The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, October 23, 1913, Image 2

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r arm and
We Don't Pretend
A machine linn been pMtwMd which
IMitirM any lry powder Into n pnpor
bag, fold the line mnken n pnper box
Hud plarcH ItiiK nnd folded elrculnr
within It, paste on ii Inliol nnd seals
the tmx at n rate of 1.500 boxes nn
To nld n policeman In controlling; a
prlHOfii-r n I'lillmlelphlnii him pn ten ted
(love with electrode In the piilim.
which end n powerful current IhroiiKh
nn unruly ninn from b trnire hntfcrv
forming n pnrt of the pollei'iniiii'M
An iiiitomiifle tiro nlann nnd H
tltn-uhdier Invented In flermnhy Ml
ploy n thermoHtnt to rllite n lell nnd
Utwnta Innro QUantMna of carbonic
iiclil km In b room In which It Is
plncod when the lenipcriituro rlseB
nfiove Ihi- dn tiger point
A hrlde'i drowsing room Ih to lie pro
video" lit n cliunh In Mild linn nveniie,
New York. The organ loft over the
church entrntK'e will lie removed, nnd
III Iti plu e a lienutlfillly ccpilppcd
mom will he built. Here the hrlde will
In? nlde to put the finishing ton dm to
her fittlre lifter the drive to the church
The mice IndtiBtry In the I'nlled
Ktntifi Inn now reached In good years
the 100jOO(MM)0 iniirk. nnd. moreover,
there In ii Hlendlly growing liu-ren I hi
the H'oioi'tloii of OOkfl made In by
proiliiciH retort ovens wherein the vnl
inilile I in I ii ft h of u'ii-i. tnr. Bintiionlii,
etc., nre wived to the value of teim of
inlllloim of dollar iititimillv
life Imo.v for nerlnl navigation linn
lieen Invented liy it Nova Heiiilii mini
The parachute In folded In fl hurlon
till poNltlon on the lull of the II' Inn
miiclilini nnd attached to tho iivlnlor
liy Iiimm It In folded hy strap
nlilii-i-ted to i'l(ictloiiiMi;lii'ti- relenien
mill on the pressure of n lintton will
open and lift the aviator out of hi
The new t'hlnene dictionary publish
til r fitly at Hliamilnil repiosonlH live
yeai-M' lalior of many of Cliliia'n groat
et Mi-holarn nnd Mffcafaaitan an the
ntiliiilni'il the fnnioiiM illi'tlniimv pull
llMhed In I7HI by tin- iiiitlioill.v of the
Knipcror K ho iiu'IihI Many "ionllllo
words are Iih'IiiiIiiI In the new dl'tlon
ary, mnl ninny oliMoli-te i-harin lets have
I dropped
Alfred Alintln. the late poet hiureiito.
wan iMkj lu Ida mk M a JourunllHt
l-'or ntillij yearn he did hit dally tlisli
at home with the a hIhI line of a tele
griipli wire run Into his study slxtv
mill- from th Loudon Standard of
flew. Illn Instructions pbiih over the
wlm. nnd hla editorial nrtlti went to
o n liy train Hometliuen he would
lelegmpli Ihe whole iniliic
Vchli c K cnif Ii-.l In n nerlon
probl The c Py Is niiilly ualnlnu It.
I hi n In t Ion. and Mi far no p'n -e has
lieen found to m iiimodate the III
crease Tln-'e ar a ::iiimhi Inli-i 10
Hints In Venice III MIHRM of -iiltnlili
ipiarli-is Aiumu: Hie iniinv pl-iu ills
.11 soil Is the lilllllllli- nf in iprirtei"
on Ho- I I'l- Islaml nolhi-r l;ln con
.,l il. l .1(1.11' Ii ii il liOVII lit III I
moUtll ill Ho- Hreliln -hi-r
Judge J. W. Gerard Named
Ambassador to Germany.
