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2 Showing That a Mistake May
Breed Mistakes I
The inrldont of thin story vni a re
cent occurrence. This Is ment limed
beforrhnnil tipcnusp there nre cnrplug
rrlth-s who would nn.v after rending It
thnt tlie plnn wns farfetched; ttint such
happening! nre only to be found In
stories mid there Is nothing probable
In It.
Mike Hi'llev, n young mnsnn, started
nut to work on a bright morning, light
hearted, for by the end of th week,
when pit Id off. In- would hnve the IVK)
that In- hn.l rrsohri) to snve before
uiarrylnu Nora OTimle. the girl he
IovimI mid who loved hint better thsn
all tlie world. The bin ills had been
published. Mid everything was tielng
made ready for the weildlng, which
.Fs to occur in Just ten days from that
I Mike said "So long" to his mother,
who was n widow, and to his sister,
Kathli'cii, who worked In n paper, mill,
and then walked briskly along till
be en nic to the house where Nora lived
.mil where he expei ted to ';ee her sit
ting In the second story window sew
ing on her Pcilillnu outfit, for Norn
knew the time Mike went to work
and was always there to give und re
ceive n smile, and sometimes they bnd
ii brief clmt together.
This looming Norn threw up the
sash, and Mike lopped, nnd Norn ask
ed lilm If be iini attended lo this and
to thnt In preparation lor the wedding
or the lining np of the nest In which
they were to live, a four room house
near Mike's present home. lie
satisfied her that he hud done the
painting needed, and replaced the
broken glass In the windows, nnd
nii'inled the roof, nnd they both ngreed
thnt there was nothing more to be
done on the premises except what
could ha done lifter they moved In.
Mike ktaftl lis hand to her. She threw
hint it kiss lu return, and Mike went on
his way, while Norn drew down the
sash and resumed her sewing,
sin- was ver happy ronslderlui that
she wns to be mnrii.'d so soon to the
tun ti she loved nnd idled her noodle
briskly It seenuil to go through the
fulsrlc of Itself.
Hut suddenly presentiment cntne
over her thnt something was about to
happen. In her mind's ej e she snw n
eotnn with Ml!:e lu It nnd n lot of
Bonnier sitting about si n funeral.
I Inn it H.i ined to Hint Mike sat
up In his cottln and sulci: "What nre
you slttln' around Hint way for when
viiu'vt eoine lo n voddlii'V lie! up and
shako n leg." Hut Norn drove it out of
her bend.
About It o'elis'k Hint night Mike's
sister, Kathleen. npsin.l nt Norn's
home and asked if she hud seen any
thing of Mike, for be hud not come.
I ie Nora wns a lilt troubled, for
Mike, especially xluce lie had begun
his preparations to lie married, bad
Iteeli very regular III Ills hoiueooiullig
after k king off work at " in the
afternoon She told Kathleen that she
had not seen him since lie went by
In the morning, when he was I, Hiking
ii well and very cheerful She ask
ed Kathleen lo tell 111 ill when he re
turned to come mid let her know of
his arrival, for she would not go to
IsmI u, .11 she had news of htm.
Mike did not come home that night.
and In the morning her mother, his
sister and Ids sweetheart were nil very
much tioiililed Hlsiut his absence.
They ho,,-d thill Hie poMiuull would
Ioiiij a note from him stating that ht
had been called upon to ih some work
which would lake lom too fur froiu
home to warrant his coming In (he
eveiiii.j and going out again the next
inori.liig Hut the iMiktmnn passed,
whistling at the door of eiery other
hone on bis wnj evoi'i'l Hint of the
Kelleis. not leaving them a single
leti. i
I'he day ended without liny word
from Mike They would liuie sent to
where be worked la laqatre aismt him.
but Mike had never tal.n pains to
keep them infoi tued aa to the placaa
Whele he was .mploji.' '..- was
fri-'iuei Hy cbanglug sonietiinee work
lug on two or tin
a i hi'! hUke i.i not
turn up His toother was broken
down with worry. Nora her
preparations, for the eeddl - Kaiii-1,-,-n
al i I i" '" to
work v nnd wb mind wa
. up under tlie
i , All three of them era nned
what newnpapeN they conM get haM
of to age il I hid.v had Us n found
anj nrhere that sttkaa
one iiiorniiig just MMV Kathleen
went to the f.i. t'T.v -!: saw lu-r moth
er. who I . Ill .. new-.
f..r of Mike, fall in a faint.
If I III tana ran 1 1 li-r. mil her first
ta .ifter regaining eooacioaaaaaa
Mi I-
I -Wrier is it iberl ti,.-i tt
n.r si
i tin
a man
It tent v'
I . "Theres no O' to out
Tes, tt Is. replied tin.' poor woman.
"Tlie newspapers never get names
right, mid like enough the hospital
people iiuiile the mistake themselves "
Now. don t ,,n worry, mother. danft
I'll go to the hospital 111 do no work
today- and see If It's Mike. Hut I'm
sure it Isn't."
