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Harriman Dead
The Siege of Jericho"
Boise, Oct. 11 to 16 inclusive.
300 people required in the rust. This great event
ooeti iii.inv tnouMtid ofdollan t produce.
nununto hkomci-e
STATK ll.l'l'KMX(JH,
Our Dew fftllftoodl are arriving daily and we have some of the
best lines ever shown in Ontario. Among the latest are the new
Tailored waisls, a full line of Hoy's, Children's and Ladies' shoes.
- ggS Haw
uttkgffcrB f
A new line of hose we are selling at 15c for boys and girls.
Heals anything ever shown in the town, see them in our window, ex
amine them, they are winners.
We arc showing the swellest line of Men and Hoy's Clothing for
the money you ever saw, we beat them all when it comes to selling
good clothes cheap. That's our Motto "Good Clothes (heap."
Drop in and let us show you.
It pays to trade with
Improvr-mcnM Are t'ndrr Way for
' IiIii.iII.iii of the Annuul
Mali Rrcatj
Salem With tli.' suite Fair only
about a wnek nwn. the KfOWMtl In
HiIh city present a .cine of ureal m-'-tlvlly.
The last Lagialatare appro
priated f -;,,iiiiu fur Iniproveinc ntit at
the kioiiikIh, mid $l.'i,t)0( In In- used
for the piiymi'iit of pri'inluniH only.
Ono of Iho iiiohI nutiihle and snh
nf it ii i I it 1 Iniprovi'ini nts Is the new
main MtfMM nml nlflre IiuIIiIIiik.
now IipIiik erected mar where thr
olil Kiil'' were, on the wont side of
the minimis. I In structure- la l:.i;
by 4 2, the outer walls of concrete
mid tin' offli'i'H ihiKln d In Ori'Kon Mr
Tim main archway Ih 4 1 feet wide,
Hdparuti'd by musslvn pillars, and
will bo equipped "lib modern elec
tric coin turuatlleK. The offlco of tho
entry clerk la equipped with nine
wlndowa, at each one of which will
bo a clerk to look after tho entries
In somo one department of tho great
t i"i IZ1 i""i i ri 13 lo-cvi i" F9. ygi ti
There'i Nothing Mysterious About It.
Sumo people have wondered why 1 do tin Imlk of
tin- Harness I'li-itien". Nut only hero in town hut for
niloH around Surely, there in nothing mysterious iihout
it, nothing to wonder ut. Tlu" quality nml assortment of
my h toi' k is reason enough fur thnt. If von nn mil n
customer of uiim just (ive mi a it ml next linn- you wnnl
anything in tho 1 1 ii i ii-- nml Saddlery line, no matter
what. See m (lock ami iel my pi it-en.
IF, V. AJIcmi. Ontario, Oiafon.
Cl CI CI r. ! df Q WZX i C3 m fri m c '.?
Oregon's Kiggest Show.
20-25. Admission, 50c
opinion handed down In liancery
Court at Chattanooga by Chuncellor
T. M mm "in" !i
The award of the contracts for
the two A merle m .Ii .-.i.lii...i,-li' . .it
26.0UII ton each, the baftlelilis
vwmiIiik and Arkaimaa, will he
mn.le to William Cramp ft Hunn, of
i li'tii.i. and the New York
Hhipiiiiiiiiliitf Company, at Camden,
N. J.
William It Hearst, at a meeting
of the Independence party's county
committee In New York, declined
that he was prepared to me ull l.i
I power In an effort to defeat Turn
I many at the approaching 1111111lrlp.1l
, election, lie annouueed himself as
favoring fusion with the vaiii.u.-. an-
ll-Tammatiy orKanlxatlou If he . i
I lal lulled that the .riraiilaiion. weie
' loyal m general to the principle of
the Independence party.
K l.e Kebvre, the Krench aviator,
was killed by a fall from hi ecu.
plane, in which he was piuctlclng
Tuesday Tho machine left Hi,.
ground eaally and flew armiiul tb.
aerodrome at a height of about : i
feet Hinl.l.nly without apparen1
reaaon. the machine tipped haiil
downward and struck the gimin.l
Hurvejr ileKlna (In Mysterious Itoail.
