The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, April 03, 1913, Image 5

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Ontario Pharmacy
Keep the Moths Away
From your Furs with Our Moth Compound
25 Cents per Can
Rexall Remedies
Eastman Kodaks
Local Items
o p. DoHMfl made a bualnesa trip
d Bolw the "Tat of the weuk.
Mr. Orcutt la home from a trip to
,bc roust hikI Willamette valley point
The morning and evening collec
tion atilM1 Congregational church will
tent to the sufferer from the flood
D Indiana.
Ad attendant from Pendleton took
jobn Pali" to the Eaatern Oregon
njlnm Tuesday evening. Ha was a
flnlimler and had been employed on
,,. nilrnad construction work.
Found rnrae with amall turn of
pooey. Call at Argu office.
B. 8. Cook Ihih been here from Port
Und for the paitt week lookiug after
tfcjcopmany'a interaata hare. He re
port! an improved condition in Port
Henry llnllowny, of Iowa, heaarrlv
,1 here with a oar ol stock and goods
iiiii moved onto hla tract of land pur
tbiied from the II. 8. Cook oopmany.
Floyd Hager dropped off for a abort
ililt tola week, lie nan been to
Pindleton and waa returning to bla
home tit am bridge. He ia well
tlrd with the new location.
DeaconexH Kuigbt will hold an
KplK-'T"' service at the Advent cburob
Sunday evening. April 0, at H o'clock.
Erirtbody In invited to attend.
Mm Prank McKee. of Welaar. waa
tuition lit Hi'- Imme of her paranta
rti-r Sunday.
Ounty Siiu'rlnteti(lent Maepher-
kd li making another luapectlon trip
Mm. I'm Kerfoot and daughter lire
km from it viait with Mn. Kerfoot'a
other at Welaar.
Ml Mell Carter la home from her
Fred Dai ley la home from St. Paul
Minn . where he apent several montha
with hla pnrente. Mr. Bailey sbyi
bualneaa ia quiet in St. Paul, eapeoially
In a retail way, but it ia expected
a big improvement will be abown when
the aprlng opena na the wholesalers
are doing a nice liiiHlneii.
Roaea In vnrlotr, acclimated, at
the Emmet nuraery, local yard.
Mra. C. E. Wntinn waa a visitor to
BoIm Tueaday.
Mlea Eva Cnmmlnga waa home from
Bolae for a few daya visit with her
pnrenta, Mr. and Mra. 0. P. Cum
mlnga. Miaa Cumminga ia an soeonv
pliahed pianist nnd Is assooiated with
Prof. Mom In Dolae.
L. Pefferle waa here tbla week from
Dakar flatting with liia relatlvea and
frienda. He aaya Ontario aura looka
good to him.
Jobn Hoffman, the )untura post
mniter. waa here t hla week arranging
to build ii One atone block In the new
Treea for commercial planting, Boa
etook of Kmmett miraerv. onnnalta
Carter bonaa, Ontario.
C. E. Balding la up from Portland
on a viait. He he aaya may oome back
hare to live aa Portland la not aatla
factory aa h home place.
F. H. Caldwell la home from Port
land, where he ha been aeveral week
looking after hla Interaata there. He
aaya the aky (enrapera are being piled
up In all dlrectlona down there and
many new people are coming In.
Bill Debaa aud Fred Cau.leld went
to Portland to opeu a factory tor the
manufacture of campatovea.
The diatrlot foreeter, with bead
iioartera at Portland, will atart any
one who wishes. In the lutein. ... of
gruwlug I. nihil willowe. Cuttioga
Thinew niokela have appeared In may be had free on application, aa
the guv! mm ni iaoanylngon luveati
gatlona todelermlue tin- v ariettas beat
aulted to tliia state.
uitn. the Pirat National receiving a
ln I'onaigumant a few daya ago.
Tfctrirsnot conaldared any improve
aait oer the old coin.
Dr.Jamea Withyoombe. director of
tW Ort-Kon experiment station at
Corvtilli, m authority for the stabs
ot made at a recant meeting, that
hog baa paid more debt, built
acre liomaa aud bought more clothe
oVbcol hooka for farmers and their
"ildreo than aoy other product in
Col. J. S. Naptoo waa In OnUrlo
J "day. He ,y, the road to Home
"III aoon U completed and trains
"Ming. That aection la taking on
Ufa in anticipation of water for
PUaa district.
you will aoon be thinking of taking
Pthe curpata and ruga und will need
" hundred old papers to place
" them to mv th I'artiMt and
"n the aajajaja), The Argua haa
tied u. iu bundle of 100 each
I aicri we sell r.,r -ir. ,...., i.
