The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, January 30, 1913, Image 6

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Herman ;. it.i.l.. .Named With Issuing
false iniii'iitui i lo lb amount .r j.i.m.,.
Wit. smit 1 1 io.i i from Nice on the steamer
aMorto, bound i 'i (" tork, Him tfeetlna
Hon la Ma tork trreel Dim tad hoM
It it 11 waiting. i'i; idltlon papofi He etandi
la fn i two has i'i h.iii. iitiiit oomplax
ton ri t 1 aalcha M pound. Supplement -ar
.1. acj ipi inn l in. hi.
Tin- above cablegram was aent from
Berlin to the police of New York iiml
received the days before the Alorle
was due lii New York. A wireless wan
No sent to (lie captain of the h!i1
caking If any one answering the de
orrlption wiih on board Ills vessel. The
first and second cabin passengers were
looked over and those In the steerage
were lined ill' mill examined critically.
No person iinsuertng the description
wan found among cither the tlrat or
econil .In, passengers Some of the
steerage passengers reported t lint n tn II
mini hi p. ii. mi weighing MOM thing
less tliiin 'ji"' pounds, but with blink
hull nnd olive eotnplevioii. hud been
among llieiu. but had disappeared
The wireless was received by Captain
lluv Idsou of the Alorle when the steam
er MM In nildoecan. She had not
ton. lied at mir port. She bad passed
Gibraltar In br. aid daylight In the mid
die of tl' stiait. and It would have
lus'ii Inpooelbhi fof anj DM to loova
her even If be had had the wherewith
al to limit himself without being seen.
OOtttlOB did not reappear on the Alor
le mi. I when she reached New Viik
lie was in t found nl.ard
hat bad be. nine of him''
It Is true that n man answering the
description given of tlottlieh sailed
from M.e on the Alorle. anil Da a M
the man the ropiest from Iterlln re
ferred to Hut his name was not Uotl
lleb, uor wiih he a Ocrinan . Iti.n lie
was n Russian PoM named 1 1 In lui-k i... lav . .ar of Russia i..
In the Siberian mine- An otllcer of
the secret Russian police had traced
him to Iterlln. and It was he who had
d.ue the forging, sending messages 111
the na of the Iterlln authorities.
The usual pass. me of ships between
Gibraltar and New York Is to the
sMiithuanl of the Island Madeira. On
the loth of November. 0, a yiu lit
hearing tin Nihil on her stein
hi I Inn. Iial. the principal port at
that Island, and steered eastward. She
bail made some lirty knot when sev
eral sails appeared on the horizon, nnd
all turned their prows toward the
Nihil. When thc. .nine near together
tin' captain oi one ol them signaled
that the Alone was In latitude M M
trees gO inlnules. longitude west of
i.i.-.nvvi. It I-' .! i'.-es Iff minutes. I pis- Madeira .ili.ull OflJ miles
i... nth ..l liin.hal at 12 o'clock Unit
Dlgal Whereupon the captain of the
Mini signaled the little fleet to steer
b .lllfclelit curses to a point south
of I uiiclml llfty miles and euat of the
I- in, bill meridian thirty miles
That sum.- night tin- tall steerage
paaaaagat oa the Alorle. after nil ex
Otpl tin- ships wat.h had turned In.
