The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, June 12, 1913, Image 2

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Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Young
of Vernon ('enter, New York,
who have been visiting with
Mr. II. E. Robinsons for a few
days, started Friday for Cali
fornia. They are making a
tour of the western states on a
pleasure trip.
The Philathea class met Wed
nesday afternoon at the home
of Mils May Meyer. Eighteen
of the members were presont
and all enjoyed an interesting
meeting. The class decided to
clean the Methodist church also
to give a social the 20th of this
month in Epworth Hall. Re
freshments were served by the
hostel 8.
The Loyal Temperance Leg
ion met last Wednesday after
noon at the school building.
Mrs. R. G. Wilson has charge
of this society and is preparing
two contests between members
of the sixth grade and also of
the fourth grade. It is hoped
this will cause a great deal of
enthusiasm among the contest
ants. Mr. C. K. Powell returned,
home Friday from Corvallis,
where he has been attending
the Oregon Agricultural College.
The Misses Mamie and Lulu
Boyer left Monday evening to
attend the rose festival at Port
land, returning home they ex
pect to visit Miss Olive Harry
who lives at Corvallis, Oregon.
The Baptist ladies gave a 10c
tea at the C. M. Williams home
last Thursday af tor noon.
The W. C. T. U. met Tuesday
afternoon at Mrs. E. P. Mokes'
home. Mrs. Blomttroiu led the
Mrs. Oiscar Stout has oloeed
her millinery shop until fali.
She has had a very successful
The Roe Circle Sunday
chool clasi met last Wednesday
afternoon with Miss Pearl Had
ley. At their meeting they de
ad d to give an ice cream social
uexi Thursday evening.
Mi.,- Olive Hunter commenc
ed taking music lessons last
week unuer wiw un
Mrs. Mahou. Her pupils an
well pit-used with her wu oj
Fred Uurret traded the pool
ball to Mr. Heeklpeoq of Nl
Plymouth last week for sixteen
head of mules.
Miss Eva Palmer of Waehoi
is visiting frh-nda iu the Friend.
ship vaciuity this week.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Smith and
daughters, Vern and Mahal, and
Mr. and Mrs. E. C Stuui. n-la-lives
of Mr. and Mrs. 0. C. Btout,
arrived in Fruithui'l
evening from Murshailtown,
Iowa. They came all the way
In an automobile. They ex peel
to make a tour of Oregon and
California with the intention of
making their home somewhero
in the Went.
The Whitney Bottom Sunda
school met last Sunday with the
Brethern people and enjoyed
the . Children's Day program
given by them.
Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Griffith
entertained Mr. and Mrs. H: R.
Frost and family at dinner Sun
day. Mrs. Wm. McConnell went to
Caldwell Saturday to attend her
nephew's wedding.
The Woman's Home Mission
ary Society meets Thursday af
ternoou with Mrs. B. Whealdon.
A. H. Bundles of New Ply
mouth will loose both of his
hands as the result of accident
ly picking up a live wire which
had fallen from the Idaho-Oregon
high tension power line.
The wind had blown the wire
down in the night and covered
it with the standing wheat leav
ing only an insulator iu view.
Not seeing the wire Mr. Sundles
attemted to throw the insulator
out of his way burning his
hands and back badly.
Ralph Bailey from Wilson,
Idaho is visiting friends in this
J. R. Scritchfield and H. R.
Russell of the Fruitland bank
attended the bankers' meeting
at Weiser last week.
The Christian Endeavor met
Saturday evening with Miss
Olive Hunter.
J. A. Hujhs of Boise was a
visitor at the Roger's home last
week. '
Fire destroyed the house and
furniture of Mr. Hill near New
Plymouth Wednesday. It is
not known how the fire wus
Mr. and Mrs L. Ernest aipl
Mr. and Mrs. L. Lackey were
guests at the E. P. Lackey home
Miss Blanche Martin finished
a successful term of school in
the Whitley Bottom district Fri
day. She will teach tin, same
school next vear.
Important Occurrence Of The
Past Week From Cltiea
In Our State
eoK Way to Maka N. P. pr Tax
Orofino. A non pat-Minn massmeet
lag wm held at Odd Fellows' hall to
dlaouaa ways and maani to aubjact tha
crip and Northarn Pacific grant lands
of thla auta to nutation.
