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The Pivotal Point of the Great Interior of:
The Ontario Argus
leads in Prestige,
merit, and Circula
tion. Watch us grow
The Produce from
15,000,000 acres is
marketed from On
tario each year
Representative Newspaper of Ontario and Malheur County
saw .
NO. 41
One Section of City Has
Asked to Connect -Others
Should do Likewise.
' Ths (work baa been ttsrted on tbe
trunk sewsr and dralnge ditch and
will ti msbed along at fitat at potsi
bli' as tbe oontraotor bat hut few
weeks In which to enmolete the work.
Tbara are several carload; of the
eewer pipe on the grounds end there
will be no delay on that score. The
big machine hna not leen tttrted up
at It la not adapted to the tlze ditch
neceeasnry for tbe mnln tower, but It
can be uaed to good edvsntsgs oo tbe
One Motion of tbe olty bat ttarted
In for a connection with tbe his aewer
and tbe othera thould get in line to
that all can bu connected up hefoie
another iiimmi'r and all tbe cett poola
and llltb bolea nhnlithed. There
will be no hi for fliet lo Ontario
whan tbia aawor It finished and oon
nectlooa made and an effort will he
made to have every parson realize
tbat be baa oo hiitineti to bate a pett
breeder ou hla premltea.
A little team work It all that will
Ik- ueoesssry. ,
A brief eummary of the new tariff
law as prepared for the aenate followt:
Average percentage of tariff rates
as compared with the value of all Im
ported merchandise: Old law, 37 per
oent; new law, 27 per cent.
Value of annual lmporta added to
the free Hat, $147,000,000.
Kstlmated revenuea from all import
rates : Old law, f 306,000,000; new
law, 1249,000,000.
Estimated revenue from corporation
and income Uses: Old law, 137.000,
000; new law. $122,000,000.
Altogether, contumera In tbe United
States probably will receive from
abroad, free from all tariff, more thun
$1,000,000,000 worth of merchandlae
during tbe next year. During 1912 the
amount of "free Imported" waa more
than $880,000,000, and when tbe tariff
It entirely removed from wool, augar,
Iron ore and cheap Iron and other Im
portant itema, the total la expeoted to
Increaae notably. Under the old law
more than 63 per cent of all goods
brought to the United Statee from all
parte of the world paid no tariff, and
tbat proportion will be Increased by
tbe new law.
The free woo) provialoiv of tbe new
law takes effect December 1, 1813, and
the free augar provision May 1, 1916.
Congreae at Work Nine Mentha.
The new tariff law, paaaed four
yaara after Prealdent Taft signed the
existing Payne-Aldrlch law. la tbe re
sult of more than nine months of work
In congress. Hearings were started
January 6 by the house ways and
meane committee. Chairman Under
wood Introduced the tariff bill April 7,
Immediately after I'realdent Wllaon
bad convened tbe new congress. It
Pssaed tbe house May 8, and tbe ssu
ate September 9.
The Canyon County fair was held
' week- at Osldwell and they bad
treat crowds there oo Friday, tbe
Krounda being covered wltb tbe visi
tors. The display of staff from Kmmett
took tbe community prize aod there
at a large display of cattle uod
bogs tbat would be a credit to any
Tbe bucksrooa who gave such a
Mtisfaotory program at tbe Ontario
"ii were the prineifsl entertainers
d the race burses were about tbe
me. t eaturea were also introduced
T the school children.
Msny psople from Ontario sttendsd.
Probably double tbe number, tbat
ut to boise snd they were sll "ell
Messed. Among those Kridsy were
ewUcww Mr. sud Mrs. L. Adam. I
Fraser, H. B (iiauel. Msrebal
d)l. Lee Noe and others.
walls of the new library
mm mm l
The contractors on the library
building bave the brick wells well
under wsy snd It will not be long now
before tbe buMdins will i. nnH.
Tbe secretary has received s re
mittance from the library commission
to cover tbe costs of the building up
to date snd st tbe building progresses
other remittances will be received.
Tbe building is oow assuming thape
and gives some Idea of the imposing
structure It will be when completed.
Means Increased Trade for
Ontario Merchants-Many
Between Trains.
The uew train service went Into
effect Mondsy morning snd s good
increae In tbe number ot (lassengera
from Vale Is noticeable end about all
of them have good sized bundles wbeo
they go home .and there Is a reason.
Tbe stores of Ontario are equal to
those generally found la tbe larger
cities and the prices sre the lowest la
this ssotlon by quite a large per cent
snd if Hi" r. hunts will oaly go
after tbe butluess sud tell tbe peoplw
of tbe Malheur vallsv what thsy bave
to sell snd the prices tin y will don tile
ths business tbsy sre at present doing
wltb tbe outside people.
