The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, July 10, 1913, Image 2

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)oo , oO--
f l(pl
I licit'
mnn or woman haade
to own a little farm
need not pnjr down more than one
jniirter of the purchiine price. If a debt
are a few aalient ! '" ,ner Justifiable it Is In a ''ne wupre
DOtfiti that need MNftl con- i a n,n of moderate meiiim la trying to
MeraUon. Those are coat. Improve- i tuo MM thing for hla boya aud girla
menu, MrMM to town. trnnspoita
tion facllltUia ami n'lghloihnxl. Tbe
Inv est men I may not lie of first Impor
tance. With tunny persons I be tone rf
tbe tielk'lilnu bOOd would be MMMMi
flrat, ami riulitly no.
Tbe rnntter of location hns to be care
fully considered by any one who pro
posi m to continue Ity employ ti In
ucb MM tbe land will coat nlioiit 2U0
an in re. Tills would be the average
price for a twenty acre tract thirty ta
forty imIIcm frmn a larwe city.
If farinliiK It to be the Hole vocation
a pansM rati afford to go to the aaora
In lit tul si" linns, where liiml I obtain
able at from s.Ml to IK) mi in re. In
M e In It V I -" to IM II. 01. Ihiin three
or rum mil' - 1 1 "in ii nod railway
Ion ii A t .-1 ' r tlin.T" of tba i
Ill' 'I'Hllnelit Ii folloWH:
Ttt.ntv iirri'n of hind ILM
and la determined to bring them up on
a r n ui
It Is always possible to rent a farm,
and that Is the easiest way to get a
start. By renting one Is soon able to
tell whether lie Ii adapted to farm life
or not. Nobody should liegin this voca
tioti with the Idea that It is free from
are and bard work. It does not call
for drudgery, but the great essentials
are Induiiry, patlen.e and Intelligent
man ieiiietit.
To city people who know what farm
life Is and who ate determined to go to
the country I ttWh to say that condi
tions are the most favorable that the)
have ever been for making money from
the aoil, This I barauM ities hut e
guns ii ami good market developed at
a flBtaf rate than agriculture has ad
vuti' -I'd
ri ilio-ie flats a farmer who raises a
f arm and
Austrian or Black Pint Haa Advan
tages Over Somi Othsr Traaa.
Tbe Austrian pine, often spoken of
as the black pine, U commonly planted
throughout the 1'ulted State i c: .t of
tbe Rocky mountains for ornamental
mil windbreak purposes. Under favor
able conditions It will attain a height
of sixty or seventy feet, with a diam
eter of fully t'Vo feet at the stump. It
is pleasing in appearance, grows erect
with a straight, heavy trunk and regu
lar whorls of heavy limbs. The leaves
are from five to seven Inches long,
very dark green and retain their green
MM throughout the year.
In keeping the -etieral appear
lice n tile tro the foliage ii MM
i n I heavy, which makes It one of the
very best of tbe pines for windbreak
purposes. It is readily propagated
51ul,'"n" ''"' diversity of article aocb as towa fam
BIX rows ... "' ,,, , , .. , . ,
Team of marns ""' to boy for VBmx tobwa has
tgs and i Ht Do trouble to sell all lie can prudtMt.
Vat l j'i Prices are hlirli enough to alToid I ills
eWd, fmil and lie ulentiils I'll
There are nice little Improved furiii
of i"it, nut "r elgbty ii'Tcn to i.c
pi I "I up at S i i.OOO, Including
good duelling-, mid other billldln. I
The location uuld ooi be aultobla foi
a city inn Ii arbo bad l go back nud
f. , Hi vsrj tun iiiici a Um tboy
Would Hi i ' H
In iHljllll au Ii a place as this one
factory proOti It Is only necessary to
lale a variety of food product-, ninl to
bandla tbom with toato and Mill Too
,.i la iln gra re.nly Tklf Is in real
It; i djaj of opporiunlt.v for the pro
d' ci
Willi sad) an equipment as I hii
outlined II nriillig ca pa Ity of I
twenty ii' re farm well situated and !
