The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, February 06, 1913, Image 6

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The world' cattle production and
population have a Teiy important in
flurnoe upon the cattle feeding himi
news and a olear conception of world
wide luflueuoe will aid in formiua n
Correct estimate ot condition.
UeoKraphlc diitributlou. There
re approximately 450,000,000 cattle
in the entire world; in the United
State th. i,. hi.-, eatimatcd, 71.000,
000. or about 16 per cent. However,
considering type and lze nt animal
it la estimated that the United State
produce one-third of the world'
Ratio of cattle to population The
United State contain .77 cattle per
capita; tbl in comparison to 4.27
In Argeut'ne and 18 ia Italy. Katlo
of number of rattle to area in this
country I 2'1 cattle per square mile.
Itrlglum 104, Hnd Canada 2.
Automobile owners of McMlnnvllle
betd a meeting for the purpose of dU
ousslng a bill now pending In th tate
leglslnture pertnlnlng to taxes on uu
tomoblles. They were unanimously
apposed to the Intended tax rate of
SO ents per horsepower, a long a
automobiles wer also taxU a per
sonal property.
Mr. and Mr Power and jaagbter,
of Meridian, are apendlng a few day
with Mr. and Mr. E. W. Fitzgerald.
The Method I at Kndeavor nod the
New Plymouth Endeavor socletie
held a joint meeting laat Hunday even
iug In the Congregational church nt
New Plymouth. A very helpful nu.l
interesting meet lag was enjoyed. Itev.
I '. .1 preached the evening ermon
Miss Mary Davie, of Washington,
D. C , I making ao extended visit
With Mr- Will. Ilolleiiti.-ck
Jay Malcinaou returned home Sun
day from Vale, where he baa been
working tor sersrel weke.
Joel Bayer returned Mouday from
a trip to Oregon and Washington.
The I'bilatli.-ii class supper given
last Kiiday night was quite well at
tended. The proceeds umounted to
boHt 920 and will help psy for the
class room in the new Sunday eohool
but Id log.
Several young people attended the
basket ball game in Payette Friday
night between the Kmmettand Payette
high schools.
Miss Laura Ilaeltiue baa been
quite ill with appendicltl.
Mre. Hansel's mother, Mre. Ensign,
of Psyette, visited with her several
daya laat week.
Floyd Aikart, who was quite seri
ously Injured lust week by nc.iil.ntly
booting himself while out hunting
on Whitney Bottom, is now In the
Ontario boepital and i improving
Mr. and Mrs. Char lea are the proud
parent of a little boy, born Monday.
February 'i.
A surprise party wau giveu Miss
Kutb Brauwell last Tuesday eveniug.
The party was a repitltlou of the good
times this orowd always have when an
evening of fun is planued.
Miss Cecil Coweu, of Caldwell, is
speudiug a few days visiting with
Miss Velva Crimes.
Those wtio attended the declamatory
contest at Payette Saturday eveuing
were pleased with the program, as ail
the speakers did well. The icniors
carried off the honors by w inn log the
The young people enjoyed another
sleigh ride to Ontario Wednesday
uigbt. where tbey attended the picture
Harry Heokas returned Tuesday
from the Outario hospital where be
bua been tor some time.
Balpb Hardiu. who bas been work
log uear Vale, returned home last
Miss Maud Aldrlon. of Payette is
visiting witb Mrs. Sam Thomas.
People In the News
Presidentelect Wilson has advised
some of his closest friends that, to
personally Investigate conditions In
the Philippines and Alaska, he will
visit those countries at the end of the
extra session of congress.
Sir Kdward Qrey, In the house of
commons, announced that the British
government as yet had reached no
decision on the question of resuming
negotiation for the ratification of th
Anglo-American arbitration treaty.
Professor Mc Murray of Columbia
college urged the adoption of corporal
punishment, which I forbMden now
In New York schools, In his report to
the committee wblch has been making
a searching investigation of the school
Twenty year In San Quentln nrlr.on
was the sentence pronounced upon
Carl Rledelbach, who appeared in Loa
Angeles November 19 last, grotesque
ly masked, aad terrified too polios
offloers with an Infernal machine.
Governor Suiter of New fork sign
sd a bill Incorporating th Harrtman
research laboratory, founded by the
widow of Edward H. Haniman. The
laboratory will devote Its time and
money to the discovery of cure for
cancer and consumption.
President Taft, In hi farewell
apeech to the Ohio Society of Waxh
Ington vigorously attacked the bill
now pending In congress proposing
autonomy and Independence In e!?ht
years for the Philippine.
The squabble over the so .-idled lieu
lands, consisting of valuable tlinlxi
holding In northern ('iillfnrnlii. which
resulted In the resignation of L R
niavls, secretary of the state confer
Nation commission, took a new turn
when it became known Ihst F. ".
