The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, July 24, 1913, Image 7

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Ordinance No. 237
Ordinance declaring the Intel-
.Inn Of tnt'lllT OUIK'll Ml PBIIfK III
t, ponstruoted. sewer along tbe
following described route towlt:
Beginning at a point in the alloy in
block 270 In the City of Ontario,
Million- county. Oregon, where the
'.,i, alley Intersects the North line
of the Southeast Quarter of Section
Four. Township Eighteen South.
Range Forty Seven of the Wil
lamette Meridian, running thence
goath in the alley through blocks 270
nil 271. to Minnesota arenne: thence
wett on Minnesota HTenue to timet
itreet. h diitunce of one half a block;
thence South on Orant itreet to Knu
Mg avenue; thence Eaat on Kauiaa
itenue to Morlltt atreet; thence south
on Morlltt itreet to the point where
j,i Morfltt itreet Intersects the South
Unr of the Northeaat (Junrter of Sec
tion Nice. pmmI Township and Range;
,,,, beginning lit the interaction of
Clement itreet with Kansas avenue
,,,.1 running thence aoutb on taid
Clement atreet to the interiectlon of
laid street with the aouth line of the
Sortheait (Quarter of aald aectlon linn,
mid Township nod Range; said route
lying within the City of Ontario,
Malheur County, Oregon; and for
Itrving .i apecliil aaieaament upon the
property beneHtted thereby; providing
u opportunity for property ownen
kj MVvtel Hgfilust inch propoaed im
proroment' (providing for the mnnner
of making propoanla to conatruct mid
Hwi i ; ptovldlug for the manner ot
making' and collecting the aaacssmeuf
therefor and deolnring an emergency.
The people of tha City of Ontario do
Ordilo aa Kollowa:
Srrtinn 1. That u local Improve
n. nt -hull be made within the City
of Ontario, County of Malheur. State
of Oregon, by the oonttruction of
waers In and upon the following ties
rrileil street! ; Beginning at a point
la the alley In Ulook 270 in the City
of Ontario. Malheur County, Oregon,
absre the wild alley intenecti the have been
N rth line of theSoutheaat (,uartcr of1 Council th
Sect Ion Kour, Townablp Eighteen
Sooth, limine I'otty seven Eaat of the
Willamette Meridian: rutin lug thenoe
ninth in the alley through blnoka
270 io I 271, to Minnesota avenue;
Ihtnpu meat on Minnesota avenue to
Urant street, a dlateuoa ot one -half
block thence louth on ( limit atreet
to Kiunaa avenue- t hence eat on
Kalians avenue to Mortllt itreet ; thence
tooth mi Morlltt itreet to the point
ilere -hi. I Morlltt street interiecU
IDs south line ot the Northeast QMM
UrofSertlon Nine, aaid Towuablp
. I Hangs; alio beginning at the In-
tresectlon of Clement atreet with
RMMM avenue aud running therce
south on en Id Clemet:t street to the
line interaection of aaid atreet with
the south Una ot the Nurthenat Quar
ter of aaid Section Nine, aaid Town
ahlp aud Range; said route lying
wholly within the City of Ontario,
Malheur County. Oregon; in ac
cordance with the plans and arenitlca
tlona that are hereby adopted and
which are on file with the City
Recorder of the City of Ontario.
State of Oregon.
Section 2. That an eatlmate of the
coat ot laid improvement haa been
ascertained and determined by the
City Engineer to be theaum of Twenty
Five Thouaand dollars. 125,000.001
which eatlmate of the City Engineer
hat been filed with the City Recorder
and the whole coat and expense of
aid improvement ahall be raised
and paid for by apecial aiiesament
to be levied upon and equitably ap
portioned between the adjacent pro
perty benefited thereby, according na
aid different pieces of property
hould be benefitted.
Section 3. That in order to afford
the different property owners whoae
property ! to be assessed, an oppor
tunity to Hie any proteit any such
property owner may desire to tile
against the cotiitriictinn of laid tow
era provided fur In tliia ordinance,
the City Recorder ahall at once pro
ceed to piibliah notice in the "Ontario
Argus" and "Ontario Democrat."
weekly newapapera publiahed In the
City of Ontario once each week for
two (2 conaceutive werka, a ropy of
thla ordinance indicating that the
City Council will, on the 2Hth day of
July. A. D. 1013. at a regular ad
iourncd meeting thereof, hear and
determine any written pro teat, agalnat
the conatruotion of aaid Improvement
that may be tiled before the day
fixed for auoh hearing.
