The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, January 07, 1910, Image 2

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    Ontario Angus.
Bdltor rtiui Proprietor
K.hItc-.I In the Pontofflce al Intarlo,
Otmiiii, (or ' t .in ml n through tha
Bftlla i nd-claw mattar,
One Year.
8n Month
Strictly in Alv.n re,
H i . v i i ' 10 lake
ll,ii . .v i mi. M-, lini mora
diffii nit lo port with them
tlu gO.
h i better i,i kotp buoy doing
fooliali tillage Iban tn (In no
thing. Thi active iniin i y
oMOttl u eiiiniiitl.
iiv fi u ,ciiiii look :n tlio
mirror when they fool reol noon.
If they did, tliey illicit reform,
iih then It nothing to horrid m
mi angry face.
The nnly'tvav to liM up Um
iiction of n man is to discover
his molivo. Some men iipprar
to lio nil right wlien M I mut
ter of fart they are all wrong
An n rnlo BOH who love money
ami desire to a- iiniiiliitc it are
always on the lidl of the enp
italist. Very few men are
really patriotic When you boo
a man who in really working for
the interest of the people and
them is no opportunity for him
to goifl any thing hy doing so,
you may lioceilain that he i I
What do yon know RDOOl .le
niHiile.n'' That town has re
i, .Mil more free advertising
than any other municipality in
history. And there is good
reason for it. Yon know the
.lews, aro always good advcrlis
or mid tliat fact accounts for
lh"ir unusual htiMiicss success.
The man who hides hi- caudle
licncnth a bOthol has Jalwny
been a dead one. It is now ll
years since there was something
doing in .lerusiilem. Then il
was destroyed hy our friend
'I' j tu.
I nil,, l Artisans.
A. M. Tlinu
Matter Artitan.
Mra. Mil.. M. Purcoll,
DuiiK'i'ers il llclicliiih.
. Pari The merabert of pootrioo Ro
..ill lodge Installed their oili-
M. i, i rii- mi Wednesday evening.
Noble Grind, M re .Little I'nr-
lire. Sarah A. Monro, Super- Cell.
iiitcinlciit ViCO ( 'liliil.
Buffoonary In "Hamlat."
Ttip linn ii ri once lolcrulcl In pro-
vim lil (ticiilcra lit llluatriihil In tin nil
ccilnle mi furlli In the iiiciniilr-i uf Hai
ry Hulllvnti VVrlulit. who mum tlio llrat
KrilVftllKh'l'l4. 'lc,lllc,l ll I IIIH.-ir lO lllkll
Hi.' house liy hIoiiii iy hut Inn Incnaiil
tils ihthoii v 1 1 til n iloxcii or mora
WUIhIi'UIIIN of Hll hlll'tM of hll.lM-M 1111(1
patlems. When ulxnit lo cuiniiiciice
the oii'i'iillini of iIIkiHuk UM OJOVg for
tin' fair Ophelia Wrluhl iM-ruii to tin
wind hy tii'lni: olT wiiMcoiit nflcr
wnNii eat, ulilili I'linscl iiiroarloUH
Inn liter iiiuoiik the iillillcliiii Hut lis
fUkl MM III' It'llCMll llllllNI'll Of OUO
Mialcoiit I .i ill II, -ill, ml, l lio mi on, I
gMtradhgjgf, bMBWd himself In iho
ciihioir. M'hih. which Increased iho sul-
"- of luiiuiiiiT. tor iis MrkjM woe
Veiling thinner I'liul urrw fuller unit
XiiII.t. WriKlit, hcln;; lilnmelf out-linn-,
kept on l In- iciiniluilcr of the
uulMconl.i ,m,l ,iu( on with his imrt
iUltc crcHlfulicii.
lire, Maud l.. Dory, Inepei i
or. Mr. II. M. Duncan, Secretary.
Mr. J. r. Parley, Treaeurer.
Mr. .1. W. ThompOOn, Senior
Mrs, Boole T.Gray, Master of
Co ronton lee.
Mi. Harry Lackey, Junior
Mr. Noel Moore, Warder.
Mrs. Kli a P Long Instructor.