skillfull; managed
-1 II t ei r
la from 1.M to
I2.&0Q a jeiir
K.vert well t.scil ,.it on tlie
farm riajal lev inc.iim pmbj dol
Ian in Um fall vv ban tea aroatb
er win let pirnili inn; .i a
the 1 1 : i .. i nit i v no a, ate .
ouglit to I, ,ic iiticutioii. pulling
ii in -1 1 1 1 1 .ui for total o oi k
aoapo asiasioa aaooa
Set aside an a -re for tl
meiitiii thl-. yoar Tboo
in Ii nut v oil! new Ideas
Hid to llUelt siiggeatloiu ton
:i in, lii" D ii" ' and llltls
prove the ,r Qtaoaa or uaStaaaa
r..r yourself - Kiirni .lourn i
!'ti'iiorpti by KOMM H' in
Simple Huntsman's Dsvics That Is
Used For tbs Calculation.
Hating tliU aUBpto d'U e, oii can
,. rUlll He- bell i I ii I Ii nit "I inn I.
often "I atlrantug' In laklng aat lim
tier, or an Hud Iho belgbl to a l'iicd
till' knes "I lie- i ci.. win. b la oll.'ii
. i x
'V.:'. k, '' N
v jjti
III ill I'l t UK.
rriiiiil .llH, Icli pli'iiii or te.e
gl'l b I " ' I I'll' k
Bwaa of top. ..i l In- iii.ingc .lii'l.i
Farmei. fmui win. ii picture aod d
a-1 1 ft ion ... i . a fake two airalgbl
pn. . . ..I 'i a .. iftoM be baa
long faaton logother al atari rigbf
angles nud i uui ids with tin
II. biiviiig a Mffa il' stinlgbi outer
fiU'" I. .-I'll llie li.oi.'lilal ktl. k "I i
a Isill .ii. d iliuaili . icw to a stake. Oi
t III I.. I lo.ig
i , .ii i prosim Uolj in
dUliiine 1 1 "in ins- lb ii tbe Ufl
niin i potai to ftuui tbi id sat too
al'lke llpl ight : I Hid l.i-l. II lilt
triangle w lib one arm pal i i
and lb bci borlSOUUI tad I'Uiilcil
in ii,.- i ... si c in acroaa the diagonal
am k in tin- belgbl it to dolrad
Ii . He If I It isk lot
bore move oaarar I lie iroa II ll fallt
U'low in.", barb until Hie line ol tl
sl.'ii strikes the ioolroal poini I lu-a
Bliikliig due allow ui. e do liregulurl
ties of Hie ground the dUlau.c fioui
the slake lo ilic tree Mill , .juul the
belgbl lu I lie I '.in nud
It's tbs Broad or fnglisb Variety.
May B. Worth a Trial Hare,
broad bo in, know n sometimes "
thu ui ii 1 1 as the English
1 to 1 1 ii n be. in r Kurope
Rtl aullioi ille-. sat II cannot -u- . .-.-. I
In fie I lilted Si. lies or . on ' : i.chl .1 1
l'i"ie being not well adapted to hot,
dfj siiuiiiiei -. but II mat Ii" woifb a
trill It giown well In Kngliilid
I he bio. n Im'iiii icnulle-. a Ih'i'.i,
rb Ii and well ilr.iliesl moIi The plant
I-. ere. I. two lo tour foot huh. his
thi k angular stems, leaves wnb two
to five oval leaflets. Mowers In rlOatorO,
geuat i white with bl ick ete.l wing
& f
According to Former Secretary
Wll.i.i eteiv il iv In llie . n
KMWBjg: i-iici Is worth $.'.'.ISN. 2
issi to I be farmers of the I' j
Slati-s This wealth, however.