Ilrownavllle. - 0. II. Wnrner, ono
of the director, ami ih" promotor In
limine of the field for the fen
tral OrtfOa I'aellle Hallway Com
pany, recently Incorporated, ha
Htarted n crew of siirvikors making
the iirelimliiiiry survey of the pro
poKfd new railroad eastward from
Itrnw HBVllle The line will pa.i
iliioiicii the center of the falapoolu
Viilli-v, imn bltiK Craw f.irdavllle and
I In I ley . and the protuntora ay that
cotmlniiili.n work will commence an
Hiinii a It Ih poHHllile in arrange mat
tera for work to I. ruin.
Portland It I strnlinly aupeotei
that the fenlral (ir'Ku Pacific
Hallway I a Mill propeiiv. The con
Mlruciliin of hiicIi a road eaterly
from Brownsville up the falapoola
Itlver would form a ua'iiral roiini.-i
Inc. link to the extension by Mill of
hi Central tin i-i.n road ncroaa the
Mlale to Coo llav. Thai lie ha de
alKii on Coo Day i geuerally
believed and Ii Mould not be sur
prising ahould Ii di'Velup that tho
operation- of the surveying crew
now In the field h the preliminary
in.ive by him lii Din proposed Inva
sion of thi.i territory.
I'd win 1 II. Harriman,
railroad magnate, died in
Vorl; City yesterday at
p. in.
8 ;.;:.
Ailvnucc In Price of I .., I'lnii,,,!
I'm iland. . DeNplin the reduiitloii
of the mi in on In mi I .. -r , the members
of tin' Coliiuililii Klver Loggers' Au
hoi lal Ion have declared their Inten
tion of ralhliii; tin- price of log In
the l-'a 1 1, a hiioii a the loudness
pick up im.iln. A definite resolu
tion to ratal the prleo of logs was
recent , i.i . , , , i hi. Washington
I. ok Brokan' foiiipany. with head
iiiarier In Seuitle. Till company
handle the me of ut leaat 70 per
Cent ill the Iims nil Pllgel Mound.
ti Horse Races Daily Ballon Racing
Nu i km i ai Live Stock Exhibit. Chariot Racing
Fascinating Midway Attractions.
with great violence
FIREWORKS will be the most gorgeoue
and iii.iiriiilicciit DVroteclmic disnlav ever seen
on this coast, this will interest th
family. Reduoed rates on all roads.
. . .
It I reported I bat Mra. Hoosevi'lt
baa ftBgBfai a bouse at Kli.u imim.
KKypl, where she vi, 111 meet h.r hus
band wlien bu 0OBM8 out of tho
A verdict of not guilty was
brought lu by the Jui) In the case of
Thouiaa Hroadbead, el Chief of Po
lice of Iaib Angeles, charged with
having accepted bribes to protect re
sort iu the old restricted districts.
Maor Krankllu P. Story, of At
lantic City, was in listed on a war
unit charging hi in with Iguorlng aa
oi.lcr of Slute luiine lieiieral Wll
"oii. which the Muyor to en
i. i.e i lie law asalaal Sunday atlllug
of llqiiur.
William fbd.- Filch, known to
turu fioti an emended vucuilon In
Alaska, received au ovatlou at u
local theater, which waa packed to
the door with Irleuds and Huppori
era of llency and the graft prosecution.
J llryan nanowly ecaied In
Jury at SpiliiKlleld. .Mo , kkbeu a
motor car, lu vkhi.h be ka belug
i.ik.-n to make au address, got lie
)oud control, going dov.ii a steep
hill The brake look.-, but the car
wa fcloppcd Just ou the edge of au
Isaac llioik, of Waco, Tcv , who
claimed to hake sou L'ti Pivsi.leni-,
elected, lb dead at su age said to be
III years A., m ding to lliock
tamll) llible and other documeiun
be was born la lliiucomlie fouuty,
North f.uollna, Jtluycb I, 17SS
The full reluru of piosperlty to
the railroads of the I'nlied ItatM
is evidenced lu reports Just publlbbed
Wheat New crop, track prices
Club, a ''lu. -i, iu. tal red Una
llarley- .'tl 00 41 til 60 ton
Uats I'.'H pr ton
Hay Timothy. Willamette Valley,
fit . per toil, Kiatei u Orcttoii,
10 II dt 117 50, alfalfa, clo
ver, f 14.
Jliitter Kktra, 'He; faucy, 30 la
S-lc, store, 1 tii 2 lie.
