The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, October 02, 1913, Image 5

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    Ontario Pharmacy
Special this Week
Floating Castile Soap
24b. Bar 35c
Rexall Remedies
Eastman Kodaks
Mrs. M. F. Bennett, of Baker,
was a guest at the Griffin home
a few days this week.
I. P. Taylor, of Boise, is here
visiting his brother, Col. S. F.
A telegram was received here
v this morning announcing that
Prof. Thos. Shaw, of the J. J.
Hill staff and Prof. French, of
the Agricultural college, would
be here Friday evening to ad
dress the people. The meeting
ing will be held in conjunction
with the reception to the teach
ers as that meeting is too far
advanced to be postponed.
Mrs. A. L. 8proul returned a
few days ago from Portland and
Mount Angel, where her son
II. mill! is in school.
John Weaver has gone to Cow
Valley to visit with his 100
Frank. The crop- in that sec
tion are fine this year and it is
proving a good place to raise
grain and potatoes, which many
are feeding.
A largo number of the young
people from here attended the
dance at Maneman's place, on
the bench, last evening and they
report a splendid time.
per cent loans on farms, or
chard lands, city property, to
buy, build, improve, extend or
refund mortgages or other secu
rities; terms reasonable; spo
cial privileges; coirespondence
invited. Dept. L. 618 Common
wealth Mdf., l)i'iivcr, Colo., or
Dept. I, 740 Henry Bldg., Beat-
tie, Wash
Dave Magill has gone to Duck
Valley, Nevada, to receive 1000
head of cattle for Carstairs.
There will be a reception in
tin- high school Friday evening
a 8 o'clock for the new teachers
and all the parents are expected
to he present and get acquainted.
If you are looking for a place
to worship next Sunday you are
invited to attend the services of
the Congregational church. Sun-
day school at 1" a. m. and the
celebration of the Lord's Sup
per at I I .1 in In the evening
a practical Endeavor service be
ginning at 00 and at the regu
lar evening service beginning
at 7:30 a sermon lecture, "The
First Man." It will do you
good to come. Philip Koenig,
H. W. Jones who went to
England some eighteen months
ago, has returned with his bride.
He says the condition of the
people over there is really piti
able and they do not realize how
Administrator's Notice.
There was a business meeting
of the Carnation club on Satur-: . .. , , .. .
1 In the County Court of the Stnte of
day evening and new officers Oregon, for Malheur County,
elected. Mrs. Printing is the 1 ! matter of the estate of Peter
new president, Mrs. Peterson,' "'. deoeeeed.
r .. ... ,, . Notioe Ik hereby given that the
vice-piesident and Mrs. Emison UDder.RDed hae been duly appointed
secretary. One evening party by the County Court of the State of
will be held each month during rn. 'r Malheur County, aa ad
in 1 n imi r hi 1 1 in mi- i-hi.iii' hi reier
the winter months.
Bob Cavin won the first money
and John Spain second for the
best riding at the Walla Walla
show last week. Bob will be at
Caldwell this week.
Fine dry slab wood at Van
Petten Lumber company.
Mrs. James Atherton, ot Mis
souri Valley, Iowa, is visiting
her sister, Mrs. Charles Ather
ton. She formerly lived here
and has many friends who will
be pleased to see her.
Mr. Crossen returned Sunday
from a trip to Dalles.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mays have
returned from their summer
outing in the Sawtooth range
back of Ketchum. Joe says the
ice and snow got too thick for
comfort and they just had to
come back to civilization.
Judge L. I; Webster, of Port
land, is here this week looking
after legal matters and good
For Sale Three good high
grade Holstein cows. E. C.
Preston, New Plymouth. Phone
Horse Lost Black gelding, "2
years old past, white star in
forehead branded j on right
shoulder. Return to C. H.
Trousdale and n ive reward.
Phone BOt-M.
The John Thompson fire lo?s
occurred on the Pill mid a draft
for $1200 to pay arrived on the
17th through the Ontario lual
Estate company.
tloutoii, decaaeed.
All peraona baring claim against
tbe eatate of tntd deceaeed are reaulred
to preeent the aame to mo nt the offlee
of C. Mel Minimi II. at Ontario, Ormnn,
within aix moutda from date hereof
Dated this 2nd day of October, IMI,
Wm. Bouton.
Adminiatrator of the eatate of Peter
Bouton, deoeaaed.
From the Timea
A. W. Athey, formerly Srd
trick man in Ontario, is now the
agent at Juutura.