Increase in meinlior.-hip in
hi-i month being 86 with a total
now of 71 memboro.
Moilem W.kmIiiicii itl Atnctlcii
The Modern Woodmen of
America held their inshilhition
Monday evening, followed hy a
laniucl. Prom reports it was
a must enjoyable evening.
The lodge at Boiee is taking
in ii class of one hundred this
week, the largeol over mkofl in
ii western lodge.
The olliccrs iustallcil were:
Council, .1. !:. Mnrdman.
Ailsiscr, Adolph (irauies.
Booker, II. K. Doffey.
Secretary, li. II. Shearer.
S. nlrv, Slewarl Thai p.
Watchman, K. B, Thorp.
chief Poreoter, Pearl Crane
Beeori, Mr. Winogor.
i:ilcaiiiiociil ol I. i O, I''
Joseph Bbool, chief Potrioroh.
w. n Brooke, High Priori
C. M. MeGonOgill, Senior
Win den.
U S Uuthcrford, Junior War
den. Oboe. I'latt, Berlbe
There will he several ii, -i.,l a
lions within the next week and
report) l later.
Chun Oli -
Right Support Noble Grand,
Emma Pogoo.
Left Bupport Noble Grand,
Neoma Wright.
Warden, dottle Draper.
Coiului tor, Meulah Huther
ford. Ineide Guardian, Kate Long.
Ouleide Qoordloo, Hoy Kuth-
Chaplain, Mis. Johnson.
Left Support Vice Grand,
Light Support Vice Grand,
Martha Farley.
Lccording Secretary, Edith
Financial Secretary, Angie
Treasurer, Sadie Moore.
The Mist Lunch House
To llvojwel!, you must Ml will,
to eat well yen must have the
I'ct. in v nneclnltina dib it,., i t
I in the
Lunch and Shell Fish Line.
Imported Lunch (ioods in Tin:
SiinlincH in Oil SmnUcil. Tmnlllti) ami
!' lhlliiliiiiK', i Kill
Uii -mii fitvtnr Atichovln in Kean
I'n kli'il I'iifK i:,.,.t Dm pickle,
The home uf (hat famous
Rarebit Bondwiob
(Ooprrlaht, 1SU, by Ann 1 lean l'rosi Aio-
i iill.m
snm Calklae wee trapped iin ra
wns no duiibt WBOttrar ibOtll Ills
iitintii'ini eoadlUoo, It area I canla Ifl
IimihI ll'er.illy in liiiml inr ' Ota
i i ,,.. .., il,.. .....,,.,.- ., I,. j I,-,
y, rtmerabartot m tba aaoM tli i that imporwa Uieeee;
ttwra waa not aveo i iruat of broad In Bwlaa, Rixittefort, Rdatn, Blatnarh
ti... bouaa rer ale !:. and two llttla l r,,,,,n gr,: v,i -ei... madBtnOer
,, , , , , li'imv Mclircii - Imp-rial tltlb. Brie,
children. Ua bad talicu n cbalr on tho Hand Cbwae with Ktunmel, Nn.f
porcb nf tlie siiikIwi, h total bacaaae otalal, PronMfta da Camembert, ,,mi
rlmlrs there wulo fieu mill he iliiln't other limey Okaaaa
belong ninuhcre, Hnni araa n miner
imil hnl wntl.eil In iiiini.v mlni". Mo
imii been caugtjt le t hibor atom with
the result nf loss of Maplorneot tin Oysters, Crahs, Clams, Shrinn
..,... II M . . ....
kiiiiii;ii iii-iv.' mi nM ,-. ,,n-,.- .. ,.- .. i n j(, jiu.u
prnspei I el work where lie wn. nun
he lunl tin menus or lalUOf hlniself
hihI hN fiimlly nnywhere eNe
'J'wn men were slttlnu nl the ether
end "f the paevfe tniuim: lot at tat ex
cttedly, iiinii'h in n leu tone CaiMae
beard Ilia owd "Mrifce" and. aoppeO1
tag it recerrei le labor mutters in
whli h he imim liitcroKliil. he prlikel lip I
his curs mill anon discovered Hint Ihey
iifeii-ed to n striice of paying ore In -
khii,' lulu" the iinme nf Mhlili they I)ALT()N BIGG8
did Oat mention. One or Mm gam tMO .
n peeoaoi hooj heO eeetei ma oioes Attorney, at Low.
