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WHEN a man or woman has dev
elded to own a little farm
there are a few mi I lent
points that need careful con
sideration. These are cost, improve
ments, nearness to town, transporta
tion facilities and neighborhood. The
Investment mny not be of first impor
tance. With tunny persons the tone of
the neighborhood would bo considered
first, and rijjjitly so.
The inMtteT of location hns to be care
fully ( -onsidered ly any one who pro
pones to continue tty employment. In
audi case the land will cost about $200
an acre. This would be the average
price for a twenty acre tract thirty to
forty miles from a large city.
If farming Is to be the sole vocation
a person can afford to go to the more
inland sections, where land is obtain
able at from $50 to $100 an acre. In
no case la It wise to go more than three
or four miles from a good railway
town. A fair estimate of the necessary
Investment is as follows:
Twenty sere of land $2,000
Bullillnus 1.000
Six cows mo
Team of mures ano
ria nn.l poultry loo
Vehicle and Implement ftiO
Seed, feed and Incidentals loo
There are nice little improved farms
of forty, fifty or eluhty acres to be
picked up at $2,000 to $r,000, Including
good dwellings and other buildings.
The location would not be suitable for
city man who hnd to go back and
forth every day. but otherwise they
would fill the hill.
In buying such a place as this one
Qi ...... .-. iQ
Every well used tiny on the
farm right now means many dol
lars In the fall. Winn the weath
er will not permit outdoor work
the planters, cultivutora, etc..
ought to have attention, putting
them In condition for later work
Simple Homemade Device That Is
Used For the Calculation.
Having this simple device, you can
ascertain the height to a limb or burl,
often of iulannir in tal:lng out tim
ber, or can find the height to a desired
thickness of the trunk, which U ofteu
need not pay down more than one
quarter of the purchase price. If a debt
is ever justifiable It la In a case where
a man of moderate means la trying to
do the best thing for his boys and girls
and la determined to bring them up on
a farm.
It Is always possible to rent a farm,
and that Is the easiest way to gat a
"tart. By renting one Is soon able to
tell whether he ts adapted to farm life
or not. Nobody should begin this voca
tion with the Idea that It Is free from
care and hard work. It does not call
for drudgery, but the great essentials
are Industry. paUence and Intelligent
To city people who know what farm
life Is and who are determined to go to
the country 1 wish to say that condi
tions are the most favorable that they
have ever been for making money from
the soil. This Is because cities have
grown and good markets developed at
a faster rate than agriculture baa ad
vanced. In these days a farmer who raises a
diversity of srtlcles such as town fam
ilies have to buy for their tables has
no trouble to sell all he can produce.
Trices are high enough to ufford satis
factory profits, it Is only necessary to
rai-e a variety of good products and to
handle them with taste and skill. The
cash Is always ready. This Is in real
ity a day of opportunity for the pro
ducer. With such an equipment as I have
outlined the enrulng capacity of a
twenty acre form woll situated and
skillfully ma mi get Is from $1,500 to
$2,000 a year.
Qi ......i.. Q
Brief News of the Week
Set aside sn acre for experi
mental purpose this year. Then
you en n try out your new Ideas
and the likely suggestions you
get from the papers and thus
prove their fitness or unfitness
for yourself. Farm Journal.
It's the Broad or English Variety.
Msy Bs Worth a Trial Hers.
The broad Iteau. known sometimes In
till country as the English broad
beau, Is the common beau of Kuropu
Some authorities suy It ennuut succeud
In the I'nlted Slate or continental
Kurope, being not well adapted to hot.
dry summer, but It may be worth a
trial. It grows well In Knglaud
The broad Im-iiii requires a heavy,
rich and well drained soil. The plant
Is erect, two to four feet high, has
thick angular stents, leaves with two
lo five omiI leaflets, flowers In clusters,
generally white with black eyed wing.
J, '. JL.-,
required In uttlng telephoue or tele
graph poas of equal length and thick
ness of top. says the Orange .ludd
Fanner, from irhfcta picture ami tie
crlptluii are taken Take two straight
pieces of Mood. A A. fifteen Indies
long; fasten together at exact right
angles ujid conned ends with the piece
B. haviug a perfectly straight outer
edge; fasleu the horizontal stick with
a bolt ami thumb BUM to u slake. C.
three feet long.