Kgg lUll'li. cau.lled, 30 ;llc
Hop loa coiiliii't, -lc. IHO.s
crop, 1& di IS c; 1V0 7 nop, Jl u
Wool Eastern Oregon, lti ii 23c.
per pound. Vulley, '.'3 j i'5c.
Mohair .'I -o 2ic.
Wheat llluestcm, t)4c.
Oat New, 13? 41 3 3 per toil.
ltailey New. .'i. ,.u oj $J7 ton
Hay Kastern Washington timo
thy, l 4t :'l per lou, Puget Sound
be). $13 m 1-1 per ton; wheat hay.
l.' .i 17 per laai alfalfa, 113 g
fit ier ton
li'itiei Washington creamery,
ji ., 30 41 H7c.
Kggs Selected, local. 3Sc.
Potatoes White Klfer, lc
Albany Man Sueep. Field,
All.aiik has been received
thai i:.l s.i. ...-I, a farmer residing
iwo and a b.ili mi.-s sou 111 of Albany
baa cv.i.v Hist prlitt In the
classes .if hut;, sheep and poultry
In which be competed at the fall
fornln State I'alr ut Sacramento
Siboel tiink LT) hugs, 12 sheep and
39 spei lui. ii-- of poultry to Sucru
inealo and his evidently swept the
tl.'ld He will take his exhibit (0
ihe Orfoa Slate Pair at Sulem, the
raiiilc I. u. sieck Show at Portland
and the Seattle Imposition. I.a.t
ear Si b.i.-l $774 In premiums
at fairs in Salem, Portland, North
Vakliua an. I IpokaM vvltb an exhibit
ut aogi 'Oi.l pmillry.
Ilopplckliig Machine la Success.
I'm i Ian. 1 i: Clemens Horst's
hopplokiOg in. ii bine, on which he has
been wmkiiii; and expeilineiitlng for
u number ut tears, has ut lust proved
to be a sun. -. according to u tele
itiaiu fiom Herman KUber, wbv wit
nessed a trial of llin machine .,u
HorsiH bli; ard near Sacimueiito.
A inaciiial .lemoustrailon of the
workiiiK "f i lie uiuchiue was given
In the presence f niutiy promineut
I'alil.ii in,, ;:i..wers and deulers, who
unauliu...islk deviated a success.
i lav(-,,s , tfrj pn, t the world of the gross earulng of 26 road for
as llyile Hteh. the successful Ame
rtoaa playvrtcht, died, loltowtai aa
opeiaiioii for ai.endicltls. Mr. Fitch
bail been spending the summer mo
lOriai tbroiigh Hi rinaii) and was eu
louie lu 1 uris wlii-u TTllTl
t' J Hine' urt -ecuilng attorney
lu the brlbary-gialt casea lu Sau
Francisco, uu.i who Is a caudldate
or Uiatrtal Attoiue, upou bis re-
i the first half of August. For the
! first i line since the panic of i-.m. the
aggregate week I) giusa earnings ex
ceed the high records reached lu
AugUbt, 1V07
the Legislative wt prohibiting
wholesale as well aa retail sale of
llguor iu the State or Teuuessee waa
upheld except as regards bales for
bblpiueul outside of tbe state, lu au
Apple Pickers Form t nloii.
Hood Itlk.r. The apple-packers
of Hood Klver have . i..un., a
union tor Hie purpose of guurautee-
lllg II st. i.i, lard pack and lm uiiiuliig
a wane scale. The scale of wuaes
adniiicd pi o ides for packing apples
by the b ix, anil will bo 5 cents fur
four tl.-r apples, S cents for 4 tier.
uud 7 cuts for 185s and smaller,
i 'he argaalaaUM staru off wltb a
uieuibcislup of 40.
l4Mfcnc;d Ihe fommission of
tbe Port ol Qaat fia bus decided to
Issue a series of nort bund to u...
extent of 1500.000. These win be
aold In amouuts of 150,000 as the
moue) Is ueeded They will draw
5 per ceut and tbe first block of
bouds will fell due In mi:. The
plau la to lay out au exteusive harbor
Improvement and to secure a dredge,
lilds aye uow being secured from
itwuere of sutUuu dredges.