So Kathleen. Instead of going to the
factory, started for the hospital and on
machJng It Itthed to see the body of
the man who luul died there the day
before. She wns taken to where the
body Iny. unit the moment she looked
it It the tears started to her eyes, and
she turned them nwny nt once, so
ghastly was the sight
"It's my brother, Mike ReHey," arte
She went nwny. stopping nt Norn's to
break the snd news to her. Norn wns
broken hearted, but bore her nffllrtlnn
with reslgnntlon. She went with
Knthleen to Mrs. Reiley nnd told her
that the Ixxly In the hospital wns
After nwhllc when they had become
quieted they took steps to have the
body brought to Hie house for the fu
nernl They enlled In friends, who
took the burden upon themselves of
making nil the prcpnrntlons. An un
dertnker wns Instructed to bring the
body, and nil other details were at
tended to.
The same evening the body arrived,
already In Its cotlln.
A number of friends looked nt Mike,
each making sonic remark.
"He looks very natural," sold one.
'Tie must have died a peaceful dentil."
"How changed:" sn!,, nnother. "I'd
sentvely know htm."
And so the roiumeiits went on Mrs.
Itelley giwed down upon the corpse,
her fine blind. si with tears. Nora
would not look nt tt. saving that she
preferred to remember tlie happy conn
teuniM'c of her lover as she snw It
when lie looked up nt her while she
wns sitting nt her window the hist day
he ever went to work.
When the day of the fnuernl came
round the mother, tlio sister mid the
betrothed were given seats near the
coffin, while Hie friends of the family
tool. I h. ilrs behind them There they
await ill the opening of the funeral
We left Mike on Ills way to Ids work
He wns engaged In laying brick nil
day. nnd Just before knocking off the
boss drove up In n buggy nnd Mild to
"Mike, I've got n cull for n chimney
out lu the country. Tile carpenter
irert Is nil done, nnd they can't do at.
more till the ekitnnej is put in. I've
agreed to send ii man out tonight to
gO p. work tlie llrst thing In the morn
lug 1 want you to go."
Mike demurred, but the hoaa offered
him double pay. nnd lie consented. A
trntn was leaving In half an hour.
which was barely enough time for
Mm to catch It He arrived at his
destination at 11 o'clock nt nl::ht and
found n team waiting for Mm that car
rlcl him fifteen miles Into the country,
where there was no other house Hum
the one being built within a consider
n hie illslaii. c
Mike worked several days on tlie
chimney. He thought he should try to
get word to his family as to the rea
sou for his absence, but lie was too
busy to think much about It. He hud
ouce or twice remained on a Job for
several days without going home or
sending word and did iml expect to
Ik- longer on this one Hut Is-fore be
Mulshed It lie was ealhsl hi to put
lu the foundation walls for a house
ready to lie built a few miles away
ami was offered double pay If be would
do It. lie thought what a beautiful
bridal gift lie could buy for Norn with
the extra inoiie.v he was earning He
would take tlie Job and If Norn is mi
plained of Ms Isdng a way so long Just
before the wedding ho would console
her with the gift
When Mike finished his work nnd
went home, ns be approached Hie
house where his mother llisl lie raw
a hearse and cairiagas Btandlog before
the door. Torriiieil. he went iii, eager
to know who was dead There sat his
mother and lstr and bride to be In
a row Is-fore a coffin His mother gave
him one look and Nora drew
buck from Mm. Those occupying the
rear seals tumbled over ca. n other l.i
get through the narrow ttoaf
Kathleen alone seemed I" take In tlie
"Mike." she cried, "v.. re I dead,
after all! "
"Iii-aA? Win should 1 be il.-inl?"
"I made a mistake Mebbe I didn't
look . lo-.- .
"What's the nnilter with ou
aaked Mike
My this time V"' i 'I her
wit- .ml flew o h.r lavm! anus bin
lu.; her face on -t and crvlng
"Oh. Mike sun- . ' We
thought ...u weie in v.nir 0000 '
"In mv cotfin': Do I hs.k like t'nit ''
This l.-d to a loiupaiison mat It was
agreed that tin di though gat
unlike Mike, andor otbei i Ircuoi t
Would hot b.iv a b. en ml 1 ,!.en for him
"liet It out at once:" I Ii. d V
Iii a rwtokltng all waa changed The
nt ..fT t:.. ..'p. arauce
Of mourning and pat on the hag
preeeioti of wedding for It wn
decided to biirr.v i, the bridal pi.
tl -lis and turn toe funeral Into a mar
riage That verv , the pair
' r, t' !
I ' d for their !
. ta
t . .
Id I i
Serate Completes First Read
ing of Tariff Bill and It
May Pass Within Week. J
Washington. The senate has com
pleted the first reading of the new
tariff bill, although many of the most
Important new fentures of the meas
ure remain to be settled. Senate lead
ers agreed thnt the disposal of the
first reading of the bill had brought
the passage of the measure within
view, and thnt nnother week ma wit
ness Its completion and passage.
