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    "' i Mtexufci iiiin.K t mm
(dWHHI 1.'
If you are in favor of the
Irrigation movement give
I.I .1
Push and Boost for a
Greater Ontario.
uy J
I it active Support.
Representative Newspaper of Malheur County.
W ''
v B
zmr " " '
Novel Method
Harvesting Crop -Easy
to Handle
Williin n mile 'f i 1 Ontario
post oftee is a W tore poteh o!
NttpborfiOO, the largeal
Mid lincst one in tin- imrthwi t,
if not in Ihi VOrld.
It in n very profitable venture
Iiiih been in successful operation
for 10 years, ami continues to fat
I never failing producer. It li
pio inn a Ug BlOttO maker for
its owner, M. B. Sherman, who
itartod tbii irondtrful reipberry
rnncli lid still opcinles it, in'
finding so large ii "in' to be i'
bit, pnii In n! and i i 1 1 1 i 1 1 I .
Mr. SImi iiiiiii hot dltOOVOrod the dry climate of BOUthtN
Idaho rombined with Irrigotloi
oro conducive the llighttl
possible results in in-phi 1 n
production, Ibo dry linieta In
.Inly hikI August making it p"
libit to ilry the rMpborritt "i.
tin; vines before packing them
for ibt market. Mi. Sherman
boo eloo'djecovered, or invented.
Improved method!" wherel y lb(
Idaho ronohor it able Ii i1'"
duct rotpborritt on the largeal
ICtlt of any man in ibt WOrh
a nl at 1 1 - loweet cool ol prodw
Tito MMllboi n rtt btl iy lit
tln noteworthy property of dry
lug on ibt buebeoi Tie rttp
berry In H ditt nol tofti n trbti
rlH ami ibokooH lot Ibt find, n
lOOr ami mildew ! 68 1 M ol c-
ive umirlurc 01 in huiiiii
lortlititt, bat romtlnt itlai l i
to Hit item ami driee, firinly bi
Inched to ibt I Ufcb, It in nls.
a lingular foot il win u pn
flout Irrigation tnd cultun
luive boon proper, Ibt qui llty n
tlic nun ihu ilriod i- nol on I;
equal but rorjf su trior In qual
n io ibt baud picked, t viioi
ttted product.
Xbbi i- due Io the foci 1 1'
taeb I" rry maim on Ibt h itl
till ii lia received the leal pot
liMo porlicbi ol accbarine am
other join i Iron tbe t Ine, tl at
it, it brromet dtad i ix, ai il
then ill this rninlc-s and lillllOi
dawloei i ii mint, ci .'''I ol Jui
a 11. 1 Aug:-', in ul ni.t two da)
fu n dead i Ipe I rriet art drj
'I'lie eOmlilloui "I i idi al and ih
product in oiucb tweeter am
rioboff tban tin- liaud Ickn
goodf oapeclally ol oaatern pro
do. lion.
ajBTHOU 'i tim: tmi:nt.
A i, tin' methodi ol treal
int'iit, ii liaa l u ditcoi i n
uml thoroughly dtiuontlrated
that it it i a Ileal uudtr tin
foregoing couditioui t" barfoti
the dry ban l - by remot lug iln
brunches bearing tl"' frull ai d
ibreobing ih- lei i i H ioiue-
what us you do l alii.
FlrtU In ibt spring, at at y
time after tbt Irotl it out am
th prouu l i- cultivated, tl i
botbet art laid down. Tblt b
accomplished by two ineu with
U lung itOUt po!i'. Tbt polt I
proofed againrl tbt butbet bear
ing thi'in over and downwai I t
ii reoliniug (loaitioii, in vhicli
position ihaj .n" lecurtd or
niuiiiiitly by meant ol a light
wne itrttebed ovei the reelining
hut in.- uii.i atcured al proper
iiitorvHls ly .-takis ..nven into
the ground. Two men ihould
luy down two or ibrat at ret pee
duy.. Tbe object being to pre
vent thy new lioot.-, which
spring from the ground annual'
h. from iiitaruiiugliug wtb tin
old eonoc bearing borriet, for
apparent rOAtOQt, Nn futbtf
of Growing and
(tpeeial In atmnbl ii rcquin '1 til
the I 'ii l i art ript and di
Tbtn tin' anet b ai ing ot rrii
are eiit aivnv i lott to tbt rot I
mot. Tbii i accompliabt d I j
,mtant of a ileddikt h l o a Itl
a blada altacbed to ont runni
Tbli if drawn by one bortt and
to guiilid the blada pa
over the leclining brancbet,
com i Ii U Iy ici i ring them front
ibt plant olotc to tbt i""t oi oa n.
