The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, June 19, 1913, Image 4

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Entered in the pontofflc at Ontario
Oregon, for tranmitioa through the
maila rm MrnrKl-clasp matter.
Editor and Proprietor
Serenteen-year locusta are moving
northward In Nebraska, after Invading
the southern part of the state, nd
nave settled In Johnson
'rue swarms.
county In
Reports from Winnipeg, Man., say
that crops In Manitoba and Saskatche
wan nr drying up under An intense
beat ware, reaching at many points to
302 and 103 degrees.
The Servian and Bulgarian govern
snantaahave both agreed to accept Rua
alan arbitration in their dispute over
the territory acquired during the Bal
kan war.
The federal government haa filed
n antitrust suit at Chicago against
the Quaker Oats company. Thla com
pany controla 90 per cent of the oHt
meal products of the country, and Is
known as the "oatmeal trust."
The women suffrage bill has passed
the lower house of the Illinois h Kls
lature by a vote of 81 to 68. It already
baa been passed by the senate.
Official notice haa been Issued from
Sacramento to all railroad agents In
California that every shipment of po
tatoes must be held for rigid Inspec
tlon. The order followed the discov
ery of a shipment Infected with the
potato tuber moth.
American troopers were killed and
12 wounded in a desperate encoun
ter at Bagsag with Moros under the
aultan of Jolo. according to reports
from Manila.
Appralaal of the eatate of the late
John Jacob Aator, one of the Titanic
victims, has been completed at New
York. showa net aaaeta of over
$86,000,000. of which nearly $70,000.
000 goea to Vincent Astor.
Ordera have been Issued by James
J. Hill stopping all work on the
Great Northern railroad lines that
la not absolutely necessary, accord
ing to an announcement made .it the
general orricea of the road. It waa
aald the action waa taken aa a re
sult of the recent aupreme court de
oialen in the Minnesota rate caae
O. M. Stramont of Pomona, Cal..
baa been elected commander of the
California and Nevada department
of the O. A. R.
Lieutenant-Governor Thomas Mor
ris. a resident of I.a Croase. has for
mally announced his candidacy for
T'nlted States senator to succeed
Isaac HtepheoMon
It waa announced that Theodore
Roosevelt Is going to Argentina neit
fall to lecture on the progress of the
United States.
Atteaus, co-defendant with Wood
la the dynamite planting caae at Bos
ton, haa been aet at liberty. The
Jury returned a disagreement aa to
Atteaux, the district attorney nolle
pressed the oaae.
Madame Schumann Melnk has gone
to her nawly-purchaaed 1600-acre
farm near San Diego, Cal., accom
panied by her nine children, and it la
aald to be the aiuger'a intention to
give up her public career. Her place
raises oranges, lemons and alfalfa.
Jane Addams for mayor in 191$."
This is the suggestion flying among
Chicago club women and suffragists
as the result of the action of the leg
lalature In extending the franchise
to women In Illinois.
The house of commons committee
which haa been investigating the
"Marconi shares scandal'' has pre
sented a report to parliament abso
lutely exonerating Chancellor of the
Exchequer David Lloyd-George and
Solicitor General Isaacs from any
wrong doing In connection with their
purchase of Amerlcaa Marconi
Glendale Institution Loses $3000
in Bold Daylight Holdup
by Lone Bandit.
Glendale, Or. Headed by Sheriff
George Qulne, of Roaeburg, a posse of
experienced mountaineers are scour
ing the densely timbered districts west
of Glendale in search of Ray Diamond,
the 22-year-old desperado, who held
up Acting Cashier B. P. Smith, of the
Glendale State bank, Monday morning
at 9:30 o'clock and secured something
over $3000 In cash.
Trained bloodhounds In care of their
master arrived here from Cottage
Grove, and soon after were given a
acent from a pair of socka which were
found In the fugitive's lonely cabin.
The hounda took the scent and started
over the rough mountain trail In a
westerly direction, followed by the
sheriff and members of the posse.
The country west of dieminin i.
thickly timbered and is traversed by
hundreds of mountain tralla. Many
of these trails lead in the direction of
Granta Pass, while others furnlah a
direct route to the coast
Inquiry has satisfied the officers
that Diamond had made careful prep
arations for the crime and that he la
prepared to stay In the mountain for
weeks If necessary. Only a few daya
ago he purchased 10 boxes of cart
ridges, and theae he carried when he
entered th.e bank. It Is also-sald that
he secretly haa carried food over the
mountain trail leading west of town
for several days, and has the same
oached In some Isolated section, of the
dense wilderness within a few' miles
of Glendale.
That he will remain In hiding for
several daya before attempting to
make his getaway Is the belief of the
officers working on the case.
Maine Drinkers Gladdened by New
Way to Circumvent Lays.
Imngor, Me. -A Maine ahertff mlglit
find a barrel of beer or even a Jug of
whlaky, but he cannot find a beer
lozenge or a cocktail tablet, and over
that glad fact the thirsty of this atate
are rejoicing now.