Carey A.i Lcndi in baOMnwl
lor M'tllt'itiont ut Milner,
Idaho, on Saptarobar -"tli. Ke-
luif.l ratM ,iu Oit'gon Sliort
Line Tii'kt'ts" on t.jilK- IfOfu
poind i.t'tween Pooatallo an. I
Buhl on Si'iiU'iiil'tT 17th to L'Oth
inclusive, From other points,
Meptemlier Htli to l.Uh. Limit,
September Sftih. Saj agent for
further purtieulao
Mnrshfleld. The Ornnd Com
mnnder of the Knlglit Templiirs, Al
bert M. Knapp. of Sulem, visited
with the local members of the order
last week This Is hU annuul vlal
tatlon of lodg'' In the state
ItiMi'hui'K. William Vincent h
aw mill, at Coles Valley. Hi miles
west of here, burned Saturday after
noon. The total loss to lumber ami
mill la 4500. Hpurks from the engine-room
mused the lire.
Salem. Mayor Itoduer hns he
rd veil a telegram from President
Tuft's aoeretnry that It will be Im
possible for the President's llliierar)
to be so arranged as to allow the
President to Htop at Halein on III
. lern trip.
Salem The Marlon County Court
granted the Portland Hallway, Light
A Power Company a franchise fur
the construction of n f 700(1 tniim
inlMslon line from Mount Angel to
Wood burn The new line will be
modern and high grade In every re
pe i
Salem Hop picking la progress
ing under most favorable conditions.
Though vermin cunno' be snld to be
disappearing. It Is not Increasing
This we.k picking will be general
all over the valley, i f per cent,
of the nop will be pb l,e,, cur. .1 and
ready for the market.
Hood Itlver. At a large meeting
of fruitgrowers, a permanent uritanl
lattaa was formed for the purpose
of holding un annual fruit fulr at
Hood Klver and also to take si.n
to secure Ihe erection of n perma
iieni fruit fair building The dale
et for the fair this year ure October
2. 29 and 30.
Kllgi'lle With the Opening of the
L'nlverliy of (ir.-iton only two u.-.l. .
awuy. the proHpocta for uttetidaiii-e
during the coming year are .-x I
lag!) bright The ln.ll. ailons are
that tin- 1 1 . - - I 1 1 1 ii class will number
ut least 9 ineinlieis and ill.- lolal
ali-iulaiii-e fur all of the departments
ut Ki:gene kklll he 25 or 30 per cent
larger than last year.
Kugeiie The county surveyor of
I. an.- unit I. inn f. unities have com
plei.-d locating the new division Hue
between tile I Wll lolllllleS as e.illlb-
llkhed by ih.- last Legislature. I. Inn
folllitk uiikk owns pull loll of the
lllue Itlk.r mining dlstrli t that was
loiiu'ilk In I. line founik. and Lane
owns a poiilon (,r ihe Mohawk iium
ti. k foiineih In Linn County, a I, mi!
au e.n ex. Ii.iuge.
all -in fill of Milton have
pel ll lolled the rillllouil commission
to make an order dlreclli,;; the (ir.--goii
Kailwak and NavlKaliou coin
paiik and the Niirtbern Pacllic rail
way company to Install a Vital
connecting the two systems nt that
point The petition bus been ina.le
before unit the rullroade object xl
oroiisly in making the desired con
Hlllslioro Sheriff Hancock of
Washington count) Jumped In.,, tie
ring lu the fourth round of tin liul -
. between Kid Scaler ol Spokain- at ,1
j Hobby Kvuiib of I'orilaiul al Hills
I boro Saturday lilglit, and stopp d i:.
milling, much to the disgust of Bams
400 sports who Journeyed up troiu
I Portland to witness the battle
The Dalles. Augend becuuH be
was ielitei a ride on the cowcatcher
of au engine. Pied ijcigo h.urle.1 a
rock ut M W Pulleii, bruk,
who fel) from the riiuniiig-bourd of
bis ci,giie, and was . ru.-h. -d lo deuib
in tie O. H N yards ben- ill)
o'i lock I'rlduy ulght (le.uge, . In. is
now iu Jail awaiting trial on
cburge of ilrst lagrW murder, is a
sou of Jack IJeurge, of 701 Hinlu.y
avenue, Portland, one of tho oldest
en gin. -cis OU the loud.
Briafljri ThiBiaga of Jericho
in n bialoriett, rlramitie, ipec-
tiutiliir prmliirtion, in erltiotl
over BOO people are togagetl.
i ha pro. lm lion hai been eon
troeta I from tht I : i I i Inalrue
liona nml is iuperbly grand,
roar high-grade ipeciafy mis
iitc ttaed, aa I aacb performance
is com luilfii with n regular
11000 ili-plnx i.i tircgorjr'a cela
liratt.l linwinks. Tba pciforin-
nee lit- one hour end thirty
minute i.