There Is quite it msll order business
being dooe from some of tbe store,
bat others bare not goue after It.
Let those people kaow thai they oan
get tbe nsrrow sud wlds lasts in aboas.
the last word la mlliaery, ooata aod
amis ami they will be Interested as
they appreciate these tblugs as well ss
our home peopis.
The grocers snd hardware men oan
also serve lueiu at u savlug over what
tiey ate in tbe ha hit ot pay my,
but you iisre got to sbow tliem befoie
you run expect tbeir busiuesa.
Tbe Juutura people are eotitled to
a better traiu service tban they are
gettiuga t present at un connection la
made to the roaio lioe. it being neoes
ury to Isy ovsr oigbt In Vsle or hire
an auto to make the cosoectlou At
present tbe tralu is operated by tbe
conttrurtioa company department ami
It is buowo tbey sre oot frieodly
with the people of Ontario so we
oan do nothing to belp tbe Juntura
people, but wbeo ths operatlog de
psrtmetit gets control tbeu the railroad
commissiou will be advlaed aud tbe
service cbsnged for tbe benefit of
tbe people living lo the ioterlor.
The Woman's Club held its first
meeting of tbe fall on October 2 at
tbe home of Mrs. M. E Newton, the
president. Mrs. 11. 11. Whitney. Id
tbe chair.
Mrs S. D. Dorman read s most
interesting paper upon civic improve
inent. which contained many prsotlcsl
ideas of value in beautifying oar olty.
It vas voted to send Mrs. Whitney
as a
lelegate to the federation or
Women's clubs
now In
Mil at
Hood Kiver.
Committees were sppolnted to make
arrangements for the annual library
ball. Great entbutiaam Is being
manifested in tbe sffsir snd no effort
will be spsred to mske it tbe most
trllllsot event of the social season.
These efforts deserve the support
of everyone as tbe proceeeds of tbe
hail will be used 10 tbe benefit of tbe
new Carnegie llbiery now being erect
ed. This splendid structure will be s
ouro of pleasure aud protit to tbe
olty of Ontario aud everyone should
be interested In making l too beat
equipped of sny library for a towu of
its size in tbe state.
La Grande Choesss Been.
L Graude Tbe charter electtes.
provided for an election of commie
tloners within 20 days. October 89
has been . I an the time for the elec
tion of three commissioners, tae sols
elective bod under new government
Together With Prof. French and D.
C. Freeman at High School
Tbe meetirg lo tbe school house
Friday evening for tbe reception of
the teachers and to bear remarks from
l'rof Tboa. Shaw, Prof. Frenob and
I). C Freeman waa well attended.
After tbe reception for tbeteaobers
the students gave an Interesting pro
gram ami then Mr. Hhaw gavi a talk
along agricultural linen. He Is a
very conservative apeaker nod
thoroughly posted, having been an ex
pert in tout line for many yeara
He la familiar wltb this section,
bsviog visited here several timea and
each visit he Is more Impressed wltb
tbe possibilities here for the man who
will rales corn, slfslfs, osttle snd
bogt. There la no sect loo of tbe
world where tbey osn be raised to
better advantage. Here are a few
thiugs he gave tbe people to think
about :
"Tbe area devoted to grazing land
has hen reduced MOO. 000.000 aoras
during i he pest ten years Tbs num
ber ot csttle it eight million less, of
sheep ten million less and of peopis
there sre twenty million more." winch
shows wbat oan be expected of the
csttle markst.
Alfalfa la worth at lsstt $12.50 a
ton when fed to beef or dslry oows
and It le a crime to sell It for IS or
80 a ton. Tbe dual purpose animal
Is tbe one for tbe best results In
Kuglaud HO psi cent of the milk is
produced by these cows and a fair
average la (1000 pouoda ot milk a
year, wbloh will make 200 pouoila of
butter, making tbe owner over f 100
a year, hseldee a calf tbat Is worth
1100 when a year old.
This Is a wouderful fruit section,
tbere Is no bstter. but tbe moet pros
perous communities are those who
are in diversiHed farmlug, as they si
ways hsve s imetbiog to msrket uijiair
l'rof. Frsocb, who bss besa here s
oumber of times, epoke of tbe teach
Ing of domestic eolsnos aod agricul
ture lu tbe publio scnools and of
tbe small per cent of the pupils who
ever attend sny col legs snd must
get tbeir educations in tbs publio
schools snd tbe object of tbe schools
to Ot tbs boys sud girls for prsotlcsl
work wben thsy stsrt in life.
