The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, February 27, 1913, Image 2

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ffventt Occurring Throughout
tho State During tkt Past
Aa, 100 Cltr L4 M4 frmn-
sMsee InelMeee.
MsrsbrVels w. J. wtleey Im i
Of hMUgs it MaJr I Be
la North im Tk ImI la.
ii.o,. u4 himi wra
ft MlhMH M MM M aetrcta T
Mr. WUmt ears b to
aa English
VtU barest other as tinea la
tbe raeifle MM, tale
nlni but starter
Tbe transfer ImMm the franchisee
f th Blt Liu Railway aa tha
Rapid Transit eomaay. ISO Mtw of
toa4 on the peatasala JBl8BBB
afarshfleM and North BeaC Iff acraa
a tbs lower bay an over Is. Iota.
JrUS railway rights, which consist
of city franchises and war department
permits, alao Included with tha elty
limits or additional tracts of StO
eroi la ona piece and 00 acree la
another All of tha land U platted,
aad aooio tracta are Improved aad
being laid.
Nahalam Valley to Have Railway.
Veronla. Work on tha Columbia
Nabalam Valley railroad, to bo built
by the Kerry Timber company of Port
land, will commence at once. The
builders expect to hare tho road ta
operation within 10 months.
The road will be built from Wood's
Landing on the Aatorla ft Columbia
River railroad, then dowa flshhawk
oreek. striking Nehalem river, at Flab
hawk. From there It will keep up
Dep creek for several miles, ending
In i '!.ii' i county.
Lumber Camps to be Busy.
Astoria. Activity In the logging In
dustry promises to be more pronounc
ed In Clataop county this year than
over before In the history of the coun
ty. Several new cantpa are to bo op
ened and campe established, and It Is
estlmsted that within the coming few
months not less than 13,000.000 will
be expended In betterments, exten
sions and equipment.
Squatters Finally Beaten In Hearing
Before Federal Offlolala.
Portland. Final and abaolute vindi
cation lor ihe struggling Bilsti home
steaders, after 11 to IS years of atrlfe,
hardship and anxiety, has boon for
warded to the commissioner of tho
general land office. This vindication
came as a result of a week's testimony
In Portland, on charges preferred by
Oliver L. Hull, sad a number of other
It Is sssumed thst this Is tho very
last impediment that can be pat la
the way of the remaining SIloU home
steadera. Tbsy had filed their afflda
vlts. complying with the Hawley law.
ull aad some of the other squatter
who are trying to take the land away
from tho original ontrymon, aad get It
on their own locations, seat charges
to tho general land office, scouslng
the homesteaders with perjury Tke
homesteaders are vindicated of the
perjury charge, aad also their good
faith la doing their very beat to
ply with the law is declared
la tho Circuit Ooort of the Bute of
Oregon, for Malheur County.
Gilbert L. King. Plaintiff.
W. S. Carey and BeoJ T. Uln,
To W. & Carey sod tienj. T. Uln.
In lb nam of tbe Mat of Oregon.
V.mi and eaob of yon are Hereby requi
ed to appear and aaawer the complaint
etod again yon aad each of yon
la tho abort eatltled case and oaass
in in ebore entitled Court on or be
for six (6) week from the date of
the Bret pnblioatioa of this summons,
wblon Brat publication Is oa tho SOtb
day of Pebrnary. 1913. and tho time
wlthm which yon sbsll appear sad
answer will aspire April 3, 1913. this
bslog tbe time mentioned la tho order
directing the publication of this sum
mons, sad If yon (all to appear and
snswer said complaint on or before
said six weeke, tbe defendant will
apply to the Court for tbe relief
prayed for In his complaint, towlt:
For a decree aad judgment fore
oloslng that nortaln mortgag made
aad delivered by yon on tbe SOth day
of April. 1910. to Gilbert L. King
and given on Lot number IB In blouk
number seventy -six, In tbe City of
Ontario. Coonty of Malbeur State of
Oregoo, to secure the payment of a
certain promissory note of ovsn date
therewith, forth sum of one hundred
dollars and Irr'ereet at 10 per oeot par
annum from data and for such otbsr
rsllef as lb Court may deem Jnst and
Tbls summons Is published by order
of Hon. Dslton Hlggs, Jodgs of tbs
Circuit Court or the State of Orsgon.
for Mslbsur County, whlon order !s
dated Februsry 13. 1013. and direote
tbat this summons bsrvd upon you
by being published once eaob week for
a period of six (6) oonseoutlve weeks
in tbs regular leans of tbs Ontario
Dsts of flrst piil. Iicat ion February
20. 1913
Oat of laat publication April 3,
Gilbert L. Kinc. Plaintiff.