The last two bridges and the
small tunnel are about com pleted
and trains will be running into
Juntura this week.
Ontario is to be congratulated
on the good show, the spleudid
entertaiument and the good
order preserved.
The concrete crew is working
on the bridge below Jonesboro.
Dun. Murphy and bride are
home from their honeymoon.
The west end of the county
will never be slighted so lone as
Billy Jones remains a director
and officer of the Fair associa-
much better they could do injtion. Billy is on the job all the
Notice of Dissolution of Partnership.
Notice la hereby siren that the
saloon biifineia heretofore conducted
id Ontario. Oregon, under the firm
name of Erpeldlng and Keeaeler, haa
been thla day dieaolved, Mr. John
P. Krpeldlng retiring mid Peter Kae
eler continuing tbe bualneia. Mr.
Peter Keateler oolleotina all ouUtand
Ing aeenunta and paying all billa.
Dated at Ontario. Oregon, Hat) 1st
day of October. 1913.
Peter Kesaeler.
Home Made Candies
Oppoaite Dreamland Theatre
Our candies are pure and whole
aome. Our cough candy will cure
that cold you have or a frog in
your throat.
Give u a Trial
YM AilvrrilK-mrnU
Money to
gated farm.
loan Improved irri
W. H. Doollttle Co.
Draynge ordera taken at Moore
1 1 1 t 1 John Land Ingham, reeidenre
phoue 1 '1 .
Three Iota for aale '2 Mock weat
Of puvtofllce at a bargain. Inquire lit
Argil office.
The ice cream aerted at the Onta
rio Bakery ia alwaya juat right.
If yuu appreciate a lih of rich,
aoiootli ice cream try the Ontario
this section. He traveled ex
tensively through points of
historical interest while away.
Dry slab wood for grate and
kindling at Van Petteu Lumber
The Episcopal Women's Guild
will give a silver tea at tbe home
of Mrs. E. A. Fraser on Thurs
day afternoon, October 0. A
cordial invitation is extended to
all. The ladies also wish to an
nounce tnut they will do plain
sewing during the coming win
ter. Fur particulars apply to
either Meedames Hchotea, Era
ser, (ioldbacher or Clagett.
Born October 1, to Mr. and
Mr- Donald McPherson, a sou.
time, keeping things moving
and the crowd in good humor
through his megaphone.
Five saloon licenses have been
The display of building stone
from Juutura attracted much
attention at the county fair.
Anyone uaiitmg potftlOM dug
with machine cull on Shaffer iV
lean, or phone 111 N-:5 after 7
p. in. or 0 a. m.
Wanted Asuddle for a lady
must be cheap, l'houe 00.') K '-'.
For Kent Two furnished
nmins, I blocks north of school
house and 1 block west. Mrs.
L. B. Pierce.
For Sale or Trade For im
proved town property, 20 acres,
west of the fair grounds. In
quire of Virgil Staples, Vale, for
Old paper at tbe Argus offlov 16
eeiita per hundred. Juat what you
need to line your cabins and ii"--under
tbe oar pet
On laat Tiiuredya a die occurred
at tbe farm of Mr Mpayfcajy, aoutb
of bare, which deetroyed eome 175
toes of bay and tr Tbe tire it
eappoaed to hare ajaj from the
thxeehiug machine wbicb ba 1 been
work lug there.
Wheat. New Crop Club, 7c; blue
atem, Hue. red Kuaalan. 7le.
Hay Timothy, fit; alfalfa, fit.
Butter Creamery, Sic.
Egfc Candled. 36c.
Wheat. New Crop Bluestena,
club, 80c; red Ruaalan. 7le.
Hay Timothy, 117 per ton; alfalfa
$13 per ton.
Buuer creamery, Sic.
Mullan Pioneer Die of Typhoid
Mu Mfl Q Kennedy
lied here of typhoid fever after aa
about ten daya. Mr Ken
ned) war polio fodse ami city rlerk.
which potltlona be bud o eupied tor a
nuiul r.
W obcgonJ IV
Urn ibbbw LwHWfewHawH '
Something New Found at
Ladies' and Misses' New Suits, New Dresses, New
Coats, New Millinery, New Dress Goods and Trim
mings, New Neckwear arriving and
being unpacked every day.
Every time you are down town step in and see the
New Things as they Arrive
Department Store
Our fall shipment of
Bridge & Beach
Stoves and Ranges
are here and ready for your inspection.
Get your heater now and take
the chill off the house these
cold nights.
Malheur Mercantile