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Don't forget That We Do
all kinds of Printing at
For Ontario and Malheur
the Argus Office.
Argus vmce.
ssggjpgfls hi)
Representative Newspaper i .alheur County.
Woolen Mill and Canning Fac
tory Want to Come
to Ontarioo
The Commercial Club bold 0
meeting Tuenlny ev-nin aid
acted on eomo important mat-
Tho wool growers' meeting to
be held hero on the 15th was
up for discussion and cnniin t-
tees were appointed to look
after the , let... Is.
TMUI0D WOUIU liko to nuve
ill .ilw.,nv ii'lwt .nil iieeoinlllO-
datovisitois during the meet- will he invited to attend the
ing to notify the secretary of wool growers meeting and meet
the club at once. The hotels those interested in tho proposi
will not he able to take care of lion.
all and the citizens are urged to Another letter from a man
assist with their spare room . wishing to establish a cannery
It una decided to have a tw" here reccised consideration and
A..x, '-- ilie Brat on the L'.lh
"" " -
Somo Fino Horses
Ontario i honored by having
somo of tho linest Suffolk horses
on exhibition ever imported
Two doing prize winners at till
Royul show and others equally
A visit to the Stewart stables
will well repay any lover of
horso flesh as the line stallion
on exhibition there by C R
Hamilton and Dr. W. II Baylor,
to bo given over to tho WOOl to impress upon him the udvui.
growers and the second as a j tuge.i of Ontario for a cannery.
stock show and bridge opening. A g 1 cannery here would
The matter of having trains ' furnish a steady market for and 0 stop at Ontario' vegetables ami fruits and give
was thoroughly discussed and employment to a large number
the injustice ami discrimination ol parsOUS.
of the Kim Lawn Farm, Lovo- lion, 82059, mark of '1,1 u
... i . ..i . .!...!. ii ..: i i .. c.n: .1.....
iHIKl l.OlO , lire no miliie. uiei..
best over seen here.
Ti.ey have four si d
lions, ull roya'ly bred, and Ml I
vin Darling, a standard hi.-l,
ritn a mark as a X year-old, oljOioS famous brood mares
Tbe following deaciiplion of
tho Suffolks will hoof ioUrOSt
to breeders and horse men in
Color: Bright red, chestnut,
or sorrel. A star, a little white
on the head, or a few silver
liuirn no detriment.
Head Dig, with broad fore
bead. Neck: Deep ill collar, tapering
graceiuily towards the betting of
tho head.
Carcase: Deep round ribhsd
from shoulders to Hanks, with
graceful SSnlittS i' back, hoii,
and hi. id BOOHsrSi wide in
front ami behind, and tail well
up, with good second thighs.
Legs: Should he straight, with I
fair sloping pasterns, big knees .
ami long clean honks on short
cannon hones, free from coaoo ,
Feet: Having plenty oi
with good circular form pn
tecting the frog.
Walk: Short and true.
Trot: Well Imlaiiced all round,
with good action.
Following is the brooding of
tho horses:
"Captain Oray," 5-vear old
stallion, dum, Daisy, 4366, sired
by l'rall's Sutton Swell. This
horse weighs , 100 pounds. lie
took 6rst nriaj as a yssr old
and, later, second prie aa a
8-yeur old at the Suffolk County
Stock Show. His full brother
captured tirst prize ut tho Royul
Stock Show.
"Bawdsey Willie," 'J year old
1 1 Stallion. 6616, weight 1,800
mpiuods. Sired by Bawdsey
arvester, 307, dam Buwdsey
oi tho prosent lorries pointed
out. Tbe matter will be taken
dp with lb rnilroa.l ollicials
iiml tin- railroad eoiinnissioii
ami kept iif OD til the Sbjsot is
! accomplished,
A Utter was rend from n man
who wi.hes to cMmI.1i li woolen
I 'li i II.. I !.... .....1
' earn n. urn, m p.. .....
wuihh uiv cuiahh. - "
. of stock II. tin eolieein.
the iironor sttM will he taken
Muiy, 1010, by PriwSl Wedge
wood, 1664.