,.r was i piece or Manajaotr -and. j A Lookey Blook. Ontario.Ore
initelilmr II. showed his iinipiinlnll
'j t'SKi.'V (,'
! California
I Perfum
In complete Sti 1. tl
Will Pnottot in nil tho Courts.
Olllce ItooniM I ami 2, la. k.
IMock. 'Inturio, Ore.
I. O. I'.
The I. O.O. F. held
m nil-annual installation on
Tuesday evening with the fol
lowing in the cluiire:
Joseph Shod, Nohle (irand.
J. ii. Seaweiini, Vuc Grand.
Chailcs I'latl, li mini ml eeejfQ
I). I'. Deal horn. recording sec
ictary. .1. T. i lenient, treasurer.
lieorgo Lyle, warden.
J. F. Duty, conductor.
(i. A. I'ogue, right supporter.
M. W. Stone, left supiorter.
C. Mclionagil, right topportof
vice (rruud.
Oi A. Cook, left support noble
Thomas Logan, scene atip-portcr.
Thomas Seaweanl, sceno ntip
porter. W. J Doty, inside guardian.
Amoe Johnston, oiit-ide gtuir-dian.
We know pagtMTClf iliat comela il
imIii ihelr Imniense exlensluii In spncit
on iiccolilll of Hie , nmpi iHllitf
ihem battjj eoaaaalvelj laajajaoat nun
tier lli, 111 the HgjMaal llMJ ,,
Hiimmer, niis I'rofesnor llnrukl Jn-
eiihi. fur , gajofi ihe mommm era eel
lllllNxhe, Ihey arc uIiihinI . -i i 1 1 1,-1 U'llh
nnt M-l-hl And Huh nm i.unu villli
ccriiiiiiiy. teeaaea ifeetr arrival pre
diin-M no amtoroaUoaa uf aaatloa
ggMgaj the phincu nf Hie milur syHtem.
. Iille Hie Inesnl'ilhle Iiiwh nt lias lulu
hill Nileiieu lell iih Hull g ggJM 1 1
r, Miiel aniNl blirely ill-luil, Ihe gaOgl
niileily phiueliiry ni lain A eoinet
BJtjOt, lliilenl. strike Ihe eailh. Ihnllll
hie h ii collUlon l n,-.t Iinpitilialile
lini area n u eoeoM erai aacer the
1hIIiIc illeils w n ulil ir,i,iihly he n,i
An Awkward StUction. k're.ilcr lliiin tboee prudureu OCCMloU'
The In .1 mi,, i, Iveiiyon lis rather "" '' nietooiites, in "f.illlnu Hliil'H."
fomi ni iciiiiiK iOa atarj el ma ohllt '""' eteoe geeelole daoeot nma tin
nil circuit with liinllce Hunk Ihe) en cuiiiel, Ihe chill ice ot Mlltnciillun frnm
tenii H rlllafja ju-t la tbea le eccco oteee in iae mil. in glag aggottved iy
ear ""' i " i -ii in t um to the mile u- eeiaal otaarraUeab far It le ataaoat eer
mp ihmcii 1'ba pariat derfc, aatlow lota leal our eertt dW once pgag
lo liai, lie COUgTagatlOU ttlOVI ,1 a Bp IbrOUgO il cmaet's lull, anil no one iki
pre, lnlh, ii ol tin. hnuni' em. lei I cl hy Hcitl ll at the time. Only the nil line
the prenence nt Ihe ,ll-Uiu;ill"hfd J ll - Mheut calcuhlllollH ol llHllullulllcl H
rinU, ute , ul tO I el c ol M "T OToagbl mil ihe fact (lie coinctiiry
Ihu mclil il psalms: 'Speak . (I c OTtH gttd nf the ninth really had
Jotgaaj or u,, canii, u jii-i M,ui ncn- aaagiBoa palm of gttaraaattee and
tence he. or liniHt hnt Inn,,, ,-iicc up Hiat IhiiIi nn.liett occupied Hint Kilnt at
iH-iii iii.ietiten rtnin yourdaereel Vmir Uat aeMta tluie, Kea fort aniaftran
Loctil News.