For a tabloid boose drummer hns
come to Maine and Is doing a rushing
business In condensed drinks of all
kinds, from plain whisky to cocktails,
and from beer to gin flsxes. The drum
mer carriea a considerable atnek of
tablets with him for Immediate de
mands and arruugea for further and
unlimited .supplies by mall.
Nobody here knows anything about
the constituent elements of the tab
lets, but nobody cares, eo ksstg aa they
produce something that looks and
tastes like liquor. The tablets come
In little paper boxes or glass bottles
of a doxen each.
Aocordlng to a staement by State
(lame Warden Flo ley. about. 3,000
Chinese pheatauts will te liberated
tbm season in the various counties of
the state, about 1500 of them going
to eastern Oregon. Id addition to
this Increase, of the game resources
of Oregon, about 12.000,000. young
trout will be liberated by the state
fish hatoheriea.
Mrs. Dudley H. Burke, of Fayette,
was taken to the hospital a few days
ago. suffering from a gun shot wouud,
which necessitated the amputation of
the leg above the knee. The accident
happened on the 10th of this month,
on upper Crane, where they had
stopped for noon. They were going
to Bear. Mr. Burke took the gun
Savage 30.'l. out of the wagon to
shoot n coyote and banded it to his
wife. In some manner It was dls
chared the bullet striking the leg near
the knee completely shattering the
bones and severing the arteries.
When the isdy reached the hospital
gangrene had started and tba leg waa
Proptsal for Sealed Bids
Sealed bids will be received, ad
dressed to Mrs. E. M. Oreig, Ontario,
Oregon, up to the hour of 2 o'clock,
p. m. June 30, 1913, snd then opened,
fur the furnishing of all materials
for the construction of a library
building in Ontario, Oregon.
Separate rids are required for the
general contract and for tbe heating
and plumbing of said building. Eaoh
bid mua be accompanied by a certified
check for 5 per cent of the amount
of tbe bid and payable to E. M.
Orelg. All bids to be in accordance
with plans and specifications on file
with and obtainable of H. B Orauel,
Ontario, Oregon.
mmwl rtNTADin a mm mm T"- J-aCD. &g
gmmi uniAKiu i mmtmw mmti u,T(Dl. ik
ml Oregon I W mm I 0NTAR, mM
m M sssY wFB IV
A meeting ol the W. C. T. U., of
Ontario, will beheld In the Methodist
church ou Friday, June 20tb at 8:30.
Subjects for dlsonssion are: "What
Does Home Rule Mean for Oregon?"
and "What Does Equal Suffrage Mean
In Oregon?" Th meeting la not only
for member of tbe Union, but for all
women of Ontario who are Interested
In the uplifting of humanity nod In
the protection of tbelr children.
A. K. Hlcbardson. tbe Burns sbsrlff,
was her last week with hla mother
and stepfather, who ware going east.
I .on also made a visit to Koine with
Marshal Odell to call on old friends
andl ook after some criminal matters.
Rob't O'dell, Ontario.
H H High, Vale.
C. C. Morton, Old's Ferry.
John Mathews, Weitter Bridge.
J. E.. Holly. Rlverview
W S Skinner, Jordan Valley.
Fred Wilkinson, McDermitt
T. A. Barton, Nysaa
rB av
Chicago Women to Study Politics.
Chicago Special classes In politics
for women are to be opened In some
of tbe churches as soon aa Governor
Dunne signs the woman's suffrage bill
passed by the legislature last weak.
Railroads Take No Chance an Care
That Cannot bald.
Seattle Fruitgrowers throughout
tbe northwest are being notified by
transportation companies that here
after no fruit shipments will be for
warded Unless tbe freight Is paid In
advance or guaranteed by soma re-
apoaaible person or ek
Th action of the railroad companies
Is brought about. It Is aald, by tbe fact
that during the paat season large
mounts of frulta did aot bring enough
n tba market to pay tbe expenae of
Tba grower did not feel like digging
down Into his pockets for the amount
of the freight blll.Jo view of the fact
that he had received nothing for his
fruit, and the commission men felt no
obligation toward tbe railroad compan
lea. eo th roads lost out all around.
They will take no chance the coming
Prof. C. 8. DcLong, of Vale, re
ported to the oolio here Wednesday
evening that be had been held up and
relieved of a gold watoh and a lot of
money, Tbe report Is that he was
coming from Nyssa in his auto, his
chauffeur at the wheel, and when near
the K. is. D. ranch they saw a big
ray auto slide across tbe road in
front of them and thinking they were
In trouble, stopped. Two men jumped
out of tbe oar and coming up demanded
that tbelr band be elevated at onoe
and their valuable handed over forth
with The Kin looked dangerous
and they complied with tbe requeet.
Tbe professor only had about $106
and hi gold watch, while th driver.
Fiank Boss, contributed only $17.
The nrofaaaor cam on to Ontario,
bunted up the marshal and told his
story. Th telapon were started
and It was found a oar unswering tbe
description passed through Nyssa and
erosaed th brldga there, but wae out
of eight after that.