"Sudhourno Neptune," 'J-y.-ui
old stallion, 6463. Weight, onejraow roeonuy new ti.erewasa
too, Sued bv Sudl.oiirnu fcun-,locilod suciess i ml far superior
ibine, 33K4, dam, Mermaid,
1 -'-'.
liutiey Valiant," - ye ir did
staliiou, :tl7:t, weight 1660,
sired by LMruiigh llutlcy Mon-
arch,'.', imtiey tun,
'Melvin Marling," aged stub
eur inn, mien im .miuia, uwmi
Tilania. Inheriting i ero i
of llamhletoiiiaii, seven crosses
i.l M.imlnino Wlnel', four crosses
oi I'llot Jr., ami tho blood ot
I are lor sale at
reason il pi . He and
M llu in
The Stock Business
Stock sl.ipnunts are held up
for cars. Somo have bsoi
pro, ni-,. d in a few days but tho
trafflO Ol the rOS Is Is so heavy
that they simpiv e.innot handle
it. Look out lor a coal shortage
when the weathar turns cold.
Oil Notes.
i ho wall at Ontario is uiakinf,
good headway, the ground get
ting better. Hie j;as pressure
is very itfOOg. it is sspOOtsd
to have ull the easing in In I
few days
A.W. Anthony has received his
rigs and is huving them s.-t uj
lie will do lOine assessment
work and prospecting. His ro
tary is good for 6000 Isol
J. C. Blood, who was among
the first to get inn iciietl in the
Malheur oil fields has been in
th city for several .lays. He is
u man Ol many years SBDSrisncI
i.i the oil bttOinsu and is con
fident that this will proj'o u tsrj
extensive lield. He is watching
tho dSTSlopSSSnl very closely.
(Ai.iioKMA iguunsiom
rbj Oiegon Short Lino.
Daily for tickets one way viu
Portland. Irequent dutes for
other routes. See Oregon Short
Lino ug.nts for further daiuils.
Health is too precious to be
tampered with bjf incompetent
vendors of drugs. Try the
Wilson Duffy Diug Co., for
clean drugs, und expert service.
Local News.
WllsonDuffy Oo. for nil kindt
of drags,
Closing Out. Sale 8.60 and
18.60 lints for 11,16, at II. L.
m.. : m... a. :. Bclba
were visitors to Bolee and Gold
well during the week.
('losing Out Sali .' 1 inch
woolen foodt, regular price
11.86, fo05c at R. L. OrlfBn'e.
U'c lead in wiit'die" V.
more watches, wntch cases, an 1
nioveiiients than nt.v other jew
eler in this section. 0, 0, 1'ayin ,
jeweler and optician ,
The W. 0. T. T. world'stem
pernnceday services will he held
((l li(, q h Sunday,
at 8:0 p. m. Tb sermon will
he preached liv Rev . .diller.
Closing Out Sale Men's 660
suits for iUlo; men's 116.00 suit -for
19JM men's 15.00 over-
couts for J0..S5 ut K. L. OrilHn's
Sylvester S. Mitchell, a fio
linist, Of Wei-ir, lih.ho, was in
Ontario this week looking over
the field with a view to startin;;
oUUses in iolin Kiel iiiamioli!
doting Oot Sab Men's I .."
and 16.00 underwear for 4
I., (irillln's.
Thos. V. Clftgett, ngenl of the
Eastern Oregon LsndOo. in this
section, is home from his nip in
Spokane. He says the u ; !
to the one held u year ugo.
The pool and billiard tables at
the Pastime are always in good
condition. We carry a line oi
Brat) slaai candioa, imported ami
domestic cigars and lobooooi
Come in and soo Ut.
Mr. Neunian and wife were
li, l!.. ell liurii:;' the Week, tin
guests of I; L. (irillin and wife.
Mr. Noun. an is a brother of
Mrs. (jrillin.
Blue Prints of any Township
in the Burns Land District,
showing names of ontryun n,
kinds of entry, dates, etc., ami
topography. Price $1.00. J.
('. Tiirney, Burns, Oregon.
W. D. Pool met with an ucci
dent Wednesday by tho break
ing of the reach of his buck
He is around but ontswhal
crippled up.
It lakes oluow grease to pi
I suit ol clothes properly. 1 DM
a 'JO pound iron. Qivs me a
Ball, three doors north of Carter
House barber ibOD. Qsttl
G nial.t.
