The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, January 16, 1913, Image 7

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st National Bank
Of Ontario, Oregon
jtal, Surplus and Profits $125,000.00
Known For Its Strength
I I Cap
iili fimplfl retOUfCei tor all lcili-
mate Demands. OwnedtoontroUed
ami managed by local mtn, who
have had year- of active banking
experience! This hank stands fur
the development and advancement
of Ontario and the unrounding
rounl ry.
i offer every accommodation and
service in keeping with safe
Banking and solicit your business.
1 Good Hank in a (loot! Country"
A .. ciH KRUM, Prwkbnt; T. TURNBULL, Vice President;
6 K. KINYON, Cashier, n 1 I OCERUM, Aas't. Casbisr;
C W. I'I. ATT. Ass't. Cashier
Y! . .' w 'CwMssn aster assiiea - t-- - "SfciS"" - Ha rr t- Jgggggggggg jv i
UvVJH LW i iHf-! o- aaW5iBBiiBiSiBBBSas isSr W- f tit
Baby Contest
$50.00 in Prizes
Limit is 25 babies and none over
4 years old can enter.
1. (ash Prize, Maze $15.00
2. Necklace, Solid Gold,
by Grauel, the Jeweler $10.00
3. 1 Doz. Photos, Bun-ell's $6.00
4. Cane Rocker, Ontario
Furniture Co. $5.00
5. 3 Piece Child's Silver Set,
Ontario Hardware Co. $4.00
The remaining 20 babies will each receive one pair
of shoes from Newton'.
Mrs. Dunnuck will be at the theatre from 2 to 5 p.m.
starting Monday to receive photos of babies. Brin
photos us soon as possible so w- can have slides
made of them.
Entries close Jan. 20 Contest closes Feb. 20
harrt admission ticket entitle holdrr to one vote.
Emu baby must ftf present on the night the
COItteHt fins, s.
Walter McCortmuk, Famous Grand Opera Tenor, n-.akes Friends with the
Hlackfeet Indians from Glacier National Park
The Ea an.) the Went rnme toffolhor' lnn mine by Mr. MePnrnifli-k. 1'iit of tin
In ii rather atriking iiml unusual faahton rather Intricate and high-brow tvp.- of
hi th r. .'Til 1 1 mi .'it given by the SI Paul orchestration rendered bj Prof. Both well
Svmphon.i Orcheetra in the Auditorium and Ms well-known orchestra,
:it si Paul, Tho Indiana attended the rlilef Pred rn Top, fn referring to Um
concert ai irueata of I. w. lliil and were concert, h.i i-l in enjoyed it very much
eery appreelatlre not asJjr of too aplendiil ' 'sotm of it .i just iik Indian nm-i.-"
'Pio Indlanf applauded lone and load i.t
i In and atl rioted nnaldi ralde . ten
tlnn theawelvea, While tl liu of St.
Paul were preeenl In ti i u lt dreaa thej
had int hlng mi i be '"! i in a bn n ei a
i rv eta hi irately attlrt l and carried them
selves with dignity it :il imkc.
ft.-r the r. nrrr. tnr Indian were
Intend .I lo and phntirrnphed with Mr.
McfWmack as nnown in tin picture
ahnv i I,,', extended him a cordial
Invitation to rialt 1 native home,
let Satlonal Park, Montana, Mat
i summer.
The Ontario National Bank
United States Depository
State of Oregon Depository
I- Our Bank Your Bank ? It not, ire oofldiall
invite you to make our hank your hunk. We
sirs tin- usual Bafaguardi of Fiiv Proof Vault,
Burglar Prool Saft. Bonded employeee, and do
MsineM in i aonearvalive manner. - : - -
Capital and Surplus. $80,000
Sum Granted by Lait Legislature Cut
From 9503,000 to $205,000
Kiik''ii'' Ts bold down to tin- bure.
n at tltlai iitnl to Join whole In-art rd
ly In the state wide movement for
OSMSllsa In public' expenditure wmm
the decision of the lioiird of regents
of tin- sintc unlveritity when it put the
knlfn Into tin- budget passed by tint
lin.t legislature h rut -ut tho totul from
$.,n.:.iion iii ItSMM
I In- I requests at Salem
are to be confined to the following
Item 1100, dim for a new claaaroom
liullilliiK. 975,000 for repair and minor
ndditlona, 950,000 a yaar for two years
for maintenance and II...
000 a year for two years for rorras
pondence and eiteualon work, a total
of 1-w.i.noo for the blannlum.
