The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, May 08, 1913, Image 5

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Ontario Pharmacy
Keep the Moths Away
From your Furs with Our Moth Compound
25 Cents per Can
Rexall Remedies
Eastman Kodaks
Local Items
Mri. Tli'iK. Jones OOJ down from
Vile to visit with relatives.
for the best bread and pastry Id
ntf" f" ,he Ontario fcnkery.
Tbc clrtii it court Is still untitling out
hnainets t Vale this week and many
of our llt-eOI Bre ,hcr" (,",n 'atT
Cbarlra Hartley, the) nurseryman,
wceivel "" fxler this week to plant
13 MM Of hit'"' "ni1 24 tc prune on
tba NordHtniiii trnot. wait of the city.
li- V. w I'oinliniou hm gone to
Pottlantl to reside, her husband hav
ing IncBtcd thero.
Tno fni ii ttli'l rooma for rent.
Prinit.' family. Cope, tailor.
li and Mr ChHH. I layer came
Oon i Iruin HinlirldKB Tueailay where
tbey I"1 '"'" vlit,nK Mr. nd Mrs.
Fiord HiiRer.
jho ir ft 'Oi sred at. the Onta
rio Union ll always just right.
Mr. Hydi . who was formerly mana
r (ton I i tm Malheur Home Tele
phone company nnd now with the
Knckr efountulo Hell, wu here a
It ilnri ego iuspeetitiK the telephone
pliot here and arranging for tne Im
fl ,, i,i t ni l he sums.
S il' i - I "i centsn p Mind at the
Heme Llrt r mid (iralu eompaay,
C. K Dibble moved over num
btr o( colonies of beea from bla
MM ranch to the Cairn dlerlot thin
Align efoDoOold watt tu Tuesday
mikhg tlnnl proof on hla homestead
N Drul On ITat. He him lived on
ill place practically live yeara
Wilier detente! Vain at the latter
pint' ll Sun. lay. Boon ' to 3.
Foi Kent After Jane let. live room
Isrulrli" i bouse, Addmeo boi 240,
Ootariu. Uiu. If.
Mr. C. .1. lox wua In Welser rlalt
iRg bit unit her, Mia. Klenn Moore,
llU k
I' t;il i iti ii hi Hit' iintiit to Fund
Ion it nre.
Nimh I voted hnndafnr a city hall
U'l suter system. A deep well will
to drilled ntst of the hotel and the
Ur i:i:i : . I to h .'lO.ood gallon
Uok mi ii 110 foot ileel towiT.
I;. iilk'.iiitini at tbe Ontario l'urul-
'.iti-, Milliklu wsut to liakcr
-Use.!, .ni took the MOOliOOtlao
ktroilwiiv mall elerk. Kenneth waa
Mtuiintion Hinl
laitcd in- oatdo a
of program I
illbtki t
L8 ! (j In HoUe Tuea
T ou
J It. 1 kabj panda a trip to .1 .r
l vsl . , :. to I, mk after
that Metla i
l li p, the (Joldoo Rolf
Nm. oi mIIIm "" 0oto
ties Home Baking Easy
Absolutely Pure
?nfy baking po
from Royaler
ur&am of Tartar
For Rent Furnished rooms for
I i hi housekeeping, close In. No
ohildren. Inquire at AlRM office.
A. C. Welcome, of Hume, wasbere
this week. Ha report! much aotl? lty
to hla section and the people are ex
pecting the railroads to do great
things for them in the next few years.
Many new aettlera are coming In. The
past aenson was good one for the
atook nod sheep men. In some sec
tiora the ranges nre being re stooked
with cuttle from California.
If you appreciate a diih of rlob,
smooth Ice cream try the Ontario
C, W. Jordan rihI wife, of WOsttO.lL,
have been In Ontario for the fpnst
month with a lick baby and It la re
ported ns somen lint improved.
Hur your alfnlfa seed at the Moore
Livery and (irHin company, fj ccnte
a pound.
W, T. I.ampkln OM culled tn HoIm
this morning to look over some lines.
Mrs. Kprnule made a trip to Hut
Lake Suml.iv and reports the condi
tion of her husband as most promising
and he la expected home soon.
The beit of moving pictures nt the
Mae. Admission 10 cents.
The person who picked up tho -MO
tdll In the Dreamland Wednesdaay
evening will confer a favor and be
hi i illv rewarded on retuiniug name
to the clerk nt the postolUc.o. "
There waa n meeting In Nyssu
Tuesday of tho people Intercut. '.I in
the watering of the high landa around
Nyssa. Nothing was accomplished,
but more time was granted the pro
moters. There are two uieu after the
proposition, one with a power alta
on tho Payette and to pump water
from the Huakn and the othor to have
a wer plant on tho O.vvhue aud uie
wntor from that stream.
