarantee a saving of one-third in fuel.
We Guarantee that ',"' itOVt will hold fire 12 hours without at-
We Guarantee thai me rooms eau be heated from one to three
hours in the morning with the fuel put in at night
We Guarantee uniform heat day and night with Wood, 'eoal or
Investigate It casta gou nothing
Ontario Hardware Company
Rainier ffteer
The Beer of Quality
We have it in pints, quarts
and barrels. Wholesale and
retail. Also serve it over
the bar.
The Quality Beer
The Ontario National Bank
United States Depository
State of Oregon Depository
IB Our Hank our Hank ? It not, we oortHlUf
invite you to make our bank gour bank We
have the BtOft Safeguards of Fire Proof Vault,
BurgUr Pro! Btlb. Bonded employees, and do
busioeu in OOnMrvaUvc manner. -I- -:- -:- -:-
Capital and Surplus. $80,000
5 IVr Ont Net on Timt- ( KKT1FK ATKS OF DEPOSIT
Is thr Poorost Kind
of Economy.
When buying a heater do not
bf influenced merely by the
price. Ask yourself a tVw
questions: Is the stove heavi
ly made? How long will the
castings last? Is the stove
economical in fuel? Is itlair
tight? Or is it leaky?,
A heater with a reputation
heater with a guarantee.
I!m -II- any fuel.
Administrator's Notice.
In the County Court of ttu State of
Oregon, for Malheur County.
In tbe matter of the estate of Peter
Bouton. I h - t .
Notice In hereby given that the
undersigned hat been duly appointed
by the County Court of the State of
Oregon, for Malheur County, ni ad
niinistratnr of the estate of Peter
Uoutou. deceased.
All person baving claim against
the estate ol mid . I .- -.-. ' are required
to present the same tome at the office
of C. Mil Inn. mill at Ontario. Oregon,
wltbin aix moiittis from I u t hereof
I Ji.-. I i ins 2nd day of Ootnber, 1010,
Win. Mouton,
Administrator of the estate of I'eter
tiouton, deceased.
Notice of Dissolution of Partnership.
Notice la hereby Rlreu that the
tnloon hiiiincs heretofore conducted
in Ontario. Oregon, under the llrm
name of Krpehllng and Kcsseler. haa
MM tli In day dissolved, Mr. John
P. Krpeldlntf retiring and Peter Kea
eler continuing the business. Mr.
Peter Keelcr collecting all outataud
lug account and paying all bill.
Dated at Ontario. Oregon, tliU lal
day of October, 1011,
i'eter Keiteler.
Vale 01203 Burnt 0402:1.
Departmeul of the Interior, I'. H.
Land OttMM Vale. Oregon, October
i 7th, 1011,
Not ice la hereby siren that Law
rence K. Olaun, of Ontario, Oregon,
who on May 10th, 101O. made Home-
jitcart Application No. 01U0M, for the
SJ NKJ and Ni HK1, Section 04,
Township 1" H., liangr. HI K.WII
lamttn Meridian, ha tiled notice of
intent on to make Dual three-year
proof to eitabllth claim to the laud
above decrlbed. before the l!cglter
and Receiver, U. 8. Land Office, at
Vale, Oregon, on the 10th day of
I November. 1011
Claimant namea aa witnciie.
Alberts Worth, Stephen I) Moore,
i m.i A. Palmar, Krnest ('. MoDowell,
all of Ontario ( licgnn.
MM K. Ketor. Kngliter
Always on the Job
If you nave a job of hauling you
want done, large or ituall, you can
alvravi depend on John I.andiiighatn
balng rradj for you. Call biui at the
Moore Hotel.
Lotul Market Report.
Corrected Oct. 10, for the benallt
of Argus reader by the Malheur Me
oauttla t'oaipanjr.
Kgg. per dozt'u. :i'ic.
Unit it, per pound, 30c.
Oata, p.-r hundred. 11.50
Wheat, per hundred, 91. oO.
Hay, per ton, 95.
Potatoes, er bundled, 1.00
Onions, per hundred, 12.00.
Apple, per box, 91.0U. to 91.50
Chickens, diesaed, par pouud.IHe
Pork, dreaaed, I to 10a.
Pork, live, 7 to 7 'jC.
Veal. ! to IOp
I'.i f lie to 12o
Max at x I M on lt and .trd Sunday
h month. On all other Sunday
ftl 10 AM.
II. A. (ampo, K. toi
Rev. Rob't J. DavidHon O I) Pan
tor. Servicis at 1 1 it'll a in and 7 ;.';!
p ui Sal lath CbO0l at ln.uu a m
Kver) at unlay
Sabbath School 10(00 a in
liible Study I 1:10 am
N ..ilUtf pet pie in ft lug 1 ,'M) p Ui
Sunday BOOOl 10 A M
Preaching Sen ice 11 A M
Junior League i P M
1 . worth league 0 :.' P M
Preaching Service- lift I' M
'ihouia John. PS1' H.
