The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, February 20, 1913, Image 6

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Nelson Wilber went to Hot
Lnke Sunday on business.
Percy Little, of Weiser, is
ponding a sbort vacation witb
Lis fnrciits here.
D. B. Stokely has it on good
authority that another maiden
lady intends to settle here.
Mrs. Ira Book is visiting with
friends at Weiser.
One of the last dances of the
season will be given at Mosquito
Friday night.
Mrs. Alice E. White will re
turn shortly to her home in
William Yoat, who wm recent
ly taken to Ontario, suffering
from a severe attack of indiges
tion, is now greatly improved.
Arthur Price and family, of
Valparaiso, Nebraska, are visit
ing J. D. Conner.
Mrs. J. R. Laagley is with
her son at Caldwell for a few
Charles Darnell purchased a
new team last week.
One or more members of the
Billup family, living west of
Bald mountain, are reported ill
with smallpox.
A dance, well attended and
well enjoyed, was given last Fri
day night nt the residence of
Jesse ,W. Klieufelter. First1
clals jnusic was furnished by !
Kate Harris, Juey Rice and
Piok Hawkey.
Mr. and Mrs. August Senk
beil and Mr. and Mrs. Ira Book)
attended a big masquerade 01 '
Little Willow last Saturday1
night. I
Tt seems lo be the prerogative,
of the country correspondent to j
run a sick list. Following is a
partial list of the infirm on,
Dead Ox Flat: The Kleinfelter
family, the Senkbeil family, the
McDonald family, Mra. E. C.
Belknap, Mrs. Higby, Jeff Crull.
John Taylor, D. B. Stokely.
The spring thaw, if it has
done nothing else, has made
some pretty hard traveling be
tween this place and Ontario.
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon, for the County of Malheur,
D. B. Pureed, Plaintiff
The Oregon Short Line Railway Com
pany, (Oregon Short Line Railroad
Company successor in interest) The
Idaho and Oregon Land Improvement
Company, Jamea W. Virtue, Robert
E 8trahom, trustee, and Mary Jane
Janney. Defendants.
To The Idaho and Oregon Land Im
provement Company, Jamea W.
Virtue, Robert E. Strahorn, trustee,
and Mary Jane Janney, of the above
named defendants.
In the name of the State of Oregon:
Vou are hereby required to appear
and answer the complaint filed against
you in the above entitled suit by Fri
day, the 4th day of April. 1013, or for
want thereof, plaintiff will apply to the
Court for the relief therein demanded,
namely, for a decree forever barring
any right or claim which you may have
in the following described real property
towit: Lots 16, 17, 18 and 19 iu Block
No, 21, in the City of Ontario, Malheur
County, Oregon. This summons is
served upon you by publication thereof,
in the Ontario Argus for six consecu
tive weeks, beginning on the 20th day
of February, 1913, and ending on the
8rddayof April. 1913. by order of
Hon Dalton Biggs, Circuit Judge of
the above entitled Court
Dated February 18th, 1913.
C. McGonagill,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
A Bargain
2.500 fruit trees of the three
following varieties: Jonathan. Rome
beauty, Wluesup. For further parti
oulars phone Mrs. Ooldbaoher.
If you want printing of the better
class you get it at the Argus office-the
price is light.
I un mnny or our IMM there In an
j aaaeeeesary amount of inbor expended
In husking the corn and then feeding
I the corn aud etover separately to the
I live stock, writes so Ohio farmer in
I Natlonnl Stockman. Mm h of this use
less iair might be saved. Professor
Munifonl of the Illinois station, when
feeding steers cloter hay. found shock
corn supplemented with ear corn and
ollmeal superior to shelled corn nnd oil
The result, mibatantlated by common
experience, shows that corn need not
be husked for the best results In steer
feeding, and In somewhat lees measure
The Most Qualified
B kg
sawa sawa
As producers of high trad best
the Abrdtn Angus breed takes
second plsca to no other. Indeed,
Judging by the honors won at the
International llva stock shows In re
cant years, ths Angus Is to ths fore.
However, the llerefords. Short
horns end Oallowaya sre splendid
beef makers, end the admirers of
each particular breed and enumer
ate points In which their choloe
excels, since their Introduction Into
this country the daddies have made
a great record both In the show
ring and on the butcher's blook.
The Angus steer shown Is line
specimen of this popular breed.
this Is true with the dairy cow and with
the sheep. Whoever has watched the
cattle eagerly searching a bundle of
etover for a poaalble ear or iiulilitu
which the would lie thrifty farmer has
overlooked must he Impressed with
the folly of husking the corn for steer
feeding. It Is true tust wlw- f1 )a
mis way some corn passes through the
faille uudlgested, but If the hogs are
permitted to follow the. CO; there
will be 00 loss.