Judge Heiiuett. of the Dallaa, waa an
Ontario visitor a tew data ago and
waa much mil prised at the showing
of tbe Huake river baalo. .udge
Dennett Is among tbe leading Oamo
orata of the atate aud la also an at
toruey of standing in this and other
Ah Is usual every spring ther la
uiu, 'i apccttlitlon regarding th.- e It
tlou of the fruit crop in this and
utictlom. A number of tbe
1 1 11 it men from the Kruitluu l
have been interview r. I and t tn j say
tin ie bat been some iiijurv done to
tbe sweet cberrlea and peaobes. The
.11 i i crop is moat promiitig and the
fruit will have to be thinned, a there
are some 10 to II buds where but two
should be. On this side of tbe river
we cannot hear of any injury to the
tiult. cherries aud all other fruits
pr. . uiising large crops. From other
action tbe reports indicate that in
a few spots tbe frosts did a In tie
damage, but on tba whole there will
be big or. .ps
The Eastern Oregon Land company
has reclaimed some 22" aoree west ot
Nyssu and eome in It
seems to be the policy of the company
to daveb.p ttslr lauds uud then lease
or sell them.
Contractor Mallory ha tbe work
ou the city hail well along and the
bricklaycis will so ,n have tbe walls
! started. More ineu werd OOHISM
tbis week and the work ie being
pushed with ull possible speed.
One of the special features of the
many that will be ptetiented by the
Nells-Kioto circus this season will be
the famous Devlin Zouaves, whlobem
braoea a troupe of young men who hav
no superiors or masters in the art of
executing remarkable and dif!onlt
military maneuvers. Theirs is an
object lesion in accuracy, defense and
skill. One of the feafure acta Is that
of storming the fnrt. A huge, high
wall is erected presenting a formidable
barrier. With lightning like speed
these snpren-K OOBqoiron of military
difficulties convert themselves Into
human pyramidsand In tapLl rotation
scale the wall with Hrms, nnitnunltinn
and accoutrements, planting the emb
lem of freedom on its ramparts.
It can safely be said that there Is
not a body of men who can approach
in the alightcMt the skill and wonder
ful exactness of these remarkable
people. Tbo Devlin Zouaves will be
seen each day in the para !. which
this year promise! to be one of the
best free street spectacles ever given.
It might also be mentioned that the
Hells Kioto people still adhere to the
out rata price of admission, wbich is
25 cents. Those who do not care fo
visit the performance of the circus
can llml iniiih euti'i't'iluuicnt by going
to the circus lot in the morning . r
evening and hearing the concert given
by the Uerrnl glutit sereiiadum, which
In the largest musical Instrument In
tbe world The Nelli Kioto circus
will ghe 100 perform, inc. In I'ayette
Tuemlay. May 27.
J. D. Mlckle, tba Oregon Dairy
ami Kood commissioner, la out wltji
another circular stating that he is
going to proieoute anyone offering
butter for sale tbat la not properly
labeled elm. ting who made It, where
it was made and the wulght of the
package. Thla la rather sweeping,
but seems to Im the onlr way
tbe sale of abort weight packages.
There, were two oir londl "l horses
and mules! chipped from Hie Me Wil
liam stables a few days ago for the
Montana market. The .leiuu. .1 is
tor h.-avv aiilrnals and they nasi
with ready sale at good prices. 1 he
farmers will not make any totetakl
if they pay more attention to the rais
ing of larjo olts. Tti. re is not n
lurgu boii.d. heavy draft stallion lu
this aecliou, which seems strauue
with such a demand for that oil
fruit ilintiicts of tbe itato mubt
take a tip from Hood Ui. i
who have aiked that orcbaniUU
Bpia tl ir OJOOJ during the tim tOJ
blossuuii aro lully open. 11. is rOSOjOJ
In killing 1: . .tars of
which ire the limit yaluable helpers
orchardists have. Their aid II in-
fvaluablb in spreading pollen fiom
tret to tree.
luhn Uowley, aged 15. mmried,
wua found hanging in a barn at 'A'oit
fall an konlav morning. He had a
i tine farm at Weatfall aud uo onus, for
rash act could be advau e,l by
hi, uciuaintaucui. The OsVOaV
an in.i'jeit.
The "Schuttler"
Than Any Other Wagon Made
The rhespeit priced wngnn Ii the one which will save you (he most
money and there ii far more than the fint coit to be taken into con
sideration with mint wapnni.
But with "The Old Reliable Peter Schuttler" it's different. With it,
the first coil Ii practically the only coit. It's built right snd stays
right It lavei repair billi; it avoidi breakdown; it reduces the aftsr
pm haie expeme and it wean longer than sny other wagon built.
And with all iti coit-reduring, time and trouhls-iaving features, the
first nut of the "Peter Schuttler Wagon" ii only slightly more thaa
tne nrit eoit of the interior makes.
And every cent of the extra cost coei
quality. There's no more profit on a Peter Schuttler
Wagon" than on the io-catled other standard makei.
The difference in price ii due entirely to the difference
in material and the difference In the way ihii material
ii put togetlisr. ' It ii this difference which makes the
"Peter Schuttler" by far the cheapest priced of all
waom In the long run.
Nothing hut the very highest grade, ipscislly sslectsd
hirkory and white oak is good enough for the "Peter Sehut
DM V agon." And even it doci not come up to tho Schuttler
it. -.miaul until it ii icaioned by natural sir-dtied process for
' from three to fiveyears In iheds specially built for the purpoie.
