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Sale Starts, Saturday, February 15th.
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oi1u in 1910, the buuiie, by a vote
ft 3 J to Hi refused bo to submit the
amendment ami It will m.t, therefore,
o to th i. i through the medium
f ti.e lagteUrturr it i hstlgaatad bara
that It w.ll. however, be voted on by
tncun. oi th initiative.
Electric Headlight Through Senate.
Senator uiht'h Mil rouulrliiK rail
road oomnftnltl to eiui their engines
with tJootrk haadllghts won the dny
lu lbs ftliatft lifter u liurtl fight.
Tbe lull hue been amended to allow
the railroad one year in which to
squlp all engines with tbe modern
lights, ami i he paragraph makltiK it
Ins duty of the railroad commission
to anforce i he act wiim struck nut.
Legislation Division Favored.
The Mulnrkcy and Mn'olloch reso
lutlon, currying a proposed constltu
tlonal mil' ntlmWIt, iIIvIh.iik the ses
sions of t lie legislature, passed the
senate di pitc some opposition. The
pro!' 'Med amendment provider that
bll's he Introduced for the firm 'iO
( II,. e I'll days to he followed
Ly iniiieiit of not tssg than 5l
,1 "u,re than '.mi in ! thi
bula. I le session to be .1 I
to MM tloa Of legislation.
Reopen Way For Income Tss.
Two ii i. oim to place before the
wotetH i in i i i. in roiiHtltutloiial amend
menih r'iit . .ation were pass-
sd by the lioime.
Ouo resolution u practically an en
abling act to put Into effect the Initla
tlva measure psased at tbe lust elec
tlon to exempt household goods. It Is
beld by many lawyers that such an
enabling act will bs necessary to
legalize the measure.
The other proposed amenUiiieui
would opeu the way for a atate In
come tux. It in practically a duplicate
of tbe Income tax measure, defeated
at the lust election by ouly 260 votes.
Eastern Asylum Requests Are Pruned
Applying the pruning knife, the
ways and means committees of both
houses cut the appropriation asked
for the Kastern Oregon asylum lilt
218, reducing It from 1404,949 to 27.
781. Tbe committee also reduced lbs
160.000 appropriation asked for by tbe
medical department of the University
of Oregon to $10,000. Ths most Im
portant item eliminated In the appro
priation usk.-d !' by the eastern Ore
gon institution was tbs 195,000 for
a new wing. Tbft asylum here is also
asking for an tppropHfttlsM of about
170.000, for tla- construction of the
lorth wing to tba new receiving ward,
jid this alho may b ffft d
iort Ballot Title Passes Both Houses
The heiiaie i. M sent on to the gov
jnov liepivM ntative llurds bill pro
viding for a short ballot title to lni ft
t vs measures, in aduitlon to the u al
title, which In not more thm 10 v da
v.ll'give a "catch line," as a lady
g.ide to voters, setting forth the name
v which the measure If commonly
Celllo Project Is Indorsed.
Oivlng hearty Indoi-emeiit to the
oject the committee autborlssd by
I legislature and bc.uled by tiov, r-
oor West to lnvestiguto tbe proposed
Celllo power project, has reported
hack with tbe recommendation that
th. lawmakers aside um of
16,000 with wl.'ch to co-op. rate with
Jh. state of Vasbiugtou In mak ng
thorough sstluiuies aud survoya of the
The report la the reioilt of ths In-
vestie,''1" I 1 1 . i ' 1 by Um Joint commit-
I tee from the two legislature, headed
by the fovsnun Of botl states.
Lejiltlve Brevities.
Kemnrringe until six months after
divorce Is prohibited In ruture by the
terms Of a I. Ill panned by the house.
The bill ghlm; (Iraad Army posts
the rlKht to hold their meetings In
stnto ..rni rlst, was pussfd by the
house wltheiit opposition.
Th- hill kivlnK the state's consent to
the oi the Oregon City canal
and locks passed ths house without
Sen. iter Mutter has fathered a bill,
by r. ipieHt, providing for the abolls!)
in. in of the present hoard of llolM
Ottltur and subsitiutlng therefore m.e
c iiiiilsslon. to be named by tho gov
ernor. (lovernor West caused to be Intro
duced In the house by Ulll of Clacka
mas a bill to repeal tbe act paased
over the goverrmr'a veto, commonly
known as the "Thompson swamp land
A bill making It compulsory for
county courts to publish a budget vt
proposed expenses each year and gtv
laf, t!u taxpuyers the right to be hsad
In lore any levy was (ixed, was pass..
by the bouse.