The proceduro favored by tha r
gents waa tba submlaalon of theaa
item to (lovernor Waal with tbe re
quaat that ha should lay the unlveral
ty'a need bafora tba waya and insane
People in the News
HI Violet Asqulth. daughter of tha
British prattler, hn nailed from Liv
erpool on hoard tho t'eltlc for Ameri
ca. William J. I-'I tin of New York will
bo chief of tin- I'nlted State aceret
service, succeeding John K. W'llkle,
now chief advisory agent of the cu
tout service
PPSSMmI elect Woodrow Wilson
will rem Ii hl fifty nlxth t)lrthdny au
nlverMar Saturila) lie lias promised
to spend the da) in Staunton, Va., the
place of his birth.
The day after Chrlstmaa Admiral
Oeorge Dewey, hero of tha battle of
Jordan Valley In .loontod In the east
central part of Malheur OOtuHf, .n
Jordan cn-ek. u tributary to the Owy
hi'e rlvor The town Is Incorporated,
nnd haa a population of about Ml
This is the distributing: iKiint for n
laiRe area of count n Tn- surround
ItlK hills nte covered with the vei
heat varieties of ranne urass, and af
ford excellent ii.isture for all kinds
of stock throiiKhout the sprltiK. sum
mer and fall.
Jordan h two arorxl betels, a dm (n(l, t((
..l.,, ,. . . 1,, ... . .,.!.!.. nMA l..U ,
wnf., iww ii,. i , . ,.,i,- i.,,nn. .. P
M....I. 1. . . ..... ... r...LI.,.. ..ffl...r .. . ..
......... ...... ...... . .,.- ....... ..K one gent s inrnisniUK store, jwo Ken-
of tho navy, celebrated hla seventy- eral merchnndlae atorea, each enrrv
flfth birthday antilveraary. lie Is ln a large stock of from 930,Oixi to
9,i0.oon worth of good and each of
which did a business of ;i I II""
I'idn't I cn Mint
Billy, a;:ed four, often rail,., on hit
neaicHt neighbor, Mis Brown, who
( petted bin a frecM ,i,.,,i, ami usually
in' bin i eonpla of her nloa cookies.
ml Ii the ha I in foi g i to pass
Ihi'lli out In- sometimes ininllnleil her
1 of II
i III lallir I. .ii n. of this and chld-
ed Iiim fin bSSJgtai and told him lie
must not dn Mo an nunc List ear
Just before ChrislniuH. Bill) I .. M
lliiliu- Willi rook It- riillnl. I
Ilave Mill I ii IickhIiih in in "1
frotn Mrs. IIiiimii a-aln"" asked all
lather .leinl).
No'" said lllllv "I didn't beg fo
nil). I Just said, This house smell
us If It was full of cookies, but what s
in.' " KelliiKKH S,iliii. 1 1. -,u
proud of the fact that he la 76 yeara
Stanton Slcklea, son of (ieneral Dan
iel K. Sickles, of New York, promised
to sea that the state Is reimbursed
lahl Found Guilty of Fraud
Portland. After brief deliberation, a
Jury In ihe United States court found
A. Hlehl guilty on three of fourcouuts
of an indictment charging him with
fraudulent use of the malls in exploit
lug the Columbia River Orchards
pan) Hlehl la liable to a tn-nt-iice of
five year in the federal pentientiar)
ou each of the three coiiius.
I True Slory.
Koine few years ago an IndlatmiHilli
traveling man who culls on the bar
ast season, one hardware store, ness t rude in Ohio stepped Into the
carrying a complete assortment of store of one of hla customers at
everything In that line with a tin Hucyrus Thl- stoic was conducted
a i..-ii.ei-. a millinery atore. two lum- ' a man by the name ,,i Mechalls
for all fund unaccounted for by bla brr yards, and a weekl newspaper The proprietor had died a short time
father aa chairman of the New York A rfr,lrv r "lorouithbi ed Jersey cows oeioie out me saieHman hud not heard
. ,. ,- adjoining the town supplies milk about it Notlcinn that Mr Mechalla
State a Monumenta Commlaalon tf)d ()iM(.r (() , rly ft ,,, -iM WWH , , e ln(llreU of ,.,
amounting to about 9i.0O0. echool house, a large ami commodious who was In the stoic and at work In
The bodies of Horace Kearney, tbe amusement hall, which provides an this in i
aviator, and Chester l.awreuce, a excellent place for town meetings, "Is Mr Mechalls In'.'"
newspaper man, who left !.os Angeles entertainments and dances Last fall
last week to fly over the wean to San lh " very serviceable and
secure some jim n- ai nu re
pense of 91. -00.
A two-story, modern ami up lo date
hotel, built of native atone, alert rlc
lighted, steam heated and luxuriously
furnished throughout, has been built
KraueUro. v. ere recovered The body
of Kearney was wsshed ashore and
that of hla companlou picked up a mile
away at sea.