(ireat pnim ate taken by lqn,-oxpcrietced wagon makers
I inJ ikilled blacksmiths in the manufscturs of the "Peter
Schuttler Wagon." Tho best of refined iron ii used, and
fit'l shrunk on hot, thai charring and preserving the wood and
iniuring a perfect fit. Fvry wheel ii measured and Iti lira
hest, snd shrunk into place by being plunged ome in and inspect
into cold water, in the same way thai the old FOR SALE BY
Garbage Cans?
Yes the U. H. Plumbing and Heat
ing company make them, lie sure
aud grt cur price before buying.
.li.lui Obiter, I prominent VbtO
busiuesa nun, Is believed to be fatal
ly injured aud I'lmer Lawrence la In
jail as tbe result of an altercation
between them. Lawrence, wbo was
intoxicated, struck Chester a blow on
the head with a largo stone.
Th Kerry Timber company hn
sold bonda to the amount oi $800,000
to build a logging railroad from Wool
landing, on the Columbia river, to N'rv
bnlom. 31 miles, and tu erect mills
mill operate logging camps.
The I'aciric Power & Light company
has askid for a franchise to extend
ita tra DO lines from Aatorln to
Warn- too, Hammond and I'ort St.-v-ana,
and thOOM b) " th.irt Park.
Ooootrootloa win bncta this foot
The ronldooM Of Ann. KoofBMUs, ft
farmer n IdlOf near Woo. hum, waa
tt.i illy oostrojrod by fire. Two I
girls, I ir old. m i ' r. -mated
I i,.i. th ir fritatlfl parents could
roach them, so In- fire.
It la ui
ton u of Hai tford, Coon.
g Invesiltir-, "tulllion of dollnra
in im . v In th. on Tho
first atop was taki-o In the loan of
$16D,iM 0 on th. building In Port
('. L. Smith, : rleiiltiirlrtt of the O.
VV. II. .v X i .iiup..ny, hua a lOOoO OOaV
tlty of ai i .1 com In 12-
poiiiid lots which will be given free
to ull fare in, Wr.bhlngton,
want to plant corn this
y. .r
II. nry Haunt rt, convict, made a mur
derous aasuult on W. H. Fisher,
ihiipt I gOON of the state prison at
Salem He viciously stabbed Klaher
with a knife rudely made of a file,
and wounded him deeply in the abdo
men. Tbe Columbia Itlver Fishermen's
Protective Union fixed the rates for
salmon for tho season commencing
May 1 at the auiuo rates as last year
6 cents a pound for cannery fish
and 7Vi cent a for cold atorage salmon,
those OOfOjMoe 25 pounds or over.
In a burn fire on tbe hup farm of
H. Hlrschla ri . , Ind. i-. nduiico, 16
horses were burned to death and 70
tuns of hay dt-Miuyed. one ot tu
borses was a firt prize wlnOQf at the
Independence tuir. Tbe fire was of
unknown origin, un1 caused a loss of
about H
Assistant Attorney General Van
Winkle I. wn au opinion In
width he rv.ld.1 that tho bill passed by
the leglalattire, fiuotsHloi the sale of
liquor outside of lncortiorated towns,
save In hotels and clubs, applies to
wholesale as well as retail liquor
To attend the celebration of the
fiftieth aunlverkury of tbe battle of
(ttytiui'K. wit'' h oHI be held at Oet
tOOOOB P fOOOJ June I to July tf.
inclusive, four Albany meu who parti
cipated in tht famous l-'.ilo wiii
leave for the i at during the latter
'art of June.
Costs Less Per
into extra
original Peter Schuttlcrdidit ilxty-ninjye.irv a.-.i. Thst it.
why the tire never come
Kvsry piece of wood
bath in boiled linseed
tecting it against moiiture, The
oil anil then ipread on
dipped. It takes three years to get an axle In right condition
for a "Peter Schuttler Wagon, and even then it must pan
the regul'r rigid Inspection to which every "Schutllsf" part
ii subjected before it can be uisd. '
Theie arc only a few
lion-, -'i
tattler ii the most
Department Store.
iCTJ h I
4 "N
I' ' 'Vi.H.ri
Have Just Received a Shipment of K. & (i. Corietl
You can gtt them at the
New York Store
The Star Brand Shoo
Is as Good as Eyei :d Cheaper
Graphophones Grafono!
"No one thing will g'v - iich
pleasure, to so many for
so long a time at so little t."
Double Disc Records
Save Your Broken Cnstin
We Weld Them ,
Cylinders, Crank Case.-, I
broken castings made new by Oxy -ce l
Phone '1 1
loois on a "Peter Schuitler Wagon. "i
in the "Schuttler" gear ii given s
oil, (lierehy , I sing the porat nnd pro
ri )slng t
uint li
ground in lineed
imootlily an. I evenly with n ntush not
of the many teoni why a "Peter
economical wugon you can buy.
I ..
Drug Store
fir .hi In
r -
r :