Stole along I'.v a route that would
render him unseen toward the after
deck Ills -ic slll-e he bail turn. si ill
bad Increased so that his girth mens
lired BOBM twelve inches more than In
jure and proportion. ..n the other
parts Of bis body lie carried two tin
nBa .,,. hermetically sealed, the oth
,i opening by a spring upon preaalng
OU a button Roth these clllia were lit
t... hed to his body DJ small chain
HlauiNkv reached the stern of the
iblp uuubaarrafl ud f'"1 "" ol"'
there ihc iiiubt wm etoar "' law
aca was h. a lone MMN Ml PM
lag from southeast 1(1 northwest The
fugitive looked up bl Inn stais. mutter
Od a pra.vei and inoiintllcj the taffrall
Jiiiiiped 0rl into the o- can
He sank I. ut a tew led for under
,i, clothes was an bulla rubber M
meiit which he had blown full of air
l,. tOOk i'" a. Hon whatever, merely
aatcblug lb.- lights of the .ceding
s,,, TbOUgh liN escape depended UnII
b.t leaving him ' "i"'" houadloaa
a, ,.,. i- he -aw hel usede with II kind
,,l ae i Hi I..I.I "ben the last
glimmer had gOM "" '" ("esse.! t ho on one of his tin boxes and
took out an ordinary can opener, leav
ing In the l..' s.niie food and a bottle
of water With the Instrument, hold
nj the.. I hei lin bOS. abOVg aU bead, lie
eul a hole in the tilt, took out a rocket
and a patent rlgnr lighter BoldlUg
the r.H Let In his band, he lighted Ihc
fuse with the latter. Tl 'ket went
lilgb in the air
Mu wat. lied eagerly for a WPOB.
but none appeared In half an hour
he sent up anoiher rocket, then another
(ill he had tired si rockets Aflei that
a biee.e spianu up. Hie waxes flesh
ened and his lemalniiiK rockels w ere
drenched With sea water Rut the Inst
(,ne be Brad brougbl a response. A
thin streak ..f Ugh) appealed peipen
,li, llllirl "i Hie horllOU jlUl before day
Within twenty uiiniiles a sail ap
pealed iK'iu oui the glooui "i racadlug
iiluht, baarliui uoniiy alraluhl toward
fl. man in tllO water. When he -saw
thnt she w d pas, him far to the
,,,,,!, ,e took rroiM his pocket a metal
ball, moved a slide on ils surface and
tluevv it as lar from him as he could
In a lew ni.nulcs llicic was an evplo
,1,,;, The en ling reaaal it gad
lunied low.nd him In another ten
minutes he was taken aboard ""' "f
tlie l.oals that had been dispatched by
the Nihil ...
Sin b is the es. apa f ''" Of Uussla s
principal revolutionists Rut be bad
ninny iissisianta.
Itll, ty Associated Llt-
eriirv I'reMR
Miss ltelinda Jones was the old maid
sister of Horace .baies, nnd, taken all
around and full and by. Horace didn't
mount to shucks. In the tiist place,
lie was a third rate preacher with n
fourth rate MfgJHgfitfcM and a llfth
rate salary
Sister Rellnda hod lived in his fnml
ly and helped at the supHirt for a num
ber of years and then had cut loose and
gOM west There she had hustled with
the rest. tea. hliiK wliool, runuliiK a
boardlag house and becombur n sheep
owner nnd had finally ncqulred an In
terest In a mine She had been for
warditiK money at Intervala for a long
time and receiving few thnnkn lu reply
when she planned a vlalt eaat 8he
reached her brother'a bouse In the
middle of the week nnd had time to
look about a bit before Sabbath and bla
sermon arrived She had sold very lit
tle, and the family couldn't exactly
moke her out.
It was after returning from church
and finishing dinner that she took the
bull by the horns am said
"Horace. J an't preach for this
tles! There's many a ...wboy or herd
er that can beat you ten to one!"
Theie were live cv la mat Ions of pro
test and nmaenienl from the live inem
ban of Hie family "It's n fact, Ilor
i and I want y..u t" cut It out. I've
been making aoma Inqulrlaa since I ar
rived, and I lin. I that you ain't knee
high Von ha-i at made a convert In
seven y.ais It nin't In yon."
"Belinda Jonee!" ffM almost shouted
by liv , tOttgUM
"Your COngragatJoa only paid you $:io
last year, but that was tuore'u you
were worth
"I have sent you g.'tiNi In two years,
but imi another penny of my cash do
yoll receive unless you toe the mark!"
