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ONTARIO-The Pivotal Point of the Great Interior of Eastern Oregon
fte Ontario Arjus
tod-in Preatlfe,
merit, and Circula
tion. Watch m grow
The Produce from
15,000,000 acres i
marketed from On
tario each year
Representative Newspaper of Ontario and Malheur County.
NO. 25
Enthusiastic Over
Interior Country
Mr. Hanley While Here
Spoke of Many Matters
Pertaining: to Eastern
Oregon Development.
Willi ..'ii Hanley, the ange of Ore-
goo, dropped In'" Ontario Sunday
itlfrnni.n rrnra the Harney country
,1th Col. C Jfl 8. Wood mid Attorney
MeTiillnoh. We triad to lln.l nut
hit Mr. Hanley came for, but did
tot Masai,
He was iulto eloquent whan naked
itoot Juncture, tbe town he and Hilly
bones sre building out on tho now
nilrm.l and stated It was going ahead
Hinrx Hi. taking orer of thi Oregon
land KlttiTH by the Oregon ami Wash
union from lhi Hhort Line people It
ti attnmliv expected tlmt all tbe
U oilriirii.'ii work will tin In- .lone
from ttu wait and under the super
tuldii nf the Portland crowd, ai It la
Mil knnAii that nuirli jealouay exltta
itlinn thi, two otllcss. It la tten
nlly mi ti-l that tbe ralle will be
kid and the bridges built to Hirer-
llf lit once, utter tbe annual meet log
hv call"! met ion from the weet eud i.,i to eUrt about tbe itme
Inafew yeura railroad competition
ill be done away wltb and all com
pa o i will be able to operate tin ma
siider joint trackage agreement, doing
issy with double lines ooverlog terrl
lury thai rau be aupplled by one.
Tbi-, to be tbe logical way to
Hi the i a 1 1 road rale waia.
Tbe itock rauges of oeutral Oregou
ut h.-tt.i today than tbay bate been
linn- tin. early ecveutlee and there
ir leas rattle on the range than at
Ibattlin... Manv eettlera are oomiug
i. the Callow le tllllug up faat
d other valieya are doing nearly
I Mil,
Mr Hill waa very well pleaeed
itb wbit Iihmiw on but trip aoroaa
a tnt l- and at Ontario and will
Mo be back to go over it more
thoroughly. Mr. Hill ie going to be
nod friend to Oregon.
Mr. Hanley bellevee that tbe bill
Md by the laat legislature whiob
lroii., . (or demonatratlon work In
t wv. ml ft-ouutlei of tbe state aa
aaoia.t important piece of legiaia
-a. i , i, noted in the atate looking
the development nod settlement of
Mttrn Oregou. He takea the position
1 it I- on I v bv development that
roa.U are Doealble. and tbe home
wsier i- only attracted by tbe euo
wsof o i intra.
Tbtic are nearly alx million acrea
K ineiit land in Malheur
'ooiitl iid when it la found thut leaa
i cent of that amount la
essnt in cultivation It will be
aso ia a wide Held for work.
Tbe li ia very aimple and can be
i- I to ault conditions. The
u;.tv .- iiirt ,.n aet aside money
froj tbe general fund to oover tbe
ioe of thewcrkuud tbe a tale will
"riJe hi euual amount and under
"a coalitions the a-overonient will
'U kaalal in tho miKiue.
This . f lnfM In ,tf tuvnaver
It oieaua tbe cultivation ot more
'reave Had tbe dividing of tbe ex-
woter, i : keeping up tbe county among
or uaore.
Ther Hie thouaauds of aorea bere
Poblu of urodnciuff aood Olops.
lruj.erii mathnda of cultivation
'bat are nnm nun tn location and
'') ot the farma that are now in
ltirn u are capable of produciug
ulle the revenue for their ownera
Idaho Stdte Clwutaikjud
" . Idaho. Jane 18-28. He-
1 IhI.m vu, nuuim Hhort Lioe.
Mats on aale :rom Idaho and Oregon
Wou lune 17tb to 'Jlat, loolueive
d 2 1 1 .to atb inclusive. Limit.