Hair Tonic
The best known remedy for all
diseases of the scalp
Take no substitutes
It keeps the hair healthy, lustrous and preserves the
natural color. Guaranteed by the American Druggists
For Sale by all Druggists
In the Circuit Court of the Stat
Oregon for Malheur County.
Jacob Priming. Plaintiff,
Relief In Bight for Sheepmen.
Enterprise. Wallowa county sheep
men are beginning to breathe easy
again after coming through oa of
tho most severe winters anew a la
years an the Snake aad Imaaha livers.
The savow, which foil to unusual
depths aad rmalad oa tho ground
ovoral weeks, has malted off tho
south hillsides. Us ground to fro of
frost aad there to aa sbuadaooo f
Bert May Develop New li
Bond. Tho first pulp ever manafao
larod from ooatral Oregoa timber aa
reached Bend aad the glowing reports
of Its excellence aad tho possibilities
for manufacturing It opena ap at
greeted her with aathustasm.
Oa January tw earloads of "lodge
pel" pine, a assail black pins that
grows upon thousands of acre of land
la tha uppsr Deschutes valley, were
seat to the pulp mill at Camas, Wash.
The sample of pulp Is accompanied
by a letter which says that the pulp
Is of a promising quality and that
thorough tests will be made Imme
diately in manufacturing It Into paper.
It is intended to use the first pspsr
made from Debchutes timber In a loaf
let that will describe this tsrrttory.
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon, for tho County of Malheur,
D. B. Purosll. Plaintiff
Tho Oregon Short Lino Railway Com
pany, (Oregon Short Lin Railroad
Company successor in interest) The
Idaho and Oregon Land Improvement
Company, James W. Virtue, Robert
E Strshorn, trustee, and Msry Jsne
Jsnney. Defendants.
To The Idaho snd Oregon Land Im
provement Company, James W.
Virtue, Robert K. Strshorn, trustee.
and Mary Jan Jnny, of tho above
named defendant.
In tha harn of tho Stabs of Oregon:
You are hereby required to appear
and answer the complaint Bled against
yon in the above entitled suit by Fri
day, tho 4th day of April, 1918, or for
want thereof, plaintiff will apply to the
Court for tho relief therein demanded,
namely, for a decree forever barring
any right or claim which you may havo
in the following described real property
towit: Lots 16, 17, 18 and 19 in Block
No, 21, in tho City of Ontario, Malheur
Coonty, Oregon. This summons to
served upon you by publication thereof,
in the Ontario Argus for six congneu
tivo weeks, beginning on the 20th day
of February, 1913, and ending on the
3rd dav at Aoril. 1918. by order of
Hon. Dslton Biggs. Circuit Judge of
the above entitled Court
Dated Februsry 18th, 1918.
C McGonagill,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Runaway Convict Csptursd st Qsrvals
Salem. Junior Thompson, on of
the two men who sswed their way
through the burs ou s window at the
Insane Asylum, where they wer
working, was captured at Oarvato, by
the elty marshal. Jack Clark, tke
other man, us still at large.
Department ot th lotarlor. U. 8.
Land OrBoo at Val. Oregon. Psbru
nry 13th. 1918.
Notloa to bersby givo that Mr.
Cornells Bo, of Payette. Idaho, who,
oo April 88th. 1911, mad Homeatead
Application. No 01881. for tho 8WJ
8WJ, fctootlon 3. Tonnsblp II 8.,
Baago. 47 U. Willamtt Mrldlan.
has Bld uotloe of loUutioo to mak
Pinal Commntatlon proof, to establish
claim to the land above described,
oofor Harry B. Oraul. U. 8. Com
missioner, at Ontario. Oregon, on the
25tb day of Maroh, 1913.
Claimant names as witness:
J. K. Lsngley. Kd Putnum. C. G.
Darnell, M. S. SpauldiuK. Of IBJIiaii
Bruoe B. Kester, Begiater.
R. M. Board and Lena F. Beard,
husband and wife, L. A. Corey,
and J. B. McClelland, Defendants.
To R. M. Board, LtM F. Beard. L. A.
Corey and J. B. McClelland, th
above named defendants:
In the name of the State of Oregon.
