The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, May 29, 1913, Image 5

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Ontario Pharmacy
Special this Week
Floating Castile Soap
24b. Bar 35c
Rexall Remedies
Eastman Kodaks
Local Items
Local News
Mr. ind Mrs. R. V. Ecklmrdt
fffr' pSIMBftfl t Vftle Monday.
Po-tinnster Sproule is home
from Hot Lake aud is feeling
quite I'ort for a young fellow.
,. ityl another week of mend
jng and hi will be tit again.
Mrs. Tonningsen is home
from Pendleton, where she
tauglit school the past year. She
wjl spend the summer here.
Mrs I. W. McCulloch return-
ed Monday from a trip to Spok
Agent Drnne was a visitor to
Boise on Sunday.
William Isaacs, the Succor
creek rancher and stockman,
was an over Sunday visitor here.
A trial is being held in Michi
gan to determine how drunk
Roosevelt gets. Therejdoes not
seem to be any question about
nis drinking, merely one of
Miss Leah Henson visited
her mother at Weiser over Sun-
am', -tapping over at l'endleton I T
Miss Pauline Billingsley at
tended a party at Weiser
to visit friends.
('. M. Stearns has returned
from his trip. He started for
California, but when he reached
Portland learned that California
it a good place to keep away
from a they are suffering from
I prolonged drouth.
Ad ram Davis, a son of Dick
Pnvis fill at the skating rink
on Saturday and fractured his
John Houston, the county
clerk, was a passenger to Boise
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Moody
were down from Vale over Sun
day visiting with relatives and
Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Cook
were visiting with Mrs. Cook's
people, Mr. and Mrs. George
l.ycll several days this week.
They are moving from Haker to
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Whilworth
were visitors to Hoise a few days
H", H"il;g Up to hey Ml -.8 Anil
ToiiiuiiijHen, who graduated
from the school for nurses.
L J. Chapman returned from
Pocutello for his family a few
days ago and moved them to
Lin new location. He likes the
new work and is well pleased
with the country.
11 niiriv ai Vt emer on
Friday evening of lust week, the
guest of Mrs. Lloyd Hurbridge.
Earl Snyder, who is wanted
on a white slavery charge, was
picked up here a few days ago
by Officer Noe and turned over
to Deputy Sheriff Day, from
Hoise. The man had escaped
from the officers at Star.
Lost At the Maze, Sunday
evening, a chrochet hand bag.
Return to Argus and get liberal
Mrs. McHratney and son were
passengers to Weiser this morning.
At the election in Weiser on
Wednesday the city and county
voted dry.
20 Jersey cows and heifers
for sale, 10 milking, others yet
to freshen. Call at Conklin's
ranch Hi miles southwest of
Ontario, inspect cows and out
put. E. IV Conklln.
For Rent 5-room furnished
house. Address) C. C. Dodge,
Box 246, Ontario, Oregon.
Mrs. Rose came down from
Boise Wednesday for a visit
with her husband, who has the
contract for the new cold stor
age plant.
Made with different Baking Powders
From a Series of Elaborate ChmkalTetb:
An equal quantity of bread (biscuit) was made
with each of three different kinds of baking powder
cream of tartar, phosphate, and alum and submitted
separately to the action of the digestive fluid, each
fcr the same length of time.
The relative percentage of the food digested is
shown as follows :
bread made with
Royal Cream of Tartar Powder;
1 100 Per Cent Digested
Bread made with
phosphate powder;
684 Per Cent. Digested!
Bread made with
alum powder:
"674 Per Cent. Digested J
These tests, which are absolutely reliable and
unprejudiced, make plain a fact of great importance
to everyone : Food raised with Royal, a cream ot
tartar Baking Powder, is shown to be entirely diges
tible, while the alum and phosphate powders are found
to largely retard the digestion ot the looa maae irum
Undigested food is not only wasted food, but it
the source of very many rxxmy Hunmua.
H. E. Smith, of the Pavett-
Packing Company has arrange!
to build a $6,000 home on lbs
Fruitland bench.
Judge J. T. OltmWl is build
ing ii "l-room bungalow on his
lots on north Oregon street.
R. M. Duncan, of Vale, ih
here Monday to meet his mother
and brother, who came up from
Portland to attend the wedding.
Mrs. White nnd daughter.
Miss Vivian, were visitors to
Boise Monday.
There will be a cooked food
sale at Knder's Satuaday by the
ladies of tho ( atholic church.
W. F. Homan went to Weiser
Sunday, possibly to see the ball
game, bin he admits he did not
see the game.
George W. Newman and
daughter, of Kmmett, were visit
ing Ontario relatives a few days
W. J. Pinney has gone to the
Burns section to look ofter land
matters of the Oregon k West
ern Colonization company.
Mrs. Lee Cross, of Welse, is in
the city visiting with relatives
and friends several days.
Don Piatt has gone to Parma.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Weaver
came down from Vale Wednes
day for a short visit.
Department Store
All kiiicIh of fc'irU iIii-ii OO till St
Lampklo'a this Husk. Slieefl to 14
Oik- to $1.50.
Mm. K. M. i iiriK Hiiva ' luuoheoo
MiimiIiiv for Mil. Katiout enrt Mra.
Sli.itt.ltl I'll.- (UNti were Meeilamee
K'Ihiii. K. mm, I'liiniy, Kailauu,
hii'1 Mleeea Htntth mxl l'lnuey.
t'euaiea were need in the ileooratlnui.
