The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, August 07, 1913, Image 8

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D. T. Mansker Carries Away Special
Prize This Week.
Nobody sturnls still in this
lift, V either advance or go
backwards. The ctBdMttti en
ter. Lfn the GOnttti will either
ad vnnco during the coming week
or tbe-y will find (lint lack of en
ergy is their own handicap.
To the liustlern gotho rewards
Tlie difference between it bust
)er nnd n shirker in that the
former getR what ho earns,
while the latter MfBI exactly
what he fails to get. Today is
not going to be wasted by people
who earnestly desire to see their
favorite contestant win one of
the prizes. Tomorrow will be
the same and the contestants
themselves arc going to bend
9vry effort toward making a
MtetM f tliisi week. The only
point needing emphasis, there
fore, is the necesbity of turning
in the subscriptions so that the
votes on them may immediately
! indued in your favor. All
suliMcriptionM must be paid in
advance. No subscription will
be taken for less thun six
Anyone who is not now a reg
ular subscriber to the Argus
ihuI who wiih not I subscriber at
the time this contest started is s
new reader.
Are you out of subscription
hlanks? If so, drop a ropiest
to the Contest Manager for
new supply, which will be
enough to carry you through a
strenuous week. Immediate re
spouse will be made to each let
ter and it is the object to give
you the beiielil of the depart
ment's service.
Watch the Argus closoly each
week am) have your friends se
cure a copy so that they muy
keep in touch with your prog
reus. The standing which appear
tod. in represents the votes for
candidate Up to B . Ill VVl d-
i,. lay.
Mrs. Willi) if WitdoM
Mrs. W II EUYtl
f Winston
Thiiiie Ei . ktOD
Mabel liluntmi
Kiel Buttlvi
II M. M.i
lis, s
I, fa ill
2,1 in
The Standard Oil for Motor Car
The perfect lubi muting oil sold in the
flat sluiHI tan ojy to handle. It fitt
readily in the tool box.
U. O. McAiink-k 2,110
V. W. Marsden 848,976
Wilmoth Ourrv 8,760
Mrs. 11.(3. Whitworth 48,078
nit Brototu 19,670
V. V. Hickox 8,690
Ruth Test .30,00
Mrs Joo Staples 1,060
Mrs. A. Zimmerman 17.2flo
Mrs. L, B. Fry 8,878
Mrs. John Weaver 4,816
Bthtl McNulty .:,.!00
Dottie Ward 48846
Kldon Madden 4460
O. A. Koabnick 28iM0
II. W. Iloopes 2270
V. K. Kocnig 6640
0. A. Field 7120
Mrs Winnie Minster 130057
Mnude Walters 88,660
Iaivine Smith 2,000
0.0 Dodge 2,735
I I Renter 8,800
I) T Mansker 811,641
Frank Dorman :i,.r70
Qftfttbtfl Huiley 88,868
Mrs J A Ilogan '2,200
Nettie Peterson 42.H1I
Mrs A Stutr.ner 1H,1I
Betsy Taylor 89,866
Maggie Moody 07,47
John Hunt 2U00
Maude Kidd 154130
Mrs Harry Williams 26,870
Frank Van l'etten 7127
Mrs. O. (i. Olson 8000
(leo. Maddox 2000
Florence O'Contr- 5H.717
(ieorgia Dennis 25,000
(iertrude Founds 7,555
A. C. Manemaii 57,155
Velva .lime- 64,686
Fmma Johnson 4,0H0
Urn Nott 178,868
Brat Deul 4,370
Marion Kobinson 4,200
Stella Hums 2410
Mrs. J. I. Houston S.150
Mrs L Dull 15,400
Miss Anna Robertson 7,080
T. R Neilson 8,788
Mae Simon 8,000
Btt Roberta 2,700
A 1. 1 ii In (iregory 8,060
Ksther Itussell 4, ISO
May Myer 7.2s.',
M Alice Williams 2,000
Daisy Mason 2,750
lobu B Fisher 1,000
III .VI IS., u
Mrs. Fnii.r -700
Sold by dealert
t wryvJu-ro and at
all agencies of the
N. P. Operators Favor Strike.
8t. Paul, Minn. While exact re
turns on the itrlke vote recently tak
en by Northern Pacific Railway tele
graphers have not been Riven out by
union officials, It wna Intimated here
that practically all the 1237 men In
volved have voted In favor of a atrlke.
If necesaary, to obtain from the road
their demands of higher wages and
better working conditions.
Fire at Pendleton destroyed half
that city's Chinatown, and for a time th business section. The
Iosh was $76i0.
Certificates to teach for life were
Issued by (Superintendent of Public
Instruction Churchill to 54 persons,
the largest number ever granted after
an examination of applicants.
Oovernor West haH authorised th.
announcement that hereafter the stats
would see to it that the licenses of all
saloonkeepers convicted of violating
the law were forfeited.
The commercial fishing season on
the upper Kogue hlver, comprising the
territory between Urants Pass and the
mouth of Jump-off Job creek, closed
at midnight July 31.
It is expected that a general Inspec
tion of nil the Irrigation projects In
Oregon In which the government la
Interested will be made by Franklin
K. I. ine. secretary of the Interior, dur
ing his visit to this state next month.
Renator Chamberlain has been au
thorised by the public land committee
to report favorably a bill reducing the
age limit under which homestead or
other entries may be made by male or
female persons, to 18 years.