You are hereby required to appear
and answer the complaint Bled sgsinst
you In the above entitled suit on or
before the 4th day of April, 1918, ami
If you fail to so appear, for want
thereof, the plaintiff will apply to the
Court for the relief prayed for in bin
complaint on file herein; ths said relief
being the forocloaure of plaintiff's
mortgage upon the following described
reel property, towlt:
All of lots 14, 15, 16, 17. 18, 19 and
20 in Block 158 in the City of Ontario,
Malheur County, Oregou; for judgment
against the defendants, It. M. Hesrd
and Lena F. Beard, L. A. Corey and
J, B. McClelland, for tbe sum of 88' 0,
with interest thereon st the rst of H
per cent per annum from the 1st day
of October. 1910. and for the further
sum ol 100 attorney's fees snd for the
coats snd disbursements of the suit;
thst a decree may be made for the sale
of the Maid premises bv the aheriff of
Mslheur county, Oregon, snd thst the
proceeds of said sale msy bo spplied in
payment of the amounts due to the
plaintiff, and that ssid defendants and
each of them, and all persons claiming
by, through or under said defendant or
either or any of them, either as pur
chasers, incumbrsneers or otherwise,
msv be barred and foreclosed of sll
rights, claim or equity of redemption
In or to the said premises; for judgment
attains t said defendants, R. M. Bcsrd
and Lena F. Beard, for any deficiency
which may remain after applying all
the proceeds of the sale of ssid
premises properly applicable to the
satisfaction of said judgment; that the
plaintiff or any party to this suit may
become a purchaser at said sale, and
that the purchaser be tot into the im
mediate possession of said premises,
You will alao take notice that thia
summons is served upon you by publica
tion in the Ontario Argus, a newspaper
printed and published weekly at Onta
rio, Malheur County, Oregon, and of
general circulation in said Malheur
County, by virtu of an ordr of th
Hon. Gorg W. Mc Knight, Judge of
th County Court of tho State of Ore
gon for Malheur County, which order
boars date tho 17th day of Februsry,
1918, and by which order it to directed
that this summons bo served upon you
by publication in the anove nsmeu
newspaper for six full consecutive
weeks, and that you appear and answer
th same on or bsfor April 4th, 191 8.
Th Brat publication of this summons
will appear in the issue of said paper of
February 80th. 1918. and th laat pub
lication will appaar In th issue of
April 8d. 1918.
Dated thia 19tn nay or. r em-nary , .
MeCoMoeh A Eckhardt.
Attorneys tor th Plaintiff.
For Sate
f motor. 8 H. P. 3 phase 1.700
i M No. 9 Krough oontrifugsl
noma. Pumo and motor are oo one
base and have ditwot shaft, tiansmla-
sioa. prootlcally nw and juat the
kind of an outHt for lifting watsr for
ouroosss. Tbls outBt must
bo sold aud will go at a bargala.
a O UJ T awann
Writs or inquire n . w. -
Ontario, Oregon
For Bale One Percheou stallion. 9
. ... vlnht 150" lbs Sound
yvnii !, ..--
-- ... ..
and gentle. A sure 'a. "-..
J. C. Fleming Ontat In, rags
Butter Wrappers
Must Be Printed
We are printing more wrappers than any other two
offices in this section. There is a reason. We have
the machinery, type and workmen necessary and we
take the same care with Butter wrappers that we do
with wedding invitations.
Take your next order of
Butter Wrappers to the
Argus Office
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it had in planning the new home. Have
you in your planning given proper thought
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equipment best, call or let ua call upon
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lation of which insures satisfaction.
Satwjra" LsfSSMy
t Dsiri Bast sf
0 tarts PaiBltasv Oa.
Ontario, Ore.
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Paper in Ontario
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Malheur County
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Rsv. Kob't J. Davidson I) I) Pas
tor. Service at 11 :P0 s m and V.30
pin Ha b Lath school at 10:00 a.
Mass at 8 A M on 1st and srd Snndsy
of eaoli month. On all other Sundays
at 10 A M.
H. A. Campo, Rector
Congregatiotal Church Notice
Hundsy Hervioss,
Huuilay Bohool 10 i a
Preaching Servloes 11am
O E Meeting 7pm
Preaohlng Services 8pm
Midweek Lectures every Wednesday
avsn log 8 o'oloek
Every (Saturday
Uabbatb Sonaol 10:30 a m
Blbls Htudy 11:30 s m
Touag pec plea meeting 1 :30 p m
Philip Koeulg. Pastor.
Sunday School- 10 A M
Preaching Service - 11 A M
Junior league 3 P M
Kpwortb Laagn t :30 P M
Presobtug Service 73:0 P M
Thomas Johns. PASTOR,
Old papers at tbe Argus offlc M
oeuts per hundred. Just whet yo
aeed to line yonr cabins aad plaos
under tbe carpet.
A Barf
8.500 trait it of tbs three
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onlars pbooe Mrs. Qoldbaaner.
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