The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, March 27, 1913, Image 5

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Ontario Pharma
Keep the Moths Away
From your Furs with Our Moth Compound
25 Cents per Can
Rexall Remedies
Eastman Kodaks
I U"K"i'
4 rnmraitt" of work wbicb wil1
iBiatly '"d in t'"' I,orwWe f tbi
J buiio In ' tloo of the
t. li beii. inaugurated ny me
Comncrrial t'lnb nod will he pushed
tori durinu the eoaaiog year.
fbinweek an Hdvertliienieot li being
-,1 before 140.000 people Id the
LL ,fCtioo of Mlrfneaotannd Wl.
,00,11, ittl 'ortb the advantage
jlOntnri" over the eaet in railing
fMdch HtslfHlfa, and corn ensilage.
U, tbi ad the people are not being
j t ni land, bnt to bring
tkr dairy herda to tbla aeotion and
-jrt HltHlfa. which la the
.., ,oi food and milk producer
r . dairymen i .irk there are
nfiDii 01 H to 110 a ton for alfalfa
p I from Hi'' woat and are eell
huttiT fat for from 3 to 5 cent
pound )' than It la quoted at
If they can make twice
miuotiiv lure why ia It not a good
: fr to bring their I'nwa to tbe
li:. I !'' where the right feed grnwa
J ciu ie aold at right price?
fcaio i! i rut reaulta are expected
h tbli dairy campaign and when
tbink iiitc '""' Hguraa it out It la
ti" I ttiMi Ontario will ehlp more
o:ij iiii'lii' t- than cmi be imagined
M uoiuapeoting paraon.
Jlu.ituu dairy foldare are being
:atril tn leud Into the heart of the
q ctnUri ut the mat. Many new
If have noted tbe (lluli rooma
j Mk and all aem iB9r aci
t tbf country and what product
l urnw. Correspondent) t
ii'K Id from varloua part of the
try uniting iiifurmatliin mi i -
9 iiii-ilinii, even other cluba in
gat baviug reiiieated inform
Mto bow Ontario ia going after
Wry coat.
nf rtava the Clnh n .in will
ijm ini.'f ihitiuNiida of the
'i Mi Mil lie mailed out to an
im Hat nf uatuea tbat baa been
ulatiog for Nome time. A
TW.Iirriim. iii tb early
t.i im wei k to tianaart regular
.lire will hare a
cuiiiiuiuy for tin i o,
'i Coined
MaiBieui'iuK Mnaday. March
i.u.l Merrill Mnaioal
t i injury oiiuiti wltli a record
hi Mt t e Lyric theatre lu
aJ mid a ill . in, luce liero inBe
i hit wera th Jdiraratl
that i-lty. among them "A Trip
r 111. I," The (iay Muai
"Mi. luuoceuoe, " etc. lu-
in the c iiipHiiv ia Miaa Daiey
uf Kiaj Uilly Viuaon aiul the
i" durcing Honey (Jirl cborua
irttty in,! in.i.inui leulilena
Vw bo t i iina auii uanoe. The
'"J will nug with muaic and
""' M, Tuesday and
'if thing gamblera fleeced
"'l i - u,. thiug gaiuhleraof
"few duly hum It in liian.
where the victim ia eotitled
''"'IMtiiv. he thought be waa
ltb other fellow.
generally observed to all
1 ''burchee by apiial eervteea.
N'"""" ' f Knight Templara
'' i' mtvicci there.
P fUbj harkley borne at Vale.
"""led b tire laat. vjak A
Hue, loss i.oOO.
Miaa Harriet Huffman la visiting i
Wciier frienda for a fen daya.
B. F. Farmer, of XyMB, nni gone
to the Bully Creak irrigation project
to do wiinc surveying,
E. N. Strong, of Portland, will
alng the "Good Shepherd." a tenor
olo, at the Congregational church
Sunday morning.
I. mi m P Hurtle Ml married F.aer
Sunday at I'ayatta to Miaa Alice K.
daughter of Mr. and Mra. O. J. Skagga,
nt the family realdonce, by Key. Kng
leu. They bnve been nt home to their
many frienda who called, with banda
of muaic and heat wiahea.
An effort ia being n ., i. to boom
llnnieiinle and tba now mining camp
near there. While tbe Argua knnwa
nothing about the merit of the camp
tbe l. ('inner, kuow even leaa iii.mii
mining. In the Capital Newa ou Muu
day one of tbeae lioomera wrote about
inking a tunnel 200 feet. Home
dale baa many advantages aa n town
Nile and It ia not ntnaaaary to impro
vine a mining camj to get tbe atten
tion of tbe people.