Qot I' tti. Se. ageuta for ratee and
lto' tartlculure.
Tbe wool irnp ia atlll ooming in to
the warehouses here and Mr. Johnson
estimates that about one bafl of the
clip baa been sold to date.
Frank Ambrose, better known as
Huffalo Frank, bas been here looking
after his wool and that belonging to
some of tbe other sbeepmen. He la
the largest individual sheepman In
this section and says be is well pleaeed
wltb tlie prices p eld. when tbe un
settled condition Is considered.
Tbe warehouse men hare been busy
earring tbe wool since the sales days,
but tbe bousea and sheds seem to be
aa full as ever, clips arriving about aa
fast aasent nut. There are a number
of lota out yet, hnt It la thought that
II will be In before the next aales day.
A. B. Mnophernou was on tbe Dead
Ox Flat a few days ago and plobed
np some alfalfa and flax grown with
out Irrigation. The alfalfu was planted
live weeks ago ami la over a foot long
with a root about the antue leogtb.
The flax la very sturdy and healthy
lu appearance, indicating tbat good
flax and alfalfa Is being raised In tbst
action without Irrigation.
Villa Lee Butler of Arcadia
is Shot in Attempt to
Unload Gun.
Villa Lee Duller, tbe 19 leer aid
daughter of Mr. and Mis. E. B.
Hut It-1 . Sr.. and member of tbe last
radiiutlini claaa of tbe Ontario high
aobool. wee accident ly shot Tuesday
afteruomi. while trying to extract me
oartrldges from a heavy rifle, and
died u few mlmitea later at her home
near Arcadia, about eight mileaeoutb
of town.
For some days the fact of tbe rifle
being in tbe bouse and loaded had
bothered tbe girl, and she bud made
tbe statement tbat if some one did not
ahaaaawa II... cartrldaes ahe would do
It beraelf. On tbe morulog of tbe
fatal accident abe went with her father
lu then auto up Into the orchard after
oberriee. On her return, flndlug
her mother tired and not well, she
insisted tlmt she should He down,
while she finished tbe work. Con
seutlog to do tbls, her motner went
iuto tbe front room, while Villa busied
herself about the kitoben and n little
later she waa beard to go into the
bathroom. She tidied up tbe bath
room and, evldeutly, seeing the rifle,
determined to remove the cartridges,
for an axploslou wns beard. Her
mother, thinking tbe gaaoHne Uuk
bad exploded, rushed out of doors,
but her father and brother. Cody,
beiugmore tamiliar with tbe sound of
Hrearma. hurried loto the bouee. and
after short search, fouud her lying
with the rifle in a Jpool of blood and
barely coiiacloiis, elng even then so
weak tbat she could uot speak
Tbe distracted parent bravely went
to work to apply first aid while
Oody eeut in i.u emergency oall for
pbyaloiaus and summoned aid trom
tbe oelghbois. Three physicians re
apoude.1. Ore. Payne and Prlnziog.
from Ontario and Or. Saraxan from
Nysia. It u quickly aeen tbat
nothing oould be done for the injured
Apparently lo Uklog out tbe cart
ridge, abe had leaned over the rifle
ud Instead of Inserting ber baud in
tbe hand hole bad placed ber linger
i .......H .ml not having suttJcleut
111 iut u- ... J
! leverage to pull easily, had braced
tbe muzzle against her snouioer au
la pushing the gward back ber fingers
bad touched the tr'.gger, sending the
heavy bullet through her body. tb
luteals enuring ber left preaat.
barely missing the heart ami came
out at the back. So great the
foroe tbat it went through tbe cell
lug and out of tbe roof of the bouse.
Villa waa tbe idol of ber pa.euU
.. n...i fuvnrlte among ber frieud.
Hi Mucral waa held Tbursd.y
'from tbe Methodiet church.
All Ready for the
Big Celebration
Fourth of July Committee Prepares
An Excellent Program Which
Insures Good Attendance.
The several oommittees in obarge
of the proper oelebratlon of the
Fourth of July hern met on Tuesday
evening and made their reports.