Bring oiir friehdi and ipend
id. mi our pleeaant remp
ing j,'i..iiiiils. Campground Free.
A eomfortabla lent, 8k 10 feet
lurini antire week for 4( t
li'sti ii tiiiic for iocs money.
Larger aitei i reatonablaprieee.
M.imriTi i,i. COKORKea,
01 apeciel Intereat to agt leul.
iiuiilisis nml horticolturaliata
will in. ih" eongreea ol eminent
ipeaken en anbjecta iillinl le
llit'Ht' lines.
I'rof II. T. Krcncli wi'l opealc
on "Animal Huebendry."
Fremont Wood, Uniso, "Apple
Celtura and MarkeMnf."
Bllia Xfisoti, r. s. Qoe. I0x-
perimanl Station, Oaldwell, Mh.,
"Practice ol Irrigation."
Prof, Pranedon, Bteta Unletr
siiy, "Dalryiug."
Prof, Bhtnn, Bteta Unieereity,
"Orebard Probleni in i Plot
irrigated 0ountry.N
Alex BfcPbareon, BotatlMBoil
nml WiiU'i."
F. V. AtWttar, Meridian, "Ui'e
Dr. Noble, state voteriiiHry,
Boite, "Slock Siinilulion."
Hon. Mark Austin, BUfM
Oily, 8ger Beet Oultare."
Prof. Jones, "Cereals."
Qe. I'ttcr, V. H. survevor
general f Idebo, "I'uldic Lendi
and their Aetniirenient."
Henry Collier, Taeoina.Wuidi.,
Friday and Saturday of Fair Weed there aril
i"n- of the Oregon-Idaho Development Oongreee.
Secretary Inter Mountain Riir. Idriho.
Ei ler's Big Show.
" King at the Cattle Ring"
' i -fc mm - kK.. - ,
i i . ii .
i cmmti vw'Mt in meioarama in nvc nets
by Hal Reid. Will exhibit under a largoleot
:i Ontario on
Thursday, Sept. 16, 1909
ISelbk 0 .jfcii'T . arr -DaBaaaH
Hm., j. .- -Ba t. ma aa3i
".f fir ,' . ; aaalBl Kfl
tt "i 'ja l. feX9eda1
30 People-30 2-Special Cars-2
Band and Oroheatra; apecialUea between
aoUby Prof Engliah and bin troupe of eduoev
tedgoau; -Mark Weston, hoop roller and fua
ajler; Will Morris In feat of mag io; A. s. Uow.
o' the famous baritone linger: mnvlm. ,.;..
lures. Hand eonoert al noon and evenlua at
y:80, Performance at night only, Rejnember
tho date. The Eilersbow la abioIuWy the lar
(oai and best dramatic oompany ahowiilir unl '
Hon I nilbS it,
der oauvaa,
M(i. i. ou acri'M
Curcv Ait I. iinds to be Oiicnad
For leUlenanl at Areo, Idaho
on S'ilcinln'r 1 Itli. Iki-.liiic.l
raUs via Oregon Short Line
rnkcis on inla Bantaml rr I Ith
to i all, iiicjn.-ive, liinit, Saptam
in t i miIi. Sec aganta lor lur
tlier particalera,
T la Arctic u;ivts (lie B0WI ill
the time.
MMMO ui-ri's
Carey Act Landi to I e Opened
For se'lli incut nt Miln.-r,
ilaho, on Bepteniii 20th. He-
duecil rates via Oregon Short
Line. Tickets oil sale from
points between Pooatallo and
Buhl on September iTili to 20th
inelusjye. F 0111 otlu-r i.oinis,
September Itffh to 0th. Limit,
September 25th. See agent for
initiicr jiaitu'iilars.
Boost for Ontario till the time.' '
A friend oi ,j,,e wj U "
WM"pl -1st lo j.ureliane au
UUimpeeved or partially i,n.w
proved farm. I ,vould ,ike .
- - ...:.i .i
vwhivi nun uie owners; of
fUOb who wish to aall
D. 0, Sutherland,
0. H.-x :;.:, Ontario, Oregon.
of aoy