Rockefeller In Pitiful Condition
.l.kyl Island. Oa. A apasm of tho
thru,! thftl !'" Wlll'am Rockefeller
a Hi.innllng, trembling old man, on
the v m rvous collapse, abrupt
united his sxamlnatlon by
i hail man i'ujo and Counsel Samuel
l at. Tin) ei f the house money trust
commit'! . here.
Employes of Bell System on Coast to
lake waiKout voie.
Portland. Unless tbe Pacific States
Telephone & Telegraph company the
Hell company grants the employes of
Its mechanical departments an in
crease In wages within ten days, every
lineman, switchboard man, table man,
test hoard man, wire i tiief and utility
man in Oregon, Washington, Idaho,
California and Arizona will go out on
strike, and it Is possible that the girl
operators will ko out in sympathy.
The Hell people pay their mechani
cal emplo)es $:i.76 a day. and sines
the first of ths year officials of ths
company have been negotiating with
a committee representing the men
who are demanding an increase.
90 Per Cent Vote Strike
New York- Tin- ballots of ths 30,
000 firemen employed on M Kastern
railroads, it was announced unofflclal
sbow that N I"1' 0Ol Of 'I"' lll,a favor
an immediate strike galftM the con
ference eoilim'lt.e ol managers agres
to arbitration under the Krdman act
Wheat Club. Soc: bluestem.
red Russian.
HuyTimothy. $14; alfalfa, lis.
Butte Creamery, 36c
Bgj Candle 1, -"Jc.
Hoi 11- rtsjs M
Woi Kastern Oregon, lc;
lumiiie valley, 0C.
Wheat Hluestem, 82c;
club, lie;
red Russian, 83c.
Kggs - :ioe
Uutter Creamery, 3Sc.
Hay- Timothy. 16 per ton;
112 per ton.
Will be the Event of the Season.
Such snowy, fluffy Undermuslins,
Embroideries, Laces, Flaxons,
Swisses, and other materials make
this sale worth your while.
House Passes Bill Prohibiting
Liquor Shipments Into
Dry Territory
Washington. By a vols of 240 to
6f, the house passed the Webb bill
prohibiting the shipment of Intoxicat
ing liquor from "wot" Into "dry
states, after several hours of bitter
debato In which the hill was charac
terized as "an anti-saloon measure,
meant to force congressional approval
of prohibition."
I Ths vote was taken only after a
flood of amendment had been sub
mitted, both by enemies of the bill, to
Invalidate It, and by friends of the
measure, who wished to broaden Its
scope. Humor and bitterness marked
the debate on the measure.
Democratic and Republican ranks
were split In the fight, Ollle James,
of Kentucky, being one of the lead. .
against tbe measure. Representative
Clayton, of Alabama, chairman of tho
Judiciary committee and a prominent
Democratic member, led the flulit for
tbe bill, and Representative Hummel,
of New Jersey, headed the opposition.
Under the provisions of the V'ebb
bill, no intoxicating liquor may be
shipped by Interstate commerce Into
dry territory for the purpose of Bell
ing It. Tbe measure does not attempt
to regulate the shipment of Intoxi
cants for private consumption. Dis
position of all violations of the law Is
left to tbs states or tbe county regula
I tions in the tsrritory lu which tbe of
fense occurs.
Democrats Split Over Battleships.
House Democratic economists, or at
least 73 of them, who attempted to
pledge their parly on the battleship
1 question, failed to secure a quorum in
caucus and were compelled to adjourn.
The Deiiioeiais who favor a one or no
battleship appropriation were present
In full strength. The two battleahlp
advocates, a few of whom were pres
ent, declared that they were In the
majority thla year when they cared
to be present aud that the naval ap
propriation bill when reported to con
gress will provide for two dread
naughts House Begins to Hurry.
With seven appropriation bills, ag
gregating over 11,000.000.000. to Dass.
In 10 working days. Democratic lead
ers announced that, beginning early
this week, the houae would burn the
midnight Incandescents also starting
work at 10 o'clock in the morning.