Sid Knight, in. .vr, urtios ol
the peace, ami oitj rsoordsi
ShcavilU', Malheur county, OrS
goo, is a hosinsei rhdtorto n
tario tho baal town on earth.
Bid owne valuable property in-t-
Mr. and -Mr.-. Flwood L.Clark
uro the proud ore of a
new baby hoy. Toe yoOUg
gautlaman preaantad biov
Saturday evening. Mr. and
Mrs. Clark arc itopping at tin-
homo oi lira Qarrar, the nurse.
While Vale, Ore, is !,. pOiae
of Mr. Clark, Caldwell to bin.
ti;e baal town on i ai th, . ad
fully expected that a SOrmai
ii .dome will be tablisbed in
this city. Mr. Ciurk is a
hrothor oi K. A. Ciurk, cashier
of the Caldwell c ii uci
Bank. Caldwell Nee
Now und second hand O0dl
bought und sold. We call
you money. Second door north
of Argus ollice.
The latest in bags, combs, col
lur pins and neck wear received
this week hy Radar Brothers A
Local Ni
wilson- Duffy I ; . . Co. ,i
kinds of drugs.
Mayor C A. Pogue, and wril
loft Monday for . : lot
1. 1 visit tbsir rli ;: ;hter, M i
Honor Utley.
'. c. Pay no bn
vcr amond brIi i tbe patl
week. One for 150 fi and an-
othsr for 1860.00.
Dr. 1 '. i ' fn
Portland tin
bui Id in rsnt and t .
c. 0. Payna ti .;- .
a line marbla bat , nil plate ;.
bow :ioro t'i
his show saSS
0 A. Audi ol Walln
Walla, WM il
of the wssk It 0
bosinsss -ts bere.
cleaning, prt in d repair-
i.ig done by Qono ' I h
doors north of Cartsr II
horber shop.
M. L. Waring, of TuUa,
honia, is visiting hi brol
ami will probabljf
Any physioian that knows th'. i h a will not
tO tl'list hit pat:
lioint to us for prt paraUon.
II. B. Vahi, of t; n Bun,
was a pleasant call; r a:
.; uid.iy. v,i
i a new arrival from N
kota, but I- i
tho Snake i iver vul:
The f, If, 06. taiks t0 the
subscribers of the A.rgu thii
. in their bis .i.
nil tit,
, at l e-, I, Wo
young pooplc 'veil known in I
tin in, Were 111;. ted in I .
The high Qontraoting pai
were 0. A Wann aud Miss Pran
Attsntioil is called to the ad-
iflrnsnl ol J.J. D
tbU issue, u ho b II e n! .
. boaint
Proi. J. .1. Dsatjf '
word Sunday that bit tool
hud dlad m Indiana. I ' ba
the - J Upalhj ,..!. i cm-
munity In hi ut.
The . on ol thi
National Bank and the
National appears in an I
lusot la ti.i
above solid :. liODI
ale; 1.1 til. th
Rsinsmb ! i b
pun bat a at ( ' P you
..line 01,
.1 or
family hoi . . t I
of I
. fruit bowl, valm 1 at
ried In I ivsra-
g0, 11 '. C II. all .
IS Cad
Ontario. n uc-
rsble young
.. kaehing
JO lull; I t
inn h bapp ......
it, who v.:
well known i.i i ...taiio, dud i t
bii b ' x I'at last
Buudi y, of I
ife, wbo
ring from the
: ...o d.i!'
sod loanj to gap
uiuion im i
pi .1 Moi 1 1 his old 1
in Viacom in f i inti r ut.
0l0 il Ladies' .
top dl e - -b
.!..".0 to 14.00 i
at K. li Uril ii.'s.
MBEH 80, 1900.
v -
;e Entire Ticket Momimiated
1 A TI
IMonday, C
The nomiuatlng DOni
whiob mat in tbe Opera Houn
M inday eSSIlin was called to
. I... I ... I . ; . " . .1
1 "i ii. i.'co:'iier v .eiiicui, w no
i the Objoel ol the meet:.; called for a chairman,
C. E, Balding named to be
the unanimous choice of the
ting for eboirman and Ef.B
el for sscrotary.
lairman Balding called
a tl lor nayoi and Ai
tornv afoQonsgill, in a neat
I A W. Trow Inj
nomination sabor nomln-
atlona being made Mr. Trow
dsslarad the nnanimous
1'iioice oi i ting.