Major James F. Mclndoe, of the
corps of United States engineers, an
nounce that It Is the Intention to be
gin work on the north Jetty at the
mouth of the Columbia liver In Octo
ber. The old territorial seal of Oregon,
which waa discarded when Oregon was
admitted to the Union in 1864, now la
the official aeal of Multnomah county
and Incidentally the first seal which
this county haa ever had.
A small cloudburst hit Hhanlko ac
companied by a high wind and light
ning An Inch of water stood lit the
si rests of Hhanlko and outbuildings
ninl fences were turned over and daiu
A monument marked "Lincoln Na
tional Highway" tins been placed on
Hie rond leudlng from Klamath Fall
to l..knvie. where the county line
between Klamath and Lake counties
crosses the road
Announcement waa made by Gover
nor West of his recommendations to
the Interior department for the dis
tribution of the 10 per cent road fund
provided by the department through
the aale of timber lands In forest re
Morrow county cltltena have raised
over 12600 to hold a county fair on
September 26. 24 and 27. A good prem
I n in list well be offered for all ctaasea
of livestock and farm produce and n
baby ahow will be among the attrac
tions, Joseph Kris, a Chicago engineer and
metallurgist. Is at Cherryvllle. looking
up a location for the White Cross
Providence and the American Homes
association. Its object Is to provide
mull tracts for homeaeekera of Ilia
ited means.
While Knglneer William Oliver, run
nlim out of final Ilia on the O.-W. R
,. ww engiiKed in fixing the head
light, his anils S crashed Into a atrlng
of frelKht cur. He suffered a brokeu
Mar broken rlha and numerous
bruises in Hie collision which ensued.
One of the Kreateel collections of
agates. Imliioi curios and sea mosses
.'in 1 1 n 1 1 1 i . I Is promised at the third
annual State earnlvsl, which will he
li,,l ai Port I'rfor.i August 16 and 18.
i of the Port Orford
pit. ne Is also to be a feature
of the I'uriili :il
i on l miidl from page 3
Baleen, John I . Lot I ti .m.l
7. Illi" - . ill
to Nus.i 1-88
10 M Shelley, trusts Lot
L'n. Block f; Lots ' atd
.HWU l'l; BlOOkl 23.
t;t and 6ii. Annex 6.16
TOOSOO - Mint. in. Lots 1 tO
7, lllnck 1, 10 ml -I'li's add
to Nysag II II
ThouM A; Bsrnsm, lots l
to '. Ine , Block, i i . Lots
1 in ine . Ill
Lots I to L'u inc., H!ik
w ittoM "l'l Kyoto 25. 0
.. i i .ii. S.iuiue! 1 'ts 6,
I nod T-, Bloc 70.
en's add to Ns ... 1 4 43
Qeyerman, P, T. N SR
toe It, Twp IS B., It
I If M . 41.10
rokOOOS Owner. Lot I, Blk
15, Brona .11
Couaty of Malheur 1
I H II Ker
i i.t Sheriff and Tax ColtOOtOf "f
said eounty ind .tute. do hereby
certify that the above ht of de
nt taxes for till Is i er
rost, to the best of m knowledge
and belief.
nt aud Tax Collector.
Continued from page 1
The North Fork of the Payette has
a flow of 500 second foet at low water,
which could be iocressed to about
double that by a system of reservoirs
and this oould he made to produce at
least 4000 horse power for each of the
hundred foot drop.
Aside from the power possibilities
this gorge la one of the grandest In
the west and people travel hundreds
ofmilea to visit scenes that cannot
compare with It. The bills tower
above vim for thousands of feet,
covered with lofty plnea and firs.
while the water roars below you as It
falls over the boulders and rushes
through the gorge. There I" over
fifteen miles of this with constant
changes and the lover of beauty and
grandeur is mot at every turn with
something new to entrance bim.
Many small mountalo streams oome
In from the sides and form minsture
Niagaras astbey drop down the preci
pices. Ho much water In motion,
with the pines and verdure oause a
constant motion of tbe air, which is
ever cool and refreshing.
If you want to camp out for a time,
get on tbe train and tell them to put
you off at some good point, where you
can find plenty of huckleberries, fish
or birds, as tbe fancy tekea you aud
usually you can Hod a place to com
bine at least two of these.
At tbe ferry there la a large stage
station, at which board and room coo
be obtained at a moderate charge,
with a well of tbe cooleet. purest
water you aver tasted, and the tradi
tional oaken backet,
The Payette Valley railroad com
pany expects to bare their line com
pleted to tbe Payette lakes by tbe
middle of September. Tbe rails are
Dow laid several miles north of
smith Kerry aud a regular tialo ser
vice will lie atarted about August 15.
Another season tbere will be service
so that one may get on a train la the
evenlog and be at, tbe lakea In tbe
morning, alto returning at nlgbt, and
a day aervloe for those who wish to
enjoy the scenery.
Socialist Pisa Rejected by Oovernor.
Olympla. Wash. Governor Lister,
answering Seattle Socialists who ap
pealed from Adjutant General Llewel
lyn's order refusing the uae of the
armory for a presentation of the play.
The Colonel and Ilia Friends, baaed
on the riots which occurred luring
Potlatch week, Indorsed General Lle
wellyn's action.
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