If any of the mauy telephone near
tbe aeu of tbe robbery had been uaed
tbe oar and occupant oould have been
topped very easily.
There waa a change io the train
schedule on tbe 15th. No. 5 now ar
rives at 8 :50 p m. formerly 7 .: p.
m. Tbe Boise pony arrive at 0 :20
a m. which will give them a little
ougar to work the uangsgeand express
for the Vale train. A new train will
ruu to Homedale on Wednesday's,
leaving Mere on th arrival of the Vale
train, and Nye at 6 p. m. , returning
soon a poulhle, arriving at Nyasa at
8 :30 and Ontario about 8p.m.
The House Comes Down
in raptures of genuine applause
at every performance of our
moving picture enteatainment
We are putting on a constant
change of
Most Attractive Pictures
that are amusing, instructive and
highly interesting, and young
and old derive delight from them.
Dreamland Theatre
showing of
Lawns from 10c
the yard up that
will make the
prettiest little
summer frocks in
the newest styles.
Special Showing
of Millinery
Just received for
the Fourth of July
trade at special
Special Showing
of the New
Just the thing for
right now, as low
as 25c the yard.
Showing of
Inexpensive white
dresses for the
Fourth from
$3.50 up. These
are exceptional
The new Balkan
blouses and
dresses are being
received e very
few days and just
the thing for sum
mer wear.
A new lot of
Lisle and Silk ho
siery just in from
25c up.
Boyer'8 Department Store
Always on Me Job
If you have a Job of hauling you
want don, large or small, you oao
si wars dapeud on John Land Ingham
being ready for you. Call him at th
Moore Hotel.
The annual so boo I mealing waa
held Monday In the school bouse.
About the only business transacted
was tbe eleotloo of a clerk and a
director. J. W. MoOullooh being
elected director and C. W. Piatt, clerk
without opposition.
Alias Summons
trad niarka aim! rpy rttfhu obtain! or n
f f Wm4 m.-l I ab t-t heai or photum mhI dr.
rriixi.Mi fur PUIS SIAftOH rturt
OA palvnUhtlltjr. IUiik ivtvrrnr.
you. rttr froai tamtkUe Irll Imiw. lml l In, nt
ml you mommy Writ udy
SOS Seventh St.. Wublaotoa, D. C.
Don't forget to vote for a
friend or yourself in the Auto
tor Trade
Two story brick building in
ood town, to trade for irrigated
laud. Also good stock of mer
chandise in building, will trade
with building or separately. j
,i,ir.. Kualtv Exchauce. I
Iu tb Circuit Court of the State
of Oiegon, for the County of Mal
heur, a.
Th Empire Lumber Company, Ltd.
a private corporation duly organ
ized and existing under and by
virtue of tb Law of the State
of Oregon, Plalntitt.
C. H. Blakley, Defeodaut.
To C. R. Biaklcy, Defeodant
In tbe uaine of tbe Stste of Oregon:
You are hereby raqulied to ap-
. .-- ........I.. I.. i
prear ami auawer iu .-uuiy.aiu u.w
ttgaluat you lu th acove eniiueo
action by Friday, tbe 1st day or
August. 1113, or for want thereof,
plaintiff, will take judgment against
you for th tun of I 3. is. mnn in.
Uieat thereon from tb 7 th day of
October, 1011. at tbe rat of ix par
cant par annum (leeaaoredit In the
urn of 15.00 paid Deoember 3rd.
1912). Thl lummoDi I ervd
upon you by publication thereof for
ix coueoutve weeks, iu the Ontario
Argua, a weekly nwpapr published
lu Ontario. Oregon, beginning on tbe
19th day of June. 1913. and ndiug on
th 31at day of July. 1913. by order
of UW Hon. Daltou Bigg, judge ot
the above eotitled Court
i .td the 7th day of May.
C. McUouagiU.
Attorney for Plaintiff
1 I If I I i I
I ' Ji ilaV ' i (-pJ' 'J
A Vtsaaaa Mo4ru Bubraoa
University of Oregon-Summer School
Jane 23, August 1, 1913
Twenty-five Instructors Fifty (ourwi
Distinguished Eastern Educators Added to Regular Faculty.
UniversitySDormitories Open. Board and Room 3.50 per wetk.
Reduced Railroad Rates
For Complete Illustrated Catalog, Address
Eugene, Oregon
Add. Io your comfort
Add lo your convenieace
EahsBcei ihe telling vslue of your home
Oct IB fullest value out of your investment
by our cipcriencc in planning
by our modem methods ia eua ming the
sad UM uf 69tadarda plumbing nature!
oK Rett, c. Ontario, Ore.
Tirir ir r
200 Acres for Sale
Fifty acres has been seeded to alfalfa.
Some buildings. All under fence.
Railroad line through tract. On Snake
river. Well drained bench land. Elec
tric pumping plant can be installed for
$12 per acre. Will cut up to suit buyer.
Address Box 128, Ontario, Oregon
Empire Lumber Co.
Ontario, Oregon
Rock Springs and King Coal
June and July $7.50 Delivered At yard $7.00