S wffl! am
m m
.nMnW. 'H nV
rtiniii hy American 1'i.nn Annm-lntlnn.
The iippoliitment of Justice Jninen
V. Gerard of New York to the Impor
iniii pot of iiinlianniidor to iJeiiiinnv In
Keiierally regarded an a recognition of
Npeilnl Illness for the ponltlou The
new iiiuhussiidnr. those who know hliu
hent nay, In a man of strength, charm
ler, nlilllty ami culture a worthy rep
rcselitatli of I'lii le Sam
The new envoy to llerllu In a native
of the Kuiplrc State ami In forty -l
venrs nf niii' lie wan urnilmiteil from
Ihe New Vork l.nw hiIiimiI In ISII'J and
In-Uiin the ii'iicii of hln profession III
n.h V.HI-U illy Mi- ns. ,-iii tn tho front
In the Spanish vnir. soivltiu an an mil
ile camp on the ntalT of (ieni-ral Mr
Cimkry Hlltt After the war he resum
nl llio prin tl flaw ami In IlkiT wan
i-lis-li'il to the Hllpreme colllt heln Ii mi
the I in. ratio ticket for a term of
loiirteeli yearn .luntlce (Jernnl In pre
Idelll of the Mexican Soilcly of New
Vork and wan one of the throe civil
Inn commlssloni'iM appointed In I'.'l"
by I'renldenl Tnfl to repnwelit the
I'lilted Stali-M at the centennial cele
I. mil. Hi III Mi'Xlco llurlinf the WWMN)
Kepto ..-alutlve l.ewin. onn of Die nil-
I nl II p.irii-l punt law, ilerlnred
that noonor or I iter the ijovernnient
muwt lake over IniiiHpiu i iilon or par
. I in to H"i ll- contemloil
i .n under Um Im 11m poMMMtaf
I'.cneinl h.ip i-omplii'- . iiiilioiil t lu
i In- limit ou unreel punt bunt-
Ho'ward Lilliott Rose From $40
A Month to $100,000 a Year
1 " ilKflHbiDiBinnVnVBSnH
"Ei? iW1 VAW! KM
Thny'r Fln With Oravy Hnm'i Hew
You May Grow a Crop.
Plant a few sweet potntoen lu your
Ifnrden thin nprlng. They nrent hurd
to mow. and what la richer to eat than
brown aweet potntoen with (jrflvyy
Keslden. thin vine la very ornamental,
and lis thick, dark foliage helps to
make your vegetable garden more at
tractive. Sweet potntoen are grown by niennn
of netn or nproiitn which grow from
tin- root budn. It In lient to get Ibeiii
from s.-i'il growem or gardenern. They
reipilie warm, modern tely rich, anndy
IiiiiiI. If the land la loo fertile there
will be n Inrge growth of top nt the ei
peiise of the root The plnntn may be,
sot out from the middle of Mny until
the Int of July or after the lute froata
are over.
The potniot-N tuny be grown on the
level, but n ridge ununlly in preferred.
In the gnrdeu ridging may Im done
with a hoe. making the ridge about
eighteen im lies broad and nix Im hen
hlu'li. The rovvn nliould lie from three
and a half to four f"et apirt. Set the
plants along the renter of the ridge
tlii'.v Nliould be n limit two feet a part--ami
If the soil is moist it is only net en
nary to dip the roots In water liefore
set i Inn. Hut If It In uuimuallv dry nt
thin time It will be advantageoun to
apt Inkle the plants occasionally.
