The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, April 24, 1913, Image 5

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Ontario Pharmacy
Keep the Moths Away
From your Furs with Our Moth Compound
25 Cents per Can
Rexall Remedies
Eastman Kodaks
Local Items
n. Robert (Moll left but week (or
arD(rillp. where she waa called on
Koont of the serious lllne of ber
The 8tb grade examinations will be
Idd tbe fitb and 7th of May. AH
tftrbert are request) to get their
orders I" 1 time. A. B. Maopheraon
Nate Conklln Is visiting with his
brother for a short tine.
Mrs. L. N. Cook, of Caldwell,
,M calling n Ontario friends Wed-
Two fnrnlahed rooms for rent,
private family. K. Cope, tailor.
The eighth grade pnpila will pre
sent tee operetta. Florida at Dream
luiil on May 2.
Ericsson for good alioe repairing.
nortli of Ontario Furniture company
A. K. Brown was In from his llnr
vt tn'iiity i tin i-li this wsek. Ilesnvs
tbe past winter waa an excellent one
lor the eti'ck and sheep men of that
HCtinn ..M. I the losaea very amall.
Grass It now good and all the atuff la
looking well.
Mi-- iihnda Pierce Is at the Farley
rooms with a tine Hoe of hair goods
Hair dressing, manicuring, ecalp
treatment Kollrited. Phone (14 W-
Mr. and Mrs. K. D. Smtlb, of
Appleton Citv. Miasourl, arrived laat
Priday morning to look the country
orer. Mix. Smith la n sister of W.
T. Lamps In. They are on their
koni'TOiniiii I rip and expect to locate
BfO Hose lies moved to Cam bridge,
Idaho. He ehipped a oar on Wediiea
Mu .it Thurp haa mored to the
hlubria valley, "ear Cambridge.
Local News
H. H. Mitchell, who recentlr ar
rived herefrom Arkansas, is IhTsSMilaal Mr L"Pton Evans and daugh-
to build a new house on the land be has ' ter M,M ,laze1, of .Spokane, Waah..
purchase,!. Rr In Ontario to organize a Mother's
club These clubs are affiliated wjth
tbe National Oongreaa of Mother's
and are under the direction of Dr.
Tit Coukey's He ponder for your
poultry. J" ami &0 cents, at hirer
but Drug Co.
Mr Keynolda waa bare from Hunt
i't"D this week to attend the wed
oiui of hi daiigbtur, Miss Mildred.
Alfalfa seed cents a pound at the
Horn Llrsiy aud drain oompaoy.
rYsd K Halley and Mra. (Inllway
wr married in Boies Wsdoesday
"fuuiii si i iii ixt church rectory by
. 0. L. Jonea.
Rerueinljer the llolateio oow sale at
Oatsrio Saturday. April '20th.
Jo KM want left Monday for liar
tJ county where be will remain
torlutf ill,- aijuimer.
A. I) Mezituo la preparlog to
wild s new liouae on land purchased
&-m the Advancement company.
Ueod shoe repairing at Griekaon'a
oeihop, north .if poatoffloe.
frank Weaver aud Miss Mildred
Wield were married Wednesday by
fc Myers at the borne of the bride
the renenca of a few reiativea.
! will make their home on Un
to creek n.n.h owned i.y the groom.
Buy your alfalfa seed at the Moore
Livery and Oraln company, 5 cents
a pound.
F. B. Mitchell, of Baker, who was
a member of tbe leglilature and oo
worker with W. F. Homan on the
Irrigation committee, waa here Sun
day, the guest of Mr. Human.
Ontario Bakery givea you more
and better candy for your money than
any other place in town.
Ham J. Ballin. of Ulenns Ferry.
Idaho, has purchased tbe Palm saloon
from May A Nicely and taken posses
Travel ing bag, mlt oases and
trunk at the Kroctmlu Harne abop.
The baieball fane have been out
practicing for several eveuings aud
it Is surprising bow many good play
ers tbey have mustered out for prae
tfoe. It la now believed that a club
can be organized for the Valley league.