"ud the mark, ulster?" asked the
"I'll give you live minutes by the
Block to U" 'ml ' the vlueyurd hual
"Rut I was called lo"
"Chop It off! Y'oll selected It because
vmi tlioiitht It suited voii. Y'oii haven't
pulled one siturle hair from hiitan's
head I lue minute gone!"
"Rut my dear llockV"
"Won't suffer In the least. Indeed.
the) will feel relieved, and so will you."
'Awful awful"' -obbed I lie Wife.
"Can such thiutrs be!" so bias I the
Two minutes gone!" aiiiionnced Re
"Io understand that If I resign my
pastorate I am to l.sik for something
batter al v..n handat" tmndldl) njua
tie I the lintfher
"You do. Init there will be work and
hustle connected with It You II lose
fat for a few weeks
Oh. Horuce. what n sister!"
"llli. paps, what a person!"
"Three minutes gone" said Rellnda,
as uiiii lii.lful of the tears and 'sobs she
looked at the clock.
"Sister.'' replied Horace as he came
off the pen h at lust, "it has some
times struck me that erlMips I hud
missed my profession."
"And that I wasn't doing my duty
by my family "
"Now you are getting down to brnsa
"Well, you may consider that 1 have
reelgned my pastorate and am now
looking for another Job "
l.v husband a laborer!" soblssl the
"Our papa sawing I for a II v
Inu ' moaned the girls.
"I'll attend to all your eases in due
time.' grimly announce. I Belinda And
then, turning lu her brother she said
"I see that your grist mill here Is to
be sold , heap on account of the death
of tlie miller."
"I'll buy it for you t. .morrow You'll
soon work Into the business ou need
a new fence lu front of the lions.'
i;. a cai'i ter The house needs re
paiuting CM 0 painter Qg t the
si.aes and see what your debts are
and III s. pi. ue you up. You'll want
SAO buabeia of wheat t. hagta "" '"
laiy it for you "
I have ..Hen said the Lord was my
shepli.ld. and 1"
"Orop It. Horace! You'd have want
ed johnny cake and 'lasses In a month
more if you hadn't toed the murk."
Than she turned to the w ife and sold:
"YOU bnve hardly a second dress to
vour hack, and you don t have a caller
or pgf a call once In three months
l 'ease your howling and moke y .nil
gai. leu raise vegetables to hell) out
Being the wife of a third rote preacher
don't put a woman way up in i!
Eunice, vou and Clara have got
beaux They hare Mm IddUag around
for a year If you can't bring them to
lime I can and that In short order
'Oh ni't ltelinda!" In chorus.
Never wind rour Auul ltelinda. but
rive Ihcse fellers the glad ''' '"'
,.,., i,us And now for you. I'ath-a.-iue
Vu are Uw ynunu to Ml l"1"'
lh., Sole I your s, I I and I will
,H.p vou ihcte tin you irraduate."
Sister ltelinda. will OM permit .e
, a, Ibal I'lovl.lence" Mfgg tlie
brother bul wua stopped by
Sim, :., Now as to myself I he
man I'm engaged 10 Is COUUng Ol '
:,i..,ut a foHubrht. and wa are going
be married rlghl In this bouse!"
v.nd I l-OUld hove fornied the
Cereuionj '" exclaimed Horace
"Nil! First class oi 00 wedding.
Now let us sing I gospel by mil and be
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Notice of Delinquent StotK Ndle
Notice ia hereby given that al I NfM
lar meeting of the Hoard of DlreatOfl
of the Owyhee Ditch Company held in
Ontario, Oregon, on the 7th dnv oi
September. 1912, for purpose of
miiintennnce, an assessment of B kt
cent was levied on the par val ra "t all
Owyi ce Ditch Company gtoch out
standing. Tbere is di'liniUentonabovi mention
ed assessment the following stock:
NAM Shakes Am't.
American Mortgage
Co, " -i ""
I (1 Armstrong B
Hue Ainswortn 4 'I !l
K .1 Hurler ft 2 5u
(ieo Col.tmin 31 B '
Kuchael .1. Cox 'l li-' j$
.1 M Duncan 4 -'" n
lie,, A Darr 4 M "'
D T Downa 1" ' ""
W F Don tie .V IT "."