When Ihe plnntn nre -mill they
nliould he cultivated often enough to
kill the vveisln and keep a mellow sur
face. Later on the vinen tliemnelvefl
will cover the ground; then cultiva
tion In iuiprai llciible as well nn unde
sirable. After the vinen nre too large
lo cultivate they nliould lie lifted oe-i-asiiiiiiilly
or they nre likely to lake
root nt the Joints and keep on forming
more vinen with no nsitn In Ihe hill
large enough for line. The vines nliould
he lifted once a week Kvery vine
slimiid be loose I ruin hill to lip Thin
lining nut x be ioM ery rnplilU with
i iilli-hlor1.. Put hoiiic cure muat be
lakeii.-'Kiiiisas 1 1 ii I n si i nil ci
Hnro'a a Smpl Oat That Will Halp
lo Solva the ProbUm
It Is often Im-ouvculcnt to pause and
.mhilrli ami then iati II il gate Pel eeii
the liarnvard or some other place where
stock is kept and the gnrdeu or a field
from vvinVh It in desired to keep mil-
'lulls II j .
To ululate such dlttti-ultiett the plan
Illustrated will be found very .miven
lent An will lie seen. I lie I r lire la
made to end at two aiotit posts, be
m fT
I i-li i III' I
'-Trrr."JT TTTrtA
:.- -. Jljiife
"li'ik Mini IIMi HUH.
tvveeii Vvlilrh Is a miller larger opening
Hum Is ihMMllj allow'eil for u footpath
I' Ion i one ot these posts Ihe ll.irli.g
Inns of tt'ine are Im Mi to poMts so an
lo form a sliaped os-iiiug, each i-n.l
lug nt a post Uu the other large Hue
ponl is hung Ihe gate, which swings
c.nh uii.v mid either coiue agaiunl the
V nUaped klile.s when piiklicl or iu.iv
tintliiue no tin lo strike the nmallel
iusis lu either cane minimis cannot
-ft past, mid vet the gale Is
o.iii for human bvliign American Ag
1 Tlie old Hngllsh fariiiem put
1 their ,nh ice about keeping liaril
j al.l maliuie lulu two lilies
Keep ii in.'i.-i and In ad " IISM
; i..l u ill , I. (Mil ' .
I lii H Is prell.i lunch Hi.- Imle
J Mill II Ul.ll NlW ill ki'l-
-4 S--"-n --'---- -s-S-S
Photo, oopyrlflhi lilt, to tmoHcea lif i in
TII1HT1 ns im Howard KUkill lowed U .- . . . . a adv-K-e and
,ii .-i Hi ; it Ii clerk at llurliugtoii
! .Now lie i. . ihe o Usui , ,4.1 1 prettUivllt o I
lln- New 1.0k i limn u.. II. nil. nil i.illiu.i.l How 41.1 he do 111
II ' Work, I'M' kisl Pv n well gl.minlisl islocal..u Ills , .uuls Wciell'l
ihy, in. I he it.1.1 1 bard I Hn ird - u isirn m
Now x'orfe iu. brougbi up In New 1 and i I - itei-eao in ihe i i
lie he. in .. ol Ihe Noilliiin I'.lcin, . mi. . CharkM S Mellen
k ... I. . . Im l..ll... ... I......I ., ,1... S..... II....... l.a....t II., utk..,.., M
is u in" 1 ,-' s ,,!., im .1, .,.1 .., in,- .,ii. nn 1 ,-u ri.-ui , .,- ,,,,,,.. ,-w m
i,,w ' ,, ' .. ' linen whlel will bo In omit ran
nt UL the iiiu vl lu .eul .vinlt-u, who hue ., -i tile
eer reuiura otjon old i
vv ill lea III m ma. hiiieiv witliout m
lag 1I..11 11 is (Inn mill safe for lu-.iv
wi uiiis
It Hie leiiilm hi tin- siul In to If
man. I. lined il liiilnl be aiippllcd Willi
v ible matter Turn uinlcr tOVOf
cioi.s .1 11,1 in. lease tin hiiinun Ml..l
onllua 10 1 in- 1 wi HYaaa bolletla
. I .' s,., .nn . 1. -senile Is Hie only
. licliil. al that will enliivly ilelro the
1 'an. la 11 a c It In npplnsl al the
rale of one a 4 a tmlf ptiiimU to rlfly
I wo ;:illous .! water.