Should the senate hold up these
bills, Democrats declared that ths apo
dal session might be called Immedi
ately after March 4. so that the few
weeks Bight be used in clearing up
unfinished easiness before the ways
nd meanB committees draft of the
tariff bill was ready to be submitted.
Chairman I micrwood. of the ways
aud means committee, declared that,
from present indications, though the
committee was working all day and
part of the night formulating its re
port, he feared that it would not be
ready before March 16.
Federal Railways for Alaska Urged.
la ska's vast resources can beat be
brought within reach of ths world. In
the opinion of President Taft. by the
construction, with government asslat
ance, of two railway fines from ths
Alaskan coast to ths Interior, ownsr
shlu of which shall be v-i
roernment, utit which shnll bs oper
i.d by private parties under leaas.
In a special messngp transmitting to
i "imress the report of the Alaskan
i: lilwny Commission, the president
strongly urged legislation along these
lines, asking that tbe government ei
ther guarantee the principal and In
terest on bonds necessary to build
Hie mads, or construct them.
National Capital Brevities.
President Taft vetoed tho bill to au
thorlze the commissioners of the Dis
trict of Columbia to supervise the ex
hibition of moving pictures. Tbe
I'lesldeiit held that It encroached upon
clstlng laws.
A fight Is being framed up among
the Wilson Democrats here to oust ex
Senator Turner, tit Washington, from
his $7600 Job as a member of ths In
ternational Waterways Commission,
and to secure tbe appointment of
Charles Helfner, of Seattle, lu his
Compulsory adoption by all Inter
state railroads of ths block signal sys
tern Is the moat Important recom
.mcndatlon for the block signal and
train control board made In Its final
report to the Interstate commerce
The soaring price of crude oil Is
being Investigated by tbe department
of Justice In connection with Its In
quiry to determine whether ths decreo
dissolving the Standard Oil company
has been violated.
The majority of the bouts commit
tee on ways and means, who are fram-
lug tariff legislation for the coming j
extra session of congress, agreed upon ,
radical reductions in ths customs Ju
ties on mica, asphalt and various
kinds of chlnaware aud glassware of
the cheaper varieties.
GRAFT $2,400,000
New York. Two million four hun
dred thousand dollars graft from gam
blers poolroom men aud Illegal resort
keepers-! 1,200.000 for ths captains
... .Kir mutators. tSOO.OOO for in
spectors. $000,000 into ths bands of
one man and then cut again, divided
. imrts. one for a hotel man. I
i ItilU Mas i m
1 0e for a man who represents an of-
flee holder, and the third for a msn
I who presented himself for another of- !
That Is the "graft system as Dis
trict U.oritcy Whitman understands!
I u and that i the sysuin" upon which ,
he begins his first actual legal battle.
! He hopes to have made nis nrsi ...
roid by indictments against Police Iu-
I Bpectors Dennis. F. Sweeney and Po-
I lice Captain Thomas W. Walsh.
Through the confession of Captain
Walsh it has been leaned, the amount
alleged to have been collected for po
lice protection In hlfl precinct was
'about $1400 a month. This amount.
It la alleged. Captain Walsh paid a
1 patrolman $70 for collecting, and di
vided the remainder with an Inspector.
American Minister Demands Redress
Havana. Arthur M. Beaupre. ths
American minister to Cuba, acting un
der direction of the state department
. , .. i, r hn nreselitcd lO
at wasiiiiigiou, i'. . - i
Secretary of State Saugully. a peremp-
tory note insisting tnai iminnu.i.
measures be taken for tbe prosecution
and exemplary punishment of ths par
sons reaponsib'" for tbe recent attwks
on the American legation by ths news
paper Cuba.
a' Pm H flHbu A 1 1 i
c , M rwk i lam , ilHal llil h
Ts v ' . '-JdlXTiX .v. -r avri I 1J
Vv v'Yv-'X -j
K2sVCV .-. '4..
Important Occurrences of the
Past Week From Cities in
Our State.
Wallace Banker Says Harry L. Day
Threatened Him.
Coeur d'Alene. The case of the
state against H. V. O'Nell of Wallace,
accused of making false reports of
the condition of the State Bank of
Commerce, has been finished.
That he was the victim of a con
spiracy was testified to by O'Nell
when on the stand In his own behalf.