Thoo Dixon : ,n
.1 Dafoe 10 00
W L Qibaon h5 42 Bu
W B Hexia
It I. Harris
It II llousley : '"' "
C C Hunt H 0 BO
Jerry Hurley 19 N '
Investors Mort gSeiunlv
Co So a
T.I Johnson :i0 15 00
Mrs M J Jenkins no
Marion W Jones 5 2 BO
Wm Johnson " 1 ""
II It Kerr I 4 V"
. .-..,r Klein If
A M 1. i.e key 1 , 'H'
t) A Megorden M 1 7
Allwrt KMoffet II 7 -JO
Wm McKwen 22 11
Kobert Megorden 4 2 Hk
KI I Mini.. I. It) 5 ""
Delinquent Notice ol the Payette-Oregon Slooc Irrigdtion District
NOTICE There is deliiMiient on the following described lands in the
Payette ONfati SI..k' Irrigntion District, on iiccount of the annual assessment
for the year 1912, the several umounts as follows;
Am't Of I'KN't.TY
nnacniPTioa ik land r'khmt mosts
Appiegate, S W
Blood and Adair,
Cram, Hoy
i ram, Hoy
ri.ihimum, W o
Campbell. M T
Davis, I
D.xlge, C C
In SW, NV, nnilNWj SWJ.'W
and N'., SKI SE1.
W NW1,. SK', NW'a
and NKt SUt
S', NE'4
In SW'4 NK'4
K'. NK',
SK', SK'4
MI , SKi
Lots 1, 2 and :t
Dodge. Kstelle It SW of NK'4 SK'4 NW'4
35 M 47 lu: f7 I .". 7s
l.e.lllll. J I-
Cillman, Mrs I K
Crady, K I.
Hand, Cora K
Hand. It,
S'. SW NWj. NK1 SW4
NKi Bl
NW, SK'4. N' SW SKi and
II irgrove, C C
K.lley. C L
Klinefelter, J W
i ..
Mead. A J
M.rnll, Oscar
I 1. Nelaon 20
Oregon Mortgage Co. I
Michael O'Brien 12
R K Overstreet
I'ennington Bros 12
S K l'liiliHi 10
II M Hummer 10
A C I'almer 1"
Oao I. I'hillijm i
Mrs S J Tee re
Geo P Banenm 00
C K Kees 5S
John K Kees M
W K Iteevea 20
p s Rieder
11 I, Boss 1
Mrs Otto S'hweizer :t0
I'ele Stam 2i
V B Staples
1. C Sutherland 00
D H Sutherland 21
John W Snow 2
Smith I) Taylor
II I'Tietsort estate) 17
Wm Tremblay OB
R n Thompaan 10
Il.os Turnliull -"-
Title Trust Co I trustee 2
T W Thomas
A W War.l
(' O Wilson '"
John A Ward 14-
A K Wade I
H C Wilson 10
A A Wright 20
ii 2"
i 25
ft 00
ft 00
B .'.o
2.1 no
1 5u
10 id
4". 00
lu ihi
i u0
l.l KI
1.; On
:t SO
13 IKI
1 2.
1 u
17 30
s SO
Is (Ml
11 03
I 2"i
n 00
; 7'.