Congrcyational ( hurt h Noike
Sunday Services,
Sunday School 10 a m
Preaching Service 1 1 a ni
C K Meeting 7pm
Preaching Service 8 p m
Midweek Lectin.- every Wednesday
evening H o'clock
Philip Koenlg. Paitor.
Home Made Candies
Oppoitr llreumland Theatre
Our ira ai.d I
torn. Our rough candy will cure
that cold ou have or a frov "
your throat.
Give us a Trial
President Will Accept Amend
ments to Currency Bill to
Obtain Speedy Action.
Washington. With President Wil
eon willing to' accept substantial
(intendments to the administration
currency bill In the hope of obtaining
speedy action M the MHN In the
senate committee, supporters of the
administration grew optimistic over
the chances for the passive of the
measure before the end ot the extra
session of congress.
The priKlilint himself. In a letter to
Majority Leader t'nderwood. annontic
ed his wlllingneis to consider n pro tor ;i recess of the house, bo
r.ius... he snld. conferences with mem
bers of the senate committee led htm
to hellevV Hi" bill would bo reported
to the Hi-mite the first week In Novem
ber and passed at the present session.
H publican members of the commit
tee and Senator Hitchcock, of Ne
braska, were inclined to look upon
this plan as too optimistic, but other
members of the committee mM they
hopeil in hi able to live up to the
president's expeditions.
A red net Ion In the number of re
scre banks, iixcd bv the uiltnlnlstra
tlon bill at :, ,i tul the removal of the
seeretar ol ,u:rlcillt lire and the con
(roller ol the ciliienrv from the foilcl
al reserve board, which would control
the in w current ) i ) tol -v atvj iin
.lllieiuluulitH Which tile plhlllt let it
be known he would not oppoae.
Campaign Bill la Drastic in Effect.
The first dlrert results of the con
gressional ImmiI lotion or mi
expeiiilltnies came when the senate
passed 001 'tor Clapp's bill proliihltlm
the aeiiilliiK of campilgu funds from
one stale lo another.
If the house ap;uoves the measure
It will put rigid limitations, not oiilv
on (he activities ol general political
lutereata, hul also on (he work of such
on .intention as the National A
lion of Manufacturers, the merlcan
l-'e. I. ration of Labor and the Nationul
Association or Woman a Sulfrage.
'I'lie bill prohibits the carrying or
sending of riinil from one state lo
another to he used In tin Ll toll of
president, Ice president, presidential
. le. (ton or mi nkoft ot I -ii'o'.resa.
The proposed new law would not
prohibit the present work of national
political c.ui.iiiIIIcch. so long as n
make pulilh reporis or all contrlbu
Hum lo'iloil and cpodlliire.
Lane to Inalat on 9100,030,000 Loan.
Si.iiiary Lane, head of the lOtOtiM
... iiariinetit Intends to make a ileler
I afon coiiKress the i . i .
lag aesslon to secure the loan or bond
laaue he advix-aies, VMM will make
available 1 nil,' for govemtOOOl
irrigation and drainage work In the
west To that end he la endenvorliiK
to c.nicr tin- attention of the entire
country on the Irrigated NOtlOM of
the weat.
on. e tl. general public rOOttOM
v. hai Irrigation haa done and can 00
r..r tin- dei . ri ri lona at b
rill oo I ' ' ,:i
:,, ih reel .'iioi. i a it it tu
tor the s.ini i. aiin'd ll is
KKted lain'- that the co-mtrv niusl ImA
,,,r ii hi i arodoctloD ol rood
i B lie oilii)on ol l!o
.. in addition to
I., eipend
Iteri ol Mi
partially koIwi!
National Capital Brevities.
ge, ' '. lie. i ;
,, Horn UU
-' :
uiati. -
on ot Am
roll w a) 1 1 il leoti
for ii ooll.
Pr -ni- ui u llaoo will go 'o i'i. i .
d-l.l k at the re
real Mil 1 I
night be !! leave for Mobile Ala
w I,. , Ml ll-i er aii address be
fore the Roii'h. m foinmen lal con
gress "Tbe whole mil has tet ,iti-r to
,,rt ' MMfUMM
ii his return lo
vVasbinc'i I I I MM 0)
,nuc!i ti -.. -.-;'. ilau.