represents the work of mil ure
. ". is ( uieli The big
! prolilein for tbe farmer Is to so
arrange bis affairs tint he can
. keep n. it ure working fur hliu all
ttie lime
oaaooooaaoao too mill totat
i i i i i
lapel ui" in -
iS' ivullursl
Oood UsrOsn Advioa.
lu iiiaii) kaataaCM ibe leld of gar-
deus tan In ii,. i c -.el by simply get
llllg ili'Vtn a few inches ditper with
fork ui apade Ibe lieiicb g.irvlenc:
all giv i- V i ii.' ll aus ii .
lis ,es.s- Tin- Mltl should bt pal
erlnsl Lot work should not be com
Mowed too earl) llawtBt IBa EraaaJ
while it Is loo wet will cause tbe toll
lo pin k in solid luataa QaMl toi ts
often ruliiisl in this uiHhuci - . ,,iu
Kssp tin Moii) Horns.
If It pavs atolatoa truck garvlciiera M
send witUs.f or chicory aalad srtas
IBB MM! ''d ui. i I'.i.'Uig froiglil and
a duit "f .'" per cent ad valorem 10
aell ll for Ocenis a p u. v .
It ll t s.une .1 . ill. tit I. .
ral N w kei
I II I S..I I .11 lll.".ll. II IV
, 'I- .tie large and Hi. k. and tbe
I cans ate thl. k. Ilalleiusl iiid g.ncr
. Hlefies and siil.v ,nl, i,,-, in I
, ire iniuici ill . .ind v a.
I'"" I . i us aie glow n liolh In tbi
den i.c I held lor li.l ... ..hd as Ii
i i he braad boaa la un an .
.. ,v in. i n iiiliit aiis.1 ui Kurope
i.ole lllliei
Makes a Dandy Knits.
ho tour foiks iietsl a good but' her
Unite Hunt up .in old flat tile aud
lake it lo a blacksmith who under
st i nds tempering slts'l and bate lo i.
in iko ton one If will outlusl uuy
knife you eter bad If made right
For the Asparagus Bsd.
The bind for all asparagus bisl must
he well ,r.ilnel warm, rib Mil and
thorougb'v workisl I'or a h.'tue put' b
deep spading may do. Put care must !.
taken to Ml Ibe in inure well nliod
vvllli the soil If best results ure desired
I'.u In- lie Is Ibe inaliuiv sboiild be
i ' with a plow I loop I low
. "is In most . ...f. The
OH Id be done late In tiie
foil, the -" "iid early In the BpriOJ
"i.e tear old roots ate the
A long slnir'e r.ev f.u the
borne gurtleii is better and more
mauaged u short l -. 1 or u num
ber of rows The plants should bate
plenty of space American AgrH ullur
Don't Forget the Wrench.
A wrench is ii guodj thl' g to have
along with It. ;ilow in the , Ttllg lie
fore von ran ' fasten it t tbe beam
Willi a s'i" lip tt no
win .u.swti to purpura loo. bill Is
apt lo rut' t paint "IT Hie Iroo and
Uii'.s iusL
Sh.iiic must be provided for tbe fiivtU
Slid the little ili during Ibe hoi
w cither
ts kthiu as It can be bud give the
hciis souie goisl fresh loam If the
sod. no with Ibe earth ao much Ike
One of the remedies for the pip usisl
I'v Portuguese poultry i. Users la ru
onions , ui up Hue and fajfvod down the
throat followed by a little water.
Ibe Maine ciperiuienl station toak
for fOWla I'ul verU'sl geulbiii. one
pound, pulv en.evl glugei. iue .pi.u lei
, 1 i i. ten c.l saltpeter, one-.prir
ler 'Hind ti ui sulphate
Mlt lb i.iuglilv and use two M
three i ii'lespooiifuls lu leu vtuarta of
,ll inish
II ' f . Ii ' k.lls Is'th lu tOVslI
Ulld . 'lint lv have given gi cuter profits
"w l Hi in I irgv tbs-ks In tests made
t Ohio i tporlaiani station rtocka
with nullum,'! range hate shown lie!
