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Entered in the postofnoe at Ontario,
Orea-on, for trausmissioa through the
mail, afl ecnnd-clas matter.
Editor nnrl Proprietor
People in the News
Oovomor Suliera nomination of
John Mitchell ns labor commissioner
of New York was rejected by the state
aenate at Albany by a vote of 28 to
Petition have been prepared at Los
Angeles asking Governor Johnson to
appoint Mrs. ciara Shortrldge Folta as
one of the six additional superior court
Judges In Los Angeles county.
President WilUird of the Baltimore
dt Ohio has announced that the rail
roads in the district lying east of Chi
cago and north of the Ohio rivar, have
decided tn nsk the Interstate com
merce commisKton to allow a 6 per
cent Incrense on freight of nil chnrnc
It has developer! in n divorce case
at Chicago that Mllo M. Lyon, a night
watchman, had succeeded In leading a
double life fnr htn years' on a salary
of 12 a week. The evidence showed
thnt he had suppotted one wife and
throe children and another wife and
four children during that time.
Governor Clark of Alaska vetoed the
antlallen fishing bill, aimed at Japan
ae flshrrmn". Just before the flrnt
Alaska legislature adjournal sine die.
The bill had passed both houses un
animously, but when the governor's
message was received there was no at
tempt to pass It over the veto.
In his opening lecture nt Yale, Prof.
W. H. Tnft attacked Roosevelt and his
"fads," the referendum and the recall
and th I'xiUed progressive princi
ples. He criticised woman's suffrage,
and -vns interrupted by a suffragette.
A great audi'-mo and much enthusi
asm the lecture.
Brief News of the Week
Accordlmi to a district court deci
sion at Itlhraukaa, Wis., n wife in jus
tified In beating another woman who
ln I toe ill is of lier liu-:
Equal suffrage wns given a setback
In Florida when the house defeated
a "votes for women'' amendment by t
vote of 26 to 38.
Governor Bulzer's statewide prlmnry
bill, defeated In the New York senate.
was also beaten In the assembly, after
a long le!':iN 47 ayes to 93 noes.
The Colorado Fuel aud Iron com
puny has surrendered to the govern
ment 3400 acres of coal land in south
ern Colorado, valued at $1,000,000.
This wus done In consideration of the
dismissal of a suit Involving 6800 acres
owned elsewhere by the company.
The supervisors of Polk county,
Iowa, In which Dos Moines Is located,
have announced that they will sue the
Hock Island railroad company to re
cover 115.000,000 in buck tuxes. They
assert that the company bus concealed
$160,000,000 In money and securities
during the past five years.
Three law railways centering at
St. Paul have ordered new equipment
of the latest type at a cost of $25,000,
00", to provide ud.-.iiai.- facilities for
moving this year's crop. The order
laelndai approximately M.OM units of
roi. The roads re the (ileal
Nurthern, Northern 1'nclflc nnd the
CblcagO, II Patti Minneapolis & OaM
I lifornln in general, nnd San Fra-i-bj
particular, are gtvea the un-
,in: !' distinction of leading the
country in :!' number of suicides, and
Ifamphli i" the number of murders,
., itutimlcs for M odd Mate.
According to a decision ha
down by chancellor l.amb at Oxford,
m . i taiao woJek would bar
k letter fraternity students from
educational institutions Is viola
tion Ol U lourueuth amendment to
the const tuition of the United States.
The aaaa wl" ue appeuled.
Banker Bixby Is Indicted.
Los Angeles. Charged with contri
buting to the delinquency of two girls,
,c II. Hlxuy. millionaire financier
and laud owner of Long Beach, 1b un
der arrest. He wan named in two In
dictment, voted by UM Lei Angeles
county grand Jury.
Mr. H K. Boomer returned
Saturday evening from the East
with car of fine, full Mood
Holstein heifers. He claims
they are the best money will
buy. Sixteen out of thirty. four
were registered, stock. He start
ed with thirtv-six but hurl the
misfortune of losing two on the
The second quarterly confer
ence of the Methodist church
will be held" Saturday nfterifbon.
Saturday evening Epworth Hall
will be dedicated.
The Roee-Circle Sunday school
class entertained the rangers
class last Kri lay evening at Miss
Mable Robinson's home. The
young people enjoyed a pleasant
lime together.
Miss Martha Robinson from
Parma is flitting with her litter
Miss Bowena and an aunt Mite
Aphia Pobinson who are teach
ing in the Fruitland school.
Mr. Charles made a business
trip to Caldwell Friday after
The baccalaureate sermon for
the graduating class of Fruitland
will be held at the Methodist
hutch. Sunday morning, May
85. lUvereud C. E. Deal has
been chosen by the class to
preach the sermon.
Tho Woman's Home efietion
ary society meets with Mrs.
