The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, January 09, 1913, Image 7

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The Idle ifoui
BowlmK Parlors, of On
tario. Oregon will Rive
Away $25
In trade l H,,v,,r ?2t (V"f
1 V,r the liest average score Of
SSUR mn p's n ,,h"
..three nmiwlis, at their parlors
",,,,, Anv contestant, men
m -'-! TrultUnd, Payette,
& ' '...'..ari... be olinlle.
n .iinir ii no onger coneldered
K Report, bul .moat beneficial
SircTw and women may ndulge In
IV," .i. of nil Indoor sports there
SStbat ofWi bott the physical
,' , and mental stimulas that
tawliug doew. While bowling is a
lMHiire M a form of exorcise it
SeSd be practiced ragalarbr. It
S t"",r circulation and indtges-
geitt the foarwlnda.
(,ivi: is A CALL
All But Two of Defendants Con
victed By Jury After Forty
Hours' Deliberation.
he Most Qualified Judges
Pronounce Taylor & Williams
fcijM Yellow Stone Whiskey the BEST !
FOR I l B in qoantltlee fnm
nllofl up. and many other
LB. II UK. Wholesaler.
Indianapolis. -Thirty-eight defend
antH, including 011 Tveltmoe and K.
A. Clancy of San Francisco, In the
so-called dynamite conspiracy trial,
were found guilty by a Jury in the
United suites court hero on over
count In the indictments charging
them with Illegally transporting dyna-
mite. Only two of the defendants
I Hanlel Hucklcy of Davenport, lown,
1 and Herman Selffcrt of Milwaukee
were acquitted.
Almost the entire executive Htaff of
the International Association of llrldge
& Structural Iron Workers wan con
victed. At the head of the list of those con
vleteil stands Frank M. Uyan, the
It was of this union, with 12,000
members, that .lolm J. McNumara wns
Morttar) traaaartf while be conduct-
ed the dynntnitlngs out of which the
present convict Ions pit,
'I In' onvn i loin., (omin on scale
unprecedented In a federal court, were
an aftermath of the killing of 21 per
sons In the blowing up of the l.os An
Pllai Times tiulldlllK on October 1,
1910. MeN'amara and his brother,
James n the Times dynanilters, are
com ii ts In Cnllforuiu.
Two of those convicted were not
affiliated with thu Iron Workers' uu
Ion, but they were found guilty of
Joining with the Iron Workers' offi
cials In promoting (lie conspiracy. One
of these Is Olsf A. Tveltmoe. of San
Francisco, a recognized labor leuder
on the I'aelflc coast.
Impoilant Occurrences of the
Past Week From Cities in
Our State.
Call to Bull Moose Issued
Caldwell State Chairman J. H.
Olpson has Issued a call for a meeting
of the progressive stale central com
mittee to he held In the Owyhee hotel,
Boise, on Janunry 6. The call Include
county chairmen and secretaries, pro
gressive editors and prominent party
The meeting Is for the purpose of
perfecting o permanent state organi
zation and for framing a legislative
program which will be submitted to
the coming session of the legislature.
Snow Slide Near Mace Fatal
Mace Hundreds of tons of snow
and rock which crashed down the
mountains from above Mace Sunday,
claimed one victim. This one was
i burled beneath more than 30 feet of
1 ,1. I.- t ... . I I .1,...' . ' I . mnn
' i i ' iinuirn i . . . i . . -. I, ill i.iiii.
caught, wns walking from his cabin
to n sprlne a few feet away when be
wns killed He had no warning and
no chain r to escape.
Bundlei at Any
Hotel or Barber Shop
Proa ntlon Given
All Onl
Washington. Charges that the pros
petition of the dynamite conspiracy
trial In Indianapolis was directed moro
agaltist or.i nli'il labor than
the defendants were vetoed BOfe bj
Fulled States Senator John W. Kern
of Indiana, of counsel lor the convict
ed mil M men.
"Ilecause ihr pro-., Motion was aim
ed al labor.'' said Senator Kern, "all
organized labor should stand firmly
behind tbOOt nun while the
being appealed I believe tills will be
done "
been obligad to Imh
for -i'l- my "
liuilgulow . I'lix'tii" lit,
Wi pantry, btih room,
'ity vater. electric liirht-, etc.
Thomas W. ( lagett
t'litaiiii, Uracon
Suffrage M.irchcrs Called Lot of
"Silly, Esacni r.,trd Women."