Select a point at approximately MUM
Li.n from tree that the limb or
oihar l'"ini la frow the ground, set the
Stake upright In groiiuu ami nisieu iws
triangle with one arm perpendicular
and the other liorivsontul and pointed
to the tree. Sight across the diagonal
stick at the height It Is desired to
measure. If the lluo of vision comes
above move nearer the tree; If it fulls
below move buck until the line f vl
ion atrikes the desired point. Theu.
muklug due ullownuce for Irregulari
MM of the ground, the dlstuuce from
the stake to the tree will equal the
height to I ho Miut sighted.
Good Osrdsn Advlos.
In many Instunces the yield of gar
dens can be lucreused by simply get
ting down a few inches deeper with
fork or spade. The French gardeuera
cau give Amcrlcuus many lessons lu
this respect. Tm soil should be pul
verised, but work should not be com
menced too early. Plowing the ground
while it is too wet will cause the soli
to pack In solid lumps. Good land la
often mined In this maimer.-Farm
Kssp the Money Home.
If It paya Belglau truck gardeuera to
mud wltloof or chicory sulud arc
the ocaau "" ftwl l',u ght and
. duty of 25 per cent ad valorem to
Mll it for 9 cents u pound, why wouldn t
it pay otae ot our growers heieV-Ku-ral
New Yorker.
Doa't Forget the VVrenoh.
a wrench U a good thing to have
.long with the plow In the spring- Be
Joyou forget fasten It to the beam
hyasUMrapandhuck.ey Atjlrj-
will answer the purpose, loo. but s
rpttorub tbealnt off tb. iron and
Invite ruat
ass aWsssl V "' -fFSfL 4 V MssssssssssssssC Isfe
mj BjLklMaajMw JK. -H
t'lioiogruph by l.on Island uarleultural
experiment station
llll- I.M.I.Isll lllloAK I'l AS
The w.ds are large and thick, and the
brans are thick, flattened and geuer
allv angular
The varieties and subvarietles lu cul
uwitiuii are numerous and variable
The beans are grown both lu the gar
den tDd Held for forage and as human
lood The broad beun Is u uucleut
plant, having been cultivated In ssWMS
from remote times
Makes a Osndy Knife.
Do your folks ueed a good butcher
knife? Hunt up an old flat tile and
take It to blacksmith who under
stands tempering steel and have him
make you oue. It will outlast any
knife you ever had If made right.
ovlded for the fowls
during the hot
I provl
Shude must be
and the little c
.. uh T Iter
As soon as It can be bad glva the
MM wme good' fresh loam. If the
sods are with the earth ao much the
One of the remedies for the pip used
bv Portuguese poultry raisers hi raw
onion cut up tine aud ror. cd the
throat, followed by a little water.
The Maine experiment statksn toule
for fowls: Pulverised gentkiu. oue
pound: pulverised gluger. one-quarter
(l)timl: pulver.ed saltpeter, oue-quar
Lr pound: Iron sulphate, one half
id Mix th roiiuhly and use two or
three iableHK.oufuls lu ten quarta of
drv mash.
umU flocks of chb kens both lu town
and country Hate Kveu greater profits
per fowl than large Hocks lu sMJMtl
bv the Ohio exiKTlment station. Flocks
with unlimited range have ahown bet
ter profits than flocks that war. partly
or wholly confined Farm flocks have
been more profitable than villa or
city lot flock.
Two thousand of the 2500 laborers
on the Kettle River railroad, a aubsl
dliiy of the Canadian Pacific In the
Okanogan district, have struck.
London bankers representing the
makers of the five-power loan of $1J6,
000,000 to China have been officially
notified of China's final acceptance
of the loan, and have made the first
advance of funds.
Of the 80.0(10 children enrolled In
the Hawaiian public schools, nearly
10,000 of them are Japanese, according
to Information received by the United
States bureau of education.