Tbere will be 500.000 Immigrsuta
Christy Mathewaon, veteran pitchsr
of the New York Giants, s prominsnt
factor In the world's baeeball cham
pionship games which opened In New
York Tuesday.
' -JsewawawK "'.&: -ftafv I
By virnino; to-day the Philadelphia team now haa the ijeat
of NfrW York in the world's scries. In Tuesday's game Philadel
phia won 4 to 6. Wednesday, with Mathewson in the box New
York won a hard fought victory in the tenth-neither team scoring
up to that time, when the (JianU drove in two runs. Today Phila
delphia fairly wamptd NVw York 8 to 2.
ndi..l on the PaciUo coast In 1PIG.
when tbe caual will open and those
people will be joined annually by
many more, all of whom will have to
have homes. This means tbat all
the millions of acres of Isnd tbst are
now Idle will he brought lot) use.
The Oorvsllls school Is divided into
three clsssea of work, teaching, Inves
tlgation and extension. Tbe exten
slon work le csrrled to tbe people
through Instltutss snd the experiment
statiooa and there abould be a
dsmousrstor In tbls county to gsthsr
information from tbe men wbo are
successful In their lines nnd csrvy it
to tbe less Informsd onss, so thst sll
nisy have the best methods. Tbs stste
will pay for half of this work snd the
rest can be met by tbe oounty court.
D. O. Freeman, publicity man for
the Hill eyttem'told of tbe growth
of the Interior of the etate and bow
tbe people are making good snd It
will be op to Mr. Hill to rsdeeni his
pledges sad give tosm trsasportstloti
for tbslr crops la tbs very near future.
One uf tbe party stated thst oos
farmer In tbs Harney valley bad ten
tbouaand bushels of grain and no way
of dlapoalog of It and Mr Hill will
not long allow aoob condition to
exist when It Is through bis efforts
tbst tbsse men raised this grain.
The gentlemen were taken over tbe
country around Ontario and wars free
iii sdmlt tbey bad never seen a better
fruit or dairy section.
Aootber murder wss committed at
one ol tbe construction camps on the
railroad west of hers Isst Wsdoesday.
Tbls was a coldblondsd slfsir. tbe
murderer shootlug his victim aa be
lay In bis oot, over some trivial
matter. The vlctim'a usme wsa Jske
.upaii, ths murdarsr's Louis Ovlcb.
Alter tbe shooting Ovlch roils off
on a borss sod showed tip st Nytsa
on Mouday, where be was recognized
sod later confessed to ths murdsr.
He wss taken to Vsls.
Tbls oounty Is paying heavily for
the building of tbe railroad.
Connie Msck, manager of ths Phlls
dslphls Athletics, whoes team le con
testing for the world's baseball cham-pionahlp.
- ' 1K0T' asW
Ed Hlodgett, of the Kingman
Kolony section, was here Mouday, re
turning from a trip to Pendleton. The
Kolony has beeu aucoessful this year
wltb tbeir crops and Irrigation plant
The water baa coat about 82 an aore
and many of tbe farmers have raised
I extensive Melds of beans, one bsvlng
five, another ten and another thirty
aorea and all report nst yields better
than 85 0 an aore. The alfalfa aeed
wat only a fair crop. Many more
Mines were cultivated tbau the previ
ous year.
Fire Fighting Apparatus Oc
troyed and Water Works
Out of Commission.
Nome. Alaska. Fire haa completed
tbe destruction of billiard wrecked
Following a night and day of terror,
24 houra of the worst Arctic storm
that ever visited Alaaka's moat fa
mous rolnliiK camp, flames started in
the ruins of wrecked bulldliiKs snd
swept ths city.
It was Impossible to cope with the
flames. All of the fire fighting ap
paratus waa dsetroyed by the storm
and the waterworks also la out of
commission. The flrehousea and tbeir
contents were swept away by the gale.
Hundreda of homeless persons
struggled agalnat wind and wave In
an effort to oollect enough food from
the debrla to sustain Ufa for them
selves and famlllee for a day or two.
It Is eetlmsted that the loss wUI
reach 11,(00,000. Bo great waa the
destruction of provlalona that It Is
feared that a famine will follow.
