The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, April 03, 1913, Image 3

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We Have Moved
Our great stock of Dry Goods,
Shoes, Gent's Furnishings to our
New Store. The Grocery De
partment will be moved about
May 1st.
We welcome you to come bring
your friends and show them
Ontario's greatest store.
Our rest room is ready for your
use, it's a nice place to meet
your friends.
Our Stock is growing larger in
every department and the newest
things prevail.
Don't forget the Slogan, "MEET ME
9 9
n& l& mil
Mincer iw m
Hit tJk I m ' a
SOLICITED U .A. aaaamPC W-.6. ' A
Tht world-:! cninuinptloii f K-trv
leum Is I.OMMKX) hnrrela per day. The
I'nlti'il St it prodOMd M 111 abaWI of
tin' irorMVl output 00.000,000 Imrreln
111 IMS, ami Of tliix large amount the
lata of California fomiahad BTflOftMB
A t'allfnrnla rancher who evidently
batlaraa M the atrenuoua iifo managea
0 woiU MH Iniiil twenty four hour a
day during the busy enon. He er
ates three shifts of melt mid team
l;;ht hMM each mid provide tirlltlclnl
light for those working between aun
down mid stump.
The article and Illustration must not
be reprinted without pclal porml
Kid "Gloves
Marlnr hn1 the grenteat hen
To lay. lay. lay!
She wouldn't lay off laying egga
L'pon the Sabbath day.
But thl hen, too, flow or the wall
Sim was an awful tiler
Ab.1 when he dug the gardens up
She raleed tho neighbor Ire.
And o the women came acrosa
To lay the la loWfl l"t,
If she didn't kill that hen at one
They'd do It on the spot
H irlur baard tli"m with a smile.
Ni Ml r siisird them b
Bho too the ax right then and ther.
And gave thut hen a whack
Then, klaslng all their wrath away.
She roiM.t In dulcet tone!,
"I'nme o 1 1 . now. tomorrow, denra.
And to pick her tmnea."
Thus threatened war did not occur.
Marlnr beat The Hague
Bo, neighbor, go and do llkcwlt
It your hen la n plIM
The gooae. Ih sure nil utithpie
MoliutluMita allow that gooae? goose)
guilder has l'eii following tiinn up
and down i reiitlon for over l,l
en rn.
The Toulouse, eotnlng direct from
the wild gray, la oldest
The beautiful White Kmlalen l
claimed by Home to originate from the
nintlng of n white wild awiin nml the
(irny, while others claim It la uti nl
MM from the Toulouse, Just as the
White Hoek comes from the Marred.
Whatever It blatory, the EabiM I"
superior In mini) respects to the
Toulouae, nml we our readers
to carefully select breeders to preserve
the eharacterlatlea of this splendid wti
ter fowl, which has gnlued much la
sl.e beauty. itiitllt ami populMttJ
alnce It waa brought ov.r to America
Us) year ago
The gander should Im- pure white,
two to five years old. have erect car
rlage. largo bend, long neck, blight,
largo him "'' stout oriinge bill, long
Photo bf 0 M Bnrnlta.
stfitlglit, braid buck; Wide, round, Tllll
breast; compact, deep body; strong,
large, well rounded wings, folding
ainoothh to sides; stout thlgha, strong
shanks, toes and webs of deep orunge
He should :ippeiir nuis-ivo, be not
overCat nor thin, nor should he have
developed huge abdominal pouch nor
prominent keel.
The goose should be Ills copy, but
nnoe rellmsl; from two to twelve years
old nml not too closely related. Two
to threo geese to the gander Is the
The Kmbdeii nfTords n flne quality
of Mesh. Is n good ln.ver, 1ms no dark
pin feathers, ami Its white plumage la
nhiiiidiiiit and brings the highest price.