Hubert S. I.o.-tt chairman of tbe
Abstract of Votes Shows Development
Salem -The rapid development of
I the Oregon system as pertaining to
tha initiative, la ahowu in the t.Ue of
the sheet of paper required for tha
printing of the abstract of votes cant
for the meaaurea.
In 1901, when the Initiative waa tn
Its infancy, the abijtrurt of volea on
the measures waa placed In the same
table with the vote on the candidates
The whole thing required 10 luches
The abstract for tbe vole In tha last
election is now being prepared by
Secretary of State Olcott and the In
Itlatlve has grown until It is necessary
to abandon the single sheet for the
abstract and prlut the report in pum
phlet form.
I IHll 1 1 committee of the Union and ,,ur',,K '"" ltseasot, at .... expense
, of I3S.SOO.00, a fine atone building haa
oathsn Plfte railroads, announced bfn hi), for (nkf Mlrt. wllM h,.
In New York that he had arranged with plta and operutlng rooms in 011111
Attorney (jenerul Wickersham to ap- non, costing In the neighborhood at
These and other permanent
ular Mechanics
"ris sr, .. -
I A WAN Conlinu' Story of tbe
- i iugri wnicn you
.chlv? J -(!i;l2 at any t,me- and
0..No,M" D.prt.nt (20 s .
I ihmwa how to make
-.-.. - ana shop, repairs, elc.
"ie--en paisei.) tells how to
itfits, boats,
Iftaaaa -i w.e uunk-$ a ooy loves.
nirt , . y ur newlealer, or
Kev. Kob't J. Davidson 1) L) Pus
tor. Serviotis at 1 1 :00 a m and 7 :.'J0
p m Sablatl' si-bool at 10:00 a. m
Ma.-.s at a A M on 1st and Hrd Snn.iay
of each month. On all other Sundays
at 10 A M.
H. A. GimpO, Hector
longregdtioyl Church Notice
Suuday Service-,,
Sunday School 10 a m
I'learbiug Services 11 t m
C K Meeting 7 p in
rreachiug Services 8pm
Midweek Lectures eery Wednesday
i-veniug s o'clock
BffSty L'aturduy
Sabbath School 1" :80 a uj
Bible Study 1 1 :S0 a ui
Young pec pies m-etiurf 1 M0 p m
Philip Koenig, Pastor.
Haiiroao Laborers Quit Work
Marhhfield. Kicesslve charge for
in'.-i i..i tare and accommodation,
jharce for hospital fees, Inflated ,
prices for goods sold by the contract
or, bad working conditions aud em
ploui-iit under inihrepresentatlon are
reasons alleged for the strike of a
number of laborers employed on the
contruciion work of the Willamette
Pacific by I'openhageu Hros., contract
or, at the Gardiner end of the line.
Tbe men quit work this week.
peal at once lo the United Statea su
preme court tor instruction lu work
ing out the dissolution plan of the
Dr. Anna Shaw, prealdetit of the Na
tional Woman Suffrage association, In
an address at Chicago, placed the
-i imp ui her disapproval on the ug
..-- tinii that American woman auf-
ta ai..pi tin- artistic trouser
worn b the women of the orient She
laid the tireueut day styles of the
i- i - are i;uod enough for her
Buchanan la Acquitted at Twin Fails
Twin Kails -The jury In the liu .
