The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, June 12, 1913, Image 5

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Ontario Pharmacy
Special this Week
Floating Castile Soap
24b. Bar 35c
Rexall Remedies
Eastman Kodaks
Local Items
Mr. tod Mrs. John Boswell
Werc here Saturday from their
home in the Big Bend. They
Wcre 00 their way to Portland
to .ittend the Masonic Grand
Mr. and Mrs. James Lawrence
of Vule were here Friday call-
ing on friends.
Miss Irene Gould of Weiser
MM visitor here this week.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. V. Allen of
BoiM and Mr. and Mrs. Bower
111:111 oi 81. Anthony were visit
ors hero Friday. They hud
been to the hankers' convention
ot V iser.
George W. Thomas was here
Sntunlay from Long Beach, Cal.
He reports qftite a colony there
of people who formerly resided
herr and they are making good.
Saturday was mi especially
busy 'lay for the merchants, the
farmers being in for supplies.
The rains the fore part of the
ii" I did more harm to the irri
gni' I ernps than they did good
to the dry farmers. Many have
their hay down, having out
early in preparation for a seed
Hugh McDonald was u visitor
from Nyssa Monday.
The Portland cattle market
was off hist week, hut it is ex
per ted to aoon be back at top
prices there was an unusual run
MUMd by tho high water around
Improved plans for market
ing the fruit crops of the prin
cipal northwestern di-tri ts have
just been completed by the
North Pacific Fruit Distribut
ors association and are expected
to be of benefit to the fruit
growers throughout the north
western group of stutes. Good
arrangements for marketing
have been lucking and it ia
thought the scheme just perfect
ed will supply the need. Two
car loads shipped from Payette
recently brought good prices.
L J. Chapman is now in
churu of the Idaho Falls tele
phone otlice 'Hid hi- many
Wend will bo glad to hear of
bis advancement.
Mrs. Fred Simons and child
ren are visiting in Boise Valley
this week.
Walter Martin and friends
wen ,re Saturday and arrang
ed : 'i the New Plymouth band
and their m-uds to attend the
ration of the Fourth here.
M. K. Sharp was a visitor
iron N'vssa Friday.
A. A. Wright madea run from
Boise to Vnle in one of his
Fords in two hours and forty
minutes, a distance of 7! miles.
He was accompanied by Drs.
Hoople and Bartlett. That is
certainly going some, consider
ing the roads.
The sheriff came down from
Vale Saturday with three candi
dates for the sanitarium at
Pendleton. Charles Fields of
Malheur, who has been consid
ered erratic for several years.
William Derrick of Malheur,
who tried to kill his Wife some
time ago and James Cameron,
who has been a county charge
for years and has recently lost
his mind. There was another
in the jail at Vale waiting to be
Homer H. Shute, of Payette,
is the only graduate from the
Corvallis College this year from
this section.
Mr. and Mrs. Ashford and
son, of Seattle, were guest of
Dr. Goldsberry this week. Mr.
Ashford is the engineer in
charge of the Bully Creek irri
gation project. They were ac
companied by Mrs. Board man,
of Nevada, Iowa.
Don Piatt came down from
Parma to see the folks and some
other people over Sunday. Don
says he likes the new location
very much.
John Gordau wus an interest
ed spectator at the wool sale
here on Monday. He has wool
at Vale.
"The High Standard of Prac
tical Morality." will be the sub
ject from which Kv. Johns
of the Methodist church, will
take his sermon next Sunday
morning. Mrs. Byrd Schultz
t'otter will sing at this service.
O. Nicely made u trip to Sho
shone in his car this week, mak
ing the two hundred miles in
about eight hours.
There will be a series of tem
perance meetings held here uud
the official who wus reeling
around the streets on the even
ing of the fourth will, uo doubt,
be picked out us a shining exam
ple of what some persons try to
do with booze. It is the abuse
of liquor that causes the agita
tion for prohibition.
The time to advertise is when
you want more business.
Mrs. Walter Glenn and son
have gone to the ranch above
Vale for an outing. Mr Glenn
came down for them.
Baking Powder
b the greatest of modern
time helps to perfect cake
and biscuit making. Makes
home baking peasant and
profitable. It renders the
food more digestible and
guarantees it safe from
alum and all adulterants.
H. J. Ward and son were here
fitoru Nyssa.
A. G. Morey, the Owyhee
rabcher was here Saturday and
says there is going to be a bi
fruit crop in his section, and
that many of the ranchers are
going to raise alfalfa seed this
year. Some of the grain might
be better.
Judge Brown was down from
tho ranch to see how the Weis. r
fellows did it.
James Duncan attended the
ditch meeting here Saturday.
John Hay and John Ward were
here also from Nyssa.
K. A. Goddard, the man wlm
deals in wet goods, has the
agency for Rainier beer for this
section and is serving it over
the bar. The beer is considered
tho nearest to Hudwoiser of any
beer made and it is having
(piite a run here. Mr. Goddard
is prepared to sell this in any
uantity, cases of two dozen,
large size, 3.."iO, with an allow
ance of ' cents when case and
bottles are returned, or three
bottles for half a dollar. Have
you tried it yet? (pd. adv.)