Uoiise Thursday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Wilcox
nnd children left Tuesday for
I urvnllis, Oregon where thev
will spend the summer visiting
Mrs. Wilcox's porents, Mr. and
Mrs. Harry. While there Mr.
Wilcox will work at the carpen
ter trade.
Tho Christian Endeavor busi
ness meeting will be held Fri
dav evening with Mr. 11. B.
Reverend C. E. Deal will ded
icate a church near Parma next
Sunday. Superintendent (iilli
lun will till Rev. Deal's vacancy.
H. S. Shank has taken up his
work at the barber shop again
and Mill be glud to welcome all
hii ld customers hack. Mr
Shank is a good barber ami
people are glad he has returned
to this work.
Ira Dalzell and Mr. H gIM of
Payetto are busy putting in
v acres of pOttttM -town.
Mr. Hogne has a there
in about two hundred acr - of
potatoes in the valley.
Mr. Obildl has rented tin
Conghanour place and is plant
ing it in corn.
F. F. llurd, aged 77 a r -i-,l,nt
ol the Payette Valley for
;;l years, died Friday of 1. it
week. He leaves a wife and
1 .1 J...l.uC
lour sons imu inree awugua
residents of the Payette valley
Leaders In Toklo Advlsa People to
Prsserve Calm Attitude.
Toklo. The Japanese press express
ed a general appreciation of the ef
forts of President Wilson In behalf
of a land bill In California that would
not be ohjecttonable to the Japanese.
Leaders of public opinion In Japan
are advising that an attitude of calm
ness be maintained in the present sit
uation. Such men as Baron Shlbusawa
and Chairman Naknno, of the Toklo
Chamber of commerce, publicly assert
confidence that the American govern
ment and peo)e alike are opposed to
discriminatory measures of legislation.
They declare that every effort now
must be made to discover and eradi
cate the root of antagonism to the
Japanese tn California, that amicable
relations may be restored.
Los Angeles Opens Municipal Markets
Los Anneles. Fifteen thousand per
sons visited the opening of the three
municipal markets. They bought ev
erything In sight and would have
bought five or ten times ns much more
produce had It been offered.
The Dalles Officials Are Made Defend
ants in Saloon Cases
Tho Delta, Or. Methodist, United
brethren, Basils nnd christian
churches here are plaintiffs in pro
ceedings. Instituted in circuit court,
against Mayor Fish nnd the city offi
cials', the object of legal action being
to prevent the rlty from Issuing saloon
UN in the future, It being alleged
that the council has no legnl right to
Issue prmlts on account of a charter
omission which was made when the
state legislature re-enacted a section
of the local charter In 1905.
In response to motion of attorneys
for the plaintiffs. Judge Bradshaw set
May 24 for hearing on the application
for a temporary Injunction, which
would enjoin the council from Issuing
saloon licenses.
The legnl action will not affect the
lienor puriultH which are now In ef
They expire June 30.
For Sale or Trade
160 acre desert claim un
Bully Creek project that
will have water next year.
One good 80 acre tract in
Dead Ox Flat, four miles
from Ontario, very cheap
with terms.
Also one good four room
house on three lots with
shade trees, deep well,
barn and garden. Small
payment down and good
terms on Balance.
See or Address
Phono 99 r
Ontario, Oregon
up as follows: Leghorns, eight varie
ties; atteoreaa, tkieei I'oiisb. eight;
tiames, tight; Hamburg, six; Spanish,
Uliie Auduhmluns, Aucuuas. lloudnna.
i n cc-neiii I 1'le. lie. Itedcaps. Hu
matrns. Silkies and Sultana.
Of llti'e (he Louliui'MM excel.
The kin ;le nail, white Leghorn, "thu
hen of destiny." is queen of white egg
layers, the world's givutest layer, the
husluess lieu that bod sway on must
of America', egg plants aud the egg
fanner's dependence to bring the long
green. As to which breed lays the
largest white egg. the Mack Minorca
uih! lloudau fanciers make the same
claim, bat we rather think the Minorca
Breeder re easy winners ou this
t of these white egg layers are
not extra for market.
Son lack In slxe and Julcness and
aro hard to fatten, while others have
tag white skin and pinkish tlesh and
blnck or slate blue leu's that do not
lue.l the American fud.
Now comes a New York rooster tin
ker and declare he has evolved a new
E informed shout Plumbing and
when you build know that thii im
portant part of the home, the plumbing
system, is as perfect at honest work
minship and
supervision can
make it. Those
who desire that
kind of plumb
ing will slsn
plumbing fix
tures which we
use on our
"SUndanT "slwr" Utttorr
eaterie raraww cs Ontario, Ore.
Money to lonu Improved Irri
gated farms. W. II. Uouilttle Co.
! ! ...I.-
Drayage orders taken at Moore
Ratal John Laudingbam, residence
pbooe 424
Three lots for sale 2 blocks west
of postpftlcu at a bargain. Inquire at
AtKUS i.i'!,.,..