Lad lea trial) mid linen dreeaea at
Lumpkin1, this week S3. 98 and It. 08.
If you appreciate a lieh of rlob,
aiuootli ii-f i -iraui try the Ontario
I In- beat of uiuvidk plcturee .it the
Maui. Admlealoa lUoeota.
Special Showing of Men's Underwear
Begins Today
-every man, whatever his underwear may be, can
supply himself with good underwear at real worth
--Balbriggan Two-Piece suits, Poros Knit Union Suits,
Balbriggan Union Suits, B. V. D. Union Suits, Poros
Knit Two-Piece Suits, B. V. D. Two-Piece Suits,
Boys' Poros Knit Two-Piece Suits, Boys' Poros Knit
Union Suits, short sleeves and knee length.
Money to limo t Improved im
itated far ma. W. H. Doollttle Co.
Piiiyiiuc ordera taken at Moure
Hotel John Laudtiihain, reeldeuoe
phone 424
Three Iota for aale .' hlncka weet
of poatofMt-a at a liargaln. Inquire at
A rune Mtt It ...
Hutu.' obantje of
ulght at the Maze.
program every
Kelatlvee and frlenda were ahooked
Huuday uioruiug whau word waa re
ceived here of the death of Lewia N.
"out. Mr. Cook paeeed away May
21. 1913. ut the home of Me .liumh
ter. ii . W. H. Starr, at Kewauna.
In. liana He had Imen iu falling
health all wiuter and on May ' he waa
takeu auddeuly worm . Ik- wa taken
to the imai'ital at !advrell where ao
operation, waa deemed neceeeary, hut
which proved frultlete. Ilia BfOtSWi
(ieorge. it Uuukiik. Indiana, maiaird
ou hla going eaat thinking the ehauge
would beiietlt him aud the pliynlimna
thought be could ataud the trip.
Mr. Cook aud hie wife ielt Caldwell,
Idaho. May 11 aud arrived at Ki
mm. i wuy i..
Lewis N. Cook waa bum u
Kiiigevllle, lud.. October 'J'.'. 1166.
lie waa the oldeat aon of William and
Catherine Cook. He entered flu lffj
demy at Kewauee at the age of 15.
and waa a faithful atudeut klwafS
fouudat hla hooka iuatead of joining
with the boya iu their play at recess.
He waa a favorite with eveimue,
young and old, having a Kind ud
pleaaant diapoaitico.
After leaviog Kewaonu he entered
college at Kidgevilie, liulia'ia
Shortly after leaving aobool he was
married to Miaa Kcna ln wey ne
obid waa born to them, now Mr. W.
B. Starr, of Kewaima. Indiana. Hla
Ife paaaed away ut Marlon. Indl 'ia,
April 11100. He waa married to Mlal
Margaret K.u.iiar. ot Marioi .. Ind ,
Auuuat 'JO. I'.'lu. at Baker. Oregon.
He leave to mourn bia ln. bia
wife, hla daughter. Mr. W. B. .Man,
I two hrothera. (ieorge. of Dunkirk.
Ind.. and Oacar, of Kidgevilie, Ind.
audit balf trotber, Frank Col I ma.
of Dunkirk and hla couain Mra. i -.
Kraue and her !. Charlea. of 0 Bl
no. Tbe many frlenda in tbia ily
'and vicinity attend their ayan thy
! to the bereaved eife and relative!
Kor aale Honae and two lota fo
rent or aale In Villa l"ark. Prion
uheap for immediate aale,. A. T.
Ceator. Caraon. Oregon.
Kor Trade Kquity iu five acre
tract of Advancement company, for
Iota la t lulu m. 1 n.) ii i r. nl Argue.
Kor i;. in 50 aburea Owyhee ditch
atock for tbla aaaaou. ' A. K. Buyer
Two furniahed rooma fur rent.
Private family. K. Cope, tailor.
Horee btrnyed Dark brown geld
ing weight 1000 . omnia, barbed wire
acara on front feet: hrauded O with
bar. lnfoiuiatiou to Argut office will
be rewarded.
Stray yearling bay colt. Owuer
call aud pay chnrgea. A. McDouald.
Vernie P. t)
Kor Kali i.m laud, cloae iu.
Kor further pal (Ionian, ad Ireaa.
Waldeu Kiiruelt, MflOtlt, Nevada.
iMiiniqc Cm?
Yea tin- I'. S. l'liimbing ami Ileal
lug company make them. Be aure
aud get our price liefoie huylng.
i Mf F .w '
The House Comes Down
in raptures of genuine applause
at every ptvforouutei "i" our
moving picture inteataininini
Vt- are putting on a constant
change ol'
Most Attractive Pictures
that are amusing, instructive and
highly interesting, and young
and old derive delight from t liem.
Dreamland Theatre
Mfe ''-.
IsV ill I Vi
l FIJI kk
sfrA:-" islfttt.
Have Just Received a Shipment of R. & (J. Cornets
You can get them at the
New York Store
The Star Brand Shoe
Is as Good as Ever and Cheaper
m atf isfl sLS. flu
No one thin will give so much
pleasure, to so many people, for
so long a time at so little cost."
Bermele's Drug Store
Excursions to Salt idkc
June Ith to Htli I u i 1 1 1 1 v c- via
p i. Slurt f.lrie railroad, for Yuoir
i i mm L i Ilea' Mutual liu
provatveol sssoslattita io?aHiis.
I.i.mi .Jim. MMSh !, HKeota r t riitua
mi 1 further i rtlealara,