Mm folloa th" cutter, rolliit
ihc loven ! brtt ehot up int
bundli - and ilanding Ibein up
against the UtW gTOWtll I" drj .
ii i: it in i TlfRRtlll i' ui i ii i
Pour mi n an. I ont !i". It BUI
and let up Bvt in H It pt i !ay
Next coin of tbt thretbing. Ai
. as ibt Itavi and i U m
eomt pti fi Uj dry ( I to 7 dayi
after eulting i a team la drivct
into the lield with n Wagon j I
Ing a ilnt bottomed ia'k with
high lidoa. One iiiiiii tbrowi
ibett dry bund lea into Ibt ra I
with I toik while two no
the rack thresh the In i i
usiii ordinary foi ko ff
rime men khould tbri ill ami
in ' ul tlm at rot pot lay.
Ku h In rry now appi ; - a III
I litem attiu In .1. rill
.. i removed I y i Bating tin '" r
riti through ii nun liinc ilvnigm il
..I iba purpoot al a man y
II nun. al i t.
'I bt lotol eott ol labor a-
ii.i , . nol weed
tbt ordinar. I pi unlnp nl
tilt old growth who ii j- Di I
annually a hen tl. baud
pit I. ing ii td.
It a ill tl ii thai
tbe practical ff 1 1 ol tLi" im I
in ibt eotl i production
tliininala tbt o t i bai i
A I out H to 10
. ved in cot) 'i pro luctlou.
II. this III. till .1 '' l el. I I
p i'ii ii s ' . . 1 1 cover tl.'' i st . i
p niluetioll.
ii s ni h - i RUY ii
. i
a ratpbei ry I m. Tli l
lid. I . . j int In
I ii i . and "it
ii. rcquin 10 I plantt j i
Plan) ild i dont in
N'oveinli i , or iii !'( bru iry or
The d tbt
ol.i. k ruipbi i ry ii about
hi Mm i two ; en worklne
la m ii tb i cart I r o 10.
raspl ei ry orehatil, w til I
fa men during Atgut.
v ao lb
no in tet or lungout petl I
The eott ol the piautt Ii from
ISO io i 10 pei ere,
One tbootand pnundi of rli ii 1
fruit i ir acre ihould bt real
.ni.uaiiy. Trie. .- viu from ifi
; 0 centt per ound a boltti It,
nil an avcragt of 20 j ai
UOUnd. The i Ot! of pro 111'
and hai vesting a cw p n f nol
. . . td -'' I' B0 e. . .
ligu: . Ing f .
per acrt i"t anuual r turna,
wbi ! Mr Shtrmau I
for tllO pa-t i is'!'! "! in '
. Uii 10-acre reap
A ii ip i" tbii " mat kublt
raapbtrry ranch is worth uin
man's time to m.,k.-. M i. B
man ii anthutUllio in bit work
;iml ever Italy to gi i any
one iutereated In ratpl trry ro
duelion Ibt m - - lo
make it iloady and turt moot )
News From
Gathered by Our Regu
lar Correspondent
A Busy Week.
After having tptut f-ix wttki
in Portland njoying Ibt mild
i i i i ol tin tea coaal and
avoid iUg the si veie winter in le,
A Zei ar returned to Fruitland
Fruilhind WOJ the point ol lu
ii real in the m wiptper world
laal Monday 1 1 i eprtai ntativai
il Evening Capital Newa, On
lario Argua, Ontario Optimiai
ami Paytttt ISnterpriet ero nil
ui the eroiind.
The Fruitland poatmaatoi la
ready to engage a prlit Qghler
io lick j." lege i tarn pa,
Gov, Brady peaaed through
.nw ii laat'Saturday and made a
i talk iii Iba depot.
Mr. lot! who hi I la i II em-
piovi d ;it th Corntfla A Wi!
liami Nureery narrowly etcopid
e imis injury om day last wi k
a-in ii the horee be wai riding
fall on blm.
Prii ndi and ui Ighbora ol A.
E, Bat ki r hoi boon cheerfully
him to i omplttt his
aaw Iioutt.Wt toy let the good
work go on.
Mr-. II. I. Flack i enjoying
i tit with In r brother, Mr.
Welch, ol Oamoi Prairie.