Prom apaacbaa mada by county offi
cial and prominent clttaans tha fact
waa davaloped that of a total of ap
proximately 122,437 acraa of land own
ad and controlled by tha Northarn Fa
otfic railway company In Clearwater
county but 12,856 acraa have evsr been
aubmltted for taxation. There la no
doubt of the attitude of Clearwater
county regarding theae mattera.
Appropriate reeoluUona were paaaed
and It waa unanimously decided to oall
a convention of delegataa from all the
countlea of tha atate, particularly
those of the northarn part, to meet in
Coeur d'Alene city July 30.
Rev. Rob't J. DavMaou D D Pas
tor. Services at 11 :00 a m and 7 :30
p m BabLatb aohool at 10 :00 a. m
Mh-' at A M on 1st an-1 Hrd Snnilay
o( each month. On all other Sundays
at 10 A M.
H. A. Campo, Rector
Congregational Church Notice
Sunday Services,
Sunday Sehool 10 a m
Preaching Services 11am
C E Meeting 7pm
Preaching Services 8 p m
Midweek Lectures every Wedaeaday
evening 8 o'clock
Philip Koeulg, Pastor.
Every Saturday
Habbatb School 10:30 a m
Bible Study 11:30 a m
Young pecples meeting 1 :30 p m
8 Year-old Trotting Stallion
"Dan B." Record 2:25J
park bet, beifbti) I6f, weight
L250, sired hy Buttonwood 2:17,
he by Nutwood, 2:18$, Greatest
Broodmare sire in United States.
I Pi ret dam Romania, by Aragon
K l:18fi Second dam Arhitition
hy Aberdeen 27. Third dum,
a',1.1 Berket by George Wilkes
2f:22. J B has been in tha
how ling live times end took
ft ret every time. I have paoed
him for live years, against trQ
and pacers, and soinetim.
oiit oi li is class, and only OBCe
behind the money. He is u good
i... ....l..i rml driver on the
rood. I'rice $850, if taken soon.
For farther particulars aaarsws
Payette, Idaho.
g0 Jersey cows and heifers
for sale, 10 milking, others yet
ta freshen. Call at Conklin's
ranch 3 miles southwest of
Ontario, inspect cows and out
put E. B. Couklin.
Masterly Addresses Delivered on
ond Day of Weiser Meeting
Weiser.- Covering a wide range of
topics, a number of splendid papers
were read at the annual convention of
the Idaho Bankers' association and
J. W. Hoblnaon of Boise, eecretary of
tha organisation, declared many of
those who have attended conventions
of the American Bankers' association,
assert that the program waa fully aa
Interesting from the bunkers' stand
point as any that haa ever been heard
at a national gathering.
W. D. Vincent, cashier of the Old
National bnnk of Spokane made an
excellent address on "Hunk Advertis
ing," abowlng the distinction which
exists between this class of publicity
and that obtained by the merchant,
since the merchants' object through
advertising ta to Induce people to
spend, while the highest .iim of the
hunks la to persuade them to save.
Other addresses showing careful
thought and of grent Interest to the
large unmber In attendance were those
of William B. Davidson or Bolae on
"The Product of the Soil aa a Baals
of Credit." I.ydoll llaker of I'ortlaud
on "Landmarks of Financial America,"
J. D. Coagrlff of Salljike on "Trou
blesome Problems In Hunking." The
latter wua u musterly paper aud oue
of the best over heard In Idaho.
Charge Forgery to Deary Man
Deary. Watching a nelghbor'a mall
box to secure possession of a letter
coming from the Kau Claire National
bunk at Kau Claire. Wis., and Inter
forging the name of this neighbor to
the druft for it'.ti.6o. ure the crimes
charged In a wurraut ixsued by the
probate Judge at Moscow ugalnat Lee
ter L. Smith. oii of B. W. Smith, a
rancher, living 10 mllea aouth of Deary
aud for which Mr. Smith la being
sought by the United Statea postal
authorities, the American Bankers' us
soclutlon and the local authorities.
You get all the cream
if your separator is
lubricated with
Standard Hand
Separator Oil
Specially prepared for cream j
separators. Sold by aeaier. jp.
.U.rvuKere and the 4
Vvij wmm m w
i a
Lincoln Votae to Have Liquor by
Only 28 Counta
Bolae. Complete returns from the
Lincoln county local option election
show that the county left the "dry"
column and became "wet" by a ma
jority el M votea. The "dry" carried
a majority ol the prectneta. but the
heav) inujorl-y given tu Shoahouepre
otnot ;li"' oi 127 aent the county into
t)M " it'lumn.