A vary pretty wedding occurred at
the Methodiat paramiag laat Wednea
diiy. when John Starling William, of
Canyon eouoty, Idaho, and Flora
Delia Merirll, of Malheur county,
ware married by Rev. Thoa. Joboa.
Tbe young couple will make tbeir
borne lo Feyette, Jdabo.
Laat year the Argua had a great Jaal
to eay about the hooea fly aod the
ilith It oarrled into tbopotne and !
poaiteil on tbe food aud petaona of tbe
family. At preeitt tbe mippiv of
fllaa la limited and every oca killed
at tin time will have a large bearing
on tba produutiou for the eaou o
awat every fly vmi aee and gat the
habit. It may anvw the Ufa of one
of Mini oaaa.
Another ayatam that ia worthy tbe
attent inn of the city fathera and the
hnuaebvldera i the ordinary preonu
tiott to do ii way v ith the propafjnUnf
bod that are uevaly found lu all Iwok
yarda aud around atalilfa. I'lii'a
can uuly braaar in tilth, do away with
i! Ith and you atop tbe aupply. Caa
clime, I 'arliage cum aud keep thing
clean arouud the atablea (tela cluacd
cau uuw for tbe garbage aud It will
liilni.o- of uur lite
If I l I , y I
v I
Any Bed in the house for $1.00 down. Balance on small
payments. Now is the time to buy your bed at the right
price and the right place is at the
Ontario Furniture Co.
Local Item
i"--ta.r .
Cbarlaa Halmau. tli. ravertna man.
waa checking upon the liquor men
if tbla aeotion laat weak.
Mr. and Mra. A. F. lioyer era bouie
fanm Sao Diego whr tbey apcut the
winter month. Tbey report tb.
weather a being very mouotonou
1H A. Chapman and ami, Mrigar are tTKm ,,tn,..
me from their trip- with tbe Hoiae
For Sale-3 horae powe Ipternatiafi
a engine for attic, inrruirc of Box 17.
Mmiey to loan on Improved irrr
gated farm. W. II. Dnullttle Co.
In-nyage order taken at Moore
Hotel Joha Landlngliam, realdeiica
pboue 434
Three lota for aale 1 blocka wet
of poatofflc at a bargain. Inquire at
III.!.,,,., il.. f ,tW- o..i Snndav.
I ,,, .HW .'.w --. - . m-
I..1 UlM
l FvavkTt iiffier. 'O IM at tlic Im
of John Kicliarilaiiu on March 17, aaa
iuii .1 ajuuday atlura xu. the u'liiri'i
fieing held in the Methodiat church,
ci inducted by the paator.
Mr. Troaper bad beeu a rueideut of
Ontario for aix yeara li liaa oue
aiatar In Moutaua and i Im brotbere
and one aiatar in Sal'ua. Kanea v
waa a metuberof tbe Mathudiat church
for two yeara and u large number of
the tueiuberahip turned out to tbe
funuiai and did wbat tbey uould to
ahow and expreaa their aonow for one
wbo waa takeu from their midat so
polo player through California.
Tbey report having a aplaadld ttt
and are loud In their pfaie Of the
treatment accorded tbm by tbe Call
fumia people, their team wa ulte
aiicceaaful aud met the heal playera Id
the world.
You will Booa rajiluriHiijg ,,f taking
tip tb. i.ii pate aud tog ati will need
a few bundled old rape, to place
under thiiu to -in. tb ii r let and
deaden tha M'unil. The 'Argun haa
them tied up iu hutidlea of 100 each
which we aell for 'i' centa . ,
Miaa I; ..I, ,.l Chapman waa home
limn llulhu over liantei Silllduy.
U lliwvr lhij.1- waadowu from Vale
Lndlea tailor aud dreaamaker
I'Oh cope I'houe let N. 1.
I I U I tli I II a
The t.ixpayera arc invited to bring
their uotloaa of taxea due. lu ua and
lat ua eend m their paymeota and
tajiu care of the reoeipta until called
for. Oiitari.. National Hank
For (mat 40 aereaalfaitM. caittlTig
0 to ! Inn iH.r aura; If) aflren alfalfn.
"i terea fur cropa with email dwellliiL',
anil l.i aorca allalfa aud fi tor eiopa
, with dwelling of 4 rouma and famllv
'Chard. All adjoluiug .yaae. K.
II ' lmialy, N)mm. Oregon.
Puacau Mclta iiioted n , .fiartilly
Tiack ro Tlic ran!"!! rur me
Mothers' Pennon Law In Utah.