Mit, WalUr Burkt ol Now
Plymouth wai a Fruitland vi.-i-t
ir Monday.
Ou Monday ol Ibia we '. the
proDperoiiK little town of Fruit
I, Idaho hud its buaint
illy an m nltd by
t'i" 0 ii. ess ol tin
Fruitland State Hank, a finan
cial inatilution e ipitaliae ! at
The ban): llook of the
new luatitution it uow owned
Iy b the i' .: imis uml Iruii
ding in ai"l i
Fruitland and the Aral day it
... u. l for butineta nn
A'ithout any particulai i Borl on
tbo pari ol Ibo managi men! t.
t .i ., i.iiihi wai
brought in.
Tht it iw i e.k i booted In
own building, a handtoim
i li I .' M I II' 11 I e III Willi' II
. , , . , ',
f.lltllm.l lit le. tlllil HUM.
:. .1 . .. .' ...I.:, I
.'t .' . (I llll'lll l III I I illl'l i I "
liite up for tin bank
in.' bit in . onti luing a gen
eral bm i.i fitted up
iili liaiil. .me i In rrv li.lun-J
, i!i' i il i, H..1 a line
Irani ult. Within i
vault a 8500 pound M II
hi pod a ith an up-
.. dale tl I pie time lock plo I
laty for tl." n oiiey
llU 1 to the i .ii" ol thi in-
The board "i dir lora ol lha
ban! 0 II. Bargeut,
i: Hunter, vice-
.. ni i. o Si ritohflold,
hiei : mid A. II Mi 'on n til
d (' ' Youn . are all proml
nl mi i. "ii lb bench i nd a II
wu to tht I Iruii
grot : n li
the caul J i. 8ei luh
,o i- i un pa i ulivi Iy b
uiniT, lit it a hroi i A P
tta Na-
'id bank 0 I CO ' t
ni Idaho with a hi I exf.crb
in t!:.' 1. in'. : if line an I
i ith tbe i " "m mend for '.'
ting ability from other i
nil Ml Vi d in the
il ','.
Thi't the in i bauk hai an t a
eellenl local I in can i
J Fruitland, Hal
; Valley, where lot
I i.-t ihi ft uit I
liavi Ing an almo t
i land i on hard
pun in g at ;.
i i rhile
many intam i an recorded tbe
post j ir ol 1,1 00 per acre I
red for I
and b ing refuted Looated in
tion where conditions mi
beta obtain tb ro i an bt n
iturt ol tbi
tinuiicial inilitutton.
The Ideal
9 Country of
Rn Dreams and "Will
Roam no More
"Ten ton i i OUl lltm Idaho
or Eaitern i !i roti it woi th
more than I in ( 'nmulu
in my opinb ii i nd I spent 1"
yean In Canada ranchit
itated M. O. M-. 'iiy ol Nyna
iv hen iilin;j on rome Innd near
that plaet in Ing decided to
make ilia home tin re.
Mr. Malont) lint Ihoroughly
invetligaltd all Iho territory
1 1. n Edmund on, Oanada,
and .wa, having made tbo trip
.") horeebaok, a ..dlttanoa ol
15000 miles, and flopping at all
lha promiaing ( rrii ry and at
the placet iii' ill v. I . 0 particu
larly boomed, He Io f I Canada
o i July 19, reaching N' m i Nov
oinber I . Altbot h U6 yea.
age Mr. Malouoy doet nol look
a day ovi r i " ami Ii a magnifi
es iii. iptcimen ol manhood , lit
has never been on a wpret in bit
life, and he attribute hi- lint
health Io Ibt foot that be boa
llvi I lino l oyhoo 1 In tbt open
air, riding boreebn ik over tbt
country in nil kind of wi atlier
and iletpino wherover nisht
ovi rtook him, but now having
found the eonntry ol his dreamt
lit ha taki n up ii liometl ad
and will sjienil Ibt n maindtr of
Ins days in Oregon.
Oil Well
Started Up
Day and Night Forces
Pushing tlio Drill
The Ontai Io ai and oil wall
oing down now in doubl
i'liek lime, Ibey have two tbilti
,.t woi i; and are making good
hi udway.
Mr. M. !'. Kelley it In obarge
ami A. V. Bhira, an o tperionoed
drill I'eiinsyiv inia is on
' ar shift, i In e mi n
h : woi k 'l " 'li i belore and
nro iniikin good i Iwoy
i In dOWn about
t mid il Indioalioci
bollOI i ol the bolt
,'. . i i
i . - been proven ii
I oil uml
he inanageii nl bava tv ry
u to txix t a gu-lier.