Mr. aud Mra. F. M. Tyler have
been her tbla week vialting with Mr.
Tyler' parenta. Col. and Mra. Taylor.
Mi Tyler haa a lumber yard at IV
touia, Idaho, at to foot of tbe Teton
peaka, near Yellowstone park. The
trout Malum.' and huutiug are the big
attraction at present, with a good
farming section all urouod.
Charlee Kenyoo and Baker Dall are
back from their trip to tbe Burna
aection. They found eome roada aud
all tbe people happy aud prospcroua.
Thoa. Martin, ag.-d 71 year. did
March 20tb. Ha waa in epparentjgood
health up to tbe time of hia death.
Tbe funeral, which wa largely at
tended, wa held on the 28th. H
hud bn a resident of Outario for
aeveral yeara and left a wife and
three obildien, Jobn und Alex Martin
and Mr. J. E. FraUr, all of tbia
Absolutely Pure
Economizes Butter, Hour,
Eggs; makes the food more
appetizing and wholesome
The only Baking Powder made
Iron. Royal Grape Cream ol Tartar
Miss Dottie Ward la HI at bar
home with a light attack of pneumonia
The membera of the Tlllicum club
were entertained on Wedneaday even
Ing at tbe Dreamland by Mra. Walter
Glenn, an auto ride by Mra. Seguine.
followed by refreahment and April
fool surprises at the borne of Mra
Aker. It waa voted a very cmjoyable
evening. Am mg those preaent were.
Meadamea C R Aker, U F Bermele.
D Bigga.W H Drooke, II Duffy, I, H
Fry, W (llenn and ann Walter, R
Payne. 0 R Seguine. Strtener, Taggart,
W Walker, F Zimmerman ; Miaaea
Hazel Lackey Kmmu McGiveru, Dona
('oakley, and Mra Cnakley, of Waller.
Tbe Ontario Creamery will be ready
to reoeive cream tbe tint of tbe week.
There I only on piece of machinery
to arrive in order for them to be iu
ahape to handle the bualneaa.
Pete I in t -ii l waa over from Payette
tbia week, where be ia now located.
He recently married Miaa Edna
Peteraun. daughter of Mr. and Mra.
Cbarlea Peteraon of tbla city, th
ceremony being pei formed by Rv.
Myr In the preaencc of the family.
IbeS andO. club will meet Thurs
day urt. Tin mm, April 10 at tbe home
Of Mra. Andy Laokey.
Alfalfa aeed 5 cent n pound at th
Moor Llvry and (Jreln oompany,
Th joker war out April lat with
many of tbe old onea and u fe new
onea. Due of tbe city officiate waa
aeen to atoop over one of tho metal
puraea, Iu which coin could be
aeen, but when he touched It aud re
ceived a aevere electric abock. b evl
dently coucludvd be did not have any
uae fur the puree. The aohool child
ran bad it tiro drill to gat a few hour
otf and ao It want around tbe town,
apparently uoue being too old or too
young to enjoy to jok.
A aou waa born to Mr. and Mra.
Ocorg .Mi-l.fMii on April 2.
Buy your alfalfa aeed at the Moore
Livery and Uraln company, G cent
a pound.
Emory Cole wa bar from hi
ranoh for a few day this week. He ia
nuraiug a oaee of blood poisoning,
but nothing eeriou.
i "iikey'a Liquid Hce kllUr (or
poultry aod atock. Ouaraoteed by
The Everhart Drug Co.
Mr. Mortlneon, of Hpokuue, ia here
to take charge of th 'J7-aor orchard
traot of D. F. Nordatrum, of St. Paul.
Th tract will be Improved and act
to tree at one.
Tiy Cooky'a Ho powder for your
poultry. 26 and 00 oeota, ut Kver
hart Drug Co.
For al willow post, Inquire
i l mil wt of hospital.
Tbe taxpayer are Invited to briug
their notice of taaea due, to ua und
1st ua nd in their (aymeuta and
take care of tbe receipt until called
for. OnUrlo National Bank.
Han (iallaghar died at tbe hospital
tbts morning after n ahort Illness.
He was tnken to the hospital Friday
xulfering from the effect of having a
nail run into hia foot. Ho bad beeo
in the employment of the Wbittier
sheep for many yeara and when tbe
sheep were taken over by tbe Stanfleld
brothera Dan went with them. He
was well known throughout this aec
tion where he bad many friends.