0. W. Piatt, til. Iicasiiri i, i, .
d the endoriemsnt ol th.
1 ' I I '
For . tin there teamed
to b the .-.line unanimity ol
opinion and tba following wan
oraination: Portb
term, J, i: Blaokaby, 0. B
New Plymouth.
To the Bdito
: on, lent havitiL'
1 1 Hiking I r somo days to
a trip to New Plymouth and
. iclnily lofl ' mtai u on Tueed tj
' alag 6 a. i.i , but on m
count "i the ton bla condition
ol tbe road - did not arrive i
tis's. town until ; .. 30 p. in, i ami
rprkwd at
'e, Plymouth. The town b
. ry nicely i.ul oot and the pae
.im I and courteous.
..... i; ptilt am!
od hot. : , pbot
li gullorj ,'.... i. ; . -tate
cheese flic.
. livery und I
II p , doing a big
vitli Portland.
intr'y, us you approaoh
. ii looks line, J) .
i. el. .: all.,:..' in ill dirsotio
We willl many ol the
I rej it' i
b. ;i;l' good
ti ptiou ol the
. rop. The fi ull
1 . ; - tin
ry light. l be
profited i
; an l me unusu
bad the pb i are ol meet
I . Burki , who ki
I ileiit WOrb lor this section
irre ponding for the m
. l'l. mOUth and hi :
iri , tbe i
pe 'p.'
iuit. '!. D.
The Now Bridgo.
V !
... tbe i
and making good headway with
. p I o i I . .
and ., ; bl
ipleted by tbi I loi
'he, opening.
The no
il till! I.
a our Idaho neighbor i liuci
oinpletion ol the hr;
hi $1.60
for ' cents ul K 1.
&rM JloAo
,. ' TT'Sl
ecember So
I yon uiul .lake tiregg. For
:' ihorl terra Prank Radar,
NomineN were called on for
i ii M ,.. .
spi'oenus ami a . u. inackaiivi
I, among other things, that
he believed Ontario was on the
ol great development audi
Improvement! were needed in
tbe lidewalki ami streets, ami
' should he made lor the
otei tsol the whole city.
'. K. Kenyoa itstod that be
WM not a candidate und did not
toot the nomination, hut if the
peopi,. eicited him he would
give them the best sorvico he
wan rupuhlo of to upbuild tho
'I'll. othOf nominees were
called for bot wars sot present.
Th.- n tiring mayor ami 0OOO
oil an Dr. J. A. Pogue, muyor;
! Bel Ing, P.W.Allan, D.
B Purcell, L. J. Meknrd, and
i bold over eouncilim
W, Long and .1. H. Farley.
Only Fourtcon Loft.
The committee having in
too liguing up of the
andl i i (he High line ditch
are meeting with success from
a'l OWOSri of dry lands mid
have tbe Icnatoras of all hut
and these are practically ull
i-lcsiilcnts, v 1 1 1 have been
ten to md not heard from.
I'lo ir holding w HI amount to
i' n'li one thousand at 1 1
Nothing bus been heard from
be owners of (he roud lamb.
It is to he hoped that these
few owners will see tho liecos
ity oi iiiaiii diato action to lo
en e wat. i lor the seusou of
i i I.. Ontario, i white
cameo breastpin. Return to
ill and receive rowunl.
K.-lnri nf tin iilit.ou of the Klrst
.' : Rant a) Ontario, in th Biatc
i i laaa of baiiien.
. '.
Ul ... KS.
IllUttl $ '
Moored mi.i
in ii'.".' it
- -."II. . il.Ml
.a n . .i hi ui
uu on ' H boudi SOO 00
II '"I- 17 SM 1"
. . altar.
a i.'.i .