That he had been warned that Marry
L. Day, mine owner and a director of
the bank hud planned and threaten
ed to crucify me If he could gst me
In his clutches," was the testimony of
O'Nell, and was given as his chief
reason for resisting extradition from
Canada, where be went ftvs weeks af
ter the bank closed In May, 1911.
"My account. I have learned slnco
the bank closed, was made a dumping
ground for all of the had debts of the
bank, through the manipulation! of
Mr. Wyman."
Idaho Women to Participate.
Idaho Kails.--Arrangements are be
ing made here to send a number of
women to Washington to take part In
tbe Inaugural parade.
At the request of the woman's auf
frage committee, which has appealed
to Senator Borah to have Idaho wo
meu In line, a number of ths girls and
women who took part in tbe War
Bonnet roundup hers last fall, and
who participated in tbe cow girl relay
races and steer roping contests, ex
psct to leave for Washington with
their horses In time to taks part la
ths parade.
Nan J. Asplnwall, the woman cham
pion horseback rider of ths world,
who bolda the world's record tor long
distance riding, gained by mahlag ths
trip from San Francisco to Now York
on horseback In 180 days, is planning
to leave here for Washington, arriving
there in time for the parade. 8hs
will make the trip on her horss. Shs
was the winner in all the principal
riding and roping contesta for women
last fall.
Democrats of the Stats Battle for DIs
posal of Federal Jobs.
Boise The Democrats of Idaho are
at war a.:aln over the control of feder
al parfooags aud this Urns It is not
all being taken out in talk. Tbs tlgh
at the present time is being waged
for the Offices of United States mar
.hal and United Stats, dlstrlot attor
ney for the district of Idaho. Ths
Hawlsy-Ferky combination baa Statad
Frank L. Moore of Moscow tor the
district attorneyship and Ben R. Oray
of Hallsy for the marshalshta. Tbs
Nugent forces have agreed that John
F Nugent would make ths beat dis
trict sttoruey and that T. B. Martin, a
brother of Frank Martin ol Boise,
would be the best marshal ths Demo
oratt could ceuter upon. Ths fight to wax hot hsfora March.
owing to 'he means being tahon by
ths Nugeui faction to asours control
m it oatronaaa
" 'z"- Ml o
t 11
l I1 ; II 1 'SWIl
. r
ja f s i ri
Mi.8 Stoelmnn from ('iililwelj
visit ftl Saturday ami Sunday
with her Bister Miss Mildred
who in principal in tho high
V. J. Kussel returned Suttir
dnv from an extended trip in
California and Oregon.
After a long lingering illness
Mi Mnuil Blflll did last
Thursday evening at tho pur
rntiil home southeast of town.
She was known hy a large circle
of friends huving taught school
for several years and was honor
ed and loved hy all who knew
her. Sho was a memher of the
First Baptist Church in Neb
raska and after coming to the
I'ayi'tte Valley helped organize
the Baptist church here in Fruit
land. The funeral was held Sat
urday afternoon at one o'clock
Lt tho home. Many houutiful
flowers were given by individ
uula und societies. Reverend
Tickner assisted by Kevereud
Bowler conducted the services.
The deceased was laid to rest iu
the New Plymouth cemetery.
Tbe pallbearers were Phil'ip
Smith, Henry tiladish, Dave
Slone, Mr. Mason, Thomas Weir
und Archie Weir.
Mrs. John Anderson is visit
iug relatives aud friends at Spo
kaue, Washington.
Miss Mary Kinnison visited
in Payette Sunday with Miss
Marjory Luck.
Miss Mamie Boyer who i
touching school neur Greenleaf,
Idaho spent Suturday with her
Mrs. Kobinson, Mrs. C. E. Deal
and Mrs. Wright are planning
an entertainment for the Philu
th a and tbe young -nen's Bible
Sunday school classes February
l-l in tbe new Sunday schoo
roomf. Miss Alfia Kobinson, the
eighth grude teacher, will enter
tain her pupils Valentine eveul
ing in their school room.
The Home Missionary society
will meet Thursday afternoon
with Mrs. C. E Deal.
A complete surprise was given
Miss Bertha Blind last Saturday
evening when the members of
tbe freshmen class met at Mr.
Scritchiield's to spend the even
ing with her. They report a
' ood time.
Mr. und Mrs. Dulzell returned
last week from an extended kTlf
in the East.