Mb e pi
well ee dnj ol real here
Ion um the usefulneoo ol their loni
march rr fork olty bt reen
oen .-ii lie Hie. oi the
i:piM-opi diocese of Albans, and
"Oetneral unHiiiie Jooaa
In a, meat lllsbop li.ane dc-cl.ii-i
,1 lie- pilgrim were ,i lot of
Illy, ii'i woman." and tbal
he hud no faith In them, and (hat the
trip from New York to Alban WM
"Inspired I)) the b.iiue motives us uc
tuuted Kngllsh suffragettes the de
sire to attract attention "
When told of thu illshop's remarks,
"General" Jones said
"I'm a good Kplscopallan, but I'm
afraid the good Hlshop Is excited "
Would Blow Up German Bridges
Berlin Many arreBts have occur
red at Hreslau, capital of Silesia, of
men and women, charged with being
Involved In a widespread conspiracy.
Correspondence has been seized re
vealing a plot to destroy all the
bridges near Hreslau in the event of
German mobilization.
Former Wallace Banker Arraigned on
Nine Counts in Shoshone Court
Wallace Judge W. W. Woods
Thursday issued an order calling for
the Immediate arraignment of It F.
O'Nell, former president of the now
defunct Slate Hank of Commerce, on
nine counts charging the Issuance of
1. 1 1-! reports Following the session
of the grand Jury, which Indicted the
bunker oil six counts. Prosecuting At-
lortie) James A. Wayne filed addition
al Informations charging that the bank
became Insolvent May 1, and that the
banker committed an offense each day
be allowed tin' institution to run alter
tli. H dale
The arraignment of O'Nell occupied
bat ten minutes in district court Sit
in-' I iv morning Willi formalit Mid
iiuperllultN omitted h the prisoner's
consent, but one of the nine charges
, i. til in its cnilrei The differ
,i oiIh i coiiiplalnis
wore detailed s eaeb of Um imm
I. or as c.illed he pleaded not gulllv.
ol Hi- been
i. ii until Uu omiof term which be
urns in Febni
O'Nell s bond on ll ouata
on ii Tb
total i id IM
Many Corporations Delinquent
In tbi oi Idaho
ii,, ,. delinquent corporation!
nooordlni " an instrument filed tat
the olflce ol the COUtlt) hi order. In
ii total compiled recently only 110
liaw paid their corporation 1100880
levied li the Mate. These business
(ononis have been delinquent since
Nun-tuber iu The Nurtheru I'aelflc
railroad, the Northern F.xpress com
puny and the Clearwater Short l.lue
railroad will make a test case of the
new law enacted last year by the legislature.
mnassf m .uH' n..k
a IB ill, VMil wiha.
i "i ' rvict. If um have
1 bo carried out in the
1 I ' i nunc to US.
workmanehlp and is the coin
' luve part
It ......
Ontdrio. Ore.
Ms n the Job
o bh..
' Job of hauling you
M small, yon 0au
I, .In, I ..,!!.. ..i
-eiJ I ( all liiui at the
, i
tbe Argus i tli
, 'i lr-d. In-,
t what yuu
uiue an ii pi nee
Staunton, Va Virginia welcomed
home laturdaj QOetBOr Wilson, the
eighth ol bar native ooj to b boaea
nraaldetil of the I'nlted States. From
the iiioiio'iit i in- prealdaal itaat cross
ed the state line at Alexandria UUtll
reaebed tbe Uttte paraonege vbere
.lie of great
j displav.
... i the
I hope '' administration might
in, in the final obliteration Of every-
' thint? I'ai in tin- paal divided the
north and the (--oi 1 1 h .
Standing on the porch of Mary Bald
win Seminary, in the , ihayel Ol whleb
he was baptized, he spoke to a great
crowd. The presidency, the govum
said, he regarded "as au olfice iu
vlucli a man must put on his war
paint," but he added that his visage
VM such thai lie did not mind mar
ring it, for . Aian Bad keep hi mun-
ni. -ii vhO have taken
of legislating for
i would have to be
roof pointed out, In
lay I'- the iusiru
Former Governor McConnell Declares
Vote for Them Was Not enough
Moscow Kx (lovernor W . J. Me
Connell has issued a letter protesting
against the adoption of the eight
amendments, voted upon at the last
election. 10 'I"' constitution of Idaho,
and points out the fact that under the
rub- by which all these amendments
ii:0,. bet i 'lei tared carried ''"at U
WOUld be possible to amend the cou
stitutiou if the amendment only re
OeiVed dozen votes
i'iir ,, ,n aaatgaed for this sir.