.ruin natl t.ks
sis 50
M :
ii,,. IS 08
..l. - of ..II.
bank i , I n: tm
ii ',
in 'k.-is. mid U e.i
' i. Un VK
IM IU :., I.
i no as -i -'
111 M Ull
olrenlatiou; i i
olrenlatiou; i
i .',n nou mi
ud i.i 000 on
i i
I paid ' II
ni. i baaa aoSai u t
iii i a SO
i ' i.tinr natl aial
banks uii. I
.1". Mill-i-.-l
I). intd I of (1h-
II 11 .
Toi II...... ft;;
: ur f "
I ' i. Klloll, .-a-iiaM ..f ie ,i
' i thai
i In- )at
d ballaf
1 i: K..N.UN, OuhU '
. I
J l'l,IUA-. )
. in nit- iHjfore
I I Itiirliriti'.-
Notary l'ublio.
to the oIom of SUattMM
Novemls.r lit. imfl n. irMH oum,"'"
. Ri loom ii
i.oiniH nii.l ,s
. i. , , ,1. ,'. , . '"
Hiinit.j ma ..-,-,
"" ' ' 'oi a uri.i im
i" eiiii-d
U B bond t i Mean eirou-
lilt i. m
im TJ8 Im-ikIn -,.,-nrtf Iph. its
ili'.liiM- bonw, fnrnOnrn
mul li -:lnr
Ithr rnul . ...,. .... ,
Da frotn ii :....;,- baaai
(not rsstrvs lavnUt).
Dni from itati and nrivHte
Makaaad baaawa, tmt
oompanlM mul tavlan
line from ipprored rmiiiiiji
Mul .ithor euhitomi
.N'..(.w ..i utbsr national
r. i : ; nai paper earrraej
liieke!-. Hint epnts
(I 814 09
10 000 00
987 .K)
1 Md .VI
J 118 on
84 7VA 18
!3 074 70
17 TtVJ 0t
ill M
7(M 00
I.awkci, Monmv KMUT
in Bank, 1 1
S,HM-i.. I) , ,
DotM n oeo 00
Redemption fnmi with U.
S. 'I (.'.nil. ,.r
14 75U 45
I 000 00
3 1 J 00
Capital Htnelc j.u,I n
Surplus fund
110 Ofltl 00
t adlvi.le.l iirullts. low. ex-
h'iik..h n ml Uxor paid
Null. .mil I.Hiik n.iten out-
I'u. o ottfr iiHt iotinl iHtrikn
DUI u stale mid private
I'links mul
Individual depend ts Hiil.Jeot
te aaaafei
Demand eertllloaloa of de-
Tline ivrlllleateii of da-
IB 01 HI 00
8 K8H 70
00 000 00
H 301 49
'ti ill 'I US
133 turn gfl
000 00
SO 032 4H
t im IN 00
Htali'i.riireuoii. )
Conaty of Malbcnr. f m
I tit I iiils.iu.ea.hler of tbe abort
' ri l"nk. il.. Holeninly awear that
I lie iilxive Hiateineiit in true to the beat
Of iny knowledKe aud belief
Oat gfenaas, Casassi
(ornet Attest;
1 U Mi ok nr, i ) Dlraoton.
ItilllKMl AMlll..
Silliaorllied au.l awnrn to before ma
thin .Hid day of November. lOU
l"d W K I...
N'oiury I'nhUo for (rgon.
i "it will ni'vcr
opportunity i buy
Imvo mi
Hand Painted China
for ho little money ugnin
ONE-FOURTH off only
ut our store.
Geo. Candland.
I 1 lINO l.ltl i.i. i vi
t)nturio, Oregon
Is inn- main internal, and
wo lo not l'o into ontaitlo
lin's. Hollos ws are ahlo to
give JfOII I lino stock of
Leafing Prescriptionists
Of tho Opunty.
Hi. QrSl (jtiulity ol Diuinoiuls
runging in IUMI
crom $10 Up.
We bare added three Show
- to inlji in show yon tho
Many New Articles thut wo ure
bow daily receiving.
Steji in and theae an wo
an , oven at this uurly date, put
ting prsssnta away lot Xmaa.
Que rau taaJ Wotob Htiairinft
Keliuhlo (ioods ut Luwebt I'ricea
Harry B. Grauel
I bl leWSlry und Musical Jlouaa
of Ontario, Oregon.
Drug Co.
' - x