.tits thin rio ks that were partlt
or tv boiiy coiituit'il I'arui rio. ks bavo
lucre prolttsble thuu til. age oi
t'lty lot dtK-ka.
Let Out the Gas.
In sever. I v or wind
c.illc the life of the horse intv be sav
.si nf prompt tapping for the removal
of gas The trocar and caiiula ustnl
for tbe puriHiee ure thrust Into the
liioat distended part of tbe right flank,
(ugh up MBT to the rib and at Hie edge
of tbe feather of iulr which ruus the
Plkisite way of that ou the rlbo. In
a cow lapping la done on tbe left side
There Is little danger In using the In
strument. bill It must lit- sterilized lie
fore use. and tbe wuiud should be dls
Infected after removal of tbe irocar
Kami Journal
It's a Useful Bervant.
Where a farmer owus a woud lot
and burns w.hkI be can make an excel
lent lut t'stineiit lit pu . Ii.isiiig a
line engine aud wood sawing machine
I.'' en a tw . ii .1 oue-fourth horseKiwei
one bait ,UM um ,l,, ., ji of work, but It Is
adt .sable perhaps, to get a somewhat
larger one Us a use tbe .buiicea art that
after a farmer gels an engine bo will
Hud other w oik for it to do.
Den't Grow Scabby Spuda.
One lliiug is surv It .tour siatoe
; are scabby lu tbe garden oue tear you
had bettor not plant any on tbe aame
ground another year I'ut them some
i vbara MJB or ou i bate more trou
Alias Summons
In tbe Circa it Court of tbe State
of Oregon, for tba County ol Mai
henr. aa
Tba Empire Lumber Company. Ltd.
a private corporation duly organ
ized and exiating under and by
virtue ol tbe Lawa nf tbe State
of Oregon, Plaintiff,
C. R. Blakiey, Defendant.
To C. I: Biokler, Defendant.
In tbe name of tba State nf Oregon:
You are hereby reqoiied to ap
prenr nod noawar tbn complaint filed
agaiuat you In the atnrc entitled
action by Friday, tbe 1st day of
August, 11)13, or for want tbareof.
plaintiff, will take judgment against
you for tbe mm of !2.1H. with In
teteat thereon from tbe '"th day of
October, 1011. at tbe rate of six per
cent per iiunum (leaa I credit in the
um of 15.00 paid December 3rd,
1912). Tbla summone la aerved
upon vou by publication thereof for
si i "tisecutive weeks, in tbe Ontario
.igut, a weekly uercgpapnr published
in nut ii in. Oregon, beginning on tbe
;.';h lay nf dune. 1H13, and ending on
the :ilst day of July. IBIS, by order
of Hi i Mm. Daltnn Hlggi. judge ot
nie above entitled Court
Dated the 7th day of May, 191ft.
C. Mcfiiiuagill.
Attnrney for Plaintiff.
i i i. ,, ..,, ,
' fl a '
illilirv ti v;i ui.u t .. i i .v I isi I "S
Kvssvs l.vlltl.
frolll seisl. but the seedlings are !en
tor and si. . cptiiiie to aovoral fungous
inoti lu nuiseiles The
lllMja trouaptanl with much dltll
ill' t . and thei'e is USIUl v I Ilea I
in the nisi ironaptontlng but only a
' ill p ill of l"s iii the sillise
i"iit plantings ll ih I s that have
I "."ii transplanted nine 01 tw! e should
lie lioiigtit for permanent plantings
broad ,,,,, , aboukj DO from lifli-en lo
went J niches in botgbl
llie A i in pine Is generally prop
lulled by all nurserv ineii bnndllliu
oiilferous stock nud can I lil.ine.l
iii ii ii v desired nuiiiliers The tree re
lililes i." i.ii care III the seisinng
ttaM I '" luipraetlcahle for any ex
cept skilled nurserv n to uttempt lo
itrotv It Kansas Parmer
Vale 01358. Hums 04IB1.