Section 4. That If afterthe hear
ing provided for In the foregoing aeo
tion ahall have been had, and It ahall
determined by the City
t the cniiatriiction of aaid
eweri ahall be proceeded with, the
City Council ahall IK a date not leaa
than one week from aucli time for a
meeting of the Ulty Council, at which
proposal of contractor to do the
work and turn tali the material! necaa
ary for the conatruoiloii of eald Im
provement will be n.n-il I and the
oniitraot for doing inch work and' fur
Dialling material will be awarded,
notioe of which meeting aball be pub
lished at leaat one In newspaper
published in the City of Outarlo not
leaa thao three (3i daya before audi
meeting. S u-li -i -t -' i.l not be
an amount in excess of Uw apportionment of aaid assessment
of the City Engineer by the city council, the city recorder
awarded at
the eaimnte
filed with the City Recorder. After
the coLtract to conatruct the aai.l
Improvement ahall have been awarded,
the aaid City Council ahall there
upon appoint aome competent penon
aa a commiasioner, whoae duty, after
talcing the neceasarj oath to faithfully
perform hie dutiee. shall be to oare
fully and equitably apportion the
entire coata of such Improvement
not to exceed the amount of the
contract awarded between tbe differ
ent pieces of property adjacent to
and benefitted by aaid Improvement,
and thereupon aaid commissioner aball
prepare au aaaessment roll, giving the
names of the ownere, tbe detcrlp
Ion of the different pieces of property
asaeaaed, and tbe amount ot bene
fit assessed to each of aaid differ
ent plecea of property, which aaaeaa
ment roll aa toon after the appoint
no -nt of such cnmmiailoner aa It ahall
be practicable to do an. aball bo re
turned and tiled by auoh commiaaiouer
In the office of the City Recorder
and thereupon any intereated person
or property owner who ahall be dla
satiafled with the apportionment of
tbe cost of aaid improvement ihall
shall forthwith publish at least once in
the Ontario Argu and in the Ontario
Democrat, weekly newspapers publish
ed in said city of Ontario, a notice to
the property owners and persons inter
ested, indicating the apportionment of
said assessment between the different
pieces of property, as confirmed by the
citv council, giving the date of such
confirmation, the name of the owners
of the property assessed, so far as the
name of such owners shall be known to
the Recorder, the descriptions of the
different pieces of property assessed,
and the different amounts of the bene
fits charged against each of the differ
ent pieces of property assessed. The
city council shall have the power at any
i time within thirtv (301 (lavs of the con
firmation to amend said assessment roll,
and at the expiration of said thirty
days, except aa is otherwise provided
in thia ordinance, the assessment aa
confirmed shall be final.
Section 7. No suit ahall be maintained
to set aside or modify any auch assess
ment, or to enjoin the city, or any pef
son employed by the city, from making
such improvement, or levying or collect
ing anv such assessment, or from issuo-
of this Ordinance aa fully as though set
forth at length therein.
Section 1 1. That all ordinances and
parts of ordinances in conflict herewith
be and the same are hereby expressly
Section 12. Inasmuch as the City of
Ontario has long suffered by reason of
inadequate drainage and sewerage, be
cause of which the health and safety
of the people of said city las been
nd is constantly reduced and en
dangered; and inasmuc has the season of
summer is now upon us and the lack of
inadequate sewerage forms an immedi
ate menace to the welfare of the peo
ple of saidcity, this ordinance is there
fore necessary to the immediate pres
ervation of the peace, health and
safety of thepeople of the City of On
tario; and an emergency exists, and UtU
ordinance shall be in full force and ef
fect from and after its passage by the
Council and its approval by the Mayor.
Passed by the Council this 7th day of
July. A. D. MIS.
Approved ny tne Mayor mis iui uj
of July, A
A Reversal
Of Position
I) i-.ii::
A. W. TROW. Mayor.
Harry H. Urai-kl. City Ue-
bave the opportunity and tie required I ing bonda, or conteating the validity
within ten (10 1 daya atfer the fling i thereof, unleaasuch suit ahall have
of auoh asaeiiment roll by aaid com ' commenced within thirty (301 days of
mliiioner to Hie with the Citi Recor the paaaage of the ordinance conflrm
der, in writing, specifically and clear- I ng aaid aaaessment. Provided, that in
ly any objection that audi person or ' the event any special assessment shall
property owner may desire to urge I c found to be invalid or insufficient In
agalnat such apportionment.
