The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, May 08, 1913, Image 3

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THtu amp: rpaviNO
jkyuni of n.y tthi moNourat.
When n l:tnd of Illuckfcr t Indiitn from
Qlacfar National P;irk established tln-ir
tepee villc upon tin roof of the McAlpin
hotel, 31th St. iind llrwtdtvny, New York
City, Manager Hihuiu r of course to
have tlicm register. The brave were
unable to write tlnir BUM only in t lie
picture language of t In minimi. Thin
tin did after Janus Bhocmakcr, who hud
i In' Indians in charge, explained to them
jiitcti their tence
il tin v .-imu-il tlirir
(hit thev roulil not
iiiin the roof top imt i
ii inien.
This unique Tillage of tepec. was tho
ii: i ever pitched upon the roof to)n of
New York City. They were in f.nt the
lirnt ti per-i pi i ch.-il on MunhattM l-l iml
in HOyeurn, aceonlinii to the rernnln of
tin- Ami. liciin lliotoric il miciety.
The Indians c" n- twu woelu in Now
York M the MMtl of !-ouii W. Hill, m:in of the Ixmrd of (lirertors of tho
t!rc it Northern Hv, who took them to
New York to attend tho Travel and
:ii'llip h!imv, u repn s.t:lllve of
Qlaek-r National I'ark, which u:ih roprc
tBtad in thin nh" wn h :i niiuitiire
reproduction of Uncle Ham's newt t play-(trouud.
A Saving of $2.00
New York. Thirty thmmand women
participated here Saturday afternoon
In tho lilRRet mi fr rime parade In New
York't hiatory. Incidentally they ap
plied the "You don't count" treatment
to more man In roal Trapped form
.hint before tile parade Marled at 3
o'clock title order was Uaued;
"Now," the marcher woro told, "for
Ret for a couple of hourn that xuch a
creature man vr vUtd ll don't
ejnatter today. Koop your eye to the
front and ahouldera erect and don't
even nod to your mother." The march
era obeyed Inatructlona.
Thin order was given, the leader
Mid. to Impress spectator with the
marcher' determination.
Twenty-four handsome girls on
horsebacK, neauett i) ,uss met Mil
hollnnd. headed the marchers. They
kepi the Htep to tho music of 35 bunds
Uelliml tbl' lllll t ewollien followed the
ineintii tm V the National American
Woman' Suffrage association, repre
sentatives from suffrage states and
from the territor of Alaska, the Wo
men's 1'olltlcal union, "tleneral" Ro
salie Jones' "Army of the Mudon"
and numerous other women' organisation.
Light Vols I Cast, 35.000 of 73,000
Registered Voting
Portland. -With the women of Port
land casting their first ballots In this
city, it commission form of government
was adopted by a close vote. With the
count complete, the charter carried by
17.ii)4 to 11.842. a majority of 22J
vote. A. U. Ruehllght waa over
x'helinltmlngl.v renominated for mayor
on the republican lleket and II It Al
bee was nominated by the prnitrosslve
pat iv
One of the bin surprises of the flay
was the light vote, not to exceed 47
per cent of those registered being
found at the polls within the day. It
had I ii thought that a lartte vote
would be cast, Imt there waft about
.i.'i.iiihi out of a total registered vote
Hindu I Eligible a Cltlien.
Spokane.- An Intcrextlug MdellKht
on the null alien land legislation In
California came here when Akhay
Kumar Mojtuiular, a philosopher and
native of t'alcilta. Iinlla. attained the
distinction of Mag the first Hindu
ever to become an American cltlxen. courts heretofore have held
Hindus InHiKtblo to cltlxettshlp, Unit
ed States District Judge Frank II
Rudkiu granted ilie application of the
Hindu for niiturtltiutloii paper.
VH 'V-TViiKyTf n
Means Not Only
Time But Money
Do you ever consider how long it takes to travel the
distance from your house to the Doctor and Merchant
andwhat timeyou save by Telephonirg? If your
time is worth anything you cannot afford to be
without a Teienhone.
Malheur Home Telephone Co.
Kee. Kob't J. Davldaou D D Paa
tor. HarvioM at 11 .00 a m and 7 .30
p in Suhlath acbool at 10:00 g. ui
Mans at h A M on 1st and Hrd Sunday
of each uiiuitli. On all other Sundays
at in AM.
H. A. Cam po, Rector
Vat aV 1
Best Equipped Livery in
the city. Headquarters for
Hones Bought and Sold.
1 iiiiiirnjdtiiiiidl Church Notice
Suoday Hervioe,
Sunday Si'hool loam
I'reaobiug Service Ham
0 K Meeting 7pm
freaohiug Servk-M H p m
Midweek Lectures every Wednesday
eveuiug 8 o'clock
l'hilip Koeulu, Fastur.
Every : utm-.l.
Sabbath School -10:30 a m
liible Study -11 M a m
Young pecplts meetlug 1 :30 p 01
Sunday School 10 A M
Preaching Service HAM
Junior League 3 P M
Epwortu League 0 :.'io P M
Preaching Serlc 73 :0 P M
llama. Jobua, PAS'l'K.
A Bargain
2,004 fruit tree of th. three
following vuiieties. Jonatban, Home
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l a ..taaaTl
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Don't you admire a liht, dainty bedroom with
immaculate linen and draperies, and with walls, furni
ture and woodwork all enameled in pure white or
some delicate tint such as ivory or pale blue? You
can have one it is not expensive.
ENAMEL (Neal's)
gives a hard, sanitary, lustrous, genuine enamel
1771 V
surface, easily kept bright and clean.
It is offered in delicate tints or rich
colors to harmonize with draperies and
furnishings. ,
A. McWILLIAMS, Proprietor.