An operation for append ioitla waa
performed last week on Elmer Nesblt,
or Big Willow, Idaho. Mr. Peacook,
of Ontario, underwent n very aeriou
operation for ulcere of tbe atomaob.
Tim preaent oondltton of tbe patient ia
v iv aatlafactory.
Mra. J. J. Toole, of Payette, ia re
covering from a aevere illneaa and will
be able to retnrn to her borne in Pay
ette In a few daya.
Mr. naugerty, a Welaer man, waa
admitted to the hospital yesteriay
ailing with typboid fevar.
furniture for sale
Will aell at my residence known aa
tbe Burbrldge property In Klverside
on Oregon street, all bouaehold fur
niture consisting of 3 Iron beds, new,
1 lining room set, solid oak, 8 pieces,
1 obina oloset. 1 leather covered couch,
chalra and rcokers, 1 kitchen tresaurc,
1 refrigerator, 2 rugs, 1 heatlog stove,
1 cook at- v.. and a lot of smaller
artlclea. F. II Caldwell
Private Sale
To commenc April ", at 10 o'clock
a. m. , 40 bead high grade Holateiu
cows. 2 to 0 yeara old. Koine fresh,
othera freah soon, at Bauks feed yard,
Payette, Idaho.
for Sale or Trade
A high grade piano, ntarly new.
What bav your H. A. Miller. Box
204, Vale. Dragon.
Money to loan
gatd farina. W.
Improved Irri
H. Doolittla Co.
Drayage ordara taken at Moore
I l"t i-1 John Landing ban i, reeldenoe
phone 494
Three Iota for aal 2 block west
f poatofhYn at u bargain. Inquire at
Argus office.
Ladi tailor aod dressmaker Mrs,
Kite cope Phonal 04 N. 1,
bij Success
Th taxpayer are invited to bring
their notioe of taxe due. to ua and
lat u a. nd in their payment and
take oar of the receipt untii culled
for. Ontario National Bunk.
Ontario Bakery give you more
and better oaudy for your mousy tbuu
any other plao in town.
Tbe plaoe to buy Brat class candle
ia at the Ontario Bakery.
Now ia the time to get a new rug for
that room while Farley haa a big stock
to select from.
The Lumpkin bankrupt aod removal
sale baa been a big sucoms, due large
ly to tbe very large aod oomplete
atook, making it possible for the
trade to get what they want and
ut very great saving over former
prioea. The sal will continue until
about th 10th, at which time tbe
took will be moved ioto the new
store room formerly oocupisd by tbe
Long Clothing company, which la now
being remodeled. Pd. Adv.
For the beat bread aud pual i j
town go to i he Ontario bakery.
For Sale Choice Ruial Now V'orker
need potatoes. J. Dsfoe, Ontario,
'I egon.
Realty Exchange
For Sal Thoroughbred Poland
China boar, price 925. Pbuo or
write R. R.1 0. W. deBoer, OnUrlo,
( iregon.
If you want printing of the" better
class you get it at the Argus office the
price Ts right
For Sal A Ford automobile iu
good shape. Prioe $350. D. C. Booth
at Multnomah rooma.
Farm and city property bought and
sold. All kinds of property to trade.
We writ insurance in tbe beat com
panics in tbe world. We will not let
your insurance run our without por Italian prunes see stock
notifying you. Muy a man has lost Kmmett nuraery, Ontario yard.
all be bad by not being injured. Keep
yoor property insured. It is good
1 business. Our rate are always right
Bealty Exchange
Oet yoor alfalfa seed now 5 cents
a pound ut Moor Livery and Grain
For Sal Lawn mower, good us i
new, cheap for quick sale. Phone
103 M.
The Right Way to Farm is
with a Full Set of John Deere
Plows and Tools
Be it Plows, Harrows, Discs, Cultiva
tors, Manure Spreaders, Gasoline En
gines or any tool used on the Farm.
afl HwaV
HaaaflwaBaflP PTaasaw
BsaZW wv--Ti
Our Implement Department will be pleased to show you
any tool you may be in need of
Boyer Bros. & Company
Now and here- not then and there
lies your opportunity. The Ford
product has been multiplied by two-and-a-half
but the demand has
been multiplied by four. If you
want one for spring service you
must get it now. Don't dt'lay.
There ar- more than 220,xio Fords on the world's
highway the lieht possible testtmony to their
unexcelled worth. Pric-i runabout fJlOO tun
ing car $;;" town car i7'i f o. b. Ontario with
complete equipment.
Ford Garage
Ontario, Ore.