Section ."). At the next regular
meeting of tbe City Council, or at any
apecial or adjourned meeting, afterthe
expiration or aaid ten (lOi days, or at
any time to which tbe hearing of the
whole or in part for any reason what
ever, the city council may at any time
in the manner provided for the levying
of an original aasessment. cauae a new
aaaeaament to be made and levied which
shall have like form and effect as an
object loui of natal apecial axsesatnettts original aaaeaament.
Alias Summons
may beadlourned, the City uouncn
shall act as a hoard of equalization
and ihall give each objector an op
portunity to he heard as to the
objection that have bean tiled and
hall hear and determine all auch ut
jeetloua that have been tiled to the
apportionment of aucb apecial aa
aeaamnnt and ahall atfer itiob hear
Ing, either confirm the sseeanientv
Indicated by the aaaeaament roll,
or If nenaaanry to do so. shall Mrs!
amend the aatn.t before aucb cou
Urination, an that the apportionment
that shall he made and confirmed by
the Citv Council ahall lie equitable
and jiiit between the different piece
of property benefitted by aaid Improve
iii.ii ' and ao that each aaaeaament
charge 1 agalnat any and all property
aaaeaaed ahall not tie more than tbe
I n i that shall have beau onuf erred
by aaid Improvement.
Section 6. After the confirmation of
Townsite Now Open
Situated near the Malheur Lake, on a high, fine gentle
sloping tract of land. This site offers exceptional
opportunity for making a good city. Vastareas of ara
ble territory spread out in all directions. Every valley
and streamlet of the distant mountains has its ranches
and flourishing livestock. Considerable land in the
valley is still subject to homestead entry, and with the
advent of the
Oregon-Eastern Railway
Now building toward Harney Valley, this grand new
empire will teem with land seekers and people seeking
business opportunities and professional locations.
Good opening for a newspaper, b"1 j&2 ""
is built into the Harney Valley.
REMEMBER. Harriman will be the tat important point in the gNat Harney
Valley to have a railroad.
Salt Lake City, Utah.
H. M. HORXON, Sec.
liurnti, Oregon
8 F. Taylor, Agent, Ontario, Oregon.
Section 8. That the aKRrojrate
amount of said assessment for said im
provement, and each individual, assess
ment, shall be payable within thirty
(3ii) daya after tho confirmation of said
assessment by the city council, as here
inafter provided. Afterthe expiration
of said thirty (30) days said aasessment
shall bear interest at the rate of eight
pei centum (8 per cent) per annum,
and ihall be payable an enforcable in
all respects as ordinary city taxes.
Provided, however, it shall be lawful
for the respective owners of any prop
erty so assessed for such improvement
in the sum of Twenty-five Dollars
(fM 00), or more, at any time within
ten (U) days after notice that auch as
sessment have been levied, is first pub
liahed, to file' with the City Recorder of
the City of Ontario a written applica
tion to nay such aaaessment in install
menu, and auch written application
shall state that the said applicant and
property owner doe hereby waive any
nd all irregularities or defenses, juris
dlctional nr otherwise In the proceed
intra to construct the sewers for which
aid asucasiiienU if levii (I, and in tbe
apportionment of the costs thereof aaid
application shall contain a provision
thut the said applicant and property
owners agrees to pay aaid asesaincut in
tan (1) annual installments, with
interest at the same rate on all of
aid aaaissnicnta which have not
been paid aa that expressed in the
bonds issued to pay for auch improve
ments. Said application shall also Nte
'in a statement, by lot or block, or
other convenient description, of the
p operty of the I p lirir t i- .- e.l t-r
the conetruciion of suid hewer. No
such application shall be received and
tiled by the City Recorder if the i.:itouni
of such aasessment with any previous
assessments for street improvements
or sewers, assessed against the same
property and remaining unpaid, shall
equal or exceed the valuution of said
property, us shown by the lust lux roll
of tbe county in which it ia situated.
The majority of the ownera of the
property ao assessed shall select a com
petent pi rami to inspect such improve
ments under the direction of tha city
engineer of such cty; provided, that
application for such bonding shall be
recused by the City Recorder in cases
where the amount of the assessment,
together with previous assessments for
street improvements or sewers against
the property (and remaining unpaid),
shall exceed the valuation of said prop
erty, as shown by the last tax of the
nuiity, if the owner shall before mak
ing such application pay in cash into
I the treasury of said city or county,
such excess of unpaid assessments over
the valuation as shown by the lust tax
Section '. That the ImOUAOO oi bonds
to anticipate, and payable out of the
QOllaetiOM Of the il.lfern.t i.ntul.lii nl I
uf suid by gottstssssl hy.