The speaker of tbe day will be
Walter Pierce, of Pendleton, who It
recognized aa among the atrongeat
speakers of tbe state. His talka arc
for tbe meases and no matter what
tbe eubject choaen, he has tbe bappy
faculty of enlivening it and making
It Intensely Interesting.
The baseball game and motor races
will be pulled off at tbe fair grounds.
where an mini lesion fee of - cents
will be charged anil It Is also under
stood that the Ontario ball team will
be m strengthened as to make It a vary
olose and exoitlng match and the
prize offered is sufficient to make all
the players get lu aud drill froui this
on to be in flrst olase oondltion aud
practice up on team playing.
Those motor races are going to be
exciting, one of the wheels Is ospalile
of sixty to asvsuty miles an hour
Then comes the races on ths street
at i .:iU p. m. and the fat man and
other sports will he glveu an op
Another Big Section of Country is Opened Up and Made
Directly Tributary To this City by the
New Railway Line
The flrst train over tbe Ontario
Homedale ruu waa started last Thurs
day. the drat ticket was purchased.
note tbat. purchased, by tbe Ontario
Argue and tbe eeoond by L. Adam.
At Nyssn . picked up one passeuger
aud some freight.
G. II. Oram was In obarge of tbe
train aud orew and equipment waa
tbe regular train run to Vale.
The heavy tails and tlret claaa road
had enabled them to make good time.
Tbe flrst stop was made at Kingman,
where a freight car was dropped on the
siding. Thereat,' no buildings theie
but the people of the Klngmuu Koluuy
section will get tbelr freight there.
At present tbeie are only a few hun
dred ore of the Kolony In cultlva
tion aeen fiom tbe train, but there
are several thousand tbat will lie pro
duclug In few years.
At Adrian. Kube McCreary's towu,
located near the Miller ferry and
crose the rlvar from Hivervlew. uo
top was made, but this Is expected to
make quite uu important station a it
will be tbe ruilroad point for the
Big Bend section on the vast side
of tbe river, being several nillea
nearer tbau Parma.
For tbe country In tbe Big Heud
on the weet aid of tbe river the v have
provided aiding on to Naptou
place, near tbe big draw. Mr. Nptoa
la the only resident of this section
t present, but tbe lands are rich
and will attract tbe attention of
actual settlers.
Tbe depot at Homedl la located
nearly mile from the Mueeel ferry
and bait mile from tbe preaeut towu
site, tbe V is located farther east and
the track ia laid for about tLre
miles Lhe new town ia aprlngiufl
up over a large area, a two i y
brick school bouse is completed -
i brick store, two atones aud
another i started aud tbers ar
also a small betel and frame .i re
butldioge with a few dwellings, wm
of the neople living in tents until they
! can hate houses erected. Five cat
I loads of lumber were buuled up
i for the yard there, run by Qj
11. Va a Wji.gerdeu aud aou. wbo are
al. contractors aud busy wltb sevsral
Ths lower pumping station of the
Gem district is located near tu
...ti.i.l Uiwi,r rMk and la furni-h-
I IIU.IV. -' ...MWw. .. w
1 log water for lands around Homedale,
portunity of showing what they can do.
The fireworks committee has order
ed a large collection of stuff from
Cbioago and they will keep tbe air
full of tire for several boura.
Ice water and acuta are to he pro
vided on Main street and real roome
will be open for the visitors.
Two bands of music will keep things
lively all day and there will be some
good singing before and after tbe
Special train service will be provld -e.l
for tbe visitors to get borne In the
evening. A train will go to Vale.
alao to Weiser and Parma, so tbat the
visitors cao aee tbe entire list of at
tractions and then go home In tbe
coo) evening.
Them la plenty of shade in the park
for yoor plcnlu party and seata will
be provided. It being tbe objeot
of tbe committee to give the people
II latitude to enjoy themselves.
Ontario Is In better shape to enter
tain visitors tbsn ever before ami we
extent to have u record crowd here on
the Fourth.
but as yet few of the set tlere are taking
advantage of It.
