The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, March 06, 1913, Image 3

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Events Occurring Throughout
the State During the Past
iH H aaaal fsaaafl H aat I aaafl IsaaH
The undersigned will sell at his residence,
better known as the Cotton place,
7 miles west of Ontario
Wednesday, March 12
At 9:00 A. M.
1 Piano, (easy terms), 1 Steel Range, 1 Heater, 1 Sideboard, 2 Dressers, 1 Washstand,
1 China Closet, 1 Singer Sewing Machine; 2 Iron beds, Springs and Mattress, 1 Morris
Chair, 3 Rockers and other Chairs, 2 Extension Tables, 1 Kitchen Cabinet, Stand Tables,
Pictures, Dishes and Cooking Utensils, 300 quarts fruit, Pickles. Preserves, etc., 60 sacks
Potatoes, 25 Boxes Apples, 500 lbs. Salt Pork, 100 lbs. Lard ana other things too numer
ous to mention.
Implements and Tools
1 3-in. Studebaker wagon with farm bed; 1 Studebaker hay truck and rack; 1 single
Bu jgy and Harness, 1 set heavy Breeching Harness, 1 set Breeching Harness, (new), 1
set Light Harness, 2 set California Chain Harness, -1 Stock Saddle, 1 Ladies' Saddle,
Bridles, Halters, etc., 1 40-gal. kettle, 2 scoop shovels, 1 cross-cut saw, 4 log chains, 1
Carpenter's Kit of tools, Shovels, Picks, etc., 1 5-foot Fresno, 2 Guns and ammunition.
1 team gray mares, coming 4 years, weight from 1200 to 1300, well matched and broke;
1 gray mare, weight 800 to 900, safe for ladies; one brown mare, 5 years old, 1 Ham
bletonian yearling filly, 1 bay gelding, 4 years old, weight 1400, well broke; 1 Hamble
tonian filly, 3 years old, weight 1100; 1 2 year old filly; 1 Percheon colt, 2 mule colts, 2
yearling mules, 4 3-year old mules, weight 1100, well broke; 1 excellent milch cow 6
years old,, should be fresh by March 12; 1 Jersey Cow, 3 years old, giving milk now,
fresh in April, 1 Holstein cow, 6 years old, soon be fresh, 1 Poland China Brood sow,
bred; 1 ton Barley. Everything must go.
TERMS--$10 and under cash, sums over $10. 8 month's note with approved security.
5 per cent discount for cash on sums over $10. Lunch at noon.
J. T. WHITE Proprietor
DICKENS & MILLER, Auctioneers. A. L. COCKRUM, 1st NaVL, Clerk
Many More Will Follow to Central
Oregon at Once.
Portland. The "advance Rimrd" of
some 10 Jewish families loft for cen
tral Oregon, where already Innd clnln
have been filed upon and where tli '
will l i;lti farming. This party will
be the first of probably 60 families
which will move into central Oregon
within the next few yearn.
The claims upon which theao OOPst
will settle, are betweeu Bend nd
Burns, Or. They will Immediately
heRln building homea and soon work
will he started in getting the soil In
readiness for planting.
The Hebrew Agricultural society ef
Oregon Is harking the movement,
which already Is extending over the
entire country. This organization haa
the united support of all the Jewish
societies In the stale. Its purpose la
to find homes for the Jow Immigrants
where the people may become farmers
and I ducntcd km iih in Income use-
fiil rltltens.
Last of the Government Timber Cases
Dismissed on Advloe.
Portland. The government wound
up the last of the famous Oregon tim
ber cases, In which Senator Mitchell,
John II. Hall and other were Indicted
for alleged land friiiid. United .States
Attorney John McCourt movod, on
atlvlre from the lulled States attor
ney general, that the cases against
Wlnlock W. Strelwer, llnmllton H.
Hendricks, Clarence B. Zachary, Adel-
bert Q, Charles A. WateoO,
Clyde i:. CIiub. Hlnger Hermann, John
H. Hall, Kdwln Maya, Franklin P.
Maya, Clark 1l Loomls and Edward
O. Sir. lit. mI be dismissed.
In advices from Washington, that
emoted Mr . Court In take the ac
tion, mentioned. It was stated that this
waa one of the cases formerly In
harge of Special District Attorney
Frauds J. Ileuey, who conducted the
Mitchell trial. John II. Hall was
granted a full pardon by ('resident
Tsft December 111
Will Operate Co-operative Cannery.