H -i .iitii.eiit of the Interior U.S.
Land Office at Vale, Orrgon. June
j"ti,, IBIS,
Notice it lioreby given that John
l.viili, cf Ontario, Oregon, wbo on
laai lOIbi IB10, made Boaraataad
at plicatinu. No. Oltftfta for K4 Rift,
eo. It, and B ftJE, Section 7,
T. ansbip It I . Hiitige Id K.. W
bimitte Meibliar, has (lied iiotlce ol
intiiti'in to make final three year
ti of, to eetahl'sb claim to tbe land
ilmve di. , ii.. I, before Harry B.
(iiauel, ('. S. (nmmlstoloner, at
Ontario, Oregon. o tba Ith day of
August. IBIS.
Cl.iimistit HMD witnesses:
Frank WVIch Ti u lev tarter, of
untune. Otorfaai m. u. RaaMor,
Prank Davie, nf Weiser. Idaho.
Braoo P. Ksster, Kegltter.
1 1 .um Service.
West iioiind.
No. 17 Oregon Wash Ltd Bill s m
No. IS Huntington Paaa ll. JO am
.o. V I -' Mail Sill p m
No 'ii lliiutlngtiiti I 'ass i. :ia p m
No. 5 Oregou Wash Ktpress I :."0 p u.
l-tost liolllld
.No. oregou Wash Ltd 2:51 a m
No. 2il lloiae passeugr 8 :5C a m
NO. U) Past Mail 11:24 a m
No. II Hoiie passenger BlM p m
No. I Oregon Wash Kxpreaa I lupin
Vale train leavee at 9:30 a. m re
turning at 3 S p. m.
lotdl Market Kiporl.
Corrected May 7, for the b. nellt
f rgus raaBan by the Malheur Mer
cantlla lompauv.
KggS, per dozeu. 5o.
IP ttel, per p lUU.l, I' c
Oats, p.r biiiilrad. 11. M
Wheat, per bun Ired, 11. dO.
Hay. per ton, ".
Potatoes, er iiiindied,
Ouioua, per bundled, 11.50.
Apples, per box, 1.00. to 11.5.
Chicken., .Itemed, per "iiud,JSc.
Pork, dres.eii, to luo.
i'oik, I lee. 7 to
Veal. lo 10c
Heef lie I" 1J,
Farm Loans
On Improved Property
At current rates. An amount.
For straight term or with In
stallment privilege.
Thomas V. Clagett
Ontario - - Oregon
The Most Qualified Judges
Pronounce Taylor A Williams
Striijit Yillo StJii Wllski) tki BEST
F.'lv BALI in c. ant ties f r. in
Ono gallon up. and main other
Good brands, bv
B. TCTER. Wholesdler.
Ijilf .i St
Deposits June 4, 1908 $199,778.88
Deposits June 4, 1913 403,624.56
Showing an increaae in depoaita of over 100 percent in the
pant five yeara. Such growth is the beat evidence of safety
of management and satisfactory' service.
New Hii sin i -ss Invited
A. L. C0CKRUM, Preaident; T. TURNBULL, Vice President;
C. E. KEN YON, Cashier, H. B. CO-'KRL'M. Aast. Caahier;
C. W. PLATT. Asa't. Cashier
Excursions East
Union Pacific System
Very low round trip fares to DENVER,
other, points.
May 7, 8, 10, 17, 24,31; June
3, 7, 13, 14, 21, 28; July 2, 5,
10, 19, 23, 31; August 1,9, 10;
11, 16, 22, 28; Sept. 10, 11
Limit: October 31, 1913
for further lrt.uU
Reaches Omaha and Points East
5 Miles of Cooling
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Is a hot weather bargain that you
can't afford to lose, especially when
you have it right in your home or
office by simply moving a starting
switch on
An Electric Fan
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You Cool All Summer
Idaho-Oregon Light k Power
Ontario, - Oregon
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and get
the best the market affords