Tbia la tbe trading point for a large
territory, moat of which has been going
to Caldwell and Boiae. tint will now
come to Ontario In part, especially
tbe wool, and the lumber for tbt
ection will be supplied by tbe Km
plra Lumbar company, of this place,
lu time many of our merchauta will
be jobbing to tbe Homedale merchants
beoeuae ratee are lower from bere
than from Boise.
Many ot tbe Homedale residents ara
are looking forward to tbe time when
It will be a junction point with a rail
road north and south.
The regular train servioe started
Wednesday on the arrival of tbe train
from Vale, making Nyssa about 6 p.
m. and returning reach Ontario al out
0 p. m.
Home Team Bids Fair to
Be Champion "Never
Was" of League.
Witb good support Alexander would
have won bia game from Vale last Sun
day. Ue struck out tan men. walked
wo and allowed aeven eoatteriog bile.
. Farrel waa unable to throw basea
and tbe vlaltora bad no trouble to
take. them. Ontario oould not bit
Barrat, but ha showed weakneaa lu the
Ixtb laniug and waa replaced by
Woodward in the seventh. Woodward
allowed three bita in tbe eighth
inning Alexander, the second man
np. started the flrsworks with a aingls
to left field. K. Smith went to flrst
and Alexander to second on the tbird
baeeman's errors. Both men scored
on J. Meueiueu's two bagger. (Jold-
smith singled, aeialiug Maoeman to
I third. waa called out on a
' very questionable decialou at home
, on a steal una .1 throw by the
1 catcher to shoit. ai.d Jones fanin I
out J. Mauemao played a good
game at short.
The score waa 9 to 2. Outurio
plays at Vale next Sunday.
Aa the warm weather approaches
the people are thinking of their pleas
ure and planning for tbelr untloga.
Tboee who are onmpelled to stay
at noma are aleo figuring and they
have discovered tbat tbe Dreamland
Is the only well ventl Hated room In
the olty. Manager Dorman bas In
stalled thirty Inch suction fan over
the stage and this keeps a current
of fresb. cool air passing through the
house at all times. The palrona ap
preciate this attention to detail, In
looking after tbelr comfort and tbe
house Is well rilled each evening. The
how oo Saturday and Bunday even
ings packed the house with well
pleased patrons.
William Langbotit received a
broken leg and his wife wns tMdly
bruised on Tuesday night. They were
returning from Nampa, where they
had been vlaitlng trlsuds, wbsu near
Notus tbe oar In w'.h-li they were rid
tng hit rniuetlilng and skiddsd Into
bridge, upsetting and suiashingup the
Arrangements Will be Made
to Complete Work to
South End of Town
The work on tbe sewer nutlet baa
been held up a few daya tbia week
waiting for the sewer pips. If the
ground continues aa at preaeut it
will require aiaiut ten daya to oom
plete the work to the corporate line
and It la aleo far enough adtanced to
determine tbat tbe coct of the work la
going to be well within tbe eatlmate
eet by tbe engineer. When tbe
character of the grouud la coualdered
tbls waa a very dlffioult piece ot work
to estimate on.
Now tbat tba sewer l.aa about
reached tbe limit to ba dug by tbe
money ralaed from the anle of bonds
the people are getting buey at ranging
for the completion of tbe work to tba
big sloughs at tbe south eod of tbe
city. The plan about decldtd upou
for tbls work is to organize a aawer
dlstriot and use the Dan. i oft act aa a
basis. With this It Is not necessary
to bold uo election, tbe council
can declare certain lauds in the ills
trlnt and the cost of the eyeteui will
In- assessed against all ti,e lots equally.
This sewer then belougs to the
of the district and it will be practlo
ally Iniposeible to enlarge the district
or lake In any iota after tbe district
Is onoe organized.
It la eetlmeted that the cost per
lot will run about ib.UO mid that a
lateral ruu up Waabulgtouor Califor
ai.. avenue to Oregou street will be
over two feet below tbe aawer wblcb
Is at preaeut serving tbat sectluu.