Suppose, for example, you are feed
ing two-year-old steers. The feeding
may begin Just as soon ss the corn Is
rl enough to go Into the shock In
other words, after the eurs burden, the
busks turn brown and while some
leaves still remain green. Do not feed
Immature corn, as It will be laxative
and cause the cattle to shrink, tin the
average about Sept. IB la a good time
to begin to feed, and In Ave or alx
months two-year-old ateera will be
ready for market By feeding In the
fall the weather la moat favorable, and
when It gets too bad to leave the cattle
exposed they msy be confined In yarda
or pena and the feeding continued.
It is now conceded thst stall feeding
Is the least profitable for the ordlusry
feeder aud that grinding the corn does
not pay, especially when hogs are per
mitted to follow the cattle. One bog to
each steer la about the right number to
consume all the waste corn.
At first each steer should have about
three pounds of corn and the amount
be gradually Increased until he la get
ting all he will eat The waste of eto
ver may be avoided by feeding some
extra husked or sjsejjpsi com. Three
pou 1 1. is of bran and one or two iund
of ollmeal or cottoiiseed meal will In
crease the gains materially and thue
will brlug the cattle to an earlier fin
lab. In summing up we find that (1) this
furnishes a good and effective combina
tion of grain and roughage aud lower
In price than either fed separately. (8)
It can be hauled from the ahock aud
scattered on the ground to be plowed
at low price for labor. (8) The manure
Is scattered lu the field without addl
tlonal expense. ( The feeding Is done
when the weather Is the most favor
able. leertomy ef Sheep.
Sheep do not require an expensive
building. The essentials of such a
building are freedom from dampness
snd drafts and a protection from
storms In the roughest weather. No
other farm animal can ever compete
with the aheep. A Hock of
mands comparatively little labor. The
grind their owu grain, another factor
aiding the economy of labor as well
as thut of maintenance. They are the
best grain grinders we have. The weed
seeds consumed by aheep sre never
known to grow afterward. This Is not
true of other furiu animate.
Sheep and fertility.
The sheep la Just as efflcleut a ma
nure spreader as he is a manure maker
On hillsides where coarser animal
waste would hardly stick long euougn
to do the giouml any good sheep drop
plugs take the place of a apeclally pre
pared fertiliser.
took to the tame twe.
Catch the lame ewe and see if she
Isn't In the first stages of foot rot. Looks
like It from here, though It may be that
her hoof only needs trimming.
It Coxts Nothing
to Try
It does away with dust on sweeping day
You Want It
4th Door S. P O.
Notice of Deflnquent Stock Sale
Notice is hereby given that at a regu
lar meeting of the Board of Directors
of the Owyhee Ditch Company, held in
Ontario, Oregon, on the 7th day of
September, 1912, for purposes of
maintenance, an assessment of 5 per
cent wss levied on the par value of all
Owyhee Ditch Company stock out
There is delinquent on above mention
ed assessment the following stock:
Namr Sharks Amt.
American Mortgage
I G Armstrong
Olive A ins worth
R J Barter
Geo Coleman
Kachael J. Cox
J M Duncan
Geo A Darr
I) T Downs
W F Oosne
Thos Dixon
J Dsfos
W L Gibson
W II Hoxie
R 1. Harris
K II liouaiey
Investors Mwt g
jerry Hurley
i J Johnson
Mrs M J Jenkins
Marlon W Jones
Wm Johnson
H B Kerr
Oscar Klein
A M Lackey
0 A Megorden
Albert F Moffat
Wm McEwen
Robert Megorder.
N J Minton
1 L Nelson
Oregon Mortgage Co.
Michael O'Brien
K It Overatreet
Pennington Bros
8 E Philips
H M Plummer
A C Palmer
tie.. I. Phillips
Mrs ri J Peere
Geo P Ransom
t: K Kees
John F Rees
W K Reeves
F S Rieder
H LRoss
Mrs Otto Schweiser
Pete Stem
V B Staples
I, C Sutherland
D G Sutherland
John W Snow
Smith D Taylor
H PTieUort estate
Wm Tremblay
R B Thompson
Thos Turnbull
Title Trust Co I truetee M
T W Thomas ,20
A W Ward 7,
C O Wilson
John A Ward
A E Wade
H C Wilson
A A Wright
816 00
8 50
2 87
2 60
16 50
18 ;.o
2 00
20 INI
6 00
17 50
1 50
6 00
42 60
2 7.1
48 88
15 00
80 60
U 7A
30 00
15 00
HO 00
2 51)
4 00
0 60
1 75
7 "0
11 25
2 37,
6 00
10 00
6 50
11 25
3 50
n 26
5 00
6 00
1 60
10 00
27 60
45 00
10 00
1 50
5 00
15 00
13 00
3 50
15 00
1 25
1 21
17 50
H 50
18 00
5 00
11 25
1 25
10 00
8 75
17 50
74 00
4 00
10 00
And in accordnace 'with law and an
order of the Board of directors of the
Owyhee Ditch Company, made on the
4th day of January, 1013, so many
shares of each parcel of said stock as
necessary to pay aaid assessment snd
expense of advertising and cost of sale,
will be sold st the office of said Com
pany In the Ontario National Bank
building in the city of Ontario, County
of Malheur. State of Oregon, on the
lat day of March, 1013 at 2 o'clock p.
m to the higheat bidder for caah.
m-' G. L. KING, Secretary.
for Saw
1 motor. 8 H. P. -3 pbsse 1.700
K. P. M. No. 2 Krougb centrifugal
pump. Pomp sod motor are on one
base and have direct shaft, tiaosmls
siou. praotlcally new and Just the
kind of an outfit for llftiug water for
irrigating purposes. This outfit must
be sold aud will go at a bargain.