17 -0
74 "Hi
4 0'
T al
10 Id
McCiimmon, C
McClurg. A K
nr.iitt. II B
Ha ne. W W
Ratafon, U W
Riao, C I
Blah, Ira
Stauffer, John
Stettin, Minnie
Stout, Mra
Stme. Gilbert
SK.SW', SK'4 :w
SV4 SvV4 14
NK'4 si;'4 ai
Mi NK'4 SK'4 21
I . NW'4 I
NK'4 SW'4 16
N'. NK'4 NW',, SK'., NK'4
NW1,. and NK'4 SK', NW
NW'4 10
SW, SW'4 22
NK'4 SK'4 16
NK'4 SW'4 23
N K 4 I '
SW'4 NW'4 I'
N'. SK'4 NK'4 22
and Sl, NW', :
Smith Atkinson W M) acres SW'4 SK'4 22
SM,fford, Frank K1,. K', :'
SW'4 NK'4
lnSW'4 NW'4andNW'4SW'4 I
NK'4 SW'4 J'
Bla SK'4 BEM 33
and lot 4 B
Thorn. Matilda
it Mi W'.. SW', 16
And unleaa the aiiseaaments delhuuent, together with costs and per rentage
are paid, the real property upon which MMMMMal are a lien, will be sold at
....l.lirM.ietionon the 4th dav of February. 1913, or on the succeeding day a to
thehoura of 10 o'clock a. m and 3 o clock p. m
Dated January t, 1913.
.".37 03
298 35
321 B9
p.. I lift
1H3 60
3H2 05
2. U IU
183 till
ls:t BO
ln.t till
18 60
m i -
iki -. i
183 6i
.'5 OH
:U'.7 20
183 mi
Rj M
im 20
22 H
ls:i .,0
.31 to
188 HO
4.9 ihi
137 7"
..42 no
Hvt nil
32'- 30
137 70
27 H5
II 42
2 85
8 63
9 6s
2" HI
13 02
i i.s
9 08
9 93
13 87
9 118
I .
s s(;
' OS
B o9
18 8U
1 Oil
9 '
9 9;i
23 II
7 3s
.12 n4
W 118
7 38
Pronounce Taylor & Wil
Straight Yellow Stone Whiskey tki
FOB BALI in quantitiM fr
One gallon up, nnd ii'miy otl
(io.mI brnndi, l.y
L B. fETK. Wholes
ONTARIO.) iil 0fl
tig a 3 94
:.;; M i ku
Farm Loai
On liii)nitl Propel
At currrnt rates. Any m
For straight term or tl
stallment privilege.
Thomas Y. ( laj
Ontaurio - - On
hieh I may postpone said sale, at the ..trice of the Hoard o( Directors of said
iatnet in section 2. T. 17 S K. 7 K. W M.. Malheur County. Oregon, between
And in accordnuce "grlta law and an
order ol the Hoard ot directors of the
Owyhee Ditch Company, made on the
4th day of January. Bttlj ""'
shares of OM parcel of said stock as
necessary to pay said assessment and
expense ot advci Usinc, and cost of sale,
will be sold at the ottiee of said Com
puny in the Ontario National Hank
building In the city of Ontario, County
Of Malheur, Stale of Oregon, on the
1st day Ol March. 19111, at I o'clock p.
m to the highest bidder for cash.
G. 1.. KINO, Secretary.
All persons owning dog in the uity
ul Ontario must call it the city mar
slml'H or Oil J reeoruei a oaaa am
tnke out license within BO MM M
dogs will be taken up and ousts .nbled
and if not called tor lu .".days dogs
will be killed.
Kobert Odell. Mar.hal.
Mid-Winter Ixtursions to (dlilornid
January Blgi laM f"r,' '" !
Frainiseo and Los Angeles with dl
veise routes ..ud limit "I W" ' Ua
See O S L agents for rates and tor
tber particulars.
Department of the Interior, U, S.
land I 'dice, at Vale, Oregon, Decern
her H, 1912.
Notice is hereby given that Serena
K Qattway. Of Ontario. Oregon, who.
on April 28, l'.Ul. made ti.nnestead ap
plication No. 0132, for W'v BEH.81 v,
SW'4 seciu.n Bf, township 17 south,
runge Hi east, W M., has tiled notic
of intention to make final commutation
proof, to establish claim to the land
above described before the Register
and Receiver. C I Land Klli.e, at
Vale, Oregon, on the 3d day ot Febru
ary. IBIOL , ,
Claimant names as witnesses U . F.