If you want some good ouws attend
the Hnlstelti tale at Ontario, Hatur
day, April 2flth.
Mia Maggie Haul, daughter of
Thomas Harris, of this city, wusmsr
rled to Will Kos at Parma, on Hat
urday and they will make their home
on Mr. Hoas'a place near Parma. Many
friends extend congratulations.
Tbe Kroussln Harness company oan
save you money on the price of that
harness you need.
Thomas Logan shipped lu fmir
car loada of cattle from Nauipa
this mormug sud unloaded them nt
Urogau, where they were turned on
tbe raogo.
Con key e Liquid lice killer for
poultry aud stock, (iuarauteed by
The lerliiirt lrng Co.
Andrew Sloane Draper of New York.
The club here bas the ardent co
operation of Prof. Bailey, of tbe On
tario srhoola. All mothers who are
ineretsted In the work are Invited to
call on Mra. Evans at the Moore hotel.
Are you golngT Where?
Ureamlatid. Monday, May 5.
To the
Isudore r'uehs, of Baker, waa calling
on Outario frleuds Wednesdsy
Kodaka Have tbe Hurrlll studio
do your developing aud prlutlng.
Mall orders given prompt utteution.
L. Adam waa a Boise visitor Monday.
An opportunity is afforded people
interested 111 dairying to get a
thoroughbred Holstelns Usturday,
April UOtb. whan 6 0 bead will be sold
ut Outarln.
1). A. (ioldamitb, of Abilene, Kan
aas. la bare for a viait with hia
brother, W. H. (Joldamitb.
Wanted Position ou ranch to cook
where there are no other women.
Addreaa rJo 274.
J. H. Oilcbrist Is in tbe city ar
rauging for tbe handling of some
cattle here for tue Wilier aud Lux
I ..I Tramaln and H. L. Poormau
bave Iteoo at the Hot Lake tor a week
taklug the buths.
Mra. Ooudy Is home from Hot
Lake, wheri she was treated tor
Baking Powder
b the greatest of modern
time helps to perfect cake
and biscuit making. Makes
home baking pleasant and
profitable. It renders the
food more digestible and
guarantees it safe from
alum and all adulterants.
Ben Crnmmlt returned from tbe
Weiser Valley Saturday and will go
to Salt Lake, having won a trip there
throngb hi success In writing Insur
Are you going? Where? To tbe
Dreamland, Monday, May V
Mr. Bay Wilton was visiting
Weiser friends last week.
Mark Rutherford and family, who
spent tbe winter here, have movad
back to Ironsides for the summer.
For Sale 1 doz. thoroughbred
Hrawu Leghorn hens. Price $6.
The Catholic ladlea will bold a
cooked food sale at Nader's store uexl
Saturday. April 20th and Invite the
patronage of their friends.
Are you going? Where? To tbe
Dreamland. Monday, May 5.
For Sale At a bargain 1 .11 nob
Winona wagon, 1 Hock Island farm
truck. 8 pair buggy ahatu. F. II
Mr. ami Mrs. S. D. Newman ar
rived Sunday night fmm Hhoahone,
I'lui. to visit the pareuta of Mra.
Newman, Mr. and Mra. J. H. Jonea.
J. A. Willlama went to Walla
Walla to dlspoee of aome mule .,,,)
wblle there was taken sick and ha
been lu the hospital, but is reported
much better.
Mr. and Mr. Charles Plntt are In
Portland fur a abort time.
David Wilson stopped over lu On
srlo, Monday on bis way west from
Washington, where ha has a case
before the Interior department.
A story waa sent out from the
lVitleud stockyarda laat week that
not a hug had beeu Imported into
Oregon for several mouths. This hud
refersnoe ouly to hogs for slaughter,
the traio loads of bacon, hams and
lard were not taken Into cousldsratiou
or the many tine animals imported
for breeding purpose. Until the wast
atopa uaiug eastern pork products
there is going to be a demand for
western hogs at good prices. As the
country settles up tbe demand will
Mrs. J. D. Billingslay aud daugh
teis were visiting frleuds in Boise last
Mra. C B. Keuyon and Mlaa Hick
were in Boise Saturday looking over
the nice tbioga in the store there.