Mukithi . indtfiueuu are alike
liy malice kwayed, yourVi Iplutf banda
lit inihljr trlt'c-i in loleinc iieiruytHl."
liy i hi-, tic, nioal of the in inns gad
woke up lo the application nf Iho
psalm mid iciiaum-d silent, allowing
the children tu roll tin lie I be mi mill
verae.- i .,im, 'J unci
t -
Keep Pouiidinq Away
Doubtful Praii.
A fullback In a foolliall leu ill once
tad ihe niini'm i ti hi to put tho hall
IhiouKh In-, o pgai This leKiella-
hie arret ktei nide tin- garnet ami
in- Miii,i,,i airoulea of beif reproach
oa Hie long Jumiicy home
I'lit im mofe ggg I han a chm-nhile
f- gbalh r." I taU lO his sweetheart.
Ohe i ail Irnvelcd many miles to gag
hlUI i laj lip nf a hoy from school
arould have shaped hitter than 1 did "
"NOW, Ucol , I ttuu'l let j, iu nay
iich li ii i.l Ihluga ahniit iiuiiself:"
declared hie lo; I aareetbeari "Yuo've
no idea gov uopolar roe me. i heard
a geutlenmu pruudng you gp in the
Skies this .III, I I..M.I1 ,"
"Neici!" eiu,iiillcully exclulincl the
IlieieiluliUIS pl.ucr.
Oh. hut Its ,,11110 true!" alio wild
pivudiy. "ll, aid you'd brought "s
Club Hie heal bll of liuk they'd had for
Ulies. anil he hciitlly w inlud you were
playing neaUwi ibegj in ever match. "
Every blow atruck by a
good, anappy, convinoing
advartiaamant in thia papar
Try Year rut at II.
A Sell Answar.
Jewel- Arruh. Jimmy, why did 1
many y1 Ju-t tell me that, for It's
mcseir that's had In iiii.luliiiu o ever
hate iho hieeead day that i heeaaat
your ulfo.
"Snaie jewel.'' roplletl Jlinmy. not
ieHthlB Hie chare,,', "and It's inoself
(hat hopes I may live lo ace the day
Nhou you're a itidow wovpiiiK mer
tho cold aod that covers me. Thou I'll
sco how you'll t;et olon without uie,
hoiiey."-LouUou Tlt-Ulle.
Road the Argus.
I n -h I,,, ,,,. node eandiej at
the Itakery.
Con Kyaii is laid up with an
attack of pneumonia.
Wilson-Duffy Drug Oo, All
kinds of drugs.
v nere I" ma man that pre
dioied a wai in open winlei?
The great 1'resci ipliou No. I,
I'm coughs, at Wilson- Duffy Dmg
Judge King was visiting did
li lends at Wtiner, tin BfOl ol the
Twenty live thoret ol Owyhee
Ditch stock for sale. Inquire
llurhriilge t& Doolittle.
Mrs. R, li. Oottklio returned
home from Core, ic, when
nhc -jitnt the holidays with
fi ieude.
New and tOOOttd hand OOjOtll
bought and sold. We can lOVt
ymi mOOOy. Second doOff north
Ol Alglis ullicc.
Any engraving you warn
done? Take it to 0. 0. Payne
lie will do the work of an expert
engraver while you wait, lie
will not hove to tend out ol
loo n
w. s. May berry, who has boon
piiiuinal of the Vale puhlic
school for the past two years,
has accepted a position at Sum
nut, Idaho, lie left for his work
The W. 0. T. I'. will hold
meetings on the tirst and third
l-'iidavn of each month in the
BapUel church, Mrs. A. Zim
merman president, Mra. M.
Shearer Mcretary.