Black Canyon
Proposition Ddoeta With
Buooeu Work J3o-
Ing Piii.ii' ;d
J ' F. Chrltti wns in
i lay in II lul
of the B ' Irrigation
. d en-
. i. ii . oral On-
.: ..I,.. . - not In
,. j .1. i tion it will
,. In Id iho b ihort die-
ol Fruitland and
from thai point up to Emm it
and bu k ol Ci Idwi ii. I la m n
niiii ly an 1 one hundred uml
all told
I will b about W
i damming ol Pay II
r, in u ing a I B III I I
ol wut.r.
PliO laild ay in
th Buaka river bottom.
in the
from Umatilla
looking Ui biud.
The Westfall
Some News From
Neighbors up thq
Major FrtUch and parly WBI
up viewing the Ilully ereek res
ervoir tile, lie need not woi i j
tin i" will be plenty ol water to
till it.
Born to tht wife ol T. C.
Stewait it 10 pound gitl.
N"l Friday evening at the
tchool houtt the oontott will be
held to iee which ol Ibt Wett-
fall scholars will enter in tht
contest at Vale.
The motqutrtdo boll on the
I Ith was a grand IUCCON tin
hall being crowded Phillip
forgot to give any prltM to the
best sustaini d i haiai I. r-.
.lames Stingle took his cattle
to Ontario to I'm ith the winter.
Hill Kime has returned from
I visit to Portland, Cottage
drove and other plaits. Hill
fays he had a good time, hut it
was tough on his pocko! hook.
.). I. Fori man ate to many
erawfiah one day last week that
he was siek and was not able to
attend the store. Jack nays it
was rheuinali-in.
Everybody is glad to boor
Mrt. ' has. Johnson ih up and
around again.
i 1 1 r valley WOI I OOtod M Ufa
i inches more snow ami every
one is looking at n with blue
gogglet on. The man who wrote
"Beautiful Snow" had better nt
come up this w .iy.
Judge J.O. I.aniherson slipped
and apreiaod his bock and was
laid Up the past week.
The would be desperado, who
idiot up the Westfall BOhool
house the other al'ieinonn needs
. in e ride to Salem. A yeui in
tlm penitentiary would he too
gOOd for a man Ol thai kind.
Hauling frieghl on alright I
la eii n nowod loot the now
Nearly ever) body's baj w i
to i ad Ihi in t ol March. Bo
spi ing had hotter bo oomlng.
i; i '. It bat ui" td bl
family mar I .,t mo to live till
he Qndi a now I Motion. Dolbtrt
rolle l right up UUI to gtt t"
.K nit't pocki t here ol Westfall,
i.'IV he had h'lli . t.i i . while
ibingn oniing his way.
Oregon to have Anothor
Congressman Alter
Taking Cjiisus.
Oregon will be given another
eongreaaman, and po Iblj Iwo,
it it bo) le ved, af lei lha coming
otntut ii toktn. Accord lug to
Ifaa l.i-is of repie-i nt, iii. ai tl
I to bt Died by tbt now
mi-it -, one eongrettmtn will bt
allowed lor every 224,000 f
population. The basis lit pie--
nl i- ont repreeenutivt lot
i very 102,182 ol population. I
is expected the ( omillg CI II
w ill ihow a population lor Ihi
state of close to 800,000, 'I hit
WOlllll iriei ll.l... 'II IIIIIII
and it the li'oa "I .ii" an
reel lied and Iba state I (o md
t'i have 1,000,0 K) then 1 air eoli-
grei man will bt allowi d.
Alia it Hucktr la in ibt i itj
1,11,1 ouderwent an operation
We. im -'lay. i le operuiiou
U Sll"
by his wife
He i- ,i uuipauii d
The roblni art with us and
iprlug eannol be lor away. It
will he welcome inoit any old
I time.
Petitions Being
ieet With Hearty
Tht Work Ol organizing Wttor
li . iets to cover the land be-
tWl ( n the Idaho (Unto line and
tin Malheur river is being
pushed in all directions, several
mi o being out with petitions.
f i i
i in re seems to ne no oppo
sition to the diHtrict being or
gani. ed.
The Owyhee Iileh Coinpany
will hold a ttockboldort mooting
WashinglLon aimd Otibers Born
On the Same
Tuesday, the 'i'Jd, the iinni-
. raory of the birth of Wash-
ill, who was born in 1788,
not gooerolly oboorvod in
Ontario. Few llags wero lis
played and most of the ilorot
rare open for bnalnooa.