Human Ktnest C. McDowell Keno
I. owe. James K. Husk, all of Ontario,
Oregon. Hruce K. Kest r. Register
Administrator's Notitc
lu the County Court of the State of
Oregon, for Alalhein County.
lu the matter of the estate of David
S 1, amine, doOMM 'I
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned has been appointed by
the Counlv Court of the State of Ore
OB, tor Malliein County. gdaitnUtra
tor of the et.. t David S. l.amnie,
.beeased. with will annesed Ml
persons having elalMJ agaund said
estate Mle hOrahf L.pnred U present
thv same tu the iiudersigned wtli
nioier vel iticm Ion as by law if.iureil,
I at my ottlce in Ontario, Oregon with
1 in si ni.iiith. from the date hereof.
Dated this 16th 1h "' January
IP 1.1.
C Mctionagill,
Administrator with Will annexed. o
the estate ot David S l.amme.
Leave Bundles t
Hotel or Barber Si
Prompt Attention (!
All Ordi.
Ree. Rob't J. Davidson D D Fas
tor. BWrvtMl at 1 1 :00 a in and 7 :.'!(
p m Sablatb school at 10 tin a. m
Mass at s M on 1st and .(r.l Sunday
Of eacli month, tin all other Sundays
at 10 A M.
II. A. Cauipo, Rector
( ongrrgdliondl (hurth Noike
Sunday Services,
I .1 L ...I 1,1
,-iuuiiay neuooi iv ...
l'i selling Services 11am
C K Meeting 7 p in
Freaebiug Serv ices 8pm
Midweek Lectures every Wednesday
evening 8 o'clock
Kvery Saturday
.sabbath School 10.30 a m
Uible Study 1 1 :S0 a m
Vouug pec pies meeting 1 '30 p ui
PhlllB Koenig, Pastor.
Sunday Bjhuol 10 A M
I'reaching Service 11 A M
Junloi league B f M
BaWOfth League li S0 P N
l'reliink.' Service 73:0 f M
Hi. unas Johns. F IfJTOSi
lor Sdle or Irdde
I' ty a.-n- ungated uu.ler lOOM
von. adjoiuing town, one balf mile
troui deinil good luipioveuieuts pleuty j
range 'JO miles from Laramie. Foi i
particulars write Johu Kakebeeke. j
Hosier. voinuui
I In II. HI NotiCI
Vnli.i- la hurMhr uiveli til
7tb day of Februarj. A D
the Council Cnaajaan la '
untario. louuty of MihaW
Oregon, special glaotll
for tlie uuriiose ot a'lbuilttiu
lowiug prop'sed aneuilnia
Chartu of the City ot UM
......liHo.l alv.'tnn III Mil
I -
Ontario, for their adoplM
tioa. fig I
w..iln.. Ml I'liuvr auJ
Uffl ..UN ..... .
are hereby glM ! ''"' l
the said Couaoil is horehfg
to borrow money on "
City, or loan tlie M ''
l..,t I, ,.,,.1 to tiiat eU'l ' I"
the issuance of bond "
for anr purpose, win. a
... f SkM 1'iiill'Cll is l1
the interetsof said CttJ
nHie the uiaiincr aun iuu-j
meiit thereof, auu Ha mn
ou; provided that the gM
kaaa Mud arraataao iu"1
.nl tl
in the aggregate ..i -
the ana afBUrtf fin P
..... iflft 0J0.00). J
bonds or warrants irfUj
luilit shall be alolur.'
vi.bil. mat the ut. ,
OT aairants .hall u.'i -
cent. Del aUUUlll.
i,. palli t ") 'l'ot'
oneiied at It.. bOBl
,.. and "lOOl t !
.,..!, ,ek u. in . ami .tisu
.!,.. 1 l'-t
hour, trow "
aaaa o'clock. I
Dated alUatarl "
d..v Ol Jai uar.v J-
Hy Ordei ot UM "l
Harry I u'