The govern ineul now recog
nizes 7,000 different kinds of
intoxicating liquors, and the
npe. liiiens nf ore. I 'nil. in. cilllKht tin)
MiU'iN "nix hundred In tiM Ion " Tlila
told him Hint Iho NpiH nneiiN mention
ed iiHanyed In prudiico lliia ainmilll out
of n inn uf nrc After pa ajtag the anm
plea hack and forth Pet anlille, they
were mlled MKilIll ill the hll nf utwH
papeTi nud Um man gfgje had pinilin ed
them put them aunlii In hi I PteOet,
Him, n after until inon uroHti and went
t'nlkliiH would linve Rnne nwny. Iih,
If ho hid had any pin, e to Ku lint
he hailli'l. lleltiK rout lean, lie tful up
mid wnlkiil over lo I lie other end uf
tho peteej. ( eimii at arhlch one
uf the men had heen iII'iiik he imth ml
il Utile dark lump iiImiiii Hie ..lire of n
hickory nut Heirtog ll ap, he in,,ked
nl It ai riillnlr.liitfl.v.
"If ih" COOemm iein hiidu't run
nut," he relniirktnl In him eir. "I'd
mi ear the chunk , nine mil of ll "
It mil u hrowiilah quartl nml full
if ciid t'nlklna lunl wot-kiil in (he
i oiintiint mine which lunl prmed In
enimtanl W Idle there Im hud taken
out Just Mich ore ua lln Hut he Icnl
neon the iein urow tuirrower nml liar
rower (III It wna iioIIiIiik mine than
it crack Tho mine nfier I wiir.ii for
n reopen i ay of Iho vein, luld heen n I, nu
ll, ,ii, -it. nail lalkliin lunl Otoe In work
elae where I'oraounlly he hollevcd
Hint If HlO loll) were rollnweil din-p
eimiiifh ll tnltiht tie found to reoMu
Hut Hie nto. I. Iioldern wero dlacouraui-tl
a ml would not t ami nxaoeaiiicul Mud
denly It oecurretl I, -falUlns lhar the
vein heen followecl nnil i lyloi; oro
npilu tin, k 1 hen ,'iiiuo Hie ipihk
HiiiiiKlit. "ran I, tilth only '.' icittn In
tho world. praM hy what 1 upcct If
It la true"
Mo went Into Hie botoi, where n
pllllteil lint uf iplntnllullH nf inlllllltf
tt.H-ki wna tjitnirliii; nu iho wall, and
gtaaaed nt auioa of tjaeetOat Thoro
wero utileri at li eelita it alniro Iho
nimk llllll leceulll lit I eOlltH
i hen walked up 'he etreel le
Iho .lllce nf u man of Hie iiiimo of
I i her. whom he knew held BggM or
the hllliren
"I've pit aome Infnnagtlno ." wild Iho
miner "l,, yon unit it or aliull 1
till., II elneli here?"
"I'm .Man i um '
"Wiuiiii V'.u gire
"Ten per i eel ol Hie profit
' Mnl.. II .'o iiiiiI I'll out will) It."
"All rlfhi. ii "
OeJUea pradaeed hit chunk el ore
mnl told ll.hci Mi. i II had conic mil
of the Qeaataal mine PhjOtt aakad
how he ii. hut Cull, I us fhrrllgad
lo mi I Inf. i him II, fell Bgfg dial if
Ida uiuii I,, una gtgMgtag UM
trauatu'tiuii arould end Ihoa ead there
I'Uhcr had Ibal UiorabtJ "old part of
hln hliH-k ul n real I thate lie sent
III an older i i ,u It huek nml lu.OOO
poaree aiera n ii.,- inaroel prlee He
ent 1,098 ul g J ik ' it HI Olid the lull
mice ill Iggreii rlalug hy fraction Hll
Ihe price paid u la 7la tent" The
hales were l.u-i-r f tin ll for many
iiionihs, imt not , naltle table
Oalhlaa winhci p. .ink I la hat fur a
little iiione) in .uli nice to huy n sup
per for liia faniih ,ut dared not lest
he should lead hn.i lo niinpect that tho
areola eCalr ;'i -.mpiy a gjggar le
heat him out of a paltry auni So ureal
wan liia "uapouae ill la preferred to
keep away from hoBHV Me wns haiii;
Iiik between heavoii nnd hell
The next inoriun. g lion he turned
out nf an ealbou , where lie had
"lept he spent his j cuts fur a paper
Them le big haadllueg he agv the an-
limineoiiienl Ilia t'oimiant vein
had hecu recnieicl i nhor ttntl limadei
thin heeate When Iho Minim; I'.x-
ehaaot gpeaed ihe tuck went gp ra
$." a bliaro and ( , thore. Ilefme
nona Klaher ':iie hia liiforuiaut a
check for IISJOOO
I'lDtuni' had f.ii,,i,, iho man w hose
capilul was hui J iciita. Those in Iho
aeciel had httaghl up what ggett Ihej
wnntinl at private - ,lo. kiiowim:
If they all weni utu the exchmiKC lo
Kether they Would ndrgBCe Ihe price.