For sale House aud two lots fo
rent or sale in Villa Park. Price
cheap for Immediate sale. A. T.
t'sntor. Carson, Oregon.
Now is the time to get a new rug for
that room while Parley lias a big slock
to select from.
Special Method's. Services May 1 1.
On Sunday. May 11. tbero will U
a special service In the morning at
11 a. OJ. tor mothers. There will he
special music by the ebon appropriate
for the day d sermon i? the i s
For Sale A Ford automobile lu
good sbupe. Priai 3.".0. D. J. U.otb
at Multuomab rooms.
Uet your alfalfa seed now. I I
a pound at Moore Livery ami (iraiu
For Kout ."0 abares l). I . I t -h
k for this aaaaoa. -' ' Uoyor.
One Man Said to Us:
"My wife's the happiest woman living
she bought one of those New McDougall
Cabinets you're selling, and now her
kitchen is the pride of the home."
Because she can do her
work in half the usual time.
Because she has the larg
est and most up-to-date cabi
net made.
BtOtMt she bought it while
we are making this special in
troductory price and jrot a bipr
nafiv' '' LA'') fil
McDougall Cabinets
Specially Priced now, or on Easy Terms.
This it not an old discontinued pattern, but the
very latest improved design.
It has all th iMWeit features and conveniences your
Utchen needl. Has a place for every food supply and utensil
-'arranged in the most convenient form to give you the maxi
mum lerrta .
It's postivrly the MfgWl bargain cvcr4ITered in a Kitchen Cabinet.
You'll agree you need a good Kitchen Cabinet every meal time, won't you?
Then why wait let's get this one to working in your kitchen now.
Come in and let uh show you how this
MeDouyall will will save work for you
Ontario Furniture Company
P Lii. jLiiJL li ifcwk
April 4, 1909 $226,078.74
April 4, 1910 350,636.16
April 4, 1911 320,505.81
April 4, 1912 341,620.99
April 4, 1913 374,293.54
A strong, fllgnssive, growing institution, conducted along
absolutely nafe lines, by men of more than ten years Western
bunking; experience.
AY'itf liusincss Invited
A. L. COCKRUM, PNaUeali I 1 1 RNBULL. Vi.v PreskhaH
BNYON, I btar, H M, Ass'i. Cbhier;
C W. PI. A IT, AM't C'ahier
A Factory Representative
Photo by C M. Barnlts.
rmzic WH1TK IB1LU.
,.,,,1. whiih he culls "the White
Ainei rl,"
He eUUM ibis fowl bits the laying
ability of the Leghorn ami the Hieat
quality and slie of tho l'l.vmouth Hook
uiul Wj sudotte.
If the originator can subatantlata
his claims I. Is new l.reeu win revoiu
tor especially nrenaroi fur mothers. I imi. .,,. ..... u.a.istry. We are sails
" Word bHS already boeu sent out
from Mm ot ti. Otegea
iKveiopunut leegM staiM "" "
sections of the state start early to
UNjL tor exhibits at tho oaslei u
land shows next fall. It ! Pointed
out thnt it is uet too soon to start
the work of jodioious pkuHlna ol
..rol,s. with ..xhlbiU lu mind, to that
the products mar be aeut away
small quantities for this purpose.
... l..,1 lubaru U.ll,i
That Will be yoiiua '"J
lll aM tlitst eaob mother recti.
oarnatiou as she enters the church.
The mothers of Ontario are oordlully
Invited t" ' '''
lu the evoniuu al 8 P m. o1"
HTBIU for the graduating class of
the hit school will be deliver. id
ket li. .1 OuviJson. pastor o: tl,
I'uiUd Presbyterlau dim. h
u.111 i .. ,,., i.l niusio by th
and a solo by Mis. McUratuey.
These bervioes should be Interest. k
to all tt.e peoole uf Ontario. loiu
curly to seenre svnts.
rled to wail ami see
Bjgs of Ibis new creation uow sell at
4 apiece, so boy early aud avoid the
Don't think (total i-'iu'bage la flue poul
try feed bacaual It's free gratis for
nothing, steal of It Is fermented.
therefore imIsouoiis.
Don't expect birds for the fall show
t Mtfeor mid plump up without spe
cial tical lent
Don't worr- your glsannl atsvut those
pullets if dav come fivi -.hhI stiH-g
,,,! rd and kepi rirti Tae
I,, . layer, fctayer and V- -er
off In a prem.itura egg
debut cud tlieu Osala.
Ontario shortly to close agency for
best and most complete line of
Now on the American market
before the public and includes both
Pleasure Cars and Trucks
ifinti-n-tttfd. write immediately to the
en ev.kl.-e. si Portland, Oregon,
hi i ii.iiiuin'.i ....
And four other high class publication for