The I 'sad drain company has opened
up for business in tbe rnout formerly
occupied by tin Poormen Plumbing
shop, on Idaho street, a few doors csst
of the Ontario Kurnlturs store. Tbe
nsw Arm Is H. A. McKobsrts, for
several years with T. - H. Moors ss
manager of bis business snd t. W.
ilowland, fereoeue time with the Ou
term Commission company. These
gsntlsmsn will carry s stock of hsy,
bran, aborts mill feed, seeds and grain
and make a speclslty of oar lota of
grain. x
Tbere lean opsnlng tor snch a bust
in and tbe new Arm la entitled to
your patrouage.
The Wni. evaporator on the bench
bus linen started up for tbe inn un
apples. Kiuereou Wauu la In obarge
this season. There la room for several
evaporators ou the bench and u this
side of tbe river to cure for the vege
tables and fruit tbat bave n wurket
at I. -r n!
New York. With the passage of
the uew tariff, the customs officer bus
bad thrust upon lilm a new and dls
agreeable office. He must tear out
the algrettea and plumage of foreign
birds that womeu passengers are
wearing In their hats wben they ar
rive in American ports
When the I'nderwood bill went in
to effect a score of women on Ufa
French liner l-orratne were subjerii i
to this treatment. Tbeir Indignation
waa so great tbey could not contain
The plumage seized will be turned
over to the appiulaere, who will set a
price of euch piece and send word to
the owners, who will be permitted lo
return them to the dealer from whom
they were bought, , , f
Last Saturday Entire Ship
ment Will Amount to
About 100 Cars.
mi iiHi in .my .1 i, murpnv anippsa
.. u i t . .. . ..
1000 lsmbs to Buhl to feed.
Charles Kenyon and Baker Bsll
shipped lu r.on osttls to feed for tbe
The nrst trsln load of the Hunley
osttle were shipped out Saturday from
Juntura and mn followed by others,
the entire shipment amounting to
about 100 oars, 'the price received
for theas csttle shows the trend ot the
ontle tionlneie. Ths yearlings brought
840 snd tbe others In proport loo,
Thsy were shipped ont to lead al
though thsy hsvs over 3000 tons of
old hay on tbe ranches but It would
not pay to feed It as ths drive to the
rsllrosd la too long and tbe shrink
ags too heavy. When tbe railroad
rraohss llarnsy vallsy thsn they will
be sbje to use their thoussnds of tons
of hsy snd grsln to liettsr advantage.
Three cat load of horses wsrs
ln i i ied to Csldwsll by McVVII llama
and others lor ths ssle there.
Council meeting wst hsld Monday
night with all pressnt but Mr. Ken
Fire chief reaommended draluage
for bydranta be Used.
Dr. Whitney and Mrs. L. Adam
wers appolntsd library trusts for
two J. HI.
A petition fur the establishment of
a lateral sewer district No. 1 wss pre
sented covering the lots fiom Mmllti
to Klnhardsoii strsets snd ludlitua
sveuue to old south Hue of olty.
Petition granted and urcestsry ordi
nance ordsred drawn.
Petition of Morgan Carl lie for side
wslk on touth side of block 1 - waa
The bond of the sswer contractor was
lln utusl liquor llcsnses wers
The tegulsr grist of hills were pre
sstitsd and allowsd.
Ordinance No. 'l I grautlng t the
Western Colon Telegraph uompnoy
psrmiasioti for poles on streets and
alleys of Outsrlo wss read first tims.
J. O. Hcritchtleld. tbe Frultland
hanker, waa u pesenger to Boise Mon
dsy. Whils here he ststed that the
spple markst was satisfsctury aud
many of the growera were selling their
entire crop ut good prices aud all are
selltug ou a ean basis, having had all
tbe ooininlasiou prices they oare for.
'The pttwsn range from 81. 'lb to l.."0.
Sargent and Burnett are shipping
u few cm I'.ad-i of extra fsucv Jouathaue
from Ontailii thst are certainly line,
miming IsSsI '-" In the box, well
colored and smooth, for the south
eastern market.
M. A. Woodrulfdied at the hospital
on Friday alter a short illuess. He
came down to attend the fair aud
when his physician saw him he l. led
to induce him to go to the hnltul,
but It warj several de t before he
would gie up and ll.'U the lever
could not In- (in Mi. in.
Mr. Woodruwtf v. as s resldeut of
tbe Juntura uiintrv for many years
aud was looked ilpou a uiin.iig ths
substxlitlal i illen nt that stctlou.
The funeial was held from the
Math dist church here ou Huicl n,
liev. Johns i lusting tic swfvlwSf
aud tbe bjl waa in I lie local
cemetery. Ihi. i wife aud -mn
of the Imini distt- family.
Mr Woodiulf we torn lu Indiana
')! years sgo.