util in all respects be in ateotdoMl
with the provision! of an A I ..f the
Legislature known as Um "Hi
Act" and entitled: An Act to provide
for the ifuance of h I - f"r Hal '"'! stnet-i i.ul Um laving of
HUH in incorporate! tiUsal, 4 f"
the pa v merit if II . i. im
provements, and the laying of Mtrl
i by iriitallirierit '1 1 ' 'hap
i ter V of Inle XXVI. Lord's Oregon
lion 10. All of fiiul work s'.ull !.
ii the pisUM '
.... iUVHsi fur suid proposed im
menu, anl wr en plan
ii ati ins are now on IP in tl
.ly Recorder of lite Cttf ot Ooia
n i, u I pl
In the Circuit Court of the BUM
of Oiegon. for the County nl Mil
The Kinjilie Lumber Compauy, Ltd.
m private corporation duly or;iin
l7cil and exlstintf under and lv
virtue of the Laws Of the State
uf Oregon . Flnlntitt.
C. R. Blaklcy. Defendant.
To C. R. Hlakley. Defendant.
In the nnine of the Htate of Oregon :
You are hereby requited to up
pri.t and answer th niiplaint tiled
against you In th al.ove emit ten
action hy Friday, the 1st day M
'StigiiMt. I'.'Cl. or for wain thereof,
plaintiff, will take judgment against
ymi for the sum of '.a. 18. with In
teiest thereon from the "th day Of
October, lill. at the rate of six per
ceut per milium (less n credit In the
sum of fAtOO paid December :ird,
191t). This summons Is aervel
upon you by publication thereof tot
IX coiiHicntlve weeks. In the Ontario
Argus, a weekly newspaper published
In Ontiiilo. Oregon, beginulng on the
I'.Mh .lay of .lime. 101 3. and ending on
tbe Usi ,l.i of .Inly. 1013. by ord. r
of the lion. Daltou lliggs, Jung" oi
the above cot it led Court
Dated the "th day of May. '.'13.
C. McOunsgUI.
Attorney for Hnlntltf.
Vale OlMt, Hums ftittl.
Department nl tbe Interior C. B,
Lund Ottlcc at Vnle. Oregon. June
ti.. IMS.
Notice N hereby given that John
Lincb. I Ontario. Oregon, wlm M
June Hub. 1114V made II steul
n, plication. No. OlMt. for Kt M'l.
Mi IM. mil I'.i HK1. Section 7.
Township 16 H , l.'unge If K . Wll
litmelte MelldlsP. has tiled notice "1
intention to make final three year
proof, to establish claim to the land
above ileciilied, latfore Hum II
(iranel, V. H. UMMIsMOtOMTt
Ontario. Orrgou. on the tth day oi
August, Iflt,
Cliiimltai.t liBtneaiM witnesses:
Crunk Welch. Chin ley Ootrtl
i.iiti.n... Ortstotsl H. H l. .!"-
'rank Mavis, of Idi.h
Brnca R. Kest-r, Roglotar.
Thert niny be ninny ivnys y v lii.'h
ii girl with a fortune nmy propo-e t
the mfiii she mints for n husli'iitl. h
lielng l"'f Mai not In n position to pro
pose to her. Its! Atnetlcnn melltl of
initrrlitce Is Hint the husband su-poita
the wife. Hut few such cx..Piit
h.ive lieeit imbll'died Tills Is p: bablf
bsxauaa the mutter Is a delicto OBs
concernliig only the contractl:u I'tir-
Oeorge rnrklnsoii was imn nig mi
some stuiinl from LettcU KwiutrtUgb
He was n sensitive fellow Hi I tvollld
liinUe no advances himself i P.itever.
Miss Scarborough I llUOsba of
sulti'i. ls. uhether or Do I bey iio
sessed the wherewithal to warrant
their asking her to ituirn iieitt. were
not backward l ldktllt their In
tention Oaorga otioai ent to si
bat without Mtuinbllng on I fresh ar
liMtl of tlowers sent by MM fellow
i v lo mi offer of Ida
hand They noitle him bite his lip. for
be ver mill h Wanted UM jotmg lady
for himself, but wits too proud eveo
t.. Indicate the fact In nny formal or
Informal wnjr. H beid thai if i wom
an with n future wanted I HMI wltll
out DM for n hiishnml sbt will find r
.i to let liltn know that a proposal
from tit in III be mccptisl.