Tee ngbt wuged In Shoshone county
has been a bluer one. For four yeara
the county havs been "dry" under the
locul optiou lav.. The recent division
of tee county by the legislature, leav
ing old Lincoln county with several of
the heavy "wet" precincts, made It
comparatively easy for the salooua to
be voted tn agaiu.
The "drye" carried North Bhoahone
precinct by oue vote, Marley by alx,
Richfield by 21. Dietrich by 70. Orand
View by 6. Oakes by 15. Fall City by
10 or a total of aix precincta in which
the total majority was 128. The "wets"
carried Shoshone precinct by 187, Had
dock by six and Jerome by :'3, making
i a total majority of 156.
Horse Thief Eludes Pursuer
HliH.--Sherlff of Gooding county
bi hud several deputies out on the
UniU of the horb.thief who atole a
horse and saddle from the Oreat Sho-
1 ihQM Land A Water company barn
aj Hliss. The sheriff got his men out
and trailed the niun through the lava
d,h,n aasl Ol BUM to the north Oood
lj tract. He headed north and reach
,.,1 tha foothills, evadtius the aherlff
0 Lincoln county, who went out Irom
I Bhoahone U au automobile with a
The owner of the horse and sadd e
'offer IN tor the recovery of Ml
property, and a further reward of NM
1, offered for tee coavtoUei of the
guilty party.
Sunday School 10 A M
Preaching Samoa 11 A M
Junior League 3 P M
Epworth League 6 :30 P M
Preaching Servloa 73:0 P M
Thomas .lohnj. PASTOR.
Vale 0198 Buroa 01033
Department of the Interior, U. 8.
Laud Office at Vale. Oregon. May
1MB, 1913.
Notloe is hereby given that Melvla
8. Spauldlog, of Payatte, Idaho, who
on November 27th. 1908, made Home
stead Application No. 01988, for SKI
8ection 5. Towuah'p ITS.. Raoge
47E., Willmette Meridian haa Iliad
notice of intention to mke flual
three-year proof, to establish claim to
the land above described, before the
Kegiater and Kaoeiver. U. 8. Lnnd
Office, at Vale. Oregon, on the 23rd
day "I .Inn.'. 11)13.
Claimant names a wltneuec
Charley Darnell. Ira Book. Levi
Crull. J. C. Stewart, of Payette,
liruoe It. Kester, Kglter.
The Most Qualified Judges
Pronounce Taylor k Williams
Straight Yilliw Sum Whiskey thi BEST
FOR SALE in quantities from
One gallon up, and many other
Good brands, bv '
I. B. TETER. Wholesaler.
Farm Loans
On Improved Property
At current rates. Any amount.
For straight term or with In
stallment privilege.
Thomas W. Clagett
Ontario - Oregon
HJ acres of fine sage brush land,
deep rich sandy soil, first clans water
right. 8 miles from Ontario. Price
ft). per acre. Term given with
low rate of interest or would trade
for stock or other property. Must
be disposed of soon, a 1 am engaged
in other business.
Postoiiice Box 94
Ontario, Oregon
Leave Bundles at Any
Hotel or Barber Shop
Prompt?Attention Given
All Order.
I The right hind axle of the Ford
is a masterpiece. So are the
other axles and all parts that
make the complete car. But it's
the result obtained by the har
monius working of ah its parts
that has made the Ford 'the
universal car."
More than 27.1,000 Fords now inwrvice con
vincing evidence of their wonderful merit.
Runabout, 800; Touring Car, 1675; Town
Car, $875- f. o. b. Ontaiio with all equipment.
Get interesting "Ford Time" fromDept F,
Ford Auto Company
Ontario, Ore.
New Grocery
We have opened up a stock of new
groceries in the Wilson Block and
would be pleased to have you call
and get acquainted.
McCoy Bros.
Wilson Block
Moore Livery 4 Grain Co.
Baled Hay, Seed, Mill Stuff,
Finest Livery Turnouts in City
Come in and give us a chance.
Phone 95
W. H. Fiser A. E. Chapman
Means Not Only Time But Money.
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- J . x- i.u . t. A Muwhnnt and what IU"
trom your nouse to mi' wuu. a.m .., --
you save by telephoning? If your time is worth inythln )
ian nut afford to be without a Telephone.
Malheur Home TelephoneCft
Buy your Meat at
and get
the best the market affords