Write or Inquire of K. W. Laraou.
Ontario, Oregon.
For Sale One Peroheou stallion, 2
years past, weight 1600 lis Sound
and geutle. A sure f. efr.
J. O. Fleming. Outarlo, O ,ou.
Every Boy
Wants a Watch!
We want every pipe and cigarette smoker
in thb country to know how good Duke's
Mixture is.
We want roo to know that eerjr grain In that big
one and a half ounce c sack ts pure, clean tobacco
a delightful smoke.
And row should know. too. that with each sack yea
dow get a book of cigarette papers and
A Free Present Coupon
These coupons are good for hundreds of valuable pres
ents, such as watches, toilet articles, silverware, furni
ture! and doaens of other articles soluble foi every member
of the family -
You will surely like Duke's Mixture, made by Liggett
4 Mge Durham, N. C, and the presents cannot fall
to please you and yours.
A a special offer,
during January
and February only
u0 will nd you
our new illuatrated
catalog of presents
FREE. Just send us
your name and address
no a postal.
Cmfu tn thOti ''" "?Vf
mumrfd wi4 Ut horn HORSE
Husaa ' wi moHou
k pi im cut. imed-
'acAaxTves. cux cica-
ES. U jOkf tgi mm
iwW r "
rrsiyss Uept.
J at JVssatyf
afl F KX
v Teneae-rjl7rI
SaSMteuai''WAJt 'JLK VJBaW
ur, uunui
lirrrf r '
Butter Wrappers
Must Be Printed
We are printing more wrappers than any other two
offices in this section. There is a reason. We have
the machinery, type and workmen necessary and we
take the same care with Butter wrappers that we do
with wedding invitations.
Take your next order of A 10 US OfalCC
Butter Wrappers to the - 6 MO v
SSSa taJt afl '8 81
BMl xv bbbv salaWvAsal
aVMleS&jV Www . I
Pronounce Taylor & Willii
Straight Yellow Stone Whiskey the BEST
FOR SALE In quantities from
OneRllonup. and many othsr
Good brands, by
L- B. TETER. Wholesaler,
Phone 131
Farm Loans
On Improved Property
At cu.ic.d letes. Any amount
For straight term er with In
stallment privilege.
Thomas W. Clagett
Ontario - - Oregon
Leave Bundles at Any
Hotel or Barber Shop
Prompt "Attention Given
All Order.
Administrator's Notice
in the County Court of the Ststt of
Oregoo. for Malhsor County.
lu the niettcr of the estate of l)ld
S. Lamms, deceased,
Notiue is bersby givso tbst tM
undsrsianeil baa been appoluted by
the County Court of the Btate of Or
gon, for Malheur Couuty, administra
tor of the estate of David S. Lsiosm.
deceased, with will annexed. All
persons having claims against raid
estate are bsreby required to pros
the same to the undersigned wits
proper vsritloatiou aa by law requ irsd,
at my office id Ontario. Oregoo. with
in six mouths from the d ste hereof.
Dated this 10th day of January.
O MoOonagill.
Administrator with will annexed, of
the estate of Dsvld S. Lamae.
Always on the Job
If von hsvs a iob of bsuliug yef
wsnt done, large or smsll, you SW
U. rlenand on John IsniiiugMsl
bet uk ready for you. Call him it
Moore Hotel-
Rev. Rob't J. Davldeou DU fw
tor. Services at 1 1 :00 a n aud 7 M
u.i.1.11, ...imni at 10:00 a. a
Ul Km-v . w-
Mass at 8 A II on 1st and rd SosdJ
of each month. On all other SunoayJ
at 10 A 11. B-
H. A. Campo. "
fongregdtkJMl Church Notice
Sunday Bar v toes,
Sunday School 10 a m
Preaching Services 11 a ni
0 E Meetiug 7pm
Mr.e.ihiuir Services M p m
Midweek Lectures every Wednossf j
evsnlng 8 o'olook
Every Saturday
Babbatb Sohool 10:30 a m
niki. ut..H. 1 1 :30 a m
v. ...., mr nlu mnetiua 1 :30 p
ivuua i"i"
Philip Koeuig, PM
Sunday School 10 A M
Preaching Servioe U M
Junior League -3 P M
Epworlh League 6:30 P S
..o i -73:0 rH
rreaoniug oc... -
'l'h,mu JohUi. PTV
.j . ko AruuO ofB
eeuts per buudieu. -'
oeed to Hue your oabiu "d "
under the oarpst.