He hud been on friendly terms with
her to ilpplj DO slloliuef word for months without Iter giving blni
the slKlinl Hlicing this time other
stars had nppc.ucil In the matrimonial
beai ens. bill hid disappeared like
those lotnels wbleb. bnvliig one clr
ehsl round the sun. go forth never to
return Out of the withered tlowers
the.v left lieot-:c mutinied hope. Ill
one way nt least his p..siilon was lref
(.ruble to theirs they hail placed n gulf
between tlictmche and the lady by
proposlmr to h-i OWTM ,,!,d done
tiling of the kind Mo wag ns no
not n re.. suitor lie wits free
to continue Ills intentions i o.ou
,. 0. tlnsl Hint the) all went
tltrouirh much the same (MM I
ninti would t t Miss Scarborough at
M fnii Hon. would ask permission
to call, would do so WVMUl times.
Then Imitation to theater, concert
or opel.t would follow, inole calls.
Iloucls Then UM ''lie would rud
.bull dnrknn 111m Moftng picture
s.i. in when the HnM ha'' run out.
The lady would remain; the man
would take Itlm-elf out of her woild
t; xf "lid hoi accuse Miss H. arlxir
otf.-li of eii.ournuliig them men. lie
km m tli:it -be nlsbed slmtily to be wllh them, to avail herself
of their alle.illolis. for w likelt. b tbe
bo ftlnm 0ft MM kind or
return, Mild win n she ana Hie usual
ill a oouiliig declNriiiloii she
...iroxe to preteip n wini raoon had
I,,. ,, npp . e p Im ' -onld bring Nss
. df, ti. pn I It. I" a -k her to
shine her routine with him. that he,
lOO, would ii. 'I .ease I volve about
III,. . elllllll Still Itlld go (lilt lllto HplU Ml
it it a common Mm., for woman t
bring i'i. 'i t" a de i inn hi p.v l
rtirjee, i ul Ihow '' ten UMM of u
man aelmmlUg for ii proposition Ho I
, , ,.b ad, Sl. b I o Is
i d to do
Hill I I till
Fruit and Dairy
Hanch lor Sale.
'JO acivs in yOUHg oivlinnl
with alfalfa bttwtan the
rows. Balance i' i in
alfalfa and blue grass.
Good house and OthiT
buildings all in good con
dition. Price 1825 an
acre, Including stock and
all machinery and mote
rnenta. One and a halt
milt-s Southweal Of On
tario Terms reasonable.
Ontario, Oregon
,,,. , lug to a fin touutrj i
take i i ' '""'
, Ml III
I Sill I I . 1 in
,.v . .11.11111111 of
.Hill III
I ,...,, i n luiu '' i tat i tying
lolle'l- Hot
. urge .'ellbi i uil.i II- !
II, ,, , I. n en ournged when
'lie li.ule Hie .iiilioiini elnenl of bis In
lauded depirlure I" lu-r to -tf her
.... ...I. ....I II. .1 1... ..
W ill .' loll I"' I eiiieiiiii.-n-.i mn "
, Mea Ml fil'-'i'l. and sie It ills
in i nun i i i'i h 'i ivoiiuiii
I i . . ... I I
ll- d f III- ie.llll.le and i ge,
pyU4j v. ' i irllle lllili.lllelit, Mid thill it
-, imI for ''' fi " "' " nj
.,H v.lll Urol) I o-l e I" M III." b.
Ill , .1
ceo. um I si, ,.ii be ran '"'-
f,,, ., I, . i iv- !.. toll- I l' I'HI I Will
,ii iii m Wi.ln.siliiy
llll.l liooll "
Uli lb. .ippoinl. d dUJ be i illed and
vi lure be
i ii,,. ad) IttllM tl I do-k writ
, l.n.r On bk eldiaii. e she left
i UUM blm After
Ii bl I I v Ion- till I. II Um
bud a llltM puling
;.jfl for t 1 -ti will Ii IM woiiu nine
.. -, I i with
1 1, went to lb. b I. fill i l"-u. II
, . u rite !. ''''' ''i'1"
..,-.. i i in-. In- i iinil una
, , , d I Hi.'
I, ,,ii. It vv i- lo Hi.- r I In
nuMlllll Mltll II I ''
I , ,ui. i
i i"
The Mostljiiiililird Judges
Pronounce Taylor Ik WilUanib
Straight Yellow Slant Whlskij the BEST
I OH I ALE In qu
'ulloii im. ai
,i,i, I br;iini, bv
I. B. TETtR. Wholesaler.
i i
i (bar
i i it
. uve arltli'Mit a '
t be ill. I
I why
hi Willi a for
lad t
, . i , M i
in a