When rnlkliis ,u homo loaded
with uiinl thing, bo fuund In wife
Mjrhtf, his chiidrcii elaatortaa for
aaaiethleg to eat im baakbooh dHad
his wlfea tears, m Bhi bundles stop
Ktl hi" l-lllltheli - cUUMT,
Blue runts ol any Township
iu the Hui ns Land Dittrict,
showing names of entryinen,
kinds ol entry, il.ites, etc., and
topography. l'i ice $1.00. J.
C. Turncy, Hum-, OtOgOO.
Will practice in nil courln.
j. w. Mcculloch.
Mtorn.-t at I . . .
WtUmOettm in all eoiirtn.
Omen A. M IjM-kev llloclc, upntalrn
Will Practice in all Courts.
Notary Pnblie.
Office vcr Pootofflce.
Ht'ltNN, OltK.
v. w. TunuNeoN, w . ii. anooan,
a i romfmri at I. aw.
Mum to Loai on Improved
OiilaiKi . Oregon.
M m m :&: m: w :m mm
. . ,i i APacct
: :e: :e: m: ;: ;ec m y&: s; ;; :: m
Still i 'inrs to
Hank ol Ontario. IIiiiiK
ill i .i .1. i. Harney nml Mallii tir I'miiiMea.
Paid Up Capitol, 100,0001
Burplui - - 116,000.
Open ap on loeonntwith the New National. Wepoyfi
per .iiit mi lime dopOtilOi
('. R. Iii:i,llii, Prop,
A ('om)lolc Line ol'
Meats. Pure llomi
Frosli and Baited
Liontlorod I.;uI.
Kraut Pickles Butter Lard
ejMMlM Mil ftfMMrttW
J. K. BHARP. I) If. ).
All kiiuli. of deiitiil work dune In
in -i , 1 1 order.
Offlcea Over CiUlillitnd lliiik; Stnre.
i illie.. llimrH to VI I o .,. 7 tu .
I'livsHiAN ami toaoBoaj,
Ollice A M. Lackey Block.
Office Phone 88, Reeidenee 881
W. W l Ilnton
Stock Inspector o! Malheur
Dl l'i TIKs
I) II Iserfoot. ( intiirio.
il il High, Vela
.1 I'llnucek, u, I h K.-riy.
i ,, ,,i ,', 1 1, .in V. hit rlrklga,
I' l Wm nu liit.-r-il.- IVrry
in S.-M.III. N.-,i crr.
V s Kkiuner, Junlau VrnjO
1'reit Uilkinaoii Mel , runt t
WASH in Comfort
Health is too precious to lie
tampered with ! v incompetent
way some ol them ttOjfgorod veudora of druga, Try the
they must huve sumpleil them Wilson Duffy 1'iug Co., for
ull. 'clean drugs, uud expert service.
Thai iiiiaiis, gel a Thor
Electric Waeher nnd Wiin
gcr. Let u- thow ymi.
Idaho-Oregon Light &
Power Co.. uWaRiS
Turner & Strickland.
We Uriah t thank our Customeri
one and all,
year W0 havi
'uv iho niitst prosperoufl
li:t'l ninoo lli1 orania-
lion oi on
Wo nrc in l. iut Khape i Borve you
lor 1910 than over before.
ilnion Sloili Y.inls 'J
i I Iff
Oregon. zm2im$2?3mtm'