I here is one little band in
i lario, however, that 000 nl-
- In depended upon to n-
iiieinher the day by feasting,
-eiig and story.
J ii i a Im in responsible for
In e gotboringt i not known,
but Uncle Dl li B ilb irfowl I
generally oredited with it.
One thing is i . il.un, how-
..i, imie Dick woi Ibo in-i
man to ttOJrt Ibt I lebration in
Ontario, for when ho arrived
here there was no els.- looated
bore. That was 88 veins ago
laal B. ptember. A abori Umt
prtviout houses had been built
In u by tin' Morfllt ami Biob-
,ii. I OM, but IbtJ had moved to
other pails.
U licit Dlok g"t busy si. un as
he decided to locate, and stalled
in the bote! buaineao, which ha
OOndlM ld for nine J I BN and
tin u ri tired to bit aoburbon
Aiwa at livtand progn
lie bOI always taken a hading
part in ibt upbuilding ol our
,iiy. lie was tlm one to bava
an odd FtAowtlodgi orgoniaed
hero oud later atarted tbo move-
mei.t that n lUltl d in Ibt
eant leinplt owned
l. thai
But we alerted iu to tell i
- .
New skyscraper
SVork on what will be the tall-
. t building in tins itote, 11 not
in the Pacific Northwest, will be
I.i gun Marcli in, w Inn i onsti ui -
tion ol tl"' now Yoon build
will ilori Tba itruetUN will
built at the collier ol I''. Ith
;md Aldi r treeli and will b 18
l i lei in height. I. ike the i.. a
now uoinu uii in
porl,8ud lh, ,lruclur wouW hi
u credit to any city ol the co. n
Tht Carnation Club met ..I
the home ol Ml-. II. W. Cleim nt
ibia week and bod a moot enjoy
aide alteruoou Mrs. J. W.
Miller woe a pltaaaut caliei dur-
lug the alien. ooii.
Cumulated and
on the 1 Ith of Marrli Io lake up
the water mti I recently sub.
milled by the attorne) i
The High Line Dili h Com
pany bus a force of twenty to
Iwcnty-livc men employed in
the lield staking out the
lino ami getting evcaything
ready so that the construction
work can go right ahead noon
as the ooutracti are signed
the entertainment held in tbe
banquet room of the Odd FoL
lowt hull.
A general invitation was sent
out lor all tho-ii who were born
on the 23d, i" gather with their
ii li mis and ni.'y the day.
Tlm c who were honored
Io, in
l( 0. Kutherford, nged 70.
Mi-. John Weaver, ':" yearn.
Mrs. M it-, ::.". earn.
Mi-- lieitriide Ward,:!l yuum.
Mi's Kthel i:. Milliken, M
I! t'u nmiiiH,:il yuurt.
I'lu (iraham, yi ai .
Th i . woi nothing formal in
the ill rang) mi ills. All brought
baakett and enjoyed the i
The other nn i. In is of the
I.i - pi- tl nl' I Ml. Kiltie I ft Itl
wiih a bandioinely carved OMOi
made i Mi ii an wood, with tbo
Meiican emblemt engrovod
tin Hon.
On behall ol tlm odd Fellowi
ii bandeomo rocket .is ajao pre
-i nd d.
I luck) Dick was in bis hnppi-
est mood and made a neat little
talk, thanking his li lends for
tin ii pn i nt- and many kind
ni --i
While the lecold shows I'lldo
Pick to have lived three -. me
and ti li i .ii i his country
through the robelliou ami the
seltllllg Ol the . si, his bOOl I I
still soung. His friends, and
i . i . legion, bOM that he
I pel milted to enjoy a many Uiort aiuiiveis iriit.
Gootl Growth.
In ( in goii la il y if 76,000
larmi produced $118,000,000.
The a -. I ..I the lai iiieis have
pi... tically doubled iu the last,
live . I ..I and the next live
Will tea I much greater
an reuse, I bei u art about ono
unllioii more larnis in tin
United Btaw i thou lOfl years
ago and Oregon has more go. id
laud so. u.t lh.ui any other
Mil; I. liiiiiiu is confined
to his l.uine by illness and Miss
liagi i i ' iu charge ol tbo itoro.
she iayi Ibey hovejuat received
-inn. of the lovilie.-t clouks.
li lh i mil and .sec them.