The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, April 17, 1913, Image 6

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Martyr of Science.
Every few days the press tells of
ome eminent phvMiclim who sacrifices
henlth or life itself In the ennse of
clem e. Tims he loses life Hint others
may find It. The In test cnses concern
one iiiiin who became Infected with
leprosy IhrmiKh cnrlng for lepers, and
another who lost his hand ns a result
of experimenting with Hoentjien rays.
8ir George Turner wns knighted be
cause of his eminence as a physician
and his heroic self sacrllke In working
among the lepers of South Africa. His
effort has hecn to make the lepers
more comfortable and to retard the
advance of the disease. Whllo engag
ed In this work he himself became
leper. He now promises to give the
remainder of his life to the task and
has hopes thnt lie may find a cure for
the dread disease.
1 Dr. Simon, director of the Radio
graphic Institute at Geneva, has con
tributed much to the knowledge of the
X ray. Recently his perilous experi
ments made necessary the amputation
of his left hand. His partner had al
rendy lost two Angers. Despite the
danger, both are continuing their work
What liner example Is furnished by
modern civilisation than that of these
patient seekers nfter truth, who liter
ally give themselves for the good of
their fellow men?
Since he became governor general of
the Philippines In MM It Is estimated
that President Taft has traveled 318.
000 miles. At thirty miles an hour,
which is a fair average as between
railroads and steamships, this would
require one year and nearly three
months, running night and day. and
without stops for banquets, speeches
or receptions. Vet. barring one trip
around the world and another to Home,
practically all of this travel has been
In tin- United Slides or Its possessions.
A somewhat sizable country!
An educational expert says that "the
foreign born mother is beating the
American torn mother two to one In
the bnby Industry." In this connec
tion a recent Investigation shows that
more than three fourths of the families
In Hnston'a aristocratic Mack May sec
tion have no children. These facts are
too MM'lollS I'm IlL'Ilt inliilllcllt The
should shock the American people Into
a sense of their duty to their country
and to the future.
A Massachusetts man who recently
dlc.l at the age of eighty seven claimed
to have been kept alive for many years
by eating molasses Got so saturated
with It that be sort of stuck to life,
aa It were.
Pnvriilcsl Research it I llurvurd.
The popular idea o( psychical re
search Is that It consists chietiy of
ghost hunting. Huch a view Is ulaxit
us near the truth as the general im
pression that the new psychology deals
mostly with mental heullng. In both
Instances the public has taken one fea
ture of tbeae Intensely Interesting and
import ii nt new Holds of knowledge, or,
rather, of Investigation, us the whole
thing, it Is true that the new psy
chology does touch mental healing, but
It relates to the power of suggestion
and of the subconscious mind over the
formation of character, efficiency,
mental poise and moral tone, as well
as bodily health. It la likewise true
that psychical research has concerned
Itself with so culled spiritistic phe
nomena, but It bus ulso Investigated
unusual psychic fscts. whether presum
ed to relate to the deud or the living.
Kvery new science has brought upon
Itself ridicule because In the uuture of
things It had to go Into realms of shud
ow where knowledge was vugue. Hy
patient Investigation, however, the
shadows were dispelled and the knowl
edge became more definite In St.
Augustine's du mathematicians were
looked upon as not quia respectafte.
During the middle ages ull sorts of
scientists were regarded as magicians
and as being slightly oil color.
There Is no reason why little under
stood facts concerning the human mind
should not be Investigated as are the
facts of the material universe. It Is
lntlultely hopeful, therefore, that Har
vard university bus accepted the $10.
Ooo endowment Mud for psychical re
search and lb t make It a memorial
to the late Dr. Ulchard Hodgson, sec
retary of the American Society For
Psychical Research for eighteen years.
Harvard Is the nrst college to take
such a step It assures not only that
the investigation of ghoat stories and
of psychic phenomenu is to be respect
able, but that It is to be carried for
ward in a dentine spirit.
A Chicago bandit says that women
nave more nerve than men. Quite
right Women go through bargain day
crushes from which mere men flee in
Mexico I. like a man with bad blood.
He sooner Is one Insurrectionary toll
cured than another break, out In a d.f
ferent place.
was the lowest ever recorded. Death
m$ yet become unfashionable.
Old age should not be a handicap to
auy thing except an egg.
Masculine Pulchritude.
A magazine says that men
are growing handsomer. The cynic
might rcpl. that there Is abundant
room. In this the cynic would lo
wrong. If American men become
much more beautiful the feminine half
of creation Is in danger of forgetting
sulTnige and everything else In sheer
admiration The medical publication
does not stop with personal pulchri
tude, however. It says that we are
lietter housed, better fed and better
clothed than ever men were before. If
this be true the men who lived before
have our undivided sympathy. That
they were not up to our standard of
beauty may be readily conceded, but
that they had worse clothes, bouses
and food leaves them In a bad way.
Are men growing handsomer? How
can they? rosslbly the medical editor
who wrote this wns a trifle subjective
In his mental viewpoint Most men are.
They do not think of mnnklnd in broad
general terms, but have some particu
lar man In view, and that man Is usu
ally the om dblng the thinking. The
"ego In his cosmos" gives him an in
flated Idea of all masculine loveliness.
This Is a form of sex vanity.
Heretofore beauty hns been thought
a feminine property, and men have
prided themselves on other things. Not.
a few women admit In secret that
their masculine Ideal Is a rough, hnlry
creature who Is a cross between a
cavo man and a Norse viking. Neither
the cave man nor the viking ever saw
a bathtub or a burlier Whether or
lot the modern man Is handsomer than
they, ho at least is cleaner and has
less hair.
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