i that tbe lunreme eoart la MM
held tl
i wb a II
than a majority rota of all UM electors
VOtlli-- at UWl '
..... ,,,! bold." i Mr
I ),.,: : atloa i '
ttele -'" of
when it
menu m
of all '
The ai ' '
est '.,.: ' i0l"!'
out of a to -- nior
,.! to b BBCBf the
I, 'am.
of t; o li UJJ 14
lhal e,,i i IB.
flfelOffcna-vv flegaa3 - ? , Igaaot' aii
Wfl ggggggaaSk- ' . ' fr '-li ''X Ik Si tj " -A" WJ
ggff f!S P BiSfir' H 881 llfej
' gaVgH 4 Lgggggggggry na jlJ MgriiiMl
gggggfBBhiiei.. Vi gBW X I I i mi mtTF fJgMV T Jl aV JMH
tfli Ln.'aH Fttf 9 C vflB.ggggggK- Cgg)aS sdj etftflEaggftgggBT UrA il
m iBvBflitgM MbibH ti Ln n VLV ! - vJwtfgl a ivy 'vkti
rSSLff gggg? 'BbV i. fl K)V aTJ gggguf Bam i JggggSnL? AJlitRr iM&tw . i-Mf .'ttbBMa Mill
'Hgaifl Jfiflfl gggWaPdBKiBkV BgggggWR .gMggggfffTB aJgK MV gBWV ItafgggT rgV I i UHaV L4jnSHg? H
IBmW. bbw A at " ' MgjgegWfjBJjjH "' fjmgL jTagBVijggBa iJCm "Vimggga LBF
i XCftl b! I gggft ft fan I ggBkteh i 'Baggl iM ftggW K 4 Q at ai
THj nd gggyQ idfihiiiii BE, b iiH
' v x. VBHbQ
The state of Oropnn win fully repre I bootbi were Messrs. O. F Froylng of I during Hie course of flic land show.
anted at the Worthweoj Prodacts Kx-si mrcgnn city, J. K. SawhUI of Bom, and jj iaaea af iMM.kiets. leaflet-, and fold
ers of handsome appearance were dis-
UOO lv the liliest collections of fruits, M. J. Durveaol' Kugene, Oregon.
rriitfiM trriiMMi-u uti.l viintulilf. I In, I tin. All tin.... irclit bitifn v..r,. i.i . .tiun. n I
tiile has nrr sent Kant to an industrial IBOOhori it liainpiclK giicn by the Mm trlbuted to Hie land seekers who crowded
and agricultural show. In charge of the ucapnliM ( iic and (tunmerce A--o. m i..n the show during t lie entire two weeks.
iu is arid siB
n.uH am
"m al
adft k
N Hon Man After Job
,a of M
b the boa
r..n,. eatatlvea al U comlaf laBllBl
of thu 14, ho leglalatun
Townsite Now Open
Situated near the Malheur Lake, on a high, fine gentle
sloping tract of land. This site offers exceptional
opportunity for making a good city. Vast areas of ara
ble territory spread out in all directions. Every valley
and streamlet of the distant mountains has its ranches
and flourishing livestock. Considerable land in the
valley is still subject to homestead entry, and with the
advent of the
Oregon-Eastern Railway
Now building toward Harney Valley this grand new
empire will teem with land seekers and people seeking
business opportunities and professional locations.
Good opening for a newspaper, blacksmith shop, hotel drug store, hardware
and implement nouses, as well as other lines of business.
A limited number of lots are now offered for sale at remarkably low prires,
either for cash or on easy terms, which prices will advance when the rmilroM
is built into the Harney Valley.
REMEMBER, Harriman will be the first important point in the great EteWlbtJ
Valley to have a railroad.
( . ll. MOREHOUSE, Pirn
Salt Lake City, Utah.
H. M. HORTON, Sec.
Hums, Oregon
Brown & Taylor, Agents Ontario, Oregon.
E.apira Lumber Company, Limited
wiioi. Falser f
Sash, Doors and Weatherproof Roofing
retail dealers in
Lumber. Lime, (ement, Plaster ana toal.
Lime, emen
The Most
ill'lili ' M.itt 1 lal 111 (Jill
' gsfl V