Pezendorf, special agent of the do
purtment of the Interior, is conducting
a quiet Investigation into the whole
Two State In Y. M. C. A. Convention
Forest Grove. With 160 delegates
present, the 13th annual convention,
Young Men's Christian Association of
Oregon and l.luho, opened In this city
Friday evening at the Congregational
Church, President Fletcher Horaan, of
Willamette University, president ef
the last convention, presiding.
Move to Stock Rrve With Elk
Pendleton. County Judge J. W. Ma
loney ha started a movemeut to se
cure a $ '" contribution from the
sportsmen of Umatlllu county with
which to bring two carloads of elk
from Yellowstone Park to stock the)
W. -nnlis ri-rve
Idaho Unlen te Try Movable Granar
lee and Cettew Sacks
Moeeow. The Farmers' Union and
many of Its Individual member ar
t experiment with movable granar
lea, as well as stationary enes, and
also steel tank and cotton sacks to
a htrg extent, next eeason. tn an ef
fort te combat the hag trust
Th handling of grain In bnlk has
never been done to any great extent
la this section, and the elevators In
stalled a few years ago for the awr
pose of handling grain tn bulk wer
removed aud the grain hag again mads
use of.
It is argued, however, that there is
no IsgtUmsts reason why it would not
be about as practicable to handle grain
la bulk In this country as In ths mid
dls wsstern states, if the wheat was
ground Into flour for export, Instead
of exporting the wheat nnground.
Miss Cora Falrull was a twentieth
century girl. Her father and mot tier
belonged to the nineteenth. When their
.i..i.L-i.i. r was born I hey exiiected that
he would grow up to lt round aud
look pretty, waiting ror a nusuauu as
be. the mother, had done herself. But
.i,n Mean had received her education
.i. .iiNui.iioiiitt-.l her parents by In
sisting on following a career In journal
M.uh to their chagrin, sue accept-
i ,. onaltlon on the editorial stuff of
an evening newspaper, liom thut
time forward all hope or uer sjvwg
the life of a sedate married woman
111 hIiji ItltitlU'd.
But not long after her lultlutlon
Into the newspaper business her father
made a loss that crippled him. and
wliliin another year he was financially
wrecked. He was too old to begin
anew, and the fortunes of the family
appears to be desperate. Cora step
ped to the front aud took the lead
Selling off what remained of the fain
lly effects furniture, clocks, watches
and Jewelry she realised a thousiiud
dollurs. Witb this she proposed to go
to a smaller place and start a news
paper. Her father aud mother were
both too broken down by their misfor
tunes to oppose her, and the result was
the establishment of the Harvester at!ind. a town of about 3.000 In
There was nnother paper In Wood
land, the Plowman, owned by Jame
Newt-nth. a merchant. He sold goods
during the day nnd got up his news
paper during the night. When be slept
no one knew. ije had n son about
twenty-seven years old who would
have liked to manage the paper, run
ning It on less antiquated lino nnd
making It something for a Journalist to
be proud of. Put all old Newrnth
would do for his son John was to
fcoep him setting type nt minimum
wages and give him n small percentage
on whet sds. he could pick up.
As soon ns she Falrnlls started th
Harvester Newrath saw that unles ho
aid something to run them out the
patronage would all go to the new na
per. It was evident that the manager
was a live wire and was disposed to
make Innovations. The only method of
saving himself that appeared to New
rath was to put the price of advertise
ments so low that they would all go
Into the Plowman. He bad 15,000 that
he proposed to sink In this way.
When Cora Falrull learned that bet
competitor wns taking ads, at prices
which to compete with would soon use
up the few hundred dollars that re
mained to b.-i after buying tbo neces
sary outfit tor n stnrt she felt consid
erable despondency. Though plucky,
she knew Hint a newspaper cannot
well l i an without ndvertlsemeiitH nt
pajiag pfi aij nnd so long iis Newrnth
hnd some ten time her capital It wa
titer.-. .v a questlou of time with her
Her competitor labored under one
weukness. I lis son. who was n nm..h
better fellow than his lather, hnd not
been welded to the Interests of the
I lou-mun lliivltiir met Corn nt a
church sociable, he hs.l taken n fancy
to her. ami It was not long before be
was ready to invor her at his rnthcr's
expense. Indeed, he laid bnre the sit
uation Cora was naturally grateful
for what she received, but ssw no
way fo snve herself, and John Newrath
Wns Itllllble M belt. hSf Univavpr the
Jnlini.iation he gave her wns some
thing of an advnntnge, and he knew
Just how much money Newrnth hnd to
siuk nnd how fnst It was going out
The nearer the plucky girl came to a
financial collapse the more sympathetic
became the man of all work In the of
fice of the Plowman. He said he would
be glad to help her, but he didn't see
how he could. His fnthcr scorned to
be Influenced by hltn, and If he nsked
the old man to let up In his efforts to
ruin the Harvester ho would only dou
ble them.