Congregations in Ohio and Indiana
which suffered from the recent floods
have appealed to the general commit
tee of home mission of the United
Presbyterian church. In aeaalon at
Waahtngton, for aid to the amount of
The Illinois senate passed a auf
frage bill, which given women the
right to vote on all statutory offices
It is doubtful whether the measure
reaches a rollcall In the house at the
present session.
Official estlmataa laaued by the au
thorities of Scotland Yard, say that
the damagea to property In the British
Isle, cauaed by the militant suffrag
ettes during the last three months
amounts to more than $5,000,000. Tak
ing Into consideration the Increased
oost of detective service, they estimate
that suffragette activity la costing
Kngland $25,000,000 a year.
People in the Newt
Attorney General Hogan, of Ohio,
has decided that the red flag of the
Socialist organisation may fly at East
The Storthing at Christiana has vot
ed a life annuity to Captain Roald
Amundaen. discoverer of the South
Pole, of $1620.
Lieutenant J. I). Park, military avia
tor, was killed by a fall of less than
16 feet while flying from San Diego
to Los Angeles.
Lawyer John N. Anhut will be placed
on trial In New York Monday on an
Indictment charging him with bribery
In connection with an attempt to lib
erate Harry K. Thaw from Matteawan
Secretary of State Bryan accepted
an Invitation to speak at the second
annual banquet of the I an American
Society of the Uulted States, held In
New York Thursday.
William Deary, general manager of
the Pot latch Lumber company, one of
Uie beat-known men lu the weatsrn
lumber country, died at Potlatch, Ida.
Replying to Colonel Oeorge Harvey's
statement that bis recent public
speeches were meant to Incite the
"predatory poor," Vice-President Mar
shall said at Washington: "If anybody
will produce a public utterance of
mine advocating the curtailment of
distribution of honest wealth except
by a fair Inheritance tax. I will go to
Wall street and apologias."
F. C. Fry Near Nyssa Tells
of Success He Has Had
Along this Line.
Four Dead; Sevan Injured at Lake
view, Near Taeoma.
Tacoma. Four are dead and aevon
Injured as the result of the derailment
of Oregon Washington local, bound
from Porllund to Seattle, near the
Moiiiaiusra Festo racetrack graud
atand at Lakevlew, a few mites south
of Tacoma. Monday afternoon. The
tralu was ditched while speeding at 65
miles an hour over a perfectly level
stretch of track.
The Dead.
F. A. Town. Tacoma; C. E. Reyno
vaun, Woodland. Cal.; Andrew Nils
sen. Portland; R. H. McMurray. Scut
tle. The Injured.
Mrs. Ma; ;ic Jordan, Hlllhurst. Wn.,
aerlous. Frauds C. Rae, Seattio.
slight. Adolph Swausou, Portland,
right arm and chest, serious. J. W.
Warden, Sacramento, Cal.. Injured
aboul heud, body and legs, believed
to be hurt Internally, serious. T. J.
Qulnu, Sucramento. Cal., leg twisted
and face cut with flying glass. Klmer
Jones. Mesklll. Wash., arm broken.
Charles Bennett, Dryad, Wash., scalp
All of those killed were riding in the
smoking car in the forward three
seats, and were crushed beneath the
steel bagguge coach, which Jammed
its way 12 feet into the smoker. The
remains were not recovered by the
wrecking crew until after four hours
of hard work.
Whaat Club. $7c; blueatem, 98c;
red Russian. $5c.
Hay Timothy. $1$; alfalfa, $11.
Butter Creamery. 28c.
Eggs Candled, 31c.
Hops 118 crop. 14c.
Wool -Eastern Oregon. le; Wil
lamette valley. 18c.
Wheat Blueatem, 88c; club, $7o;
red Russian. $6c.
Eggs - $0c.
Butter Creamery. tic.
Hay Timothy. $1 Pr ton. alfalfa.
1$ pax ton.
The bog la frequently referred to at
a mortgage lifter, but It la only when
we find a man who it raiting bogt
systematically and knows what it costs
to raise them that it is possible to
tell just how fait the hog can lift the
F. C. Fry, formerly of Grand .Inn. -tlon.
Colorado, is located on a small
limn south and west of Nyssa. Last
spring be atarted In with six sows.