Ho 1 the hlretl man to feel
1 tiled it v.mi leave hilll alone with
ill the . h.ues' von are away
vlsitliij nuliwa ou are willing to do
the aj .1 mm lus-aslonaiiv Hlretl
lieu 1 .m, 1 will, na a
rule. e I He fan treatment
v I .11 i ilcklv , is looee
iinl - 1 ;i I ami 'e.iehes Is U" tn
.ml f Inn from In, 1 little
W e irrl
.- tli s In .-iitv inable.
pleiilv ..f luanui.. iiiivu manure, llni-
1 -,. -.- Is s. unless and thoroilgb
aud perniaU'iit cult-vauwu.
to carry everything the people may want, but
are safe in saying we have the greatest variety
to be found in Ontario.
We have lately added a large assortment of
Laces, Ladies' Neckwear, Back and Side Combs,
Barettes and the celebrated Auerbuch & Sons'
Line of Candies.
Our stock of China and Glassware is the most-
complete in town.
We have given our order for Christmas goods
Toys, etc., and the store will be well supplied in
that line.
-Hundreds of different articles needful to the
Housewife cover our 5, 10 and 15 cent tables.
-We want YOU, reader, to look over our stock.
You will surely find something you have been
in need of
Utensil For Cooking Pre
serves In Jars.
BE soi i- your plumhinu has real
worth. Just think, if your
home were remodeled with
"$tntHnrd" plumbing fixtures, how
much nicer it would be, more
comfortable, more convenient and
in value increased above the cost of
the rcmodclmt.
May we show you illustrations
in color of baihiooms?
Immmmmmiit ,
-' .? "Pise "'
' J J i
Si. . , U.J,
U. S. Plumbing & Heating Co.
Ontario, Ore.
.' Hour. Ka.t of
1'. l.i... I ui i.lluir 1 ,.
HoUM hou-i-ii n !. in nHikiiiK Uiiir
pii-.-ivos poitorin ii in
ii, l:i vvonh Um (llu-
pi.,iii.i nu- to io kopi i utortu
mui-i.v 'vhcii iii aratar botli rtsotw
iv it aoinatlniaa u sota Iba JnrH aai
spill, llu-lr ...lUi-iii.s lu tlio liilit'i-. A
N'abraaka arosuau tu - daa gwni u cimiIc
Int uii-n-.i viiiii-h .ii-,-u! thai .I'-ci
.1.-11 1 'i'w . IIII-- Ot lIltllTl'lll ..
tor, for dirtcii-m aiaa Jara and ctuaa,
mnl tint, pel phi to uiiiko Up tin
oipil,iiiii-iii i iiu- in tin- im.s acta as a
supi.ort for ttaa pinto and m lap of
the ilate the other rlnj; it Mini forma
.id for the .nr. lo prevent II up
setting, 'lii.' aratar can boil fraalj
llini'lk'b Ihe pettointions lu the plate.
,ii.. I i it im im..- platform fcaaaa the lop
of lh Jnr ul.ove ihe loi of the vvuler.
so iioin i Into It
Fru.t.t' Oacerationa.
The I .n i u t il.-, oi.i'.i-d crtipeii, eta
mini s mill epougaa balp till the de
luiliid for o.hl and atftklai color coui
blnailom. nn. I afford it. of from tba
Dual aM 1 locoratkMM uf the .-ome
arhat vajrarorkad lonventiouai il.
sliou ii oil , .am-.-,lerv and pot
luiproMUoniiii fabrlca Tba d oratloi -of
r .. sta. a tho dvsiKuerv of
th.-aV pai; . .1, nre not ap
a . other
.ii. but they ui
paa frirt. iievertlu-li'M. and are Inter
esll: .4 both .11 form an.i mior.
Have you tried
Corn for the Poultry
Cash Grain Company
Phone 166
Poultry Wanted
All kinds of live poultry at
the highest cash market
Phone 18 for this week's
prices or write
Ontario Ice & Cold Storage