Bait Luke I'lty Mothera" pensions
are now effective In t'tah Mother
Compelled to work for a living will re
ceive $10 per month to aupport one
child and $6 for every other child.
Tbe idea of the law la to have mothera
remain at home with their children
to raiae them properly.
tie hi might
auotber lot
Tile taxpayer n,e Invited to hrlng
llisn noticea of taxea due. to ua aud
tltelr i aymtuta and
the receipts until called
National Hank.
Now and here not then and there
lies your opportunity. The Ford
product has been multiplied by two-and-a-half
but the demand has
been multiplied by four. If you
want one for spring service you
must get it now. Don't delay.
There arc more than 'J20,00o Fortla on the world 'a
highway the heat pgaaiblc tcattmony to their
unexcelled worth. 1'uc
mg car $''" i.iv. tart.
inniii tc t'ijtiimi ut
iuiibIhiuI fHi tour
i f . ii. h. Ontario with
Ford Garage
Ontario, Ore.
let ua aetid lo
tale rare of thi
fol Ontario )
()itailo jlukary given ut more
d I,. 1 1. r ceiuly t,ii-jour im nn ihm
auf Other place iu town.
I. C. awlue fur aal Its K K.
and J. li. Ontario,
Oregon. I'h. .in- 21o.
1 le plaoe to buy drat oil
at the Outario iiakery.
Now ia the time to get a new rug for
that room while Farley hu big atock
to ihct from.
For the beat bread aud puatry
toNUffo to the Ontario inkery
For Sale Choice Huial New "i nrkr
aaed potato. J. Defoe. Ontario,
Absolutely Pure
' he lutlxt nMtrMn
fltn Roymt OrmpmC
He ao.l all the hiBTbea aud will now gat
ready for uext apring.
I'li.n. Thebaud waa abippiug cattle
to hla Idaho ntuob tola week.
J. i;. Ulaokaby wa called to Mr
land tbla week on buaiueaa.
Obarlea Meeker ia around tbla week
looking alter hla oattle.
Nampa inililaa nooperaiive monthly
aalea day when all the merchautg
otter apecial bargaina
The regular preuohiug aervice on
Sunday, March SO, at 11 a. m. aud
7 .in p. ui.. cm du.ied by the paator
wbo will preach aermona appropriate
for tbe oocaaiou touching on tb.
diaaat.ra that have occurred thie week
iu tha middle !aUtea. The people Oragun
. . -
of Ontario are cordially invited w.
attend. Thomaa John, paator.
Regular public aortic in the
United i'reabyterlan church next Sun- If yju want printing of the better
i-la-i ou get it at the Argua office the
day at 1 1 a. m. and 7 :30 p. m. Sun prl0t rirht
- ...In mm All ar nor- ! m ,,.
lllty ! U"UI f v n ii, . -
Hall) iuvited. The rvku'i" antimU
oougregatlooal meeting will he held
iu tba church on Friiluy evculug,
April 4 at 7 p. m. Kobt. S. David
Fof Sal Thoroughbred l'ulaud
ii, ua boar, pi ic.. $25, i'houe or
write R. K.l C. W. delloer, Outario,
rrjwwii w
' aH
Fol aala sllch oow. alao i
i -t". lou,uire at Argua office.
aon, paator.
No. 9 waa the lucky uumber at
tiie drawing at Ciaiik'a atnre aim day
H ft a
li. i n March -1. tu l. aiiiaji
Mveta. a daughter.
Tbe Laidea' Aid of the Cougraga
For hale Celiu i u.ln.ic t
a 'it af tine g. . I thluipiove
i... ut-. ,j avcraa lu tall wheat. gwaV
it nt to gonl towna. Splendid
CI bg-e for either honiaatead 04
Cloaf ill. llrea c-i U. OptaVI
WJr r ' A 4--4mmm
ft ih aiaiBiBr ri w jTaVY WM&JtKtiKm
lWiBiaiaia7 I T W aiaiaiaiBHalMaBlaf ailal
. aaktvaaaaam aW akalHH it Sal CbbbibbbbbbbbbbB
li the Oi Mri W i I rra.
I ml thi O'tai i.j aVatga L'aeia' aaauQU)
IjlOl ill la held in the .1 r
buli'liug next In UiilMri. 7th at 7 .1.1 n in All
tiouul church will hold their regular ,lluitl9n .re requeated to be m.ui
meeting Wedneaday afteruoou Apr. 2 ,
Willplavat the
Three aXTi-Jtitei
Commencing Monday, March 31
with the
Edwards & Merrill Comedy Co.