Orants Pass. The Orante Pasa can
nery, which has not been operated for
the past four years, Is to be opened
again this seuson through the efforts
of members of the grange. The can-
uery was first built and operated ons
season by a atock company, but later
the establishment passed Into the
hands of the First National bank,
elnce wblch time Its doors have been
A cooperative compsny Is now being
organised, however, stock to he takeu
by grange members, snd a competent
cannery man will be put la diurgo.
The I'liinf Is one of the most complete
In western ougon, being equipped tor
Ixnli canning and iuwiwii, ill kinds
of (rulls sun 'In, as well SS
inning vim : factory sad spray
factory In connection,
Empire Lumber Company, Limited
Sash, Doors and Weatherproof Roofing
Lumber, Lime, Cement, Plaster and Coal.
The Most Complete Line of Building Material in Ontario.
., . . . Mrst Alaskan Assembly to Meet
Always On the JOO Juneau. Alaska -The first terrltorl
If vnn h.,.. i..k k.iin. ...... I.i iuiuinnr met Monday. The body
M. done, large or em.ll. you can ' to composed of elgrt senators and 16
..i. .n.l ia remarkable tor
'"av upeud ou John Landiugbaui
bslug readv for vnu 4 Call him at the
Mure Hotel.
representatives snd Is remarkable for
he fewness of Its lawyer, half of .he
members being engaged in mining.
For Sale 3 horse power Internation
al engine for sale. Inquire of Box 667.
For Sale 38 shares Owyhee Ditch
company stock, either whole or part.
A. B. Wiuter. Kverelt. Wash
Douglas, Arts. For nearly half an
hour Bundu morning a force of 60
Mexican soldiers engaged 16 United
States troop of the Ninth Cavalry.
under Lieutenant Michaelsoii, on the
International boundary Hue here until
probably six of tin Mixlcans had been
l.lll.l ....l amii,,l. l mill tll.ODS D
ftllll'U, i.ii w - - -j
and F. of the Ninth Cavalry, arrived
to reinforce tho handful of Americans.
Four American army officers, walk
ing on the iniiiciu Urn- three mile
from Douglas were fired on by 60
regular Mexicau soldier, patrolling the
border out of Agua 1'rleU, oposite
Douglas. Sixteen of the negro troop
era of IhO Ninih rasfsOj to the place
of the fin. a spirited skirmish
The Mexicans were routed, leaving
four killed on the field and o
truggllug through the brush nursing
their wounds. It is said that the
American troops became ao excited
that they overatepped the boundary
and pursued the Mexicans for some
Artisans Form Community.
Marshfleld. The Progressive Co
,, v. Prodnoon Is the J"imo of a
lie a nmnimion which has been or-
, d 101 ' In' PU establish-
lug a settlement which will be differ
ent from muni anything else In the
1,11,1. 'I here .ire now U nieuitiers lu
the organisation but 100 members are
desired. The purpose Is to start a
settlement which will be operated
along a mutual benefit line.
'I he lonltlj meinmiH will take up
laud in 1 he l.oon lake district between
Coom buy and Hcotsburg and they will
I I idv till the soil, but will also
, sJfcotatJai pursuits. Ths
men who have Joined are most all
skilled inechauics or csrpeuters
Crooks Must Leavs Service.
Albany, N. Y. Commenting on the
Thaw scandal at Matteawan asylum
for the criminal Insane, which already
has resulted lu the resignation of Dr
John W. Itussell, the superintendent
of the asylum. Governor Suiter made
It plain that all crooked state official,
must go.
Friedmann Trests Rich snd Poor
New York. The widespread atten
tion which has been drawn to the tu
losto treatment of Dr. Fried, rich
Kiledin.inn, the Herman hacterL.i
Will he brought to .i 'Minn this week.
I -innouucemeut Is made thai Dr.
maun will open offices snd foi
two weeks conduct a public
the poor us well as the rich
utll lif. in ..Wei
Seven Divisions of Big Washington
Parade to Symboliie Fight
Washington. Women had a gala
day lu Washington Monday, a fete and
.1 day 10 spur on 1 he cause of
equal franchise.
l'laus for u suffrage procession were
in .d on an elaborate scale, and 6006
won .11 martflied up l'euuaylanut ave
Peace Monument to the
treasury building, and then to Cuntln
ental Hall, where a big suffrage meet
wan held
Incidental to the procession, which
. division, was M
tableau on the steps of ths
11 wl ich were lui-
1 . mmoglai to
I , Ckgrlt! Liberty,
I I These, at-
, l KroUl x Of maiden, who
-.ion, ufter which
they man h I to the hull, where ths
final rally of ths day was held