The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, March 20, 1913, Image 4

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Entered in the postoflioe at Ontario,
Oregon, for trnnoniiopiom tlirongh the
mail as second-elan matter.
Editor and Proprietor
The Wilcox brothers traded forty
acres of their property for eighty in
the Deschutes. Oregon, country, last
Mr. Hunter and eon Dorten, made
a boiineta trip to Boise Tueiday
returning Wednesday evening.
A. II. MrConell aad family moved
Monday to their rnnob south of town.
The box social given last Friday
evening by the grangers, to obtain
funds to purchase a piano for the hall
was a decided success. The hall was
decorated in potatoes and green and
white crepe paper. Mrs. J. H. Spain
howei was given the prize for telling
the funniest Irish story.
The Rose Circle Sunday srbool class
met last Saturday afternoon with Miss
Olive Hunter.
Miss Mildred Steelman, our bltfh
school principal, visited at her home
in Oldwell Saturday and Sunday.
The Methodist Ladies' Aid met
Thursday afternoon with Mrs. J. N.
Oood progress is being made on the
new Baptist church. The exoavstlou
for the hnsemeot is arnrly oompletea.
A Bsven pound girl arrived at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. H J. Sbnnk
Sunday, March 10.
Mrs. (iraham is making a two weeks
visit with ber sons, Messrs. Uny and
Jesse Orabum.
Miss Apphia Hobinsou visited rela
tivss and friends In Nauipa aud Boise
Mrs. Luck spent Monday with Mi-.
Kluniaon. Her home Is at MoCsll,
Messrs. Ingard, C. H. Ssrgent. B.
P. Tusslng and J. O. Boritchfleld
made a business trip to Boise Mon
day. They will meet with all of the
county assessors ot Idaho and see
what oan be done in regard to the
assessment of orchard lands of this
seotion of the Payette valley.
Special meetings are being held at
the Methodist church this week.
The Denny company will finish
packing their stored apples Wednes
day, The other packing companies
still have several days work.
A party was given Miss Kuth
Braoewell last Saturday evening.
Light refreshments were served and
a pleasant time was spent.
Clyde Mankinson visited Saturday
and Sunday with bis aunt and unci,
Mr. and Mrs. James Boor of Whitley
Episcopal Services
At the Mssonlo hall Sunday even
ing, March 2.J. Rev. O. P. Jones will
bold the regular monthly servloe at 8
o'clock. Everybody invited.
Special Easter Services
Easter services at the Methodist
church Sunday: 11 a. m. sermon by
the pastor, subject "Christ, tbe
First Fruits." 7:30 p. m. "Tbe
Macedonian Call " There will bs
speclsl music at both services. A cor
dial invitation is extended to all to
come and enjoy tbe Easter services
with us. Thomas Johns, pastor.
To tbe Ontario Water Users. The
annual meeting of tbe stockholders
of the Ontario Wstar Users' ssaocla
tloo will be held Id tbe vacant store
building next to Ontario hotel on
April 7th at 7 :30 p. m. All stock
holders are requested to be present.
A. J. Wbiteslds, Sec'y.
for Sale or Trade
A high grade piano, nearly new,
What hava your H. A. Miller. Hox
'J:' i. Vale. Oregon.
J. R. Blacsaby was called to Vale
Friday on business.
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nirrpc . mm . . urn
11 I n? a i I s ism m I I
a lucky
you can
"Real Fisherman's Luck
for Duke's Mixture Smokers"
Good tobacco and a good reel I That's surely
combination for the snglei and here's the way
have tbein both. .
All smokers should know Duke's Miiture made by
Liggett t( Mfert at Durham, N. C.
P.r what you vnlL you cannot get better granulated
tobacco for Ac than the big ounce and a half sack of
Duke's Miitare. And with each of these big sacks you
get a book of cigarette papers FREE.
G-i a Good Fishing RmI Free
by savla the Coupoas now packed io UffMt Myvr. Duke s
aTlstmnTOr If youdoa't wants reeJ-getsny oneof the huadredt
if rfh'art'cls Id the list youruT find socastains; for ery
of other articles. ti'..inrmtf cases, catcher's gloYes.
mmmD" W "" ' -7." watches, toilet articles, etc.
ti,... hiudwiuo presents cost yoa
nothing-not one cent. They simply
express our appreciation of your
Remember you still get the same
big one sad a hall ounce sack for Ac
enough to roll awty cigarettes.
Dmring Fimrmary and March
only. " "' ' "
Mumtratmd catalogue of mrnf
FREE. Simply send us your
name and address.
axis . W JSf Vv'r.'S itt?lAL
Prenuuui Dopt.
Si. Louis. N
jj . - -...
About the First of April to
New and Larger Quarters.
SEVEN years of continuous successful Mer
chandising in Ontario Makes it saf d for us
to take the venture of having the largest store
In Malheur County, we are anxious to make this store a
place of pride for you to bring your visitors, we want
you to feel at home, make our store your place to trade.
Some Features of Our New Home
Heating and Ventillating
The building has the best hot
water heating systems to be found
a good even healthful and splen
did fresh air, ventillation mak
ing it free from coal smoke and
Will Increase Our Stock
We expect to carry the most
complete stock of Dry Goods, Shoes
and Groceries ever carried outside
of Boise and Portland. Our buying
facilities are on the cash basis with
the best factories in the country.
This insures our patrons good val
ues for less money.
Convenience for Women
An absolute private rest
room for women where you
can meet your friend and
wait in comfortable rocking
chairs, a telephone at your
service, a table to address
letters, etc.
Also in connection toilet
and wash room with hot
and cold water. We want
you to make it your slogan,
"meet me atRaders" and
remember you're welcome
to the use of our rest room.
Progress-Past. Present,
Starting in Ontario seven years
ago, successors to the Oregon For
warding Company with a small
stock, in a small brick store now
occupied by the postoffice, working
for the betterment of conditions in
merchandising; moving to our pres
ent location, carrying a larger stock
of good merchandise than any store
in the county. With our new loca
tion we expect to grow larger and
better. With progressiveness in
view we extend our friends kindest
regards, thanking them for their
patronage in the past.
We want your trade.
the Slogan
"Meet Me at
t I 9
The Store
that is grow
ing fast with
out a "fuss"