Archie J. Blakely was married t C. Buchuer at tbe residence ot
U. L. King by tbe Judge ou Sunday
Mra. Vuu Petten and Mra. Test were
visitors to Boiae Saturday, returning
Sunday in tbe auto.
Mis Printing made a trip to Boise
It girl, or tbe parents of girls,
who are going to Portland will write
to tbe "Big Sisterhood," oare of tbe
' Peoples' Institute, arrangement will
be made to give tbem such attention
as tbey may wish on reaching tbe city
Sand their welfare will be looked atfer
by "Big Sistres" who will take pleas
i ure in knowing and helping So
many and thlnga happen every day to
girls who con. to Portland from amall
towns aud tbe country that tbe iui
portauoe of tbl acquaintance with the
"big Sister" is urged upon mothers!
ao. I daughter throughout tbe state.
' Uet the Argus, only 11.00
The Miller and Lux people are re
stocking tbeir range in this state with
cattle from California and Mexico.
Five train loada have been unloded
at Wlnnemuocn, about 8,500 and will
be driven north from that point.
Some 10,000 head are to be shipped
Into this section and driven to their
ranges In this and Harney counties
If the Mexican trull Lie set ties down
o cattle can be driven out many more
will come to this section, as the ranges
can support more oattle.
State of Indiana.
Adjutant General' Office,
Indlanapolii. April 19, l!13.
Mrs. H. H.Whitney.
Ontario, Ore.
My Dear Madam :
Your carload of provisions so
geneiously donated by the people of
your vicinity through the efforts of
your Woman' olub was received In
good order and la today being for
warded to the flood (offerer in the
neighborhood of Mt. Vernon. Indltna.
You need make no apologia for
this car as it Is one o! the very beat
that haa been received by ua and it
oertaitily will be appreciated by the
poor people to whom it is being con
signed. In their behalf I deilre to thank
your club and the people for their
very gunerou nonaiinnn.
Very Respectfully
Oeo. W. McCoy.
Adjutant General.
An operation for append loitla was
performed laat Tuesday on Mr. Romlg,
of Ontario Reporta of his present
coudltlon are quite encouraging,
Mlaa Simpson, of Parma, Is at the
hospital, where she ha I a aurgical
operation yesterday at the bands of
Drs Printing and Weese.
Saves half your labor. For sale at
Ontario Pharmacy. Eight washings
for 25 oents. Money back it not
If you want printing of the better
class you get it at the Argus office the
price is right
Dr. P. A. Simmons, the Boise eye
specialist, will be at tbe Moore hotel
for two dnye only. Friday and Satur
day, May 2 and 3. Dr. Simmoi It la
now manager of tbe (Jlnbe Optical
company and all old patient of the
Globe, as woll as bla own are ruriest
d to call at tbla time for uoh
change aa may be needed.
You will soon be think ing of taking
up the carpeta and rugs and will need
a few hundred old papers to place
under them to save the carpet and
deaden the sound. The Argus ha
them tied up in liuudlea of 1U0 each
whluh we sell for 2o cent.
One block north to the room
formerly occupied by Long's
Clothing Store, where he is
prepared to give you better
Cash Prices Mean Low Prices
Here Is Your Opportunity
Ontario, Oregon, at 10 O'clock
Sat., April 26, 1913
Will Be Sold
Everybody Come
This Herd of High Grade Milky Form, Young Dairy Cows which are being ship
ped from Illinois, are a rare combination of these essential qualities. All bred
to registered prize winning bull and will freshen from 20 to 60 days. Tuber
culin tested.
This will be a good opportunity for anybody interested in Holstein Dairy
Cattle to set ure an excellent foundation for a high elan herd.
Ontario Commercial Club
' f