The rates of the new Income tax,
the proposed tax on cotton futures,
many provisions of the administrative
features of the Inw, the suggested tax
rebate of .r. per cent for Imports
brought In American ships, and many
other sections of His measure that
will occasion debate were put over
without action, mid will be taken up
ngnin this week. Senator Norrls an
nounced thnt before the bill wns com
pleted he would propose an amend
ment directed nt the Brazilian coffeo
monopoly, giving the president au
thority to levy a 25 per cent duty on
products controlled through monopoly
or conspiracy In another country.
Several Important Changes Made
The sennte made several Important
chnngoH In the bill. The proposal of
the democrats to give circuit courts
of appeals rqunl Jurisdiction with the
United States customs court was with
drawn by Senator Williams In behalf
of the democratic committee mem
bers. He said the committee had de
elded It would lie better to leave the
final Judgment In custom casea en
tirely to iho customs court.
A provision prohibiting the Importa
tion M ..,'U made by convict labor.
or "principally by children under 14
years of age" waa adopted.
The provisions giving the President
power to establish retaliatory duties
much higher than the usual tariff
rates against certain Imports from
countries that mlghl discriminate
against the lulled Stale- were adopt
ed after several fruitless attempts by
the republicans to amend them bv in
creasing the list of articles on which
(he intra duties could be levied.
President Hopeful of Peace In Mexico
President Wilson Is still hopeful of
favorable culmination of the negotln
lions undertaken by Hits country lo
bring about peace In Mexico.
Ills urgent appeal to Americans In
Mexico to leave the country was de
clared to have been determined on nf
ter wise counsel, not alone because of
the present situation lu Mexico, but
because ol conditions which mlghl tie
velop In spite of the efforts of the pro
visional government to pipveni any
Minn coining in foreigners.
That the administration Is content
to give the situation plelitv of time to
work itself out Is dein. .-.I b the
present attitude of the president nnd
hts advisers, and Is regarded as one of
the explanations for Special Kuvoy
Mud's remaining In Vera Crua.
Ltgal Lights Mset.
Montreal The address delivered
by the Lord High Chancellor of Kng
land, Vtaoaaat HaMaao of rioan.
formed Hie prlnctpb. feature of the
opening noting In the American liar
gin HOB Viscount llaldnne held
an OUdle filled
the I't Ii I heat, i anil retailed
many of tl,. legal llitlns of t Li
ra coiiiiieiii and mental ft i
Legislators Called to Sulzer Trial
Albany. A formal call for the state
legislature lo eOOMOble here at noon
September 18 for the Impeach men i
araanadhsgg agalnot Oovaraar William
Sulzer, ohargod with malfeasance in
office, baa been issued.
Compulsory Illuminations.
The WOOl end ot Loudon a always
ablaze with lights on the evening of
the :. int'.s birthday, but ne living og
doner can claim to liiw seen a gen-
, .r tin- motrnpnito in
ilecollaction and Itntaatina1 J it.
i bin
. I LoudoU w - thai eeiebiat-
kng Ike battle i u Now ih.-ie
Mill dl-plnys. but tills
on., o il Not a wi'.dow
I out bail Its I hi
tile stuck In a I l II. ol clay w Idle in
bouses of more pretension one blazed
lloho paraded the mo-
trop.,1 Hyde hark earn
White. Impel with cries of 'Light Up!'
sud smashed every window that did
a dj;. in aaaa i H
Charm of the Nutmeg Tree.
' '
il of
n bit
There's Something
in the way of novelties all the
time at our moving picture
show. Constant changes of
films and subjects make it
The Most Attractive md
place of its kind, and always
the most entertaining. Hit
is where you get your mon
ey's worth of fun and in
struction. Dreamland Theatre j
200 Acres for Sale
Fifty acres has been seeded to alfalfa.
Some buildings. All under fence.
Railroad line through tract. On Snake
river. Well drained bench land. Klec
tric pumping plant can be installed for .
$12 per acre. Will cut up to suit buyer.
Address Box 128, Ontario, Oregon
Must Be Printed
We are printing more wrappers than any other two
offices in thisjsection. There is a reason. We have
the machinery, type and workmen necessary and we
take the same care with Butter wrappers that we do
with wedding invitations.
Take your next order of
lint trr Wrappers to the
Argus Office
Empire Lumber Co.
Ontario, Oregon
Rock Springs and King Goal
June and July $7.50 Delivered At yard $7.00
After Aug. 15 $8.00 And $7.50
Townsite Now Open
Situated near the Malheur Lake, on a high, fine gentle
sloping tract of land. This site offers exceptional
opportunity for making a good city. Vast areas of ara
ble territory spread out in all directions. Every valley
and streamlet of the distant mountains lias its ranches
and flourishing livestock. Considerable land in the
valley is still subject to homestead entry, and with the
advent of the
Oregon-Eastern Railway
Now building toward Harney Valley, this '.'rand new
empire will teem with land seekers and peopl ' ing
business opportunities and professional locations.
Good opening for a newspaper, blacksmith shop, hot
and implement I at well as other Iii
A limited nui fio( are now offered for ale al
either foi rah or un easy terms, which prices will .
is built e f lat in valley.
REMEMBER, rUrrinian will be tile nat important point in tl ' Harney
Valley to have railroad.
I ah.
If. M HOIttH
N. F. Taylor, Agent, Ontario, Oregon.