The goslings tire very rapid growers
and innke aplcudld green geeso for
Thanksgiving ami Christinas
Pounds. Touads
Adult gander 10 Adult goose II
Young gandah II Young gooa. M
Many folks In their relation to the
need of n comprehensive nml sensible
program of permnnent road building
are altogether too much like the Arkan
sas philosopher who when It wis rain
ing couldn't fix his leaky roof and who
when It wasn't ruining thought the re
pair entirely unnocetisiiry.
Tor clearing tip n pice of brush lanfl
there Is nothing that will do the busi
ness more effectively or satisfactorily
th:tn a flock of Angora goats. The
goats will not only kill practically ev
en shrub In the tract, but they will
gain enough in weight to mote than
give Interest on the money invested In
them while the.v are at work.
Don't proclaim jour voting birds that
win at the f.tlrs phenomenal" and
"sure winners" at the coming winter
shows Those that show precocity oft
io tO iii.-i I n . I It.v
Don t s i- at the woman whoshows
agaliis' you. If the female of the ape
ties 's more deadly than the male, of
nurse Hi lie who sneers at I" i
will meet a sail llnale
1 1. n't stoop to little tricks In bust
ness The small man always comes
out the little end M the horn.
Don't have too many Irons In the
fire. The spei Inllst In a good line tins
a rich vein of gold to mine, but he
who dabs at that and this la always
sure success to miss
Don't put off culling the flock till
lho Ml their heads off. To tb. cu
llmiry cook pot with thciu.
(iood plii cs thai are belni: received
for blooded cattle at numerous sales
seem to bo due to the mm milly high
prices that are being paid for baaf iml
iiimIs ami to tin Increasing Interest on
the part of many stock raisers In tho
raising of pure bred cattle as a means
of Increasing the farm receipts
If a fellow has the money he can tie
up In It there would seem to be aoDM
good inonev to be made by baling a
good uanllty of this line blight straw
that is going begging at a low prtoa.
If It Is dry when lulled It will keep
Indefinitely and Is bound to fetch a
higher price In the nevt two or three
SKImmllk ami buttertnill. hue l.ont
eipml fissllng value for plg The full
value of these feeds can not be obtain
ed unless fed with grain The value
varies with the pioporllon of sklmmllk
liven When from one to three pounds
for each pound of grain Is fsl. the milk
is worth more lliau when a larger
amount Is given
It Is a tribute to the worth" of agrl
culture as a profession that so many
men manage to shin along ami make a
living with exceedingly r and slip
Hh'Hl management The fads noted
tend merely to omphnslco the truth
that there Is no vocal Ion ill which the
expenditure of a given amount of en
erg and brains will pnalme larger re
sult than In farming
Paint Keeps
mmrnmKmmmammmammmmmmmmmmmama wm
A LITTLE paint here, a touch of
enamel there, a brushful of varnish
yonder everyone can see a dozen or
more such opportunities for brightening
and beautifying the home.
Perhaps it's the outside of the house that
needs protection from the ravages of the weather;
perhaps it's a chair, or dresser, the floor or wood
work that has become worn and shabby, or perhaps
at am aM - bL . 1 - a r
it's the family carriage, the tarm wagon or uic nw.i
swing that has ceased to be a source of pride.
No matter what it is that has become marred and
unsightly from age and wear, there's an Acme
Quality paint, enamel, stain or varnish that will
exactly fit the need. We are agents in this
vicinity for
the most scientifically prepared, the most satis
factory in appearance and wear, made in the
largest paint and varnish plant in the world.
Simply tell us what you want to do, ask for the
proper Acme Quality goods for that purpose and
you are sure to get the best that can be made.
The Acme Quality Painting Guide Book tells what Acme
Oualitv Paint. HnameL Stain, Varnish or Finish to use, how
much will be required and how it should be put on.
enables you to tell your painter or deco
rator exactly what you want, but makes it easy
for you lo refinish the many surfaces about
the home that do not require the skill of the
expert the jobs that a painter would not
bother with. Ask us for a copy. Its Free.
It not only
mmmmmW ViAJJZJ mm
Willi f mm mmLmWi
McBratney-McNulty Hardware Companj