All the feed be gave them was raised
on ten acres and be sold $500 worth
of pigs and aow has ten sows and fifty
Mr. Fry has the Duroo bogs and
naturally thinks they are ahead of any
olber breed, maturing early and being
very prolific.
He lets the young pigs wean them
selves by providing feed for them of
rolled oats and wheat mixed aud access
to sn alfalfa pasture. In this way they
do not stop growing and the sow Is
not Injured aa they are when tbe pigs
me taken away from them.
Mr. Fry alio haa some fifty hens.
Drown Leghorns, and they have been
laying from twenty to twenty-five
dozen egusa week. In alilitioii to whnt
is nee.1 in the home, which makes a
good income., Two good brood maraa
complete the stork kept.
The farm consists of fl'2 acres and
this year Mr. Fry will have B acres
in brown beans, 0 in oats. 12 in corn.
If. In red clover 15 In spring wheat
and the balance lo alfalfa aud corrals.
Of course be baa a small orchard
stsrtad. The arfslfa is cut four times
tbe first crop when It is ready ami then
It i clipped three times for bog feed,
the first cutting being for the horsss.
This farm Is making Its owner
some easy roouey simply because the
owner uses his brain us well as his
hand in managing the place.
During the gusiter ceding March
31it, Mil, tbe suite engineer Issusd
10 permits to appropriate water In
the Malbsur aud Owyhae drainage
Three ot these permits ware for the
construction of reservoirs and tbe
remainder for the Irrigation of lands.
Tbe following permits have been
Issued :
N. F. Kimball, of Welser. from
tdicpenl gulch, for tbe irrigation of
30 acres. S. F. Vaughn, of Brogau,
from Snake creek, for the irrigation of
20 acres. He alio haa a psrmit to
construct a reiervoir for the storage
of 9 acre feet, tieorge Uonalilaon ot
Vale, from an unnamed spring, for tbe
IrVlgutlou of 25 aorea Lewis A.
Maiisur, of Vale, from Bully creek,
for the irrigation of 100 acres ol laud.
James N. Jensen, of Riverside. Irom
Coleman creek, for the irrigation of
40 acres. Ml Luoe, of Riverside,
has a permit to coustruot a reservoir
lu Sec. 19, tp. 24 8.. fi. 37 E.. for
tbe storage of HO acre feet and alto a
secondary permit to apply the stored
water to the irrigatiou of 70 acres of
Isud. Hugh Sbater. of Rockville,
from Owyhee river, for the Irrigatiou
of 25 acres.
Durlug the quarter 1U permits have
been issued tnrotigout tbe state under
which It is proposed to irrigate y,0ll
acres, develop 1551 horse pow- and
supply water for domestic aud niuui
oipal use. These permits alio In
elude 11 for the construction of reser
voirs for the storage of 3.020 acre faet.
m '111
Tv-JmI iiiniSi Mc
I ibsHI ' D m sw
(it iIm'mImij
I. H. C.
Gasoline Engines
For Irrigating, Pumping, Spraying,
sawing, hoisting, etc. You should buy
the I. H. C. for Strength, Simplicity,
Economy, ana Keiiabiiity.
Let us demonstrate this engine toym
Four bridges have bean taken up
the Hue this week for the new road
across the slate. The steel is about
100 faet long and six faet wide aud
all are of the naw form of construction,
wltb no overhead brace. The work
mi tba tunnel is making good head
way aud it is now thought trains will
be able to get through by June 15,
wbau track laying will be resumed
and tbe bridgea built aa far aa
Binders, Mowers, Rakes.
In the McCormick line we offer 0
farmer the best there is both in con
struction and service.
Vi is the time to be lookina up
iug tools and you want the best
Malheur Mercantile
200 Acres for Sale
Fifty acres has been seeded to alfalfa.
Some buildings. All under fence.
Railroad line through tract. On Snake
river. Well drained bench land. Klec
tric pumping plant can be installed for
12 per acre. Will cut up to suit buyer.
Address Box 128, Ontario, Oregon