However, John formed a plan nnd
gave Cera a tip n to how she could
help It. One day he told his father
thnt he hnd heard reports nbout th
Falrnlls getting a partner with plenty
of money to establish their paper. This
struck the old man with terror. Noth
ing troubled him more than the losing
game he hnd been playing, and the
bnre idea of falling In bis plan and be
ing i u ii out of business besides was a
blow to him.
A few days after his son commnnl
cnted this disheartening report there
wns n notice on the editorial page of
Jie llnrv ester that the paper would
won appear In a new dress. What Its
.-lifor meant wns undress or no dress
t nil, for she expected to suspend.
For the first time In his life Newrnth
senior consulted with his son as to the
report and the nnnnsneement. .lohn
tm lined to give an opinion ns to what
r naaat
After this his fHther nsked him how
ii would like to tnke the Plow
han. unite If with the Harvester, call
g the pnper the Union, nnd give his
ofes on loin; time In pnymont. John
aid that If the Fnlralls had really
pot In capital It would be too Inte. But
In father told dim to (1ml out.
The two papers were thus united un
der the nan f the Woodland Union.
rhe llrst Issue announced another pro
ipe. five union nt which Newrath sen
lof was inn. Ii surprised -viz. one be
IWBtl John Newrnth nnd Corn Fair
ill. r-.ii. unlona prospered.
Help Fight the Great Red Plague
CitietiH of the .stulo ure urge.l to inform themselves regard
ing this plague which in causing great suffering among boy
and young men, and especially among the innocent girls and
women of the state. Parents ai. urged t protect their child
ren, and provide clean, wholesome information in place of the
unclean misinformation they cannot now help getting.
Si ml for any of the following
Kor Young Men
Circular No. I The Four Sex Lies.
Circular No. U -Sex Truths for Men.
For Older Bo mitt to 18 yrs. of age)
Circular No. 8 Virility and Physical Development.
For Younger Hoys(10 to 18 yrs. of age)
Circular No. 7 The Secret of Stregth.
For (irh
Circular No. 4 A plain Talk with Uirls about Health.
For Young Women
Circular No. 10 Physical Development, Marriage and
For Parents
Circular No. 1 -The Need for Education in Sexual Hy
giene. Circular No. 3 When and How to Tell the Children.
Circular No. 5 A List of Books for Use in the Family
on Sex.
Send '2-cent utamp with your address to
Department D
The Oregon State Board of Health
703 Selling Building. Portland, Oregon
Springtime--The Time To Build-Is Here
Come in and let us show you some neat house plans,
and how to save money on your new house.
Our Building Stock is Complete. Lumber,
Shingles, Lath. Sash and Doors, Screen Doors,
Cement, Lime, Overland Plaster ( .lass, Rubber
Roofing, Beaver Board, Posts and Coal.
Call and Investigate Our Beaver Board Department.
Exclusive Agents for "Kittg Coal" Once used alw.y. used.
Oregon Idaho Lumber Co., Ltd.
Yards Eaat Side of Railroad.
A Money Saver
Is What the People Call Farley's Furniture Sale
This is a forced sale to raise money
and prices have been made so low that you
can save money by buying now. Be sure
and see the stock and prices.
In the New Store Room
J. H. Farley Furniture Co.
Means Not Only
Time But Money
Do you ever consider how long it takes to travel the
distance from your house to the Doctor and Merchant
and what timeyou save by Telephoning? If your
time is worth anything you cannot afford to be
without a Telephone.
Malheur Home Telephone Co.
Colnmbia Phonographs
Double Disc Records
Come in and Let Us Demonstrate Them.
Bermele's Drug Store
200 Acres for Sale
Fifty acres has been seeded to alfalfa.
Some buildings. All under fence.
Railroad line through tract. On Snake
river. Well drained bench land. Elec
tric pumping plant can be installed for
$12 per acre. Will cut up to suit buyer.
Address Box 128, Ontario, Oregon
Talk To Our Lamp Man
OF course you have electric light in your home,
office and store, but have you enough of it?
f you arc using ordinaiy incandescent carbon
lamps it is safe to assume that you have not, because
the only way you can obtain enough of electric light at
minimum cost is by using the most perfect electric
lamps of the aoth Century
Edison Mazda Lamps
These lamps give from two to three times the
light of carbon lamps without increasing your present
light bill.
Talk to our Lamp Man about recent progress In
electric lamps and lighting. He positively can show
you the path to profit not onl) in the matter of light
for the home, but also regarding the power of light to
develop your business
Idaho-Oregon Light & Power Company