Miss Mae Kstelle Sage, who
tuught in the schools here lust
year, was married in Boise at
the Met in id ist church, June 6,
It Marry Dal.ell. They will
make their home in Chicago,
where the groom is secretary of
a church club.
Sprague Adams and Karl
Thompson made a trip to Cain
bridge in the Adams car this
week and then took the train to
the lakes.
The Kord Auto Company re
ceived another cur loud of Ford
touring cars this week. They
haVc sold 88 cars this season
ujuI expect to sell many more.y
Henry Grillip is in Portland
for the rose show.
Mrs. lloffmuu of Junturu has
returned home after u pleasant
visit with Mrs. J. S. Jones.
A. Storkmun bus arranged to
move to Lakeview, his old home.
Bill Bontrop has been here a
few days from Walla Walla, vis
iting his fumily.
CSeorge Hurdinuu is homo
from school for the summer.
Miss KfHe Orcutt met with a
very puinful accident Tucduy
eveniug by slipping and w i ench
ing her unkle. The injury is
very painful but it is thought
there ure no broken boi
Harry Looney, who was a
resident here u few year- ago,
stopped here over Sund I) and
helped the base ball bojl out.
He ia uow located at Jordan
Come uud bring your hus
band and friend- o the B Iver
Tea at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. J. T. McNulty on Wcdnes-
day evening, June IS from 5
till 9 p. in. Kveryone cordially
Miss Agnes Curter, who has
been attending school at Mos
cow, is here visiting her -ister,
Mrs. Gertrude Grove.
J. K. Blackuby made buai
ness trip to Council, Idaho, this
There is u new law governis
the running of cattle in the city.
A poundmaster has been ap
pointed and he will tukt up any
stock found running at large.
I'ho annual school meeting will be
l Id Monday at wbicii time there will
tp one director and a elerk to elect
The retiring drleetor la Mr. MmrIII
oi I the present olerk la Mr. Piatt.
Tafd Advertisement.
Money to loan Improved Irri
gated farms. W. II. Donllttle Co.
Draynge orders taken at Moore
Hotel John Landingham, residence
phone 424
Three Iota for aale 2 blocks weat
of poatofrlce at a hargain. Inquire at
Argm office.
Two furuiabed rooms for reut.
Private family. K. Copa, tailor.
The ice cream nerved at the Onta
rio Bakery ia alwaya juat right.
Hurley for aale, '1 - per hundred
by C. V. Keeae, Ontario.
If you appreciate a diah of rich,
nmooth Ice oream try the Ontario
The beat of moving picturea at the
Maze. Admlaaion lOoeuta.
Kntlre change of program every
nlgbtat tba Mace.
For Hale Corn popper, cheap for
eaab or will trade. J. N. McMania,
New Plymouth, Idaho.
Old papers at the Argua office 25
centa per hundred. Juit what you
need to line your cabloe and place
under the carpet.
tlOO reward will be paid for the
recovery of a anrrel geldlug, alx yenra
old. branded P H on left ahmildcr
I M on left hip. two white hind feet,
white front foot, atrlpe In forehead
Kwen M. Leunan. Hhaniko. Ore.
Always on the Job
If you nave a Job of hauling you
want done, large or amall, you can
alwava dpeud on Johu Land Ingham
balug ready fur you. Call him al the
Moore Hotel.
tor Trade
Two story brick building in
good town, to trade for irrigated
laud. Also good stock of mer
chandise in building, will trade
with building or separately.
Address Really Exchange.
Proposal tor Sealtd Bids
Healed bid will be received, ad
dreeaed to Mra. K. M. Oreig, Outarlo,
Oregou. oi' to the hour of 2 o'clock,
p. hi. June 30. ltll.'l, and then opeued.
fur the furnishing of all materlala
for the couatruotiou of a library
building lu Ontario, (Irvgou.
Heparan- I. Ida me required for the
geueml omtiuet Hud for the heating
and plumbing of aaid buildiug. Knoli
hid in u be uoeompuuicd by a cert i tied
check for B per cent of I he amouot
I the bill ami payable to K. M.
Oraig All blda to be in aooordauou
with plane and r-citlrat loua on tile
wHh and oMniuahle a II. H Orauel,
Ontario. Oregon.
The House Comes Down
in raptures of genuine applause
at every performance of our
moving picture eriteatairmient
We are putting on a constant
change of
Most Attractive Pictures
that are amusing, instructive and
highly interesting, and young
and old derive delight from them.
Silk Ratine
Just Received in Blue, Tan and Nell
Rose at Lampkin's
White Ratine and Linen Crash
Dresses at $3.98 and $4.98
New Balkan Blouse at - $1.50
Boy's Wash Suits at 65c, 85c, $1.25
Girls' Middy Suits, trimmed
in red and blue - - $1.35
Long Kimonas
68c and $1.00
W. T. Lampkin
Butter Wrappers
Must Be Printed
We are printing more wrappers than any other two
offices in this section. There is a reason. We haw
the machinery, type and workmen necessary and we
take the same care with Butter wrappers that we do
with wedding invitations.
Take your next order of A ( fRg
Butter Wrappers to the illUS lIIIte
a. H 2 IB J3V m
"No one thing will give so much
pleasure, to so many people, for
so long a time at so little cost.'
Bermele f8 Drug Store
The Argus and 5 Other High tf I CA
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