On- reason i li ..- ooocluded that tbii-
uiially to the bu
... (OO o
Active ; ' oh to
. or tli
tariff I
ai iiu lot large
by l-
A I Melvile I III- I ot the I ,i
I Indus' 0 bu. Just r-
I Tofl spoke a( H
Jedi. 'lo Ol
it j on
H t' -hl ho 1
M? .' D -1
K'. Wl vai1 W
I It V
Kalier Wllhelm, emperor of Ger
I many, who celebrated the illvar annl
; venary of hla reign Monday.
Brief News of the Week
A department of business efficiency
has been added to the public ichool
vstem of Los Angeles.
(In ceo is preparing for war with
Teii.., reserves having been called
to the colors. Tho Immediate evacua
tion of DediiKittch has been ordered.
The union station at St. Paul, used
li) every road entering the city, was
destroyed bv tire, causing damage of
llno.uiMi to 1109.090
The Itate executive c. Milliliter of the
Anil Saloon league of southern Cali
fornia Is opposed to the proposed llll
llallve campaign tor prohibition In
'allforula In 191 1
Speakers ,.t (he session of the Nn
tloiial Wholesale Oroeers' association
III Chicago urged the enactment ol
uniform pure food laws as one sola
tlon for the present high cost of living
ih. Iniveifcitv of Kansas has put a
ban on Hi" tatiKo dance and other late
forms or dancing, following the or
ganization ol a tango club by Hie Mf
orltles and trateni,
Muring the season which haa Just
ended. 140,000 American scltleri arc
said lo have come to western Canada
; I . mceinenl Is i.sue.l by Itme
Walker, coinnils. loner of Immigration,
lie i. iii. over Inst year Is shown
People in the News
0anrttorj ol the Interior l.ane,
great I v Improved In In- lib. baa bu
Callfoiui.. in W.o lilngioii. li '. Hi.
Is in i oinpanleil hv his w lie.
Jollll l. Ill' lo'lelll-r OWIIH luille i. I
aonal pnipertv than any otlo i p. i
in New York Ilia assessment lor
1911 was M99j99
Lepie.euiatl.. C.i..ltier. republican
candidate (or governor of MMMOfca
artta, dcclaii s that he la to
woman suiii..
imrlng the lllMM of hla father. tb
Crown I'liini a will assume
the dun. s ol Kl ' Q II lof, who Is Mf
. . ol an
for appeudd II
i I lie
Invltailon Of tBO 1 Ol Irtl -
m noat on iint lo 'tie'iii Ihe
Of llic I . I
n,. moil. I. OOtOl .
I. n I
Clie.o, a. Ill It
bli'l 1.
I link. (OHO! ' M . r ' f
the In., rn itloi ll I
In the i.ou- - i f
btat. I. III a illilllll. 1 . I
lor tl.. lulled Htnte ,.
baina In r.u I Uu I ' Juseph I"
HP - I
Mr. C. L. Kirkbrldgt, tbe Philjdal
phi . rtd "r'a'hira'
i Day" celebrt'
For Kent 120 ncro form near
Ontario to responsible party, 10
acres in alfalfa. Write to Mrs.
C. C. Smith, Caldwell. Idaho.
The West and
the East are
both strong for
It's tin: universal routing- the
internationol roofing,
I veil on the furin Ainl ranch and
in the vity.
It your roof is worth roofing-, it ii
i nli buytni M.tlih.ail.
Drink a toM to the best MOeMf
that's mi the in.ikn e srand
Empire Lumber Co.
Ontario, Oregon
W. W. Letson
Sueeessorto II. H. (iruuel
StautTer Hand
Painted China
Libby Cut Glass
Standard Watches
li acres of Hi Ifl brtl li Ian I.
deep rich sandy loll, Hi tela water
I ighl I'i '
givi ii with
low I
'oil. or "tbi r proper!
I.i .li- . . .1 ..f ..ooii, a I an.
10 oilier liii. aliens
Postoflice BOI N
Oiiturio, Oregon
I- :u .
Hotel or c
liiiiiilit Atlinhoii t.iviu
All Owl i
1 1 dill .VTVb
V. si bound,
No. 1 ' oicgon , -i, i.i. I : . a m
No 1 i Illilllll. gtoli ' i u in
.so. : lu.t Moll ,: 1 1 p ni
No " , Hoollofton Pom 9 II p ni
I H. -. i - I p II.
No. IH ' rcgi Wash Ltd M n in
. -.. .,:.,'. r I M III
No 8 I'u.l Mall II -7 a ui
No. i Bel i p in
Nu. H Inf " Woali I i H - 4 in p in
Vale ds i
s a in. an r. mg in Ontario i
RalOMlOl Olll leavi . ni- I li. day,
l I IV llu l' V lie ll 1 I 0
il I I V
lai lo at S'U and I .... Vale
i , i i-i i tralu -v il'
MOM i i'.i.- raiag and
leluru a) . ii. -s i . (lie run o
I lead oi