To have a luisemeut drained Is worth
aa much aa the lot. aa In time It will
be about impossible to rent a store
room tbat bas not a good dry base
ment. Ontario bas been fortunate in the
past in not having any fever or other
epidemics here, but tbia good luob
will uot continue always, unlaea the
proper measures are takeo to care for
the sewerage and drainage of the city
Tbe time has gone by when open closets
and cess pools should be permitted
within tbe city, aa they cost too many
livee no! too much siokueae.
Klin fnUri HAmA IU LrlrlLl I
Conductor Miller, wbo has lieeu uu
the Vale ruu for several years, has
been truuaferred to tbe Nampa aud
Kmmett run, making the chauge Moo
day. (Jeorge Oram is the new uiuu
on tbe Vale and Urogau trelu aud he
will aleo tueku the run from Outario I versed. Mel Kckbutdt p
Homedale. pered for L. M. (irelg, tbe trustee.
At Fair this Year
Than Ever
Agriculture and Horticul
ture Will Be Features
Also Livestock, Poultry
and Dairying.
Tba menagera of the Malheur
County fair have not beer aaylng
rnuoh about what tbey were doing to
make tbe fair tbls yenr better thau
any of the previous ones, hut occa
slonally we bear where they are
busy along certain lltiet.
The cows, hogs and chickens ara
going to be given stiecinl attention
because so many of the people In thla
section are interested In them, but
there are others. The fruit aud farm
exhibits In charge of James Lackey
and he aeeuia special lr lilted for the
position as he Is county fruit inspec
tor and knows the people who are in
tire.i.l lu perfect fruit and good
farm products of sll kinds aud he hae
been wntklug with them to have
larger and belter stulf to show at the
fair this year than ever before.
The farmers and fruit men started
In at the commencement of the season
to get tbelr exhibit ready. Tney
plauted the seed wltb especial care
and have been cultivating aud nursing
It all season. The fruit nnu aaw that
their trees were all thoroughly sprayed
aud pi mini aud tbey are us careful to
see tbat tbe fruit la tblnued dowu so
that large spsclmens of perfect fruit
will lie produced. Tbls Is the kind
of farming and fruit ralslug that paya
and It la here that tbe fair la educating
the men to raise only the beat at no
more exponae tbau what Infeilor etuff
will cost. No lines are being neglect
ed and no portlou of tbe oounty la
being overlooked.
Miss Amy Odell taught school out
In the western part of tbe county end
abe started ber pupils out ilgbf. with
tbe result tbat tbey are golug to have
aomethlng worth while to exhibit
from their sect loo.
Dorua Meyer aud Herscbel Brown
are prewiring au interesting exhibit
for the fair. They are going to make
a demonstration in wireless telegraphy
ud show some of tbe wuudeifol
thinga that this unknown power cuu
accomplish. Kcieutlats now claim
that It Is possible to do anything with
wirelssa that it la posalhle to do with
wire ai.d that the world la on the
verge of wonderful chaugea aa the re
ault of the sclent lata bi-iug able to use
tbe ether wuvae.
tOducalion la going to be the key
note for the county fair this year, but
do uot think that other hues ot amuse
uieut are to be neglected
The supreme court banded down
three deoiaious lust week on oases of
from Ibis county, which are uf general
Interest. The Hart will caaa was de
cided lu favor of the belie under tba
(list will, the other two wills being
tbrowu out. The 'aetata la valued at
about 'JO. OdU. baa been in litlga
tion for over two yeara aud to the
supreme court twice. McCullocb A
K. -kbardt appeared for the helra and
Hand for the coiiteatauts.
In the cuae or tbe United HI
National bank at Vale vs. ("has.
Th. baud, lower court contlrni.- I in
M,tl,D" kid deed given by 'Ihtlaud
to bis wife and gave the bank judg
menl for the am. unit claimed. Mc
Culloch A Kcbhardt appeared for the
Another cuae was tbat luvolviug
the Ontario garage and a uiurlgago
given hy A. N. l-'oid to the hi rat Na
tloiuil bank at Vale, the mortgage was
declaied void aud the lower court ra-