cli. man murder case which haa oci n
p:.-d the district court here since Mou
day after being out 71 hours decided
mi ai . initial for J. ('. Buchanan. Bu
i Kalian was charged with the murder
of Thomas I'lsber last fall whom be
sl.ot during a brief quarrel over a hay
rack that he had bought from Flsber
Moscow Paving May be Delayed
Moscow rkl proposed paMng ami
other public improvements amounting
to more than $1 H,00O, the contract for '
which has boeg let to UM Bird Men
denhall construction corrpany of Salt
Lake, prom-, s to be indefinitely tied
Up with an ' n hi u action fil
ed m t!ie ' . let ouri
Greater Work Is Planned
I.ewiston. Plans for more active
rt. ' ehipiiient work and enlargement of
ta scope were onsidered at the Idaho
Washington iJeveiopinent league an
nual meeting The item
shich the league plans lo undertake
this year Is the matu-r of on.-ai wng
trult and vegetable Otttptil Of ! th.r.- bj ui.l.. a small portion on whirh
I.. iston-Clarksion valley, eent ually aluable t.mber is BteaSlM 41 PSSS
aaatigag Um proportlOBi (f ss im eol there - ahov 10 settlers on the
meaM tH"1!! project to arrommo L-.-.I land ,Seit,.-mei,t an be made
dale the surplus product of the entire by sv -;lii lo it"- date of the mi
costly improvements show that the
business men have Implicit faith in
Ihe prosperous future of .Ionian Val
ley and the unexcelled business op
poi (unities of this valley
I know of no more encouraging
fuel than the unquestionable ability of
a man to elevate hia life by cotisi loua
endeavor Thoreau
'Didn't you promise never to do .t
Yes sir "
' nd I said I would whip mi' if
you did. didn't I "
Yc. pa, but a I ilidn l keep n.y
promise, 1 won't hold ou to yoiiia
lliislnu Trausi rip
Mother llooklii! over her small sun -
boulder) "Toaji polllSf I perfectly
52,54 Acrea Will Be Available in Feb
I.. -.ui -.r. ordiiiK to plata now
ou record at tbe local lulled Stales
land ot'tlce ihere will be opened to
settlement, Kebruary Ki, 5J.574 acres
of gaatef -"d timber lands on the
Salmon riv.-r. in the vlcinit) of White
bird. The pi it iiidiiates ,. much of
the land Is on. re valuable for Krating
purpose than for arnculture, while
No, he vas not In "
lias he stepped mil sum. where'"'
"No. he hass not stepped out "
"Will he be back soon?"
"No. he will not he back oon "
Is lie out of town'"
'Nu. lie Is lint inn ur town "
Is he at home''"
... In- Ihs not at home "
M n. in ire ts in-
lie I ill im, Ii b) the ceiin-'-"Is
that so' I hope he has mil h .1
any dcaih In his fSJBll) "
No. lie ha-.s not had ui d.-aths in
his family, he hass gfjej SOW! there
aluce June " l.'iom the Samidi
K'veii Su:ihn Mrs Hmuu k.MI 1
hii illlldleii aliniii h. i and l i ic III
a cliaplei in the Hilil,- i the en I t
Ihe reaSIng the) ere expected to
learn a Mi,.- On this particular Sun
da ill.- .-ise I,, in Kruw ii'4l
to God '
While putting kterjr, Mtti four, n
bed thai evoalag, Mra Brewi a bed
her I'i lepeal the v.i - thev hid mil It is plaints evident that
K-ii Hiding Hood" wa uppermost
III Mil. S little lllimi, till Site Cilled,
l.lfl Up the latch ami diaw up to
Hod "
"Vhv does the giraffe have smti a
luliir lierk ' ' a ks tin learher.
"Beoauae Hi bead I faf awav
from its l.o.i. ' hopefllll) answers the
tiov IiiiIk'c
.lohlilit's I lit.
On in unusuall . cold winter iinuu
a loliiiii went to church with his
Bother Reverend 'a text was,
l.inv an- .ailed, hill few at e i hoscu "
At Sinner that say, Johnny 'a maid
en aunt who look a graal interest in
hi- rellgkuua training naked him what
tile t'M had beell,
Johnny thought and thougb! and
flu.ilU ex. i nun 'I Ob. m.w I Knurt '.
Man. A.-H- . obi. i.iii fan were fro-
i-u " i-'iui,, the phlla I."-!--1
li,v isl I W A M
Pleading Service ll A M
.i. ,ni- i League -i P M
Ki,w i ii LaagSS (; tM P M
jTrsssstiii isfviss II " p m
t mas .John.. PASTOR,
Medford Rate War Begins
Medford.- DWHIHI Medford. ar.oid
iu u slalement of Maor I anon, g
- a liu'i.-r rat.- lor electric lights
in anv city in the -'ate, and b.
intendment pa.-.'-d at the laat g'-u
.I election gtvei i oiincils the niihi
. Iix the rates, a lominiltt.- bl
tppoil bntlt a uniform i
charged by the Oregon-California
. r vuiN"
! minx ui the plat and date of
Minuter round Guilty
Mo.'ow UuUL) as charged in the
Information, vaa the rerdiel ol tha
jury III tin . ,e ..l Kev David M
Hand, .x pi 'he Kir ll I
ow, who now stand
convicted ol Saving contributed to the
delinquency -.i Haael Benedict, 17
i ,- 1 1 v. i..
-.i.p.-i in . .- inday Ii ai Ii
n.Hil. . w
Old Kpltaph.
Bene ith this tod,
lump of elay,
Lie t rebel la Ifoong,
bo on tha Hay
Began to hold Prog)
in ami Out "f Booh and ' i tl '
Here Ilea J.i- Round
.. ,
found I'm m